Viewers of tvN Hit Drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha Divided Over K-reporter Article About the Drama Using Crime Repeatedly for the Male Lead to Save the Female Lead and Turn into a Romantic Moment

This week a K-entertainment reporter wrote a long article (here) that critiques currently airing hit weekend drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha for one specific element and it’s a thoughtful take that is worth discussing and even better is the responses from viewers are equally thoughtful, nothing is knee jerk. The writer took issue with Hometown using the “woman in danger from male crime” plot device, multiple times, to give the male lead a reason to help/rescue the female lead. Even worse is that the crime is sorta tossed aside after and simply used to bring the two leads closer together. It also feels so old school using man rescues helpless woman to advance a relationship. I haven’t caught up on Hometown since the merely okay first episode but situationally it would seem improbable that a sleepy seaside village would have the female lead multiple times faced with either the potential for crime or actual criminal behavior towards her. With that said, the K-netizens feedback is split basically 33/33/33 three ways equally to this criticism: (1) group 1 thinks it’s totally a legit criticism, they don’t like the repeat use of this plot device, (2) group 2 thinks the use of the plot device did happen, but eh it’s not a deal breaker as the OTP relationship was building in other ways and this didn’t ruin the flow, and (3) group 3 thinks this is much ado about nothing, especially with the drama using plot devices used in the K-movie its adapting from so who cares, they love the drama regardless. Hometown is winning on all fronts and I think this critique is the typical reporter parsing drama a little more in depth, and if this is the biggest fault anyone can fine with Hometown then it’s swimmingly along swell and should continue its streak of success all the way to the end.


Viewers of tvN Hit Drama Hometown Cha Cha Cha Divided Over K-reporter Article About the Drama Using Crime Repeatedly for the Male Lead to Save the Female Lead and Turn into a Romantic Moment — 18 Comments

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  2. I think it’s stupid. It’s a rom-com and and adaptation. It didn’t really turn things in a romantic moment but more in a sharing one. For once, Doo-Shik opened up and talked about his grand-father.

    If they could criticize everytime we got a truck of doom in a drama, I’ll be thankful :p

  3. Haha…i read article the reporter wrote. Funny, how the reporter came up with this, cos 1st incident, FL use her flying kick to take down a pervert who molested her friend, ML without knowing came n give a flying kick. 2nd incident, a lady was drunk, was led away by a guy, good thing her friend saw n that pervert run away. The town ladies were worried. ML n police friend decide to patrol the town to try n catch the pervert. FL lead was going home very late n felt someone following her, although she knows martial arts, can understand her fear as whoever it is is behind her. ML was patroling at that time n she run into him. ML get town office to fix several light on the street that has broken down (he has already complained about it months aho). ML continue to patrol n saw pervert who had enter FL house n the FL also give a flying kick on the pervert who injuried ML with a knife, enabling ML to pin pervert down.
    The FL is someone not fragile yet she is lovely n that’s why the ML is attracted to her. ML is someone that cares for everyone in the village, who has been for him when he lost his only kin when he was a teen.
    I am excited to watch tonight episode, more hilarious n fun, does not matter to me what plot device, i just enjoy cos it is the writer, PD, all leads n casts n crew working together to bring us this drama in this pandemic, i really appreciate their effort.

    • There is a lot of crime in what is expected to be an idyllic small village, though I’m sure crime does happen. Just a lot given it’s only 10 episodes in. I’m on the camp of it being unfair to say that the hero had to rescue the heroine from crime all the time. I was also remembering how the first incident was the FL physically taking down the pervert who was molesting her friend. She had already called the police and kicked the perve in the face and bitch-slapped him. She still had more in the tank, before Dooshik gave a kick and fell down himself from exhaustion. The perve had also accidentally left the photo/video evidence incriminating him. The netflix description said the ML came to the rescue, but that’s incorrect.

      I’m glad that show didn’t put the characters through a trial prosecuting the perve since the reality would be him getting away with him since he was the nephew of someone locally powerful. In addition to the incidents you mentioned, the FL also helped prevent the town gossip from being scammed. She gave chase to the perp to get the money and got the hero and the town cop to chase the bad guy.

      • Absolutely agreed with you. Just finished watching ep 11 starts of ML n FL romance and it is so good n funny n healing.
        Unlike other romance where ML persue FL, but this isn’t the case. FL n ML when 1st met did not like each other n they are total opposite. It is through their interaction n solving issues that they got to understand n appreciate each other n their feelings grow. The poem that ML read is so touching n is exactly how ML n FL feel about the relationship. FL is a strong level headed lady n she likes ML cos he warm people’s heart, even his love rival likes him (Sang yi says he is happy to go to work in homecha cos Seon Ho makes him happy).
        I am looking forward to 2 other couple romance, 2ML n writer, cop n FL friend n village story.
        Cheers homecha. Ep 12 yay.

  4. I do think the critique is valid. Once is okay, but two is rather too much. But who cares? I love Homcha! I’m loving it so much. Another reason to wait for weekend.
    And also, at least Hye Jin is not helpless. Even in her fear, she still managed to give flying kick, on each occasion, not simply a damsel in distress.

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  6. The drama’s great and I totally enjoyed it. I especially like Shin Min Ah’s accessories such as her earrings and necklaces, wish there’s a full guide out there with the brand names, I want to buy some of them for myself.

    • I would try the IG @kdrama_fashion , it’s pretty good with identify what the characters are wearing (not sure about jewelry tho).

  7. I like watching this show in the beginning. But after the 5 episode, I’m getting bored with the storyline and I fall asleep a few times. I don’t find their budding romance heart stopping. So I stopped watching. Yawns

    • I think its cute but agree not much plotwise. I always get brother sister vibes from SMA and KSH. Like she is his big sister. KSH looks so baby faced compared to her so for me the romance is just not the sizzling type I usually get excited about.

  8. Yeah obviously whoever wrote that article didn’t watch the series and only read about what happened. On multiple occasions this drama showed just how strong our heroine is. The reason why they got close was because they were at that stage already and this incident was the cherry on top. What proves my point is the fact that she didn’t fall head over heals the first time he came for her rescue so it was never a trope.

  9. I am on the side of.. who cares.
    I just watching for the really cute interactions between the leads, and between Ms. Nurse/Mr Police couple. These 4 brings a smile to my face whenever they are on screen. The neighbours are quite a yawn but the laid-back town and lifestyle is so therapeutic to watch. It actually feels like watching a travel variety show !

  10. The criticism is valid nonetheless. My issue is about it being tossed aside like its sole purpose is only to bring the leads closer. No depth. But then in the end it is a matter of preference. Those who love it will still love it. Those who don’t will not understand the hype. I dropped it at 7. Sorry but even Hong banjang lost his charm and new shows keep coming so i get more to choose.

  11. Yep, they are taking the easy route for going forward with the romance. I think it is a pity because the seaside town is a very pretty and romantic scenario, and the actors are nice and have great chemistry. But the script is weak. Du Sik is so perfect in everything that I’m rolling my eyes often when I watch…I’d prefer a story and a male lead a bit more realistic.

  12. I love Kim Seon-ho. He is such a great actor but I don’t think he’s cut out in rom-com. He has better chemistry with Lee Sang-Yi. Shin Min-Ah is always great in the romance.

    And yes, I agree about using crime too many time, one is all right but more than that is a bit too much.

    It’s not the best rom-com but I love the dynamics of the village. I love Kim Seon-Ho relationship with the residents of the village.

  13. I’m a female, I don’t have any complaints about the drama. It’s light, makes me wish to go back to that kind of simple life with the people people know from my childhood. ML is helping her, so what. Oh, I do have one complaint, I forgot. Whoever dressed Shin Mina should be replaced. Her fashion in the drama is horrendous. She’s so pretty but the clothes makes her look so outdated and out of place.

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