Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yibo’s Agencies Summoned to Sina Weibo for Discussion on Proper Fan Conduct and Strict Enforcement

Hahaha, this feels like such a “summoned by the principal for a talk” moment and yet we’re talking about two adult popular stars and their professional agencies instead of school kids. With the recent Chinese authority crack down on multiple aspects of the entertainment industry, that includes focus on fandom and fan conduct. It got a lot of attention this week when the fandoms of Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yibo basically started an online bitch-fight over the rumor that the former Legend of Fei costars would be reuniting in another new drama. Both sides blamed the other side’s star for the reason why Legend of Fei was such a bad drama – her side thinks he’s a bad actor, his side thinks she phoned in her performance – though both sides agree the production quality was cheap and directing terrible. Zhao Li Ying’s fandom is bigger so they ended up taking more action in the online squabble and now her official Weibo agency account has been muted for 15 days because authorities are punishing her side for not stepping in faster to regulate her fandom conduct. Now reportedly both agencies have been summoned for in person meetings with the bigwigs at Sina who run Weibo for a full discussion that going forward there will be strict agency control over their own fandom and reporting on the fans who misbehave.


Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yibo’s Agencies Summoned to Sina Weibo for Discussion on Proper Fan Conduct and Strict Enforcement — 13 Comments

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  2. Wang Yibo’s fandom is bigger… Male actors almost always have the bigger fandom while female actors are much more well-liked by the general public. The only reason why fans of female actors can win in a squabble against fans of male actors is because they have casual fans and neutrals on their side.

      • Are you kidding me, have you seen how crazy zly fans are on weibo? They’re massive and so toxic. They’re the female star equivalent to Xiao Zhan fandom.

      • That’s not the definition of fandom. Xie Na has the most followers on Weibo but that’s not her fandom. Angelababy has over a billion followers, but her fans cannot fight against male actors’. Female actors all rely on neutrals. They have more followers because 1. they have hit projects 2. they are generally pretty and 3. they have longevity, but their followers don’t follow their every move. In a bitch fight, it’s the fanatic ones that count, not the casuals.

      • She’s been famous much longer. WYB only blew up in the past two years. His fandom is much more active than hers tho just by comparing the number of posts in their 超话 hashtag.

    • “In a bitch fight, it’s the fanatic ones that count…”

      You’re not aware how Zhao Liying fans are fanatic when they are so dramatic? I don’t see how they’re neutrals. If they are, they would focus on her works and not how pitiful she was 20 years ago.
      Well. Zhao Liying’s projects aren’t great, so that explains why there’s nothing to talk about. All they can say is her works are the best without knowing how to explain why they are. So it’s excusable for them finding others to bad mouth on?
      Maybe Wang Yi Bo is not a good actor. But in Legend of Fei, clearly he acted better than her while she didn’t even want to act. What rights does her fans have to blame everything on him? Even if it’s just a short running scene and she couldn’t do it. She’s only focused on dieting, it’s why she always look weak like she cannot stand up.
      Does the government favors Wang Yibo so they only banned a few of his fans? I’m sure after deep investigations, her fans did really dirty stuff it’s why they banned so many of her fans. The government gave her enough face (were they bribed?) to not reveal what ridiculous things her fans did, who knows if they were paid?
      When Legend of Fei released the song, her fans realized she did not get to duet with him as they hoped. They trended a hate that he cannot sing. It didn’t stop until she encouraged her fans to use the hashtag “sounds very good.” Hard to believe since she usually zip her mouth and watch others get criticized, maybe she felt responsible for her fans behaviors that one time. I don’t believe if she release a song, his fans would survive if they say she cannot sing when she isn’t a singer.

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  4. About time! Doesn’t matter which fandom is bigger, both are equally bringing their artists they love so dearly down. Good job fandoms!

  5. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer crowd lmao ZLY fans are infamous for bashing other stars and this should’ve happened ages ago. They’re the main reason I could never warm up to her. She gives me mean girl vibes for the way she posted passive aggressive things in the past that just encouraged her fandom’s behavior.

    • I like her but agree with all your words tho. I’ve read about her fans’ behavior and good for them, they’ll learn, lol.

  6. I tried to understand LoF, but it was so bad that I was crying ? She had zero chemistry with ML, like a lost sister, the script looked like was made by different writers, the locations for filming were made from paper ?
    It would be better to forget about it, for both of them

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