Kang Han Na Transforms into a Vigilante Vampire in New Youtube Drama Bite Sisters

Okay, who here is old enough to remember the absurdist brilliancy of Vampire Idol. This sounds like that crossed with Vampire Prosecutor, well you get my drift when there is K-drama plus vampire theme plus fighting for justice plus low budget stakes. There is an upcoming Youtube K-drama called Bite Sisters that will be Kang Han Na in her first headlining role though surely not the last with her talent. She played a nearly thousand year old vampire who is living the modern life as a top influencer by day but vigilante for justice by night. Lee Shin Young is the male lead and I’m just here for the silly and sweet and hopefully a side of female empowerment to boot. The more it pokes fun at its own ridiculous concept the better and I think this will have the potential to be an entertaining riot.


Kang Han Na Transforms into a Vigilante Vampire in New Youtube Drama Bite Sisters — 16 Comments

  1. Looking this up online, sites like Soompi and others say it’s the same Kang Han-Na from MRIAG and Start Up. Yet that’s not her on the poster? Is it a different Kang Han-Na then?

      • You’re not the only one. I didn’t recognize her, either. Especially the first poster. And I see some folks on Twitter stating the same. Lol.

      • Thank goodness I’m not the only one. Before my initial comment, I had read her name on the posters but it was still not clicking that it’s her. I’m starting to see it in the second poster, though. Haha.

      • That’s her????!!! How in the world did they photoshopped the photo to be this unrecognisable.

    • It’s not by Youtube, but a clothing company, The Handsome, and it’s going to be uploaded on the brand’s Youtube account dubbed Put Your Handsome. They previously produced another fantasy web drama named “Handmade Love” starring Lee Soohyuk.

      • Ah. Koala’s post was misleading (as usual). This makes more sense. Have you watched the web drama with Lee Soo-Hyuk? Is it any good?

  2. I remember Vampire Idol! Such a cracktastic drama but it never got subbed and got cut short so the only people who know it are as old as the dramacrazy days. Kang Hanna as supernatural beings is so much fun though, loved her as gumiho so I hope this gets lots of views too.

  3. I thought Red Single Heart was her first lead role. Or maybe because this will air before that? Either way, good for her. There’s just something about her and SHS – I just adore those actresses. I hope Han-Na scores more and even better lead roles in the future.

  4. I thought it was Im Soo-Jeong on the pictures…

    Lee Shin-Young is young and looks young. I would have prefered an older male character for her.

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