Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Posts Update that She Accepted His Apology, Did Not Want Her Post to Have Caused So Much Harm, and Her Lawyer Threatens to Sue Media and Netizens for Doxxing Her and Disseminating Her Image and Information

The scandal cycle is on the down parabola now for k-actor Kim Sun Ho. He went from career high on Monday morning with the weekend completion of Hometown Cha Cha Cha, which finished with ratings breaking 12% and the drama as a whole ranking 12th on the list of highest rated tvN dramas of all time, to career freefall starting Monday afternoon with the post by his ex-girlfriend that detailed an Actor K who behaved terribly when they dated and also was an actor with a bad personality the opposite of his good boy image onscreen. A Youtuber revealed that Actor K was Kim Sun Ho and then his agency went radio silent for nearly a day before putting out a weak statement about checking on the facts, and then another day went by before Kim Sun Ho released a statement accepting responsibility, apologizing to his ex-girlfriend, and apologizing to his fans and coworkers and everyone harmed by his misbehavior. He was dropped from every single brand CF, which started within hours of the scandal even before he admitted it was him, and his three upcoming movies also let him go from the production. He was also removed as a cast member of variety show 1D2N.

Now his ex-girlfriend has updated her post with a short statement that she received Kim Sun Ho’s apology, and they were once truly in love with each other. She did not intend for her post to cause this harm and there were misunderstandings between them. She will remove the post shortly. Her lawyer also released a statement to the press that they will be taking legal action against any media and K-netizen that is spreading her name and image around, as she’s been doxxed and there has been discussion, commentary, and criticism of her based on her age, past relationship experience, and profession. This new statement doesn’t change the fact that Kim Sun Ho admitted to her first statement but it does show that she probably posted it in true anger and fury and once the fallout happened to him she regretted it because it’s very common for a person who once truly loved another to be caught between making that person take responsibility but also it hurts to see that person suffer. At the end of the day, Kim Sun Ho’s scandal in terms of his misconduct, misbehavior, or poor real life personality, is probably not even close to what some actors/actresses have done that the public doesn’t know about. The fallout is especially fast and harsh for him because of how much he’s risen solely on his Good Boy image, without that perhaps there could be wiggle room for him to gain some understanding.


Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend Posts Update that She Accepted His Apology, Did Not Want Her Post to Have Caused So Much Harm, and Her Lawyer Threatens to Sue Media and Netizens for Doxxing Her and Disseminating Her Image and Information — 67 Comments

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    • Exactly. Either he was able to meet with her in person, or they settled things in private before matters get worse. She herself is a wealthy woman, so money isn’t the issue here. As for her statement, it’s best to leave any future words to her lawyers. Also, she didn’t negate what he did to her, only said she felt bad that this affected other people. He still admitted to his mistakes. Someone who knows the two of them posted that on Oct 25, they will reveal an objective view on this story. That’ll only make matters worse.

      • You can never have enough money. The backlash against her for playing out this private quarrel in public is going to be brutal though – I wonder if, a few years from now, she’d think it was all worth it.

      • This is not somethinf one should lose career to. U all act like he pulled a kim hyun joong or something. People her3 all r saints lmak

  2. That woman wanted to pressurize him into marrying her, but it backfired. He lost his career and she lost any chance of getting married to him. If she had done talk in private, things would’ve been different. He has became such a star, with millions coming in. He is no saint but she is not some angel u all make her to be. Not ksh but no man will date her as her identity is out as 37 years old divorced woman. She ruined his career but ruined her chances of any lpve lofe after this. But go on supporting the angel lmao

    • And u all who love to jump on me. Every divorced woman regardless of age has right to find love , get pregnant and get married. But in conservative society, chances are less anyways and most men will like to stay away after this. Bcoz of the way she handled things. U r delusionak if u think she is happy single woman. She wanted a marriage and whole thing turned out to be something else in end. And now her chances of marriage has been ruined forever. Western values in below ppsts dont work here

      • Lmao have u seen what she looks like? She surely will land man easily with that face and body

      • She will land toyboys. Younger rich men will go for dumb girls. Not for her and after this they know she can go nuts. She will get toyboys not successful men anymore

    • That woman is only 5 months older than him (born on Dec 1985) . have you even seen her? She is pretty
      rich , and has a career. Infact it’s kim seon ho who is on his way to bankruptcy after paying all the penalty fee . Why would she want to marry him when she cam het any other guy.

      • Reread again. No successful rich man gonna fall for her. She can get a toyboy who marries for her money. Men who r successful wont come near women who has issues and can ruin marriage n family

      • The gold digger isnt getting any rich man anytime. Only toyboys. No sane successful man will marry such women . Its not west

    • @peanut gallery – I stand by my earlier statement that he sounds like an a-hole and a coward but that isn’t criminal and frankly wouldn’t have become such an issue if it hadn’t been for him actively pursuing and promoting this particular type of fake image as part of his job. That particular aspect of this mess is of his own making.

      • I agree. If we had to isolate the backlash, it really comes down to the discrepancy between his public image that he sold and what he is truly like. If he was selling a bad boy image from the get go it wouldn’t be this bad.

        I think he would have gotten backlash if he was a Western celebrity too. Taylor Swift got universal backlash and almost cancelled several years ago when she was exposed for being a snake and not actually an angelic angel. People don’t like feeling scammed and that is the crux of it.

  3. Smart woman. Did what she wanted and got her revenge on him, but also warping it up fast on her part to not drag it more than necessary. The way his fans spreading like fire rumors about her, creating lies, calling her names and also turning “old divorcée” into argument is such a blind case of women on women misogyny it’s just sad. Other people saying “it’s just between them” while ignoring that her health was damaged in the process, that he lied and giving “abortion” as weapon for men to avoid responsibility. A+ feminism.

      • Yeah, well expected reactions from women internalized misogyny. All to protect a man, even when point is he did what he did. I just wonder if woman was someone with actual fanbase how all that “but woman is at wrong too and distorted view on feminism” will be going on about this lol

    • A++ misandry if you think women are infallible simply because they’re women. Something tells me you’d feel differently if KSH were your brother or cousin but as it is, you feel free to sacrifice him on the altar of your fake feminism from behind the privacy of an internet screen. And no, not a stan.

  4. Sis should have stuck to her guns. You cannot go public and then backtrack once you get scared of the backlash. The backlash is inevitable, and now it will only get worse because backtracking gives those people attacking her more ammunition.

    Now we got their friend/acquaintance running off to snitch to the tabloids on top of everything? What a clown town.

    • Her going public then backtracking does way more damage and discourages other women from coming forwards, than if sis had just stayed silent. Now people are going to use her as an example to not believe women and attack future accusers.

      Either be all in or stay silent. Half assing this is the worst.

    • But, she did not backtrack anything. She is only apologizing for the harm caused by her revelations. Further, KSH already apologized. Meaning, all allegations are true.

      • Yes…that is backtracking. She was adamant about exposing him and now once she did and the inevitable backlash occurs, she says she didn’t mean for the exposition to get this bad and regrets it.

        Allegations are still true but that fact is buried now.

  5. Wait what does it means by there were misunderstanding between them. Abortion or marriage promises didn’t happen because there is misunderstanding, it’s not like a booking order. You book the wrong date and places but the events still happens.

    I feel weird reading her statement. I mean, you know this gonna happen, you know how career crash and burn, it’s not like you said this to your friends and your friends sell the story to the media. You made arrangements with a reporter. This is what should happen yet you think this is too harsh and there were misunderstanding?

    • Lmao. As if an apology will fix anything. If she was only wanting an apology, she should’ve asked to meet him in private or something. She knew what she was doing. She was out for revenge. He was not ready to be a father. Boo fn hoo! So what?! Many girls get lied to by guys all the time and vice versa. Quit putting korean celebrities on a pedestal and worshipping them! They are humans just like the rest of us! Like y’all are so perfect!

  6. They get both the consequences… They both did wrong. That’s human nature. act based on emotional driven, and regret afterward. at the end of the day, you will regret what you did.

    • She didn’t regret exposing him, because she got what she wanted, an apology. She apologizes to people who were somewhat involved in the process ( the incidents she mentioned but ofc she didn’t mention names). She didn’t retract what she said, she just said she will delete the posted journal bec HE ALRDY apologized. She got lawyers to represent her in case there are netizens who maliciously spread misinformation and rumors, imagine that she can sue but ksh can’t? Why? Bec she has grounds to sue, and ksh doesn’t. and no, don’t put blame on her… she has a right to share what she experienced.

  7. Well i’m not suprised how his ex-gf suddenly deleted her statement, this guy already manipulated her once for his own gain now she’s being used again tsk tsk i pity her she will be constantly mock by his delulu fans he gained new sympathy when he had wretch personality bet his coming back next yr no canceled culture for him.

  8. She never said the accusations were false so why are some people acting as if she said that? She only apologized for causing trouble for other people but only because Seonho admitted his wrongdoings and apologized to her personally. Possible that money was also exchanged but a settlement is only fair after her suffering. Whether or not the person is vicious and had ill intentions does not mean they didn’t suffer or feel hurt both physical and mental. She has a right to demand an apology from him irrespective.

  9. Being western celebrity is much better lmao. U can live life unless u pull off dixie chicks or bash country , john lenon jesus scandal, anti national thing or janet jackson on national tv ( in 2021, noone will care ) or straight our paedophile like MJ
    Korean people have some weird standards. Even i am from asia, but celebs wont lost career over this scandal. Ksh better saved money to open some business or something.

  10. Yes she has the right to demand public apology. But thus it mean it needs to be publicized? For what? To get sympathy from people and be the victim only. With what happened now because of this controversy they are both victims. If she just wanted a personal apology all this time why not talk about it privately. If ksh or his agency is not cooperating with her then sue them, bring it to court take the legal action but not it social media or bringing it up to reporters where in a trial by publicity will happen.

    Now she’s saying that she didnt know this will be a big issue and other people are dragged or even her life is looked into, she should have anticipated it given ksh popularity not just in korea but internationally. Why retract now, she should fight for what she started if she really felt she was wronged. Because doing this will also have an impact on her, as people might clap back at her.

    Im not siding on ksh alone, coz I know he also is at fault and needs to reflect on it. But I dont think the ex should only play the victim here, both of them are. The ex was the victim of a past act and I guess ksh is the victim of the result of this publicity. He lost everything. Does the ex think that doing this will bring ksh back to her? I dont think so. Its a lose lose situation for both parties.

    I just wish that this kind of issue should have beeen dealt with privately and legally if needed. And praying that both will just move forward and try to live a better life.

      • YES, bec KSH didn’t do it privately. Remember she didn’t name KSH, a reporter did. He only apologized because he was exposed.

      • I read she works in the industry and previously worked with KBS before joining YTN. So, she must be an acquaintance or have connection with the reporter. How would the reporter know her though? The reporter even stated that the girl has some questionable background. Haha She is only a divorcee, that’s not questionable, well, at least to me. Korea’s view on divorce might be different.

        Though a bit weird because some posts say that she allegedly filed for divorce after 17 days.

  11. I feel like Kim Sun-ho has a chance to get back from this. The ex isn’t some naive teenager nor even a young woman in her twenties, and abortion isn’t seen as immoral in Korea. He probably just needs to lie low for a while, get rid completely of his good boy image, and have another start in small non-romance films.

    Poor unborn child who didn’t get to live though. He was the biggest victim in all of this. I just hope that this serves as a lesson for KSH and even the ex to be more responsible (especially at that age!) and think clearly about the consequences of their actions instead of just focusing on momentary acts of pleasure.

  12. All the victim blaming here is insane. Just because she’s 30 something, doesn’t mean she can’t be manipulated, hurt and gaslighted. His fall is not only because of the abortion issue, but also because no one wants to promote or work with a fake, ungrateful, conceited asshole. The woman is getting death treaths from his fans, even though he admitted every single detail. Yikes.

    • Victim? There is no victim. She has her brains to use. If u get manipulated at age of 37, it is ur lack of brain cells. It is her body and she decided to abort. If she ever cared about the child, she couldve sorted this matter before going out to public. She had her motives behind it
      There is no victim here. It was her call to get abortion and all. She is not some popr woman who got abused by a man. They fall put brokeup. She could’ve gone to law asking for child support or anything. She is just fame hungry

      • And people who took dig at my abortion in last post, it was my decision. No man could manipulate it. Stop shielding women all the time for their life decisions. He wa a jerk but she is not some innocent kid

    • The only victim here is their unborn child. Both KSH and his ex GF are equally guilty when they decided to terminate the baby. For KSH, he chose career over their kid. For the girl, marrying KSH was more important to her than their unborn kid. I may not agree with their choices, but ultimately whatever they did, it was entirely from their own free will. Gaslighting should not be used as an excuse here.

    • fr I wish she hadn’t apologised. There’s no way she had no clue about potential fallout but like…he’s still the one who did that, it’s just that she revealed it.

      I’ve said it in previous posts – he behaved really badly but this only blew up the way it did because KSH was presenting himself as some nice and innocent ‘good boy’ type via variety etc, had any of this happened and been revealed back in 2017 when he was still in supporting roles it would have barely registered on anyone’s radar. Same with if he was more firmly established or had a different image. I suspect he’ll be back, if Seo Ye Ji can make it even after causing problems on drama sets one dude’s a-holeness isn’t going to keep him exiled forever.

  13. I read from a former fan/whistleblower that fantards were planning to shift public opinion by planning a plot against her & creating fictitious hashtags and fake information about her (i.e implying A is jealous because KSH is dating a younger woman). SMH! Disgusting to say the least.

  14. Just marry her and get alive!
    I think people will forgive n forget
    He should take the responsibles first,n then by the flow if its end into divorce,anyway,he already take the step!
    I dont think its positive with his carerr,say bye

      • I dont think ksh will even think of marrying her after what happend coz of what she said on her posts. Its not only the abortion that she shared through her posts but also other stuffs about ksh, which I think is too much or personal to be even shared to the public. Its really a loose loose situation here on both parties. I guess goodbye career for now for ksh, he became part of the cancelled culture this days, thanks to the ex and I guess his misdoings.

      • @h no man will unless they r gold diggers. She is jot landing a successful man bcoz for them if they marry her and they get in fight, she will put dirty laundry out to whole world. Ksh no saint but she is no victim. A bad breakup and max he should be held responsible for child support, if she had gone for child. He isnot obliged to marry her. This woman is vicious creature and gonna die with her toyboys only. If she thinks she can land any rich man, thats not gonna happen

  15. KSH is handsome and charming, he might have had many exs and been involved in abortion more than once. Do you find the abortions immoral or just in this case because the girl was forced to do? I’ve seen comments say it’s inhuman and comments say it is a normal thing in relationships.

  16. I’m not even part of this real-life drama but it’s tiring me out lol. Break-ups happen all the time, yes, even among good girls with bad guys, and good guys with bad girls, good guys with good girls – that’s just the nature of emotions and relationships. Sure, KSH seems to be a shitty bf/person but honestly, I have no doubt that she KNEW it was going to be KSH’s downfall once she went public with the story. Even us outside k-ent and outside SK know how it goes over there when an artist gets dragged in scandal. Makes me think- can these k-ent artists really breathe freely and sleep well at night, knowing that with just one click, their hard-earned fame and livelihood can go down the drain. I remember Cha Eun Woo cried in a episode of All the Butlers with married couples as guests and I was so surprised when he said he wants to find someone whom he can share his thoughts with and he can open up with. Poor boy is probably scared to show his true self to anyone who might backstab him later on. Now I think I finally get how suffocating living in the k-ent fish bowl is. No wonder a lot of them have mental health issues.

    • I agree… It’s unfair to people in K-entertainment. Someone who think K-ent have buch of saint people need to rethink their point of view and let them breath. In My country, there is no moral standard for entertain. Almost all of them are no saint and the public know. Yes they become HOT Topic when scandal get arise, but their profesion are still fine, They kept getting Job left and right. In fact, It seems like they share all their private life in public like talk shit to each other after divorce In Gossip news to add sensasion, ROFL….

      The reality of my country make me realise entertainment world is not that innocent like Korean entertainment try to potray. So when My idol is not as saint as I thought, I’m no longer surprise.

  17. As posted in the other thread, the ex-gf, allegedly Choi Young Ah, former weather broadcaster, wanted her revenge after their ugly split. Must have hurt to see his career soar on the back of the fake goody two shoes image. She timed it perfectly to bring him down, a bit rich now to backpedal as not intending to bring him harm after she got exposed.

    • @Pips – I agree on the fake goody two shoes image (seriously the guy is 35- to anyone who actually believed in it, I have some snake oil to sell them)and also call bull on the idea that she didn’t expect him to face professional fallout after she exposed the truth. That doesn’t make her wrong for exposing him though!

  18. The only victim here is their unborn child. The unlucky one had two selfish parents. I’m sorry. KSH is done for even suggesting an abortion. This woman however should not be absolved because she is also guilty. She is a 35-year old adult. She understood all the risks and possible consequences and yet she pushed through with the act. No amount of gaslighting can be used to rationalize for her consent. Yes, KSH was a jerk but her choosing to get married to KSH over her child is equally despicable. In the end, both of them decided to terminate their baby. That’s it.

  19. Just want to throw some statistics. In Korea, there are 30 abortions in every 1000 women between the age of 15-44. That is alot considering the base is on all women, not pregnant women.

    • @MistyEyes – better for women to have abortions than be forced to birth a child they don’t want or are not ready for, especially in a country which is so hostile to mothers in the workplace etc.

      But that stat might also point to inadequate contraceptive use and bad sex education.

  20. It is never normal to persuade someone to have an abortion. I am not using the word force in this situation, since clearly she chose him over the baby.

    Normally or at least in where I grew up, when a guy got their girlfriend pregnant he would end up marrying her.

    So for SH to say I will marry you later but just don’t continue with the pregnancy is just plain bs for me. Surely she couldn’t be that naive to believe his empty promises. Was she so enamored of the guy that she couldn’t see the ugly truth?

    The moment your so called boyfriend asked you to ditch the pregnancy should have been the moment you realize that he is trash and was just wasting your precious time.

    It’ll be interesting to see what will be revealed on the 25th.

  21. Wow some comments here really mean. Just because u r a fan of that person doesn’t mean that he’s a Saint. Victim blaming is really not cool. He deserves this fallout. Coming out as innocent and sweet image while at the back he is a selfish person. All he did because of fame and he got it. But karma won’t let him. Why blame that woman? She only tell the truth.u guys can’t accept that ur lovely ksh is a bad guy? Live with it. Love make u do stupid thing. She might be mature and can decide things for herself but love can clouded ur judgement. Until when u get the clear picture u realize that u already did a bad thing. Ur partner can influence u decide on something bad. most of u here never see a toxic relationship that’s why u can’t understand why she did what she did.

  22. So many of these comments make me angry, if you’re were the victim who was manipulated and gaslighted would you think the same? Also y’all said the abortion was her choice, but honestly being a single mom is not easy esp in Korea, and he said so many bad things that he wouldn’t love the child and would hate it, she complied dont you think it was hard for her too? I think she felt bad after the revenge that it affected others then KSH so she apologized, but maybe even bc his fans are crazy. And KSH was the one who didn’t apologize initially and the trauma she had, she saw him everywhere suddenly you don’t think it hurt? Plus she waited till his drama was done, he’s lucky she’s that nice. Also the part of him talking bad about others, and actually hating on his work and costars for their looks is honestly so sad. Stanned him for years to come to this! Don’t trust people you Stan and also don’t go out to protect them so hard lmao they’ll only stab you in the back.

  23. Choi Young Ah sure has dedicated stans. I guess to be a modern feminist, one must assume that adult women are ignorant fools who cant take joint responsibility for their actions?
    KSH is a jerk, but Choi is no naive teen. She is a 35yr old woman with media background. She knew that she has a weak uterus but was somehow “manipulated” to have unprotected sex with an actor whose rising career would have been dented by an early marriage. Then she made the wrong gamble that she would snag KSH as husband #2 with the abortion.
    Its laughable to claim that she is considerate to expose him after the drama ended. The news was leaked to the media last month but failed to gain traction. She had to post anonymously to cause the fallout she wanted. Its hypocritical to now claim that she is sorry towards his co-workers. The moment she decided to expose him, they were always going be collateral damage.
    Would have respected her had she been honest about her motive. She was bitter to see her ex-bf doing well, so she ruined his precious career to appease her anger. The comments about his female co-stars being ugly, were they meant to soothe her insecurity but now turned into examples of badmouthing fellow industry players?

  24. This place has so many negative views. You choose to believe the worst of the story yet some other ppl try to justify the story and believe in the good of the characters involved. Everyone protects what they believe. But when we believe in the good side some ppl call us stupid, delusional. They make us doubt our own value.

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