Choi Jin Hyuk Booked by Police for Breaking COVID-19 Restrictions at Illegally Operating Bar, Leaves Variety Program My Little Old Boy Effective Immediately

Well this is no bueno, but probably not a career ending type of scandal. K-actor Choi Jin Hyuk made all the K-ent headlines today for being the most famous person in a 50-plus guest list bust by the police of an illegally operating bar establishment during a sweep. Illegal meaning no bars are allowed to operate right now during level-4 COVID restrictions so this place was open in violation of that, not that it was running anything else illegal. Honestly, I’m sure there are many more illegally operating establishments flouting COVID-19 restrictions so it’s always just a matter of odds whether frequenting one would happen to coincide with a police search. Choi Jin Hyuk apologized immediately, accepted all responsibility, and he and the production of variety show My Little Old Boy (Mom’s Diary: My Ugly Duckling) have come to joint agreement that he will leave the show immediately and all his scenes edited out that have been filmed but not yet aired. I’m just glad he’s not in a currently airing drama because the impact would be so much bigger and hopefully he’ll just drink at home or friend’s house until this all blows over.


Choi Jin Hyuk Booked by Police for Breaking COVID-19 Restrictions at Illegally Operating Bar, Leaves Variety Program My Little Old Boy Effective Immediately — 18 Comments

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  2. Korea Covid cases aren’t even half as bad as it is in America and everything is basically open there lol almost two years now ??‍♀️ can’t keep businesses close forever

  3. Flouting SOP and got booked by the police. At least that made sense.

    In my country, ministers and celebs can flout SOP and flaunt about it on social media. Netizens reported and police will always respond with “We are opening up investigative paper on this” and 1 year later, still no result. A college boy pulling down his face mask for a short second in public area due to breathing difficulty received a penalty of 10k while minister (despite being repeat offender) was penalised less than 2k.

    Ok, not relevant to CJH news but at least, something done even to high profile name.

    • i think i know where you’re from ?. All these useless “VIPs” can do everything but when it comes to commoner, it’s a direct punishment

      • Yep, which goes to show, the COVID scam is not and has never been about people’s health, but about control, about using the pretext of health to nibble away at people’s basic rights and fundamental liberties (like hello, the right to breathe freely, especially in open air).
        I can’t figure out, 2 years later, after what was supposed to have been “just 2 weeks of restrictions to flatten the curve” but has turned out to be an unending stream of lockdowns and restrictions, and now a forced vaxx-ing campaign globally, how anyone can still believe the VIPs orchestrating this have people’s best interests at heart, or that they’ll ever choose to willingly give up all they’ve obtained from people’s misery and end this so-called pandemic. We’re on, what, the fourth wave now, and the Delta mutation which the vaxx is acknowledged to offer no protection against? Well, plenty of waves more to come in the coming years, and plenty more letters in the Greek alphabet to name the other mutations they’ll keep inventing, if people keep allowing this.

    • @Alyssa to what end though? Why would the government get from preventing people from ‘breathing unobstructed’ air? What financial or political leverage would they get from that? Its not like 9/11 where a slew of legislation came in that ACTUALLY took away so many rights to privacy, human rights,principles of natural justice ect. But now people are going mad over a preventative measure that is not actually harming you or taking away your consitional rights. Just weird how people are happy to be spied on by their government, incarcerated for whistleblowing, indefinitely detained ect. But when you’re told to put a mask on to protect yourself and OTHERS that’s a problem?!

      • They will get billions of dollars of the vaccines they’re selling also they have plans of depopulating the world, the vaccine either will kill you or cause you an injur on the long term (concers, strokes, sterility…) So alyssa said makes since more than you blabbing on things that you don’t knowknow, the mask will protect you are you kidding me?? The Scientists said from the beginning that the mask will protect against the virus but it become a tool protection that’s an obvious big lie and all of us know that that piece of fabric will protect against nothing even those people that works in dyeing field have better equipment to not inhale the Chymycles than the paint is more dangerous than the virus and smaller. You have to use you’re brain a little bit because it is not a decoration.

      • @Sana
        If you already know that your government is happily spying on you, incarcerating whistleblowers and using crises like the fls flg attck you mentioned to pass anti-constitutional legislation, why would you even be surprised that they would create/use another crisis (a “health” one) to implement the next steps in their agenda? And of course there are a lot of political (control over the terrified population) and financial (look at how much wealth has shifted from the lower levels of society, with how many small and middle-sized businesses have failed during the pandemic, toward the upper level; not to mention the profits of the pharmaceutical industry, and how happy they must have been to spread some of that around to important people to get their EUAs) benefits to be had.

        Yes, when I’m told to put on a mask to protect myself and others, I do have a problem. First, I’m not being told–I’m being ordered, and fined if I don’t respectfully obey. This infringes, among others, on my personal autonomy, on my right of self-determination, on my health. Even disregarding the psychological effects, it is not physically healthy to wear masks for long periods of time. Reduced oxygenation, proliferation of bacteria, vulnerability to respiratory illnesses etc. Not to mention all the toxic stuff imbued in those medical masks that you are drawing directly into your lungs.
        Second, that standard medical mask doesn’t actually protect you or anyone else, okay? There are many many published studies that attest there is no proven effect of mask-wearing in preventing community spread of viral illnesses. Just look it up, and not on Facebook or the first few pages of search results provided by Google. Do you know how small viruses are purported to be? Conversely, can you breathe through your mask? If you can (no matter how limited), then understand that the virus can also move through the mask pores. You know, like a mosquito could move in and out between the bars of a prison cell.
        Third, the way I protect myself is not by wearing a mask. Instead, I try to eat mostly healthy, supplement with Vit C, take my Vit D the natural way, from sun exposure, and try not to be a total couch potato–not coincidentally, all things these lockdowns are making hard to accomplish. As for protecting others–sorry, that’s not my obligation. Everyone is responsible for their own lives. I don’t appreciate being made to become a criminal just because I don’t want to wear a muzzle for you and get jabbed for you when I’m healthy. Rather than wear a mask for you, I could force you not to be overweight and/or with at least 2 co-morbidities, which would practically guarantee no Covid, or at least non-lethal Covid. Would that be acceptable for me to do? Should I do that?
        No and no. So let people have their agency, and let them take the consequences. No one else is responsible for others’ lives.
        P.S.: The mask isn’t even the issue. It’s a symptom, and the start of a slippery slope. In Italy, the jab has already been made mandatory for all: not even just for frontline personnel; whether you work in the public sector, in the private sector, or are self-employed working from home, no jab means you don’t get paid. Will you also tell me that’s okay if it’s to protect yourself and others?

      • @Anouar Pfff “injur”, “concers”, “dyeing”, “ chymycles”, “you’re brain”, etc.
        Your condescending tone is laughable seeing how you don’t even have basic spelling and grammar skills.
        Oh, but you’re a science expert though, huh? LMFAO
        I’m astounded at the number of COVIDIOTS who blabber all over the Internet because they think they know more than doctors and scientists who have spent years studying this stuff.
        In the end it’s natural selection at work, I guess.

      • @Sana – uh oh, you triggered the anti-maskers, covidiots and anti-vaxxers.

        Honestly, at this point let the virus take them all. I won’t even have any sympathy for them, let the planet get cleared of some stupidity.

      • @Sana, just ignore all those long ass paragraph. You can’t win against them.Let them think that they are the right one and others are wrong.

        @Alyssa, the moment you start questioning mask, that’s where I know we don’t have the same opinion at all. U better not spread your anti-mask & anti-vaccine thinking over here. It’s embarrassing, honey.

        p#: if you don’t mind, can you please delete your reply to my previous comment. It’s kinda embarrassing to get a reply that is not related at all to my statement and moreover it’s coming from people like you.

  4. He could have been more careful. But honestly, with this pandemic and long lockdowns in some countries, can’t blame anyone who might need to socialize with other people for their mental health and might have forgotten to check what the regulations are because they are ever-changing everywhere. Safest really is to meet up at home or in a open space. Oh well, life is tough for everyone these days.

    • I was going to say, everything I read said it was a room salon, not so innocent. It still won’t be a career ender, but he can shove his “My friend took me to a quiet place so we could talk. I didn’t know…” and lay low for a while.

      • Wth with his justification, same with Yunho’s. Friend ask them out to talk, and so they went looking for a quiet place to talk. Yeah, a bar or room salon is that quiet place where you get to talk.

    • I get your point but still don’t care. None of my business and he is taking the hit he knows he has to take. My favorite Korean scandal was GDragon’s “someone just handed me a joint and I thought it was a cigarette”. I’m sure most people in Korea are very aware of the reality.

      • Its understatement to compare regular bar to a room salon. I don’t care either way if he paid for a happy ending or not, his life, he can lead it however he wishes. But he isn’t taking hiatus from all activities simply for visiting a bar that stayed open past curfew. I do agree that he’ll be fine. He’ll come back in 6 months to a year, bow in press-con to apologize and do another drama.

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