KBS Sageuk Drama The King’s Affection Premieres to 6.2% Ratings in Episode 1 with full Childhood Portion

This Monday I was so busy I barely had time to stop for a drink of water so I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t had the time to check out the premiere of new KBS Mon-Tues romance sageuk The King’s Affection (Yeonmo). This one crept up on me, I was following all the promos and previews closely but totally slipped that it was premiering today. Feels like October just started but it’s eleven days in already. The first episode got an okay 6.2% ratings but the narrative was solely on the childhood portion, the boy-girl twin royal children and of course the obligatory meet cute between the OTP. I think the drama will need the adults to show up to really gauge the general ratings range but it is competing with the second half of SBS romance fantasy sageuk Lovers of the Red Sky so those two may end up cannibalizing the general youth romance sageuk audience.


KBS Sageuk Drama The King’s Affection Premieres to 6.2% Ratings in Episode 1 with full Childhood Portion — 12 Comments

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  2. I loved PEB’s outfit in the press con. And she looked so smol next to everyone, especially the ML. I’ll check out the premiere when I get the chance.

  3. The first episode was pretty good! The young actress playing the twins was very good.

    I liked the kids shared more than one day together. I found a little bit weird in Red Sky their love story rests on only one day…

    Before we got way more episodes than one with the child characters, it’s like that that Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Young-Jung, Yoo Seung-Ho, Yeo Jin-Goo could become popular. But the dramas are shorter now. This one has 20 episodes, it’s rare :p

    • I normally not convinced by childhood romance and tbh, I esp dislike childhood romance being so excessive of a troupe in K-drams.

      But I can accept that “one day” in Red Sky. Because Ha Ram was the first kind person to the blind Cheon Gi back when she was constantly bullied. While time spent with Cheon Gi was the last happy moment for Ha Ram before he turned blind. So I can undersrand why the stucked to that one precious memory before everything in their lives completely changed.

  4. I’ve already watched ep 1 and the child actress is really good. I want watch her more but today’s episode her role will grown up. Cannot wait to see Park Eun Bin as a king today

  5. The child actors were really good. I will almost be sorry to see them aged up. I thought the first episode was really good. Red Sky didn’t work for me, but this one seems promising.

  6. The child actress who played the double role was BRILLIANT – such nuance to her tone and manner for each character! The child actor for Rowoon was……….ok, I guess, but he looked nothing like Rowoon and in front of the other talented actors, he did not set a good impression, especially considering others before him like Yeo Jin Goo.

    The first episode was bloody as hell though, which I love because it means they’re not going to tamp things down, and the supporting characters from Rowoon’s dad to the queen to that conniving minister all seem polished and in good form so I’m super excited for the episodes ahead! And if I’m being honest, the set up is much more plausible and better done than HCG – no weird CGI and random ass events and characters ?

  7. Enjoy both episodes, very good acting n ep 3 trailer looks good.

    It will probably do quite well like one the woman (same twin concept).

  8. I didn’t like it so I will probably not be watching…but I’ll peek in now and then to see if anything good happens maybe…

  9. Identical twins are always the same gender. Fraternal twins which is a boy and girl cannot look the same. The writer didn’t do his/her research beforehand.

  10. Normally the childhood sequence is a real bore, this one actually had all my attention due to the child actress who is excellent and really convincing as both a privileged prince and a humble servant girl.
    Would love to see more interactions between the young twins, and I really hope the prince survive as he was potrayed as such a smart, kind prince.

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