C-ent Abuzz with Purported Leaked List of 25 Stars the Government Put on an All Kill Permanent Ban List

I thought things were dying down in C-ent after the summer of scandals and crackdowns, but this early fall may bring with it clarity for who and for what reasons certain stars are no longer going to be allowed to continue being in the entertainment industry in China. A list is spreading like wildfire that includes the names of 25 stars on an all kill permanent ban list, all kill means across every entertainment medium from television to movie to commercials to print to stage. The list is split into three categories: political, breaking the law misconduct, and moral turpitude. In the politics column are Zhao Wei and Zhang Zhe Han, the former reportedly due to her close ties with also fallen Chinese businessman Jack Ma and the latter for his Japanese related prior conduct. In the breaking the law misconduct category there are Wu Yi Fan, Zheng Shaung, Fan Bing Bing, Kai Ko, et. al. And in the last category of committing moral turpitude, which means cheating on spouses or girlfriends and the like, on the list includes Li Xiao Lu and Show Luo among others.


C-ent Abuzz with Purported Leaked List of 25 Stars the Government Put on an All Kill Permanent Ban List — 21 Comments

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  3. Don’t know why I still can’t hate or dislike Vicki Zhao after all the mess and banned. She’s still hold my favorite spot in the China Entertainment. Maybe because Vicki is deeply routed as part of my childhood. Still love her.

    • Me three Vicki Zhao Wei is my C-enterainment Queen forever. She is unique, talented, beautiful, with outstanding performances and I love her temperament. I follow all her works although I am the newer generation, I still go back to look for all her past works.

  4. Does this ban include online presence as well? I remember Fan Bing Bing was still able to earn via online selling after her Tax Evasion scandal, as she wasn’t ban on some social media platforms. But all those who came after her, their social media presence were just wiped out. I wonder if they will retroactively ban FBB or let it be.

  5. The reason for banning Zhao Wei was never explained officially, and there was never a clear-cut case progression as in the case of Zhang Zhehan; there was only netizen speculation, and it is frankly ridiculous–for a dress she wore 20 years ago? For being friends with someone? For having an arrogant/problematic artist under her agency? I realize this is Communist China, but the void of common sense can’t have gotten that big, surely, to believe such nonsense.
    I rather believe the version I read in a blind item, which involves her private life and her being punished for ending an affair with someone who had the power to strike her really hard for it. Very unfair, but it would explain the veil of secrecy around her inexplicable and sudden cancellation. Otherwise, why still no official explanation from the powers that be? If there had been a legitimate reason, it would have been all over the news, like in the case of Fan Bingbing and Wu Yifan. It’s not like Zhao Wei is some obscure person, that nobody would have inquired and been able to find out what really went down.

    • There is so much rumors about her but at end of the day, nothing has come into light. I don’t think she would have an affair or what so ever. Maybe it’s more of her work collaboration with Jack Ma. Also the outfit is decades ago, but true there’s no official reason for banning her. Like many people I still want to see her in more films and maybe dramas.

      • Precisely my point: lots of rumors, but nothing concrete has come to light. So who is powerful enough to cancel her AND hide the real reason for it? Or more likely, make it so no one will openly mention that reason? Hmm, how about the second-most powerful man in the country?
        And why would she not have an affair? According to the same blind item, she was separated from her husband and maybe even planning a divorce. Even had she been not separated, affairs happen, especially at that altitude of society.
        I do feel really sorry for her. I liked her a lot in movies like So Close and Mulan. She built such a great career and reputation, and now she’s had all of that destroyed; allegedly, even her financial assets in the country have been confiscated and she literally had to flee the country.

    • Ending an affair with a powerful someone sounds much more ridiculous than punished for being pro-Japanese. It looks that way to me, CCP probably sees her as being pro-Japanese and involved in politics but found no concrete evidence of her betraying the country, so they banned her instead. Reminds me of Fan Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal. The rest of the world refused to believe that she’s lying low and continued speculating that she’s being imprisoned or worse despite photo proofs.

      • I agree with you, I don’t think Vicki Zhao would have affair with any powerful someone too. She’s probably laying low due to all the situations she’s in now.

  6. It sadden me I won’t see Zhao Wei in anymore films or dramas. She’s so beautiful and talented. Her private life shouldn’t be anyone’s business but hers. I know she have tax evasion and she brought that upon herself but there are so many celebrities who are caught up in the same mess. They did not get wipe out, Fan Bing Bing is an example. I have seen Korean celebrities with the same issue but still not wipe out. CCP really is a country not to mess with.

    • idk if you realise this but Zhao Wei wasn’t banned for tax evasion. She’s banned for misleading her investors (which imo is WORST than just tax evasion). How else did you think these people become billionaires?

      Her & her husband were already banned from the securities market in 2017. She recently lost hundreds of lawsuits after being sued by investors & is now in France with her family in their cushy estate.

  7. I have no right to judge another culture on how they deal with things, but WOW. The fact that the Chinese government can pick and choose who they deem “unacceptable” and ruin the careers of so many actors is incomprehensible to me. Yes, criminals such as Kris Wu..I get it. But some of the others on this list…guilty by association? Gross overreach of power by the government.

    • This isn’t about Chinese culture but about the Chinese government….judge away. They have friggin concentration camps so cancelled celebrities is just the tip of the ice berg.

      • Exactly. In a communist state you can be cancelled/killed for just being deemed too popular. Too much of a threat. And I am sure that that is the real reason behind this purge.

  8. All I can say is words of appreciation to this beautiful and inspiring woman Vicki Zhao. I love her in all her works. She never cease to amazed me with every roles she take.

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