Song Hye Kyo Rocks the Ladylike Muted Look with Cute Side Braid at Fendi Event in Seoul

Okay, if Instagram was around when Song Hye Kyo debuted in the late 1990’s she would totally be both an actress and influencer since she’s just got that whole package visual and vibe going. Fendi in Seoul released new pictures this week of the actress and brand spokesperson at the store modeling clothing, shoes, purses, and even cute hair accessories from the collection. I’m in love with every detail, from the cute and chic side braid complete with Fendi clips to the muted beige mock turtleneck crop sweater paired with high waisted white pleated shorts, and even the furry low sandals are adorbs. Whatever Fendi is paying her to model its wares is worth it since I don’t even like Fendi but seeing the items on her make me actually want it lol.


Song Hye Kyo Rocks the Ladylike Muted Look with Cute Side Braid at Fendi Event in Seoul — 24 Comments

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  2. Since when she has long leg?Lol!Sorry for shk fans in new foto with yo ah in she look old.You can see wrinkle in her eyes,neck and cheeks. I predict her drama with jky will 5-6% rating aka flop hard.

  3. Agree with all your comments Koala! I love this whole ensemble from the beige turtleneck with matching bag, white shorts, furry shoes and braided hair with Fendi clips. So chic, classy and elegant. I’ve never been a Fendi fan but seeing these clothes and bag on song hye kyo makes me reconsider. Kim Jones is also doing a good job as the brand’s creative director.

    Song Hye Kyo is incredibly beautiful with this store event pictorial. Gives you fresh and positive vibes.

  4. Fendi under Kim Jones has one of the better collections among high luxury brands repped by Korean celebs. He’s also the artistic director of Dior Men which is by far more superior than Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior haha anyway Song Hyekyo looked preppy in those photos,

  5. I would actually disagree with the first line. Personally I feel Song Hye Kyo like most of her peers only came into their own in their early 30s. For celebs like everyone else 20s is full of insecurities and self doubt and lots of criticism from the audience I’m sure. However these now veteran actresses have been rocking it since their 30s and it looks like Song Hye Kyo is going to be killing it in her 40s too. She looks much better and more confident. The side braid is very classic chic.

  6. She looks cute but isn’t her face very obviously overly photoshopped? Like I had to squint and read the caption to tell it was her when I first saw the pic on an IG page I follow. Why do they need to over do it? Shes 40 not 25 and its ok to look your age. Most Korean actresses look younger anyway.

    • If I wouldn’t know that she’s a korean I would think that she’s chinese because of that all too white outfit style and her white face makeup. She has nice skin, let it show!

      • I disagree about chinese with white face makeup. Korean are more into super white face makeup but because they use so much lighting when editing their photos. It looks natural just like in all their dramas and movies. So much Brightening and lighting were used to create the beautiful cenimagraphic. Anyway it would be nice to see her collaborate with the chinese actors again.

      • @loveholic I see it the way you does. Being a dramas and movies holic from my observations Korean are the most obsessed about picture perfect and face whitening makeups but due to the heavily used of lighting editing they does appear to look natural.

  7. She’s beautiful no question but I don’t like the vibe here. She’s almost forty not twenty-something. Well, I also never liked the Sex in the city vibe and that’s what I feel here except her hair lol. It does not match with her outfit at all. I wonder what was the concept. Sexy single or cute innocent? Anyway, I wanna go and check out Fendi with my daughter. So it works. Lol.

    • She looks like one of those Blackpink girls in a school uniform with sparkly clips in braided hair, which works if you are a teen or in your 20s but why style a 41 year old that way?

  8. Beautiful, Beautiful Lady she looks so good and classy in this photos and wish her the best of Luck in new drama. In this day and age with so much bad going on in the world can we take a deep breath count our blessings and be kind to one another. Always the Queen.

  9. The outfits are cute and there is no doubt she is a beautiful woman but I don’t understand why they felt the need to edit and filter these pictures to such a ridiculous degree. We all expect a bit of flattering editing in pictures but if not for the title I wouldn’t be sure who this even was.

  10. There’s that photo of hers among other candid photos with no makeup, wearing that light grey coat posing with SJK, she looks her age in that. So yeah all these overly photoshopped pictures to make her look 10-20 years younger with no wrinkles & long-legged is nothing new. These celebs are made to look extraordinary even when they’re not to sell that image. Lol

    • Can’t agree more. Every celebrities in the showbiz are heavily photoshop from head to toes for picture’s perfect. But I guess the majority of their fans are beyond obsessed to believe everything they see in the magazine and online photos. Especially Korean showbiz. I don’t see the reason to put SHK down or calling her old when seen in person. All korean actresses and actors along with every celebrity in the world used the same tactics.

      • Yeah it’s like in Korean showbiz especially, they have to appear as some celestial beings with no imperfections, lol what a joke when majority of these celebs are so heavily made up starting with plastic surgery, botox, clever makeup to hide their flaws. Photoshoots are whole another level of tomfoolery, very unrealistic actually. Even their acting is all about looking pretty, at least Hollywood makes a sick character actually look sick, not unrealistic like these beauty obsessed stars whose whole existence is about looking pretty at all times or else the image is shattered & fans may stop worshipping them, lmao. Majority of these celebs don’t look that spectacular in their barest self.

      • Yea, I totally agree. recently I just finished the show: Mare in east town and I am totally in love with Kate Winslet character and her acting skill. She is one of the actresses that embraces her flaws and imperfections. She even asked the director to not edit her image or belly fat and thus makes her character so raw and real.
        SHK is beautiful and I have been her fan since her debut but I do agree that she doesn’t need to much edition and photoshops. I remember there one saying: gray hair or wrinkles comes with wisdom.

  11. She looks to be in her 20s. Gosh, she can even pass for below 20 in some cultures lol. Agree, she looks great here, fresh.

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