Lee Do Hyun Offered Male Lead in Kim Eun Sook’s Next Drama The Glory Starring Song Hye Kyo

So K-actor Lee Do Hyun, yeah I totally called that he was going to be the next big thing two years ago when my little eye spied him in Hotel Del Luna. He owes me a reunion in IU in any era but that aside he’s just on fire in terms of K-drama roles and casting offers. In the span of 12 months he won hearts and hit the mainstream with 18 Again, was fantastic in Sweet Home as everyone’s beloved prepared and practical Hyeok, had a shivery and ambiguous guest starring role in Beyond Evil, went full dark and romantic melo in Youth of May, and up next is the conceptually problematic Melancholia engaging in student-teacher taboo love. I’m really adverse to the whole set up of Melancholia so was pretty depressed that was all he had on his next list but this totally perked me up like a billion percent – he’s going to be Song Hye Kyo’s next onscreen younger man conquest (lol) and also a Kim Eun Seok drama leading man as he’s been offered the male lead in revenge drama The Glory. Of course if he plays a student (again) imma throw tables but I’m guessing Melancholia will put a period on that era and he’s going woo a noona’s heart as a full grown young man.


Lee Do Hyun Offered Male Lead in Kim Eun Sook’s Next Drama The Glory Starring Song Hye Kyo — 130 Comments

  1. What the…

    Is Song Hye Kyo getting pigeonholed into noona romances? Her leading men get younger and younger with each drama. I don’t get it. I feel like she has the clout to get paired up with older, established actors. From an experience perspective, doesn’t it also get tiring to consistently work with novices?

    • Park Bo Gum —> Jang Ki Young —> Lee Do Hyun and at this rate her next leading man will be Song Kang. Men pushing 40 acting with 20 somethings is creepy and while the reverse isn’t as creepy it is completely unnecessary.

      • It’s gonna be someone younger than Song Kang at this rate if the pattern holds, since he is older than LDH. Like an early 20s actor.

      • Watch her get paired with Cha Eun Woo next and everyone on social media will hype them as the ultimate visual couple to end all visual couples. At least he’s young and still has room to improve his acting.

      • Why isn’t the reverse creepy? Sexist. Noona romances are the stuff of middle aged housewife fantasies and don’t actually happen much in real life lol.

      • @Rina – that’s a dumb argument since a lot of dramas classified as noona romances are ones where the woman is like….less than 6 and more usually less than 10 years older than the (adult) man. Something in the Rain, SHK’s own Descendants of the Sun, even the iconic My Name is Kim Sam Soon etc. You want to clutch your pearls over that, be our guest – interestingly, no one says anything about pairing 20something women with guys 6 years older, calls it an “oppa romance” or similar.

    • Not all listers want to star KES dramas which are mostly cringey and on public channels, especially now after KES tarnished her reputation with the Eternal flop and OTT dramas are all the rage.

    • Won’t be long before we find out because she committed to an untitled drama directed by Lee Eung-bok.

      Maybe Song Hye-kyo’s next leading man is Yeo Jin-gu.

    • I don’t get it. Why she keeps pairing younger man in the 20s. If you watch”Now, We’re breaking up”. Her face is already sagging and her jaw becoming more protruding, compare to Jang Ki Young’s boyish face. It just made me cringed. I am no hater but just not appealing. She could play role like sophisticated power woman or lawyer etc. not in drama of dovey lovey pure love story.

      I would not be watching any of her drama this point onwards.

  2. Whataver people say, I just love them both so muchh, Omg I legit scream when I saw this news!!! Just hoping the glory will not have romance just like my mister. Lee do hyun is sooo talented, he deserve high profile writer and actress, he will be the next top tier actor

  3. Noo! I love SHK but she making it so hard for me to get excited about her new dramas with all these young guys, however isn’t this a thriller drama with just 8 episodes, so maybe not romance, I really hope so, don’t want it, specially if it’s with student character, nope, nope. When it’s she going to act with another older a+list actor?, the last time was in 2013’s TWTB with JIS, I being waiting for so long now, after dropping both DOTS and Encounter, never been a fan of either actor and to me they were not A+ list either sorry, to me they are just extremely popular actors.

  4. I mean..why? There r tons of mature male lead out there. Gong Yoo, Jang Dong Gun, Lee Dong Gun, Jang Hyuk. They r maturing like fine wine. SHK is so beautiful but the age gap will be obvious here. Sigh. So frustrated with kdrama casting nowadays

    • i think the main reason that she’s doing these drama with younger actors rather than mature actors is probably because they have enough clout to attract viewers to the drama but in comparison she would still be the main focus/attraction thus giving her more chance for exposure and acclaim.
      If she paired up with mature A listers, there is a possibility where the focus and hype could get shifted to them. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be beneficial to her at all but,for example, a gong yoo pairing would definitely overshadow her. I think she sees pairing up with hot upcoming actors as a good chance for a decent hit AND for her role to be highlighted.

      • Literally CLOY exists and neither HB nor SYJ overshadowed each other at any point. This is complete bullocks saying two A listers would overshadow each other when that literally never happens. Even in Kingdom JJH never overshadowed BDN despite having more screen time. Talented veterans would rather act with equally talented veterans as someone said before.

      • It shouldn’t be about sharing the spotlight. Like another poster said, other top stars are fine with sharing the spotlight – Hyun Bin x Son Ye Jin, Bae Doona x Gong Yoo, Jun Ji Hyun x Jun Ji Hoon, list goes on. None of them are getting overshadowed by the other.

        It also doesn’t have to be an A lister. Just someone closer in age. There are plenty of great older actors.


      • Hyun Bin and Son Yejin were in two projects together where SYJ the movie star got top billing for The Negotiation and Hyun Bin the drama star got first billing for CLOY. Neither of them overshadowed the other in both works. There a number of kmovies with even dramas with A-lister pairings who actually brought out the best in each other instead of overshadowing each other. That kind of reasoning for choosing a non A-list partner makes SHK out to be vain and selfish and way too much into her own hype somehow which really doesn’t help her at this point.

      • @checker: This is a good analysis. I agree that is SHK and her team’s strategy for repeatedly pairing her with significantly younger “hot” up and coming actors rather than mature actors who might overshadow her.

      • @Sunny – @checker’s explanation is super unflattering if true. You’re telling me that one of the OG Hallyu star’s team is so insecure about her being overshadowed that they’re purposefully pairing her up with up-and-coming actors? Come on man.

      • I agree! When she was paired with rising star, Song Joongki, it worked out well professionally (if you discount the whole marriage and divorce thing that felt out of left field). It became a big hit even outside of korea. So why not get paired with a buzzy young actor, especially if the upcoming roles are more female-lead centric?

        While her name is buzzy, I’m not sure if she’s getting that many great roles. She is not a bad actress, but she is more limited in her acting than Son ye-jin, Han Ji Min, Gong Hyo-jin, Jang Nara, Lee Bo young, etc. She has not had a domestic movie on her filmography in years.

        I think for this drama, it’s probably Kim Eun-sook calling the shots on which actors she wants for the lead roles rather than Song Hye-kyo having an influence. And Song Hye-kyo was cast first.

  5. No I feel bad for LDH being stuck in Noona romances. Youth of May was a breath of fresh air when he finally had an age appropriate female lead. Boy is mad talented don’t waste it on doing the same type of roles over and over again. It was refreshing when he did it for 18 again but doing Melancholia and The Glory back to back is a waste of his talent. Clearly SHK no longer has the clout to attract A list male leads unlike JJH and SYJ but she needs to step out of her Noona romances and do something else. Free LDH from this misery!

    • You do realize that shk turned down the chance to act with joo ji hoon despite the writer’s attempt to revise the script for her, don’t you? And which a-list actor is gonna be syj’s partner in 39?

      Jsyk, the glory is a revenge drama, not romance. Ldh first has to free himself by declining the offer. Nobody’s forcing him to accept it.

      • @Nivo thank you! Its bullocks. SHk hasn’t been paired with anyone age appropriate in how many years? Or anyone at the level of any of the actors you just mentioned. Something is very odd about that.

      • Yeon Woo Jin is an 84-er, so he is only 2 years younger than Son Yejin lol. Male lead doesn’t have to be A-list actor, but age-appropriate would be nice in SHK’s case. Son Yejin never paired with an actor more than a decade younger than her.

    • No top actors will be 2nd fiddle to anyone. The glory clearly revolves around shk’s character yet you expect someone on ljj’s level to be her partner? Lol

      • That’s not true. Joo Jihoon has no problem being second to Jun Jihyun and Hyun Bin shared the screen with Son Yejin. Even Lee Byunghyun had no problem being second to Kim TaeRi in Mr Sunshine despite being the titular character. Let’s not forget currently airing Hometown Cha Cha where Shin Minah and Kim Seonho are both A listers or the upcoming No Heekyung omnibus drama that has only A list celebs. You can lie to yourself all you want but it’s not true that A list actors are unwilling to share screen with A list actresses. Even the new Gong Yoo and Bae Doona drama is focused more on Bae Doona who is the primary character. Top stars would rather work with other top stars than rising celebs.

      • @nivo if the role is good, then yes. Do hyun’s character is said to be someone helping song hye kyo to go after her bully..can you imagine gong yoo or jung woo sung in that role?

      • @Nad Now that you mention it based on the character description Gong Yoo would be perfect and the sexy chemistry. Sigh.

    • I love LDH but lets be real here, he is still rookie, I dont think anyone should feel bad about him playing with senior/hallyu actress like SHK and A+ list writer like KES, instead its his LUCK that he was choosen to play with SHK and KES, tons of actors are hoping to choosen as KES male lead

      Sorry but you’re so delusional here, LDH deserved better fans who support his career not a whinner and childish fan like you

      • Not true KES does not have any reputation anymore especially not in the age of OTT television where script dominates. Nobody wants to work with KES anymore which why she had to resort to using a rising male lead something she would never do 5 years ago.

      • It’s too early to say that KES has no reputation anymore. She screwed up with The King, but she still has a strong reputation. This next drama can indicate whether The King was just a fluke or the start of a decline. She took a chance with Song Joong-ki too in 2016 since who knew if he was going to flop or not after being away on military service. Some guys just never reach pre-enlistment heights. He wasn’t in the top running either, but her other prospects declined. Maybe this is the case here too until she got to Lee Do-hyun.

        I wouldn’t say script dominates since there are still mediocre dramas being released even in the age of OTT. There are actually more homes for mediocre dramas now, but that is balanced out by there being more opportunities for creative storytelling.

  6. Still waiting for that epic lee dohyun – kim sohyun that absolutely needs to happen! Guess the wait will be longer but good heavens is this boy busy!

  7. I love this boy! As an “actor” he has the brightest future among his gen.
    But I feel disappointed. SHK and this boy?! Why on earth man!
    Drama god save this boy, LOL

  8. I do wonder if Song Hye Kyo just refuses to work with talented actors her own age. Her leading males keep getting progressively younger: Song Joong ki>Park Bo Gum>Jang Ki Young>Lee Do Young.
    Is Nam Da Reum next? Tang Joon Sang?

    I understand that most A-list actors her age won’t play second fiddle but there are so many well-known, talented male actors in their mid-30s to 40s she could star with. Her peers like Son Ye Jin, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Tae Hee, Soo Ae have managed this so why can’t she?

    Soo Ae is a good comparison because she was offered Now We Are Breaking Up first and was set to star with Yoo Teo (40) who is a talented and age appropriate actor. When SHK came aboard suddenly it became a noona romance with a mediocre actor 12 years younger so I suspect it’s a choice on her and her team’s part to keep her working with much younger actors. Maybe it’s their way to try and make her appealing to a younger audience now she is in her 40s.

    I hope Lee Do Young declines. He is so talented and can do better than two uncomfortable noona dramas in a row.

    • Sjk was offered the role of yoo si jin after wb, jis, gy declined so no it was not shk’s choice to have a younger partner. As for encounter, do you think a 40-year-old actor would be more believable acting as a young man looking for his first full-time job?

      Nwabu was first offered to shk but she turned it down. That’s why it was offered to soo ae and yoo teo who later chose to let go of the project. Had he agreed to stay, he would’ve probably been shk’s partner.

      • YTY turned it down because SA turned it down and it doesn’t detract from the point OP was making. SA managed to get an age appropriate partner but SHK didn’t. YTY isn’t the only age appropriate male lead there are many more in the same category who would have been more suitable for the role but SHK is purposely choosing to have much younger male leads star opposite her. She could have gone the KTH route and played with older lesser known male actors but she chooses younger rising stars instead. It’s the female version of DiCaprio almost. None of the actresses in her age group have done these many noona dramas.

      • @everwood Both yoo teo and soo ae turned down because they didn’t wanna wait anymore so the prod house decided to pursue shk once again.

        But how do you know it was shk making all those castings? Imagine being that powerful that she could choose her onscreen partner. Shk should’ve gone for lee jung jae instead. They’re friends with each other, he even sent her a food truck when she was filming nwabu..for sure she’d have no prob to get him to say yes. Lol

  9. Shk is becoming the onscreen Leo Di Caprio of Korea. She gets older, her male leads become younger. Nam De Reum next probably. She is probably trying to appeal to younger audience but it’s becoming real cringy. Hopefully this one won’t have any loveline at least
    Anyway, the same people who always have a lot to say about male actors working with a younger FL, like JCW with KJY will let this pass as usual.

    • I don’t agree that female leads don’t get criticized as much as male leads for acting with younger leads. The power imbalance will always be worse with older male leads and younger female leads but even older actresses do get called out for may december romances. It just happens a lot less than older male and younger female combination which is definitely more problematic.

      • What power imbalance? I thought all women were soooo strong and independent. And statistically, over the past 5 years, I’d wager that it has been more common to see obscene age gaps where the female lead is older. Moronic comment from you but par for the course from women of a certain age looking for any reason to clutch their pearls about the much much more natural pairing of older men and younger women.

      • There is nothing natural about older men younger women paring its purely patriarchy and meant to keep wooden in cages. Age gap both ways is problematic but as OP rightly pointed out the power imbalance is more skewed towards older male younger female pairing because men sit at the top of the power hierarchy irrespective of age, class or race. White heterosexual men sit at the very top but men in general will always have power over women because of deeply rooted patriarchical values prevalent in all societies and cultures. Anyone who supports young 20 something women being cast opposite much older men because ‘she is an adult’ is deeply ignorant of how sexual exploitation and power works.

    • I disagree. I have the same energy for both men and women. Kim Yoo Jung pairing with Ji Chang Wook and Yoon Kyun Sang was awful.

    • Several comments here are criticising the age gap, so I’d say younger M with older F gets just as much criticism as the reverse.

      My problem with SHK is I don’t think her acting is great. Maybe she is paired with inexperienced actors as a tactic to make her limited range less noticeable.

      • “Paired with inexperienced actors as a tactic to make her limited range less noticeable.”

        Lee Do Hyun is a really good actor though, one of the most promising male actors of his generation. This tactic would just backfire, if anything, as other commentators already pointed out.

      • LDH is going to be acting circles around her so her limited acting range would be more noticeable especially since KES does not know how to write female characters. They are setting her up for failure and this is basically a star making vehicle for LDH irrespective of ratings. He gets the more complex and interesting character and everyone know’s hes going to nail it.

  10. revenge drama used to be revenge as the main theme and will no problem even if there is no romance. but since this is KES drama ,there might be possibility of romance lol…..since when KES doesn’t add romance to her drama? even just alittle bit?

    • A KES drama without romance can never exist. Somehow she’ll find a way to make the revenge all about the romance. Watch LDH hard carry this at the end when the plot goes up in flames.

      • anyone who believe KES will write revenge drama without romance is like saying Lee Kyung Hee stop writing melodrama element in her drama… hahaha…

  11. Idek who ldh was prior to this casting news but now i want him to say yes just so i could see the meltdown of some peeps here.
    It’s getting hilarious tbh. First, they said shk can’t attract a-listers to work with her anymore. Then they said she purposely chose to act with young actors to appeal to their fans. Make it make sense please ?

  12. tbvh shk is a mediocre actress at best she was lucky to build a career through her looks alone but the only thing she is good at is crying. this genre is beyond her spectrum and with kes as writer its basically a joke to expect anything other than media generated hype. ldh is basically the only good thing about this at the moment and watch him being sidetracked in a mediocre drama at this point of his career is sad. thankfully its just 8 episodes and shouldn’t consume too much of his time so that he can move onto to better things asap while benefiting from the media play.

    • 8 eps for Season 1 only and it’s said to be seasonal. If his character still exists in the next one, you gotta have to wait before he moves onto better things. Unfortunately.

    • Song Hye Kyo is a good actress. her range is finr. she is capable potray nuance emotion. she can do revenge just fine if you look at her performances in TWTWB.

      she is just can’t do comedy roles.

  13. It’s not just the age gap. It’s the talent gap. LDH is talented for sure while SHK is just a mediocre actress. LDH is going to act circles around shk and make her lack of acting talent even more obvious

  14. So many stupid haters here. Imagine believe that SHK has so many power that she can choose her co star by herself. Most of cast were choosen by the writer/director/production company, and for KES, she already said it herself she ask personally to the actors.

    I hope yall haters have happy life because yall sounds so bitter by creating and sending stupid rumor to her. What she had done in your life honestly? Its ok to critize her acting but all the baseless rumor and insult is disgusting tbh

    • If Hyun Bin can choose his own co star you’re saying Song Hye Kyo can’t? I guess she really isn’t all top actress like the media play pretends she is.

      • Lol when you’re too obsessed with Hyun Bin to go around spreading baseless assumptions. SHK cannot choose her own leading man FYI. The writer, producer, or maybe director chooses who they want to cast. All these commenter and their biased opinions. LMAF when it’s their favorite actors and actresses, they shut up and support. If not their favorite, they bashed making all kind of excuses like she’s too old. She used her face to make it pass all her dramas. Let the woman do whatever she like. It’s never wrong to give criticism about someone’s acting but all the others are just disgusting.

      • The poster Lydia whose words some people take as insider gospel said HB was offered CLOY and chose SYJ as his lead.

        Top stars have influence in their acting partners. Didn’t Kim Nam Gil convince Honey Lee to do Fiery Priest?

        Ageist remarks are off the table, but casting and script selection are fair game. People discuss pairing and script choices alllll the time.

      • Hello HB literally hand picked SYJ for CLOY everyone knows that. He couldn’t stop gushing about her in all the pre drama interviews.

      • @Van, I know he talked about wanting to work with her again after their movie but his gushing doesn’t necessarily mean he “hand picked” her. Maybe he could have suggested her as FL but rarely do actors get to choose their costars like that.

        Similarly I’m not sure SHK is able to choose her costars.

      • @Yzma That Lydia person is just someone with a lot of time on her hands to scour discussion forums and news sites. Many times, I already read the things she claims to be insider news. Everything she’s posted here can be found on the internet if you have time to look.

    • you have hated on several actresses on this site, but now some people just criticizing talent and age gap of the leads, and you’re mad? lmao don’t talk shit about other women if you’re going to be annoyed by others doing the same over your mediocre fave.

      • Lol I dont hate anyone, I only critize some of their acting, but here you can see baseless rumor about song hye kyo, as if she is a predator and she hunt for younger male actor. Its ok to say her acting is average, but some of people here are straight up crazy

  15. LDH is my favorite next generation actor. But I hope he aims for something with more substance than hype.

    I think SHK doesn’t want to associate with same age actors in case of rumors and well KES is not a sure win after the King so not all A-list actors are desperate for a role in KES drama too, so is better for her to offer it to a up and coming actor.

  16. Can SHK try something else instead of all these noona romance dramas.
    Maybe action like same age actress Jung Ji Hyun.
    Or perhaps thriller, crime, legal, sageuk etc…

    • JJH and SHK may have been lumped together as a part of the trio but the talent gap between the two is huge. Not saying JJH is super talented but compared to SHK she is leagues ahead. Which is why KEH would rather work with her and not SHK.

      • @pearls before swine – I agree with that assessment. Jun Ji Hyun, despite her getting unfairly stereotyped as someone who only plays comedic characters, is quite a good dramatic actress in her more serious films like The Berlin File and Assassination. SHK is a good melo actress (Noh Hee Kyung doesn’t cast people who can’t act) but she’s never been good at comedy, which is her weakness. She did well in DOTS serious-ish parts but KES dramas tend to have comedy cheesier than a pizza factory so I hope for less of that this time.

      • @Royal We – Same page as you. JJH has shown more versatility in her films and she has HUGE charisma on-screen. Agree that SHK is decent at melo, but overall her acting recalls the Chinese term “flower vase”. She’s a bit like Liu Yi Fei.

        KTR is just baddd to the point of distraction.

      • If you compare SHK melo acting to SYJ and HJM honestly I can’t say she’s anywhere near good but if you compare her melo acting to all her other acting then yes its her best acting. Overall though as an actress I don’t think she’s that much better than KTH. JJH is better than both of them but I won’t go so far as to call her versatile but she has a much better range and is more talented than both SHK and KTH combined. I do agree about JJH on screen charisma though.

    • For me, SHK is okayish, not great, at melo. Her acting is usually decent enough not to irritate me, but never outstanding. Her sad scenes don’t leave much feeling for me, but she never overacts, so that’s a plus. I would still choose SHK over Kim Tae Hee or Han GaIn anyday.

      • Kim Tae-Hee has a more interesting list of dramas for me : IRIS, Jang Ok Jung |, Yong-Pal, Hi Bye Mama, My Princess. She tried a lot of genres and characters.

    • Can someone rescue the viewing public from noona ‘romances’ too? Pretty please? At least Netflix and the streamers are actually giving young actresses a shot.

  17. This is pretty much SHK’s chance to show that she can have range like JJH, SYJ and some others in their age group like Han Jimin and Gong Hyojin. Her looks have always managed to cover up her lack in versatility but as she and her fellow early 80s-line actresses age into their 40s, they can’t just coast on their looks anymore as opportunities to do romcoms and romance dramas get fewer. LDH is very talented. If he does get cast, hopefully SHK can match his acting because if not, like someone said he is going to act circles around her and steal the spotlight.

    • don’t get why everyone think SHK acting is average. She has improved so much over the years, she can match Lee Do Hyun acting for sure. In Encounter her acting is good and definitely has range. It’s PBG who is problematic.

  18. 8 episodes? Is this going to be on Netflix or another streaming service?

    Read a summary floating around that there is a loveline and LDH’s character is a chaebol kid who “becomes her device for revenge” (whatever that means) and gets entangled with her.

  19. Fan wars at its best. Koala should do more post on SHK if she wants more traffic. People really love SHK neither love her or hate her. Everything is only based on if the plot is good or not. There are lots of good actors with bad scripts.

  20. Why is everyone discussing only the age difference of the actors? The plot of the drama is scary, revenge with the help of a young child as a tool. Were there not enough private prisons, physical punishment and voting for the death penalty and similar horrors? Now we will be shown how the heroine was a victim at school and will take revenge on the offender, whose child is a student of our victim. What for?

  21. Her male leads are getting younger and younger. Can’t believe I’m wishing that she act with someone in the late 80s because a 7-8 year age gap is now considered “small.” lol
    In my opinion, there was little on-screen chemistry with both Park Bogum and Song Joong Ki, her best chemistry was with similar-aged leads Hyun Bin and Jo In Sung.

  22. The same people who claim that shk is powerful enough to have the script changed especially for her are the same ones who backtrack and claim that she doesn’t have any say in casting.

    Anyway, it’s starting to look cringey the way her partners are getting younger and younger. What’s up with that?

  23. You guys here are pathetic, any other actresses that paired with Younger Actors, I don’t see any bashing but when it comes to SHK, everyone all rushes in crying and going Gugu-Gaga
    Look at Im Soo Jung, her last project was with Jang Ki Yong, and her most recent one is also with Lee Do huyn.
    No one said Im Soo Jung can choose her co-actor,
    And if a fan wants to defend for their bias, what is wrong with that? Either on Twitter or this blog or anywhere else, bashing or spreading false rumors are simply classless.
    If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple and easy.

    • Right? Lee da hee even paired with lee jae wook who was born in 1998, but noone say anything.

      So sick people here are hating her to the bone, like what she did wrong? I’m ok if people arent fan of her acting or think that she is overrated, but spreading nasty rumor is disgusting

      • She did nothing wrong. That’s exactly the reason why some people hate her. She’s beautiful, looks young her age, still popular and successful even after 2 decades in the industry, almost all her colleagues love her and want to work with her, and able to get away with her scandals unscathed because she has good public image. It is hard to accept that someone has a great life like that so some folks really look for something. Her acting is fine but since her the weakest attribute, they attack her there.

      • @Tittah, LOL. Her acting is her weakest attribute so that’s what people criticize. Well duh she is an actress. That’s totally fair game. And how sad that it is her weakness when that is her profession. Or is her modeling and CF work more important than being a good actress?

      • @|_|, she is a celebrity – an actress, model, product endorser, and everything that comes along with it. People can’t say bad things to her as a model because she looks great in almost everything she’s into (photos, commercials, etc.). She also generates adequate sales on the product she endorses so no one criticized her there but as an actress, people noticed that on some scenes, she was not able to evoke the right emotion, inflictions, etc. There might be some truths into it but overall her acting is decent. That’s what i’m talking about when i said acting is her weakest attribute because she has opportunities to improve on that area but i didn’t say that it’s a weakness. She’s nominated and won acting awards so it’s ridiculous and naive to say that her acting is mediocre.

  24. As a spectator, I can deduce that any news on SHK, Suzy & LMH will always bring in traffic. People will always have something to say about them yet they’re still as relevant than ever before and will probably be for many more years to come.

  25. This being a Kim Eun Sook and Song Hye Kyo drama, I’m just happy for Lee Do hyun because this might be the drama to propel him to superstardom. I really want that for him as he’s an excellent young actor with a lot of range. On the other hand, I hate noona romance with a passion. But with this genre, it might actually not be one? I’m kinda optimistic. I hope it’s a one-sided crush from LDH’s character at most. I miss SHK in a same-age romance though. I loved her chemistry with Jo In Sung in That Winter, The Wind Blows.

    • It might be one-sided but since SHK’s character is desparate to exact her revenge, she will do whatever it takes to keep manipulating LDH’s character and use him so flirting, seducing or making him believe that she loves him can be part of the story.

      If LDH rejects it, we will still be expecting another young actor to get the role because of the character’s description. It may be a bit unrealistic for a “mature guy” to still be sequestered by his family and foolishly become someone else’s accomplice for revenge.

      • I see no reason why an older guy could not be manipulated in the exact same manner. Younger men aren’t naive nor are older men so much smarter. If they had cast Jung Haein or Kwon Yool or Ji Sung the character would still be believable. Even Lee Dong Wook would be perfect for the role and he has worked with Kim Eun Sook previously. There is no excuse for using Lee Do Hyun for this particular role especially since he’ll be playing a character older than his own age.

    • Same tbh. I am happy for lee do hyun, this project might be a jump of his career because of KES and SHK big name. He could become picky later after he joined stardom and it will be easier for him to picking project. Right now is the best time to build his career and took all opportunities

  26. After wading through the essay of comments here, in summary, the reasons being thrown out are:

    1) SHK can’t choose her co-stars and is being siloed into these noona romance roles because those are the only roles she is getting offered
    2) SHK’s team is purposefully pairing her up with young, rising male stars to
    a) get popularity with younger crowd
    b) so her star power doesn’t get outshined
    c) so her lack of acting range isn’t highlighted
    c) because she prefers younger male stars

    Did I miss anything? None of these reasons are great look for someone who is supposed to be a top star.

    Also, in statistics 3 data points form. SHK is at 5 data points already. People don’t complain about other actors with questionable age pairing because it hasn’t become a trend with them yet.

  27. Among her contemporaries, SHK seems to get the most hate. Her batchmates in the same 1980s range are also still beautiful, successful, and well perceived in the industry. I think just like some people are simply likable, there are some people who have something inherently unlikable about them. Guess she’s one of those. Plus she’s truly a mediocre actress.

    • I think that’s it. There is something cold and distant about her. Doesn’t mean she is a bad person and maybe she is different to those close with her but that’s always the vibe I got. Plus her acting doesn’t grab me. I dont see anything wrong with criticizing her choices. Its no different than pointing out that PMY is constantly doing office romances as of late and its getting boring. She is capable of better.

      • Jude a book by it’s cover is the perfect example the posters is throwing here. Pretty disgusting. This is very she has so much haters. Let SHK do her things at least she look honest and not fake. There are some actress that look so fake with their smile and talks. Always act cute and being praised But people never judge them. People lack respect and always judge a book by it’s cover.

  28. SHK fans are playing dumb and bringing up other age-gap pairings to silence people from pointing out that SHK has been working with progressively younger male leads since DOTS. One drama is normal, two dramas are okay, but four dramas straight, it’s literally a pattern with SHK now. But fake feminists will excuse it, age gap is suddenly fine when it’s their fav mediocre fav.

    • All the posters here are dumb including you too. Why do you bother if you don’t like her? You’re actually dumb too! You do you and SHK fans do them simple as that.

    • Lol jang nara always had younger boys as male lead, shk is a joke compared to her, so you hate her too then?

      Haters like you is so stupid, hating on shk just because she will playing with younger male lead?? The fck. You need to see the doctor

  29. You are dumber because SHK only doing her work and her male lead casting has nothing to do with her.

    So basically you’re hating on actress who constantly work with younger male lead? what a stupid excuse to hate someone lmao. Im soo jung is working with 3 younger male lead straight now, so you also hate her? Lol

    Such a pathetic person you are

  30. Off of topic but the pairing Krystal and Kim jae Wook is the one i’m not okay with . As for SHK ,if she is ok to work with younger leads , it’s her choice . The problem for me is that even she is beautiful she doesn’t look young next a “puppy” it doesn’t work for me . I would say the same thing if my favs were concerned ( Shin min ah, Yoon eun hye, Soo Ae, Moon Chae Won, …to name a few ones ). The same for men . Imagining Gong Yoo romancing Kim hye Yoon it give me creeps .

  31. First saw this kid in Hotel De Luna and he certainly had that x factor. Plus now we know he has the talent to back up his cute looks. Happy for all his big breaks! Lots can happen in 2 years!

  32. All these basher posters don’t understand the term if you dislike SHK skip whatever is her. If you’re here to come cry about your oppa then go find him and tell him to drop the drama. SHK can be a mediocre actress, an old face, a use her pretty face to grab drama offers, and be cold all she want. It all has nothing to do with y’all. Criticism her acting is never a problem but people be going off limits.

  33. SHK glory days are over. She’s ajumma age now. Once hit 40 no female K-celeb can rely on looks alone anymore. No amount of ML young studs can save her dramas. Without any young MLs even less people would tune in to her dramas hence the rising hot oppas. Been on a downhill slide since dots. At least jjh is smart enough to move on to action/thriller genre.

  34. She’ll be playing same characters well into her 60s. If her acting rises above expectation, she’ll be joining the Sky Castle, Penthouse, WOTM ladies.

    • For once I wanna see SHK playing a sexy b*tch plunging a knife into someone’s heart. She and Song Ji Hyo would be great as witch sisters.

  35. The drama is very obviously female centric; the male lead doesn’t even contribute to the synopsis. From that angle, it’s not possible to find a male lead who is equal in star power. Even finding the second female lead is easier because their conflict is central to the show and Kim can just make this a two-top drama.

    • Nothing about a kes drama is ever truly female centric. As a writer she herself has stated she likes her male leads over her female leads so no matter what synopsis you’re reading the drama will very much focus heavily on the male lead as the pawn and the female lead will be reduced to a passive ‘revenge seeker’. The excuse isn’t only about finding a male lead with ‘star power’ but about finding a male lead ‘closer in age’ and not a kid in his mid 20s when shk is in her 40s. A male lead over 30 could easily have been found for the role. If syj and jjh can act with age appropriate male leads irrespective of star power or ‘female centric’ plots then shk should learn to do the same. Even kth only acts with age appropriate male leads and doesn’t pretend to age herself down.

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