Lee Sang Yoon Puts Foot in Mouth in One the Woman Post Drama Interview When He Says the Cast was So Happy Competitor The Veil Ratings Dropped

I recall this is not the first time highly educated Seoul University graduate actor Lee Sang Yoon committed a verbal faux pas, and at this point his agency needs to double check his interviews before blessing it for print. This isn’t terrible btw, just something an established and wise star would never say. During the post drama interviews for SBS hit drama One the Woman, male lead Lee Sang Yoon mentioned time slot competitor drama The Veil (Black Sun) and how the production was nervous to go up against it and was hopeful their own ratings wouldn’t drop. But then when One the Woman did well in ratings which went up and The Veil dropped, he said the cast was so happy about that. K-netizens are tsk-tsk-ing his low EQ in mentioning The Veil ratings going down, there was no need for that. He could have just said he was so happy their ratings went up. I agree, it’s like he won the race and said he was happy his competitor ran really slow that day rather than saying he ran really fast. Even worse is that Lee Sang Yoon got criticism for his acting in One the Woman and Honey Lee hard carried the entire drama, so for him to be saying this feels even more tone deaf. K-netizens basically told him to come back and have meaningful commentary when his acting can rival Namgoong Min‘s first.

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