Dispatch Reveals Lee Min Ho and Idol-actress Yeonwoo are Dating, His Agency Swiftly Denies It Claiming They Are Just Friends

Oh this is super juicy! Thank you K-ent for upping your mic drop to start the week, for awhile it looked like C-ent was having all the crazy fun. Dispatch is ending the month of August with a doozy of a breaking news item – it published a report that top Hallyu actor Lee Min Ho and newbie idol-actress Yeonwoo (real name Lee Da Bin) are dating! If you’re like me and went WHO? to the name Yeonwoo, I Googled her and she’s an idol who was formerly part of Momoland and has a few dramas under her belt in smaller supporting roles. Her big acting break is likely coming in the upcoming KBS drama Dalri and the Cocky Prince where she is the second female lead. Dispatch claims the two have been dating for 5 months and bonded over similar interests in movies and gaming. The tabloid caught them on a date celebrating Yeonwoo’s birthday in early August, with Lee Min Ho picking her up and going to a movie together before heading back to his place. There is like nothing wrong if these two are dating but alas Lee Min Ho’s agency within the hour issued a strong denial that he’s dating her and claims they are just friends and the hang out had other people there. I think his side’s position is clear and I doubt her side will say anything different now.


Dispatch Reveals Lee Min Ho and Idol-actress Yeonwoo are Dating, His Agency Swiftly Denies It Claiming They Are Just Friends — 44 Comments

  1. First lee seung gi and now the king eternal flop dating nugu idol-actress what a downgrade from suzy.Instead improve his acting skill with take some acting class he bussy dating nugu idol-actress.

    • I am praying and hoping that whatever you are going through, you’ll thrive and get over it.
      Cause there is no reason to write such hate at these people…
      Be well, be safe, and please be kind.

    • lmh is still bigger and better than anyone you stan. i saw twitter and his fans look fine. they are matured. you are the one pressed lol

  2. All A-lister actor taking multiple project drama and movie, The king hallyu flop bussy dating???Wth. I am waiting his next project after pachinko lol lol. Where is adyjunjihyun defend him like crazy but he doesn’t now she was exist in the real world, he bussy dating lol.

  3. I think they are lying and they are dating but they are not actually serious yet which is why LMH’s agency have denied. It’s telling because her agency only said they were checking and then waited for his agency to release a statement. If they were not dating her agency would have said that straight away.

    I’m surprised he went for a girl group member again.

  4. Err..no review or comment abt how Hometown Romance Cha-Cha-Cha?I thought you say you might like it/or is it your new drama crack. So far it is on the 2nd episode

    • I’m surprised about that too. But either she hasn’t watched it yet or maybe she didn’t enjoy it as much as she expected to. I remember she anticipated DAYS but she didn’t write about it till some users expressed their disappointment with the drama and asked her opinion. She anticipated Run On too but she barely posted about it during and after its run.

  5. He has a thing for young female idols, even if she left the group. As an actress, I remember her in Alice and Live On and she wasn’t great…

    I’m sorry for them, it’s hard to make it public when the couple is young like 5 Months old. I guess denying it was the simplier solution.

  6. He likes young girls.We get it.Its his personal life but I thought in his age he would look for more than a pretty face-maybe she is more than that,who knows-.I had my Minoz days in the beginning of my K drama addiction and I would like his articles to be about his work and not dating another young former idol actress.but…Whatever makes him happy.

  7. Well not that it is my business but i feel they are lying . The relationship is fairly new and she is trying her luck in acting industry. A dating rumour may do her no good in this situation.
    Anyways as someone said above he seems to like dating young girls .
    Park min young was the only one who was closer to his age. Still, she was like 25 when their relationship was revealed. Too bad for shippers, oppa won’t date his 30 year old co-star. I can imagine him pulling off a so ji sub 7-8 years later.

  8. They are ‘hanging out’ which in some cultures means they’re dating, so LMH’s agency doesn’t have to deny it lol. I mean if they click together and they feel they’re a good match, the public shouldn’t really impose their view on who he dates or marries.

  9. Seeing the latest trend of old ass men chasing after pretty young girls, my respect increased by 10fold for other rare actors who chose to date/settle with partners close to their age

    • I respect Hyun Bin a lot more on this. He could have had any younger girl but he chose someone his age, actually a few months older. He also dated shk who was a bit older than him too. I hate the Leo trend.

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  11. He seems like the Leonardo di Caprio(minus talent) of k-ent. Knowing his story of how he pursued suzy when she was barely an adult , still gives me creeps. Atleast this time the girl is a little bit older than suzy when he dated her.

    • I was just going to write this. Him and Leo have a clear type- girls 25 and below. I don’t get the at least they are adult arguments because this is almost predator behavior. If 16 was legal they would probably date that just to put it into perspective. Suzy was barely 20 at the time but she had the image of being much older than her age still does not make it okay.

  12. I get the not-so-favorable comments about LMH (or other actors/ex-idols in their 30s for that matter) dating younger women. But here’s my take- they weren’t able to really openly date in their 20s while they were chasing stardom and success, so they probably got stuck mentally in their 20s, relationship-wise. So I wouldn’t be surprised if these actors end up with partners who are in their 20s when they’re finally ready to settle down in their 30s. Yes, kudos to actors in their 30s who are able to find their match closer to their age.

    • Another actor who i think will join this club of lee minho, so ji sub , kim yong gun etc., is Kim Soohyun. His own words “I think i will get married around the age of 41 to a 21 year old girl” ? . It was so creepy. I won’t be surprised if dispatch exposes him too one day with a barely adult woman .

      • Yeah, true. Even if he said that as a joke, I don’t find it funny lol, and makes you think what they’re really looking for in a partner. But hey, their life, their choice lol.

  13. I always think he and LSG has some similarity in life. Same age, popular when relatively young, dated one of the most popular girl, and maybe now change to date someone relatively unknown….no wonder they are friends keke

    • Lmao ..yeah .. both got their breakout roles in 2009 with Shining Inheritance and boys over flowers. The age difference between their gfs is also 4.
      Then: Yoona-90, Suzy -94
      Now : Lee Da In -92, Yeonwoo -96

      • Oh! And both girls acted in Alice? So coincidental.
        Haha actually I don’t know both girls if not for the famous BF.

  14. Lee min ho should date women closer to his age tbh…it’s kinda creepy the way he goes for young ones and this one is younger than suzy wtf..bond over games?coming across as red flag tbh

  15. He loves young girls, doesn’t he? Well I can’t single him out, most of them do. Only delusional shippers believe most of these dudes would date their similar aged costars. Mineuns were especially delusional, they really thought LMH of all people who loves pretty young girls would ever consider KGE.

      • @lin

        First I’m hearing of this. I’m curious. Did SHK catch flak for dating the younger KGE?

        I find it interesting you framed it as a preference for older and more mature guys. Since in every age-gap relationship where the guy is older, he’s immediately branded the ‘predator preying on a young woman without a mind of her own’ whereas it’s never seen from her perspective as her preferring older men. (I am NOT talking about pedophilia)

      • Yeah and KGE was also around Yeowoon’s age now when she and Shin Ha Kyun went public with their relationship. She likes much older guys, LMH likes younger girls, Mineun shippers are still holding out hope though especially after LMH’s agency denied the Dispatch report.

      • Mineun shippers are still holding on to hope? When LMH was out with this girl on her birthday-eve? Haha, no cure for delusional kdrama shippers. Anyway Kge has dated Byun Yohan too, he wasn’t old. She seems to have varied taste in dudes I’d say.

      • @Jennie: I had no idea KGE dated Byun Yo Han. I guess she isn’t only into old-ass mens

  16. This is funny because his stan here always bash young female idols for being below their King’s level, but here he is dating another one…

  17. Man, these Lee Min-ho worshippers are horrible. The truth is that we do not know whether they are in a relationship or not. Both parties are not credible, because Dispatch needs a scoop and Lee Min-ho is eager to leverage his single status with his sasaengs. So I am like in the middle on this and I have no idea who is speaking the truth, but all his fans are 100% certain that he is single, because “one can be friends”. Yes, that is true, but it is also not unlikely if he actually hit that young fresh poontang.

  18. In K-Pop circles she is known for fact that Leeteuk from Super Junior tried to slide into her DM and wrote to her on what he thought was her Instagram, but it turned out to be a fan account.

  19. If the hallyu King says they are not dating then they are not dating… Simple and short.

    Whenever he decides to date, he has a right to date who ever he wants to date legally, young, slim or another race… And I will defend him to high heavens but for now he said he is single, so he is single… Take your time king, don’t let anyone bully you to date an older woman.. As far as she is above 18, you deserve it and are good to go.. Let the hypocritical haters find the nearest river and jump inside. If it was a woman dating or acting with a younger male, they will be cheering it and sating go queen.

  20. ….eh. Girl is 25 and he’s 34, she’s not some barely legal girl, if they date it’s nbd. Plus he’s only 7 years older than Suzy, it’s just that he looks older but 20 and 27 is not exactly outrageous either.

    (I’m not his fan btw, not a fan of his acting or his last drama – but private lives of consenting adults aren’t our business and it’s not our job to play the age gap police and say women under 30 are incapable of choosing who they date)

    • Don’t mind them, when he dated Park min young that was actually older than him.. They didn’t see it.. They want to come here to form moral police… Thunder strike all of them. See, if he wants to date an 18 year old when he is 50..it is his life and choice… He wont settle to please a bunch of trolls ( who don’t like him anyways) on ockoala

    • Don’t see the problem . Both are adults , women tend to be more mature than men , this kind of age gap is common . Just saying . The only problem is that if it was the opposite , people would be more harsh towards the woman .

    • They are not minors, in fact they are all above the age of 18/21 years. I don’t think anyone force her or him to date each other.

      P.S: I dislike Lee Min Ho’s acting. But, he is a human being, who has the right to date whoever his heart likes

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