Mega Drama Premiere Friday as The Veil, Yumi’s Cells, One: The Woman, and Squid Game All Premiere to Varying Ratings Reception

Oh heck, I didn’t even get to write about the press conferences this week and BAM! all four dramas dropped on me this Friday. Goes to show what a busy work week can do for keeping on top of other things. This Friday was one of those rare events now, a multi K-drama premiere that used to happen all the time (remember the epic Cinderella Unni/Personal Taste/Prosecutor Princess same day premiere) and this time it’s a three-way fight with another competitor running his own race. Netflix dropped all 8-episodes of Squid Game and doesn’t subscribe to TV ratings, but it should do well as the action thriller genre is very popular on the streaming platform. On the domestic television side, MBC released action revenge drama The Veil (Black Sun), SBS switched genres from mega makjang Penthouse to the comedic One the Woman, and tvN premiered the cute workplace romance drama Yumi’s Cells. The early lead goes to the darkhouse One the Woman, which also got the highest amount of positive ratings and a first episode ratings 8.2%. The Veil is touted as MBC’s savior and is also off to a promising start with 7.2% ratings and mostly good reviews as well though some feel it’s too much like IRIS. Yumi’s Cells airs on cable tvN but even then it’s 2.1% ratings is on the lower side for the network which has been seeing more and more dramas premiere in the 3-5% range in recent years. I’m off to binge all four and thankfully I have the bandwidth for all since I don’t need to channel surf live.


Mega Drama Premiere Friday as The Veil, Yumi’s Cells, One: The Woman, and Squid Game All Premiere to Varying Ratings Reception — 25 Comments

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      • Never like LMH but this drama started with a 2% (surprisingly on TvN,not JTBC); whereas TKEM started on a higher rating on a public network. Somehow, it is not LMH fault alone iN delivering the drama. The female lead is equally to be blamed. She failed to deliver, even with another actor.

      • Don’t forget that TKEM higher premier rating is also accredited to Kim Eun Sook. She is just as famous, if not more, as the leads in Korea.

      • lol you keep telling yourself that. LMH has amazing chemistry with all his FL except the less visually attractive bc it’s such a mismatch

    • Goeun’s still much better than Song HyeKyo who has a total of 2 expressions. At least she became popular for chungmuro works and not just beauty or whatever.

  2. Watch veil cos NGM 1 of my fav. Sigh, as in most of his drama, he is on medication n hope he is not going to eat sweet as well (think this drama more macho will not eat sweet). Hope he will do comedy again.

    Still he is good in the drama.

  3. I watched Squid Game out of boredom, it was ok lol nothing new, I dozed off in some parts. For me it had no heart, I wasn’t rooting for anyone even Hoyeon Jung’s character who probably will be kdrama stan twitter’s new it girl haha

  4. I love what I’ve seen of Squid game. I don’t think Koreans will like it though.

    I didn’t like anything about the first episode of One the Woman. Honey Lee is getting typecast.

    The Veil was slightly better, but I’ve seen the plot before and the directing is meh. I think it will be a hit though. It seems like something the Korean audience will like.

    Yumi’s Cells is weird. I didn’t read the webtoon, and I don’t like the cells. Kind of juvenile. I like KGE in this though.

  5. One the Woman felt like Honey Lee reprising her Fiery Priest role and screeching all over the place.

    Bit surprised Yumi’s Cells started so low out of the gate.

    Starting Squid Game today. Many viewers have already binged the entire thing (where do they all find the time?!)

    • Surprised that Yumi’s Cells fared the worst of all the premiers. I felt it had the most hype but I guess the premise could turn off some as it comes across a bit childish (even though it’s not). I thought it was okay and will keep watching for now.

      • I’m not surprised at the ratings for Yumi’s Cells. Older viewers aren’t going to tune in. To get good ratings, you have to attract all age groups, which is why HomeCha is doing so well, and why I think The Veil will be a hit.

    • Nothing to be surprised. Without solid acting,general audience appeal and good storylines, Yumi is bound to be a low performer in the romcom genre. Although HomeCha romcom/slice of life, it has all of these things. Don’t forget the Veil has a more adult theme, plus an actor who delivers time and time again.

  6. The time slot they have for Yumi’s cells is pretty bad so the ratings aren’t bad and the overall response online is very positive. That aside does anyone know where to watch The Veil? Not illegal sites please.

  7. I dropped Yumi cells in the first 13 min of first episode .
    Not for me. KGE looks cute.
    The veil is the kind of drama I can get obsessed. Nothing new in the plot but I just love this type of dramas.
    Still I did not have time to watch the other two.

  8. Veil took first place in its time slot across all channels this Sat. Yumi’s cell also gone up slightly while One the Woman trended down same as Homecha in the weekend battle. Lost dead last with 1.7%. Which goes to show nobody likes a depressing drama anytime of the year. Thought Homecha would have continued its meteoric rise surpassing CLOY by the seventh episode. Maybe busy Chuseok travelling dampened the trend a bit.

    • A yay for The Veil. Partly I feel sorry for MBC so I’m cheering it’s special anniversary drama. Also rooting for HCCC. JTBC dramas are just not nailing it at the moment. Would have to wait for Snowdrop to save the performance.

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