Severity of Criminal Investigation Escalates in Wu Yi Fan Detention as Chinese Police Reveals He’s Also Suspected of Drug Distribution

The involvement of the Chinese police into Wu Yi Fan‘s life has really thrust recent allegations of his criminal sexual misconduct in his personal life into an official spotlight. It’s no longer he said-she said, though there were a lot of she said in his case as after the first woman Du Mei Zhu came forward others chimed in about sketchy behavior and/or similar conduct from him in their interactions. Buried in the allegations were that these women all said they were drugged, or at least felt very woozy and didn’t remember anything and woke up in bed with him. Drug use and distribution in China is one of the most severe crimes, stemming from the sore spot of the country from a century ago being subjugated after the Western powers introduced opium into the populace. So it’s a one strike and you’re dead stance in China when it comes to drug distribution, and for even simple light drug use like smoking a marijuana joint for example TW-actor Kai Ko was tossed in jail for two weeks and then permanently expelled from the country. Anyhoo, police have further revealed that Wu Yi Fan is also being detained for investigation into drug distribution and I would be surprised if he doesn’t serve hard time for a long time if both the rape and drug distribution is substantiated. A C-gossip blogger posted on his SNS that during detention and investigation, Wu Yi Fan cried gobs of tears and even his facial injections shifted as he pleaded for leniency and claimed it only happened once. Sure Jan.


Severity of Criminal Investigation Escalates in Wu Yi Fan Detention as Chinese Police Reveals He’s Also Suspected of Drug Distribution — 24 Comments

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  2. Physiognomy is a science. I have been ranting for months how I found this dude such a bell-end. The minute he said he was “from the streets” in one of his videos, I knew this guy was NG.

    • Your first sentence makes you sound like a fool. Please stop spreading ignorance that has nothing to do with this very serious case with real victims. I hope someone doesn’t think the same thing about you and proceed to treat you with prejudice based on just your appearance.

      • Deb, shut up please. If you watch his interviews or his videos, he gives you weird vibes. He looks not like the friendly-type. You just know that these type of people are no good. Just check this video: The cigarette in his mouth and behind his ears… The amount of f-bombs he drops… The “I am from the streets”-statement… The angry look in his eyes… He wants to come across like some gangster. This is an appearance that he carefully chose for himself.

        Although physiognomy is a science is a one-layer deep statement, I have seen much more of him to know that he is just trouble. This is not the type of guy that you want your sister/daughter/niece to date. Okay, I did not expect him to be a rapist, but I did expect him to be a guy that does not respect women (cheater-type).

    • You are entering a very dangerous field. I just hope is lack of knowledge and not deliberate ignorance. Ever heard of the holocaust and it’s theoretical framework?

      The pseudo-sience that tries to relate human appearance to human behavior/evliness is what was used by the Nazi regime to ‘prove’ the atrocious concepts and theories of “racial hygiene” and of “lebensunwertes Leben” (life unworthy of being lived) that let to their euthanasia program and the holocaust. Killing millions of people!!!

      So,NO. You can judge people by their behaviors, NOT by their appearance or facial features. Don’t mix them up

    • adyjunjihyun, you are ignorant and very superficial!

      So you’re telling me if someone does cosmetic surgery and looks EXACTLY like Kris then by YOUR LOGIC they’re automatically a bad person? They probably disrespect women and are cheaters?

      What if they just coincidentally look like him? There are doppelgangers and even TWINS, TRIPLETS, SEXTUPLETS, etc. Again according to YOUR LOGIC, every individual in EACH SET of people are all the same, based on what they look like?

      Do you hear/understand what you’re saying?

      People are defined by their behavior/actions not by how they look.

      Oh and I just looked at your reply to Deb. YOU should shut up! What you’re describing is HIS BEHAVIOR. If he’s mad or has built-up then he will have an angry face, get it now?

      You obviously know NOTHING about this type of stuff and don’t pretend that you do…

      • adyjunjihyun is a lost cause. Just look at her reply to Alyssia in the next blog post about Wu Yi Fan’s C-drama. She is still, mixing things up and referring to physiognomy as a sience. Clearly, she is very ignorant

      • You are putting words in my mouth. I have never said that I judge people solely on their appearance. I gave him the benefit of the doubt initially, but the more I saw of him, the more I realised he was a scumbag. Tell me, whenever you see a person for the first time, unconsciously you form an opinion about him/her, right? Only after you get to know him/her better, you know his/her true character. But whenever someone looks very angry like Kris Wu, your first feeling is… I hope he proves me wrong. But if he doesn’t, then it turns out my spider senses were right after all. Hence, the “physiognomy is a science”-comment.

        You lot are crazy by trying to relate this the Holocaust. I never used it as THE criteria to judge who is an untermensch. I ain’t doing eugenics.

      • adyjunjihyun, don’t give me that garbage. I’m not putting words in your mouth. You don’t have to explicitly say something to mean something. We’re not blind or dumb. You obviously judge people by their appearance. Your reply to me further proves it.

        Also, why are you questioning me about the Holocaust? I never brought up that topic! When you reply to someone, STICK to the THINGS that they TALK ABOUT! What is wrong with you?

        Forget it, you’re superficial – you know it. Now everyone else knows it.

        In the future, if you say more ignorant/dumb things be prepared to explain yourself. Better yet listen to that inner voice that asks: Should I talk about this in front of strangers?

  3. Oh Goodness…its the end for him. I hope he learns what disappointment he has brought to his family, friends and fans.

      • Isn’t that more scary? Seungri doesn’t seem to have a conscience or he doesn’t really think what he did was wrong…
        Not saying this guy is any better cause they seem to be such sorry excuse of men. but I just hope both get the the punishment they deserve for what they did to those women and all their other crimes…

  4. He’s a Canadian citizen so they will probably have him serve time then deport him. How can someone be given the privilege to live in a country that is obviously not yours and even gain fame but have the AUDACITY to commit heinous crimes like that?

    I used to support him when he left EXO but all the money and and fame and you still needed to drug people to sleep with you. That’s low life level

  5. I figured the drug allegations were true when he got picked up by the police. The young lady that spoke out was unbelievably brave. I hope she and all his victims are getting the help they need for what they went through. Hope justice is actually served in this case.

  6. koala, you need to post updates on seungri’s case. i just thought since you posted the early parts that you should post a follow up since more evidence or lack thereof have surfaced. even kmedia regulatory whatever already issued warnings on media outlets to not post clickbait articles. this would honestly save a man ruined by popular opinion/assumptions since a lot of people read your blog.

  7. wow, that girl is so brave for letting the cat out of the bag. Imagine being wooed, drugged, and raped by the trash of a man. He should pay for his drama’s cancellation!! More criminals like him should be banned from the industry. I’m so happy that more women and/or sexually abused people are speaking up and having the courage to call out these criminals. May you find strength and inner peace.

  8. The best part of this investigation is his mother called the police first so she is the one that sent her rapist son into prison. Well done!!!

  9. Does that woman -Du Mei Zhu- , gave any evidance to the police yet?

    Well, it does matter how much power you or your family have. Jackie Chan’s son sentenced for only 6 months.

    • Jaycee Chan was caught with marijuana possession, got 6 months and disappeared from public eyes until today. It’s a whole different level with KW’s case of drugs distribution and raping 13 yo children. KW’s is under Jacky Chan’s entertainment agency too.

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