K-ent Youtuber Lee Jin Ho States in New Video that Salt Entertainment’s Contract with Kim Sun Ho Was Not Set to Expire For Another Year and the Fallout Was Solely Between Kim Sun Ho and His Ex-Girlfriend

The week is coming to a close and it feels like this place and all over K-ent it’s been all about K-actor Kim Sun Ho. That’s unavoidable as his scandal and subsequent fallout was indeed a big deal in the industry and he also had a boisterous and active fanbase so this news was everywhere. This may be the last point as it feels like a period put down with the information shared in entertainment Youtuber Lee Jin Ho‘s latest video released today. Lee Jin Ho was the first to reveal Actor K was Kim Sun Ho, the first to share that the identity of Kim Sun Ho’s ex-girlfriend would be problematic for his career, and that not all the statements in the ex-girlfriend’s post was accurate. Now Lee Jin Ho tackles first the rumor that Salt Entertainment‘s contract with Kim Sun Ho expired in September last month and therefore the scandal was Salt’s doing to keep him from leaving or punish him for wanting to leave. Lee Jin Ho (and Salt itself put out an official statement) says that the agency’s contract with Kim Sun Ho was not set to expire for another year, it was set to expire in late 2022 and contract renewal talks hadn’t even come up as that usually happens three months before expiration. Plus Salt is now on the hook for the massive CF cancellation penalties as well as casting firing penalties to the movies and variety show so why would Salt do this to Kim Sun Ho. It is not true and makes no sense based on facts. Lee Jin Ho said what happened was solely between Kim Sun Ho and the ex-girlfriend’s relationship and end of it, he reiterated that not every detail she wrote was true but what is mostly true is the two were lovers and the pregnancy and abortion part. But at the end of the day, the true things Kim Sun Ho did would not have broken any law, and would be problems and misconduct between the couple in the relationship. He also denied the rumors that the ex-girlfriend worked in the sex industry or is a prostitute, and refuted that he started that rumor. He says she’s not and he’s only surprised her identity was dug up so quickly. He will not speak more about what is true and not in the relationship part as Kim Sun Ho has apologized.


K-ent Youtuber Lee Jin Ho States in New Video that Salt Entertainment’s Contract with Kim Sun Ho Was Not Set to Expire For Another Year and the Fallout Was Solely Between Kim Sun Ho and His Ex-Girlfriend — 61 Comments

  1. Putting aside the abortion part, I don’t think he should be penalized for badmouthing someone. And it’s not like he spread bad rumours about that person. Even I badmouthing someone I don’t like or when I stress. But not to point of not being professional at my work. We need to talk our heart to someone we trust (our partner) because we are human, we have feelings regardless it is positive or negative feelings. In this case, Miss A was just a bad partner as well, running her mouth over things that should be private between couples.

    • But Miss A was no longer a partner so how are you calling her a bad one now? She’s no saint but she was hurt horribly by this dude. And she posted that rumor anonymously. Not her fault he was exposed so quick. She’s been getting death threats from his deranged fangirls ever since.

    • I shook my head over the badmouthing and him using cuss words a lot that she made a big fuss about. I badmouth colleagues to my mom and best friend but I never mouthed around or spread rumours. And I use curse a lot too, but only at home and never hurling cuss words to family members/ colleagues/friends. KSH was her bf, so I think that’s rather normal that he shared his feeling including badmouthing others in front of her.

      Idk if I will ever find a saint who never badmouth or never use cuss words. Guess this ex-gf if KSH is really a saint and naive who never badmouth and not using cuss words.

      • I often complain about SOME of my colleagues to my family too but A said that he badmouthed A LOT of people and that he never said anything good about anyone. I understand badmouthing and complaining about some people but about almost all the people! that’s a different story. And I think it’s telling what kind of person he is if what she said are true. Also, that bit about him boasting that he got hit on about almost all-female costars, lol, so vain.

    • It seems harsh to punish him over badmouthing, however,in practicality, who would want to work with someone who is going to badmouth you behind your back when there are other kind and wonderful actors who are as talented or more. It is not a punishment but more consequences. Many other celebs talk bad about others but did it in private. Lesson to learn here is to respect people, in public and private. My impression of KSH from reading A’s full post is not that he occasionally talks bad about others but the fact he rarely ever talks good about others. A big difference. Also, you can almost sense his terrible personality when he arrogantly dissed Hometown Cha Cha Cha because the title was changed from Chief Hong to Hometown Cha Cha Cha. The former puts his character on the spotlight. Instead of grateful for lead role and working with great seniors like SMA, he badmouthed the production team. So to those who defended him stating that everyone vents from time to time, I will say No, in his case, it is his real personality. Now we all know what he is really like.
      I also know people who are extremely nice to friends and strangers but abusive/terrible toward their loved ones.

    • Yeah, people complained and talk about their co-workers, their boss all the time to their closest friends that usually their partners. This is just normal. It’s working, you have up and down, unless he spread false rumours and accusation. Having been able to rant is how people can continue to work for tomorrow. They left out the steam and then can go to work with lighter heart and smile

  2. None of y’all read the original post without his name in it. Listen, I know he fits your fantasy good boy image but he is far from it in real life. The motivation behind his ex speaking about doesn’t change the fact that he hasn’t denied even a single part of it. Don’t put people on pedestal and don’t pretend the only problematic part was the abortion of a wanted child by the woman under pressure and false promises. The lady in question might not be a saint but he isn’t any less of a trash because of it.

    • 100%! It’s not even the abortion itself that is problematic. If they both agreed to it mutually it is a private matter. What is problematic is that he manipulated her (by lying about things like having to pay penalties if the pregnancy came to light) and promising if she did abort he would marry her and they’d try to have kids later when the time was *right*. He probably had no intention of doing these things and used this tactic to get her to agree to do something she wasn’t comfortable doing. Could she have said no? Yes of course but that is simplifying something that is so complex. Do you know how bad single unwed mothers have it in SK? She was stuck between a rock and a hard place and neither option was a good one for her really. So can you blame her for seeing KSH all over the media and TV with the sweet boy image and feeling angry?

      Some have said her follow up post apologizing for the aftermath makes her look bad. Like she should know that her post would have serious consequences. But I dont think its that simple either. She posted anonymously and didn’t mention KSH by name. She seemed to put it out there to catch his attention in order to get an apology and maybe didn’t realize everyone would realize who its about. And she probably didn’t think her own is identity would be outed. And even if she thought he would be outed maybe she didn’t realize it would affect the Homecha team because the drama ended.

      Or maybe she could have foreseen all these things but anger clouded her judgment. In any case, doesn’t mean the facts are wrong.

      • She didn’t out his name herself. She spoke anonymously. My idea here is this was an industry open secret. So it didn’t take long for people to out him. Dispatch most likely knew from before.

      • @Wintergardencouple – I agree, the abortion in itself wasn’t breaking the law, and frankly his bad-mouthing colleagues while venting to his gf is nothing that ordinary people don’t do every day. People break up, sometimes in bad terms, and sometimes an abortion is needed – if that was all there was, if KSH behaved somewhat decently it would have passed without becoming the big problem it is now.

        The actual problem was a) the lying about penalty fees and gaslighting since the gf as per her account didn’t want to get an abortion at all b) his ‘good boy’ image, which comes crumbling to the ground the minute this comes to light. Like, he’s 35, I’m pretty sure his fans/the public would have been fine with the idea that he dates but they’re not so fine with the news that he behaves badly while dating. He really shot himself in the foot there.

      • She would have been totally fine with the abortion as long as he stayed as her bf or married her… So just leave the abortion out of it… She simply used abortion to manipulate the public emotions… If she cared enough of becoming a mother the scenario would have been different… they stayed together for 9 months before the breakup… It’s not like he got ride of her right after the abortion or in 2-3 months… They were together for almost an year… In these 9 months his life took a drastic change… Everyone knew how his work schedule was after startup… He had 2d1n, multiple ad camps, theater rehearsals and shows… Every human being only has 24hrs in a day… If after all these he don’t have enough time for a relationship it’s understandable and if he wanted to end it and chose his rising career over her it’s his choice as well… Can she guarantee that she won’t change if she is the one will overnight fame? Can she guarantee that she has never broke any promises in her previous relationships or dumped any guy over her career? Can she guarantee that she has never badmouthed her colleagues to her partners?
        The only problem here is ksh moved on quickly from the relationship and was enjoying all the new found fame and money whereas she was still stuck where he left her and she became bitter about it… Anyone with a common sense can tell her entire post was anything but for the purpose of malinging ksh’s image and not getting an apology or anything…

      • Have to refute that she intend to make it a anonymous. She released a long overdue interview after the drama just ended. Right before the interview, with pixelated picture that can’t fool no one and also description that only matches him with word like “I have proof of you didn’t come out and apologies”
        She didn’t spell his name but she spells every other things to identify him. That just weird and irresponsible to say that “I meant it to be anonymous but I make sure to mention everything you can use to describe him beside his name”

      • @mana – it was not A who posted the pixalated picture of KSH. It was a reporter who already knew about his problem. In fact many reporter already knew about his relationship problems, as such, it did not take long before other news bravely posted his real , non pixalated picture of KSH. They were 100% sure who K was.

    • I am a woman, and l can tell you that first l will be protecting my self regarding sex. Second, if you as a woman don’t want to have an abortion, than, my God, nobody but nobody can force you to do so. In my opinion, l might be wrong, she tried to force his hand and marry him. If you do really love someone, out of your love , you will let him/her go.This is pure revenge. Better be apart now than marry have kids and be unhappy and who will gonna suffer?? The child.

      • @Gem, a lot of people are exposing their mentality through this matter, even certain individuals I thought were actually sensible. It’s actually equally fascinating as it is sad and tiring. I just take note and move on because that is their own problem.

      • They were in a year long relationship and we don’t know or they discussed marriage or future at some point. She didn’t the baby to try to get him to marry her. She was using birth control but due to medical reasons had to stop for a bit and knowing this he refused to use condoms. So when two people have unprotected sex, they know a baby is possible. She was ok with that but clearly he was not. Stop blaming the woman when KDS did nothing to prevent a pregnant he didn’t desire.

      • Only the mother can decide if you want the baby to abort or not. Its your body and you have brains and matured enough to be manipulated by others. Revenge is the key.

    • @Gem bingo on the internalized misogyny! A lot of regular posters here are showing it lmao very disgusting. Her shortcomings as a former partner and her slight backtracking (because she is being doxxed ffs!) do NOT make her less of a victim in this situation, people need to stop with the mental gymnastics

    • SHE is the master of manipulation. The public, advertisers, film and drama producers got manipulated. SHE dragged Kim Seon-ho from up there, famous and rich to someone absolutely nothing and broke.

  3. If the father of your unborn child says he’ll hate the child and resent you how is that not manipulation and emotional blackmailing to pressurise the mother into aborting? Yes, the choice was ultimately her own but let’s not pretend these things don’t have an effect on one’s mental condition

  4. All the grown a$s women showing their true colors through this. How are u unwilling to give her the benefit of the doubt when he already gave a vague apology and went into hiding, basically admitting to everything? If there was even a teeny tiny bit of wiggle room, jlhim and his company would have sued her to hell already

  5. An apology does not mean tacit acknowledgment of all the allegations thrown at the man lol. Haters are so quick to believe everything this young lady said without even a shred of proof presented, when in fact people who personally know KSH (close friends, uni friends who are not remaining anonymous btw) are starting to speak up for his character and refuting the negative image presented in the post. The truth is probably a lot more boring but of course sensation sells eh? Ofc koala would never report about THAT ? She just pretty much admitted in her other post she was one of those bitter dodal fans online whose enjoyment of startup got ruined because they couldn’t accept the SL’s undisputed popularity ?

    Anyway this is basically a classic story of a relationship gone sour with one party more aggrieved than the other, and that original post while maybe containing truths certainly paints everything in a gaudier tone. Because let’s not kid ourselves, neither of the people in question are naive of how the media circus works nor are they innocent when it comes to adult relationships.

    What’s true is that KSH left and was not removed from most of his ongoing and future projects (e.g. 2DN1), and at present can no longer be contacted. Good luck, hope he survives and lives to tell the tale (literally).

    • Dodal?? Lmao koala went hard for jipyeong when the drama was airing, it was annoying how much she gushed over him. Stop twisting facts to support your coward oppar

      • Kid I don’t do oppar unlike your kind hahaha you just outed yourself as a noob here as you’re not even aware koala was (still is) a diehard team dosan lol

        It’s always the tweenies and their “oppar” argument thinking they did something there ?

      • Granny you definitely do oppar, ur transparent as f-ck. And she was team jipyeong. Go reread her old blog posts

      • Sorry nope, no oppar for me. I’m a man and I like women ? And I have been practically a fossil in this blog so if you didn’t know koala loves dosanie and gets a mother boner for her baby joohyuk, while her KIDS were team jipyeong, sorry but you just got shot squid game style ?

      • Erm, I don’t know how folks can be unable to ascertain nuance but Han Ji Pyeong was my favorite character in Start Up. Full Stop. In every single post I wrote about Ji Pyeong this and that, all the time. I remember, cuz I wrote it.

        But I felt like Do San was the right guy for Dal Mi.

        So I guess I am Team Ji Pyeong in that he’s just the most well-written character with the best emotional arc, but that doesn’t mean liking a character the most means wanting him to end up with the girl in the drama. *head scratch*

        I guess that was the schism I had with other fans of Ji Pyeong who insisted he get the girl. He never tried to get the girl until it was too late in the drama, he passed up chance after chance. That made sense for his character, so prickly and afraid to open up and take a chance. But it doomed his chance with Dal Mi. So in the end even him not getting the girl further deepened how much I loved watching his story unfold, missteps and all.

    • You’re assuming both things can’t be true. Maybe he did show a good side to friends and colleagues but the side you show in a relationship can be entirely different. She doesn’t say he mistreated her in general. Seems like most of it stemmed from the pregnant and the aftermath. You’d be surprised how different people are at home vs. at work.

      • What I’m surprised at is how some people can so quickly jump to “assume” the worst of someone who always had a good reputation in the industry, only from these unverified claims about his personality. Jokers here who keep saying they knew it from the get-go cause he had bad “vibes” and juju make me laugh because even trained psychologists wouldn’t be able to accurately capture someone’s character by just watching them on tv. Please cut the bs soothsayers ? What is indeed VERIFIABLE though is that this guy had been in theatre for a decade and nary a negative word from a colleague or acquaintance; same as when he started his onscreen career: staff, colleagues, directors, writers only had praise for him. But of course people would love to believe one negative word against a thousand good ones because eh, that’s too boring right?

        Sure he could have been nitpicky and grumpy and complained to his ex too but who the hell doesn’t do that anyway lol? Was this reason enough to crucify him and his entire career because when it comes down to it, all this was was basically just a lover’s spat anyway?

        If we talk about facts, the only verified ones in this whole shitstorm are these:

        -KSH got ex pregnant
        -there was an abortion
        -KSH hid the relationship & ex got super pissed
        -ex posts scathing claims about KSH’s character
        -KSH apologises, admitting nothing & denying nothing
        -for 10 years in theatre no negative word about this dude, colleagues & friends sing him praises all the time; same for most of his tv career
        -school friends, military friends, theatre colleagues are now coming out refuting the negative picture the ex and some other poster are trying to paint of him

        Make of that what you want but just looking at the odds there, he’s definitely looking better than the savage beast everyone on here is trying to make him out to be.

        Critical thinking much needed

        (Before the haters come at me again, I am not a KSH stan but have been following this guy’s rise and fall for the past year, purely for academic purposes ofc ? Such an interesting, terrifying case indeed.)

  6. People just like to pick sides. I hand it to the you tuber for basically stating some of the facts are right but “not every detail she wrote is true”. So the dude isn’t his fans perfect nice guy oppa and she puffed up the victimology and no one on the outside is gonna really know the full truth. I think he’s a good if bland actor who will probably get some parts after a year but never lead status ever again and the CFs – where the big $$ is – are gone forever.

    PS: Fan sites really need to have a protocol where they don’t automatically disbelieve these type allegations. I mean how many times has this happened?

    • Life is very funny..this dude literally stayed unknown in the entertainment industry for years before finally coming to light and just when he was starting to enjoy the fruit of his labor..then boom his ex surface out of nowhere and destroyed him completely…wow..women
      So he promised her compensation money and dude didn’t pay..so got pissed ang got revenge…the is as sick as the dude himself, so was literally with him because of money..poor him

  7. I’ve stopped commenting on this scandal since I don’t really have all the facts. There are always many sides to a story and just like in a courtroom, not every question can be answered by just a simple yes or no. Right now, both of their lives are forever changed. Only time will tell if there are still directors/writers/producers willing to hire KSH, so I’ll just sit back with my popcorn and see how this pans out.

  8. Is Miss A Lee Jin Ho’s relative, friend, or the one that got away? Did Kim Seon-Ho burn a bridge with him personally? Why is he so invested in this situation?

    • Lee Jin Ho is a well known journalist/Youtuber who is revealing many K-ent scandals. He didn’t just write KSH’s scandal but also other scandals such as song song couple divorce, etc..

      • I appreciate your explanation. I wasn’t familiar with his work. My bigger point though is he seems particularly interested in this story. Like he has a personal interest in the outcome.

  9. It is simple for me…..you reap what you sow. His team (and maybe he went along for the ride) manufactured an image that they know will benefit them, and it did worked. But if you get found out that the image is far from reality, then it is just fair to also reap the consequences. Maybe it is for others to understand that not all bad behaviour consciously inflicted on others are given a pass. And you don’t apologise only when caught, if you know you made others cry with tears of blood, humans (in this case celebrities) should have the decency and maturity to apologise immediately. For most of this celebrities, they just forgot how badly they treated others, and that on its own is alarming coz it screams lack of spatial awareness beyond themselves.

  10. How disgusting are these fans and to think these are mostly middle-aged women ??‍♀️ ! Making all excuses to justify the poor behavior of their oppa. These women are mostly likely same people who are going to blame the Abused to side and protect their friends or family who are the Abusers.

    • Nah, it maybe the case but also don’t quick to vilify people who want to see the proof of the allegations. He did says sorry but we truly never read what he said to her. The end result will always makes him apologize because she wants an apology.

      Someone can say something and the listener can heard another things. He persuade her for abortion but then the way someone said something and the way she replied matter, did he hold a gun and forced her to sit through, did he said that he can’t do it and let her make the judgement herself. Did he keeps sending her message to go to the doctor or did he said that right after being dumbfounded by the pregnancy. Just because some wants to see the degree of his scumness since she said there was a misunderstanding doesn’t mean they are set to make her the culprit.

      The way people just want to kick a dead horse because any word that question how far the allegations is true become haters sound so close minded. There is no gray area anymore and it just internalised mysogyny, like a catchphrase for all things different. How about internalised victim mentality sounds for people who can’t seem to get out their victim phase and realised that victim or people doesn’t always say the truth.

  11. It’s appalling seeing all the oppa apologists making excuses for this man and his vile behaviour towards his ex and their baby. The victim blaming and internal misogyny is real. So sad how prevalent it is to defend abusers and blame women and sadder still that the vast majority of these comments come from women themselves.

    Don’t worry. Your slimy oppa will unfortunately be back after lying low for a bit and pretending to reflect. Men never truly get cancelled no matter what they do.

  12. Another rising star bites the dust. Too bad for him, having no idea he would get this popular only to fall so quickly. Here’s hoping he would have friends to lean on for support because it would be depressing to read news about another suicide.

  13. I’m disappointed that some women here are doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to defend him. He’s a man, he will never be cancelled whether or you defend him or not because the entertainment industry is misogynistic af. Yes, A didn’t need expose their private matters publicly and then backtrack, but that doesn’t mean the woman wasn’t a victim in the first place. The fact that some here are saying that because she’s in her 30s, she can’t be gaslighted and manipulated? I’m disgusted. There are women of all ages who suffer mental abuse from her partners, not just young women. Y’all are hopeless.

  14. When someone lied to persuade a person to do an abortion , like in this case where KSH lied about CF penalty, it is no longer a “misunderstanding” or a “persuasion”, now it becomes a manipulation or even threat, something that many abusers do to get what they want from another person. This lies his fault 100%

  15. Not going to get into this scandal but this YouTube channel is really gross, and I’m sorry to see it getting so much attention due to this scandal.

  16. Y’all need to look up the meaning of “gaslighting” because it doesn’t mean what you seem to think it does. I haven’t seen it used correctly here even once.

      • If someone is ESL, then it seems entirely fine to point out a word is being misused. That’s how you build language. If people can find it, they should check out the movie Gaslight from where the word came from.

  17. This guys it seems has always been the one with new information, confirming and denying on behalf of the concerned parties. Who is this guy? Something smells fishy.

  18. I don’t understand why this whole situation needed to be made public though. Who in the entertainment industry doesn’t have an image that is different from their true personality? It’s not like KSH was bringing his personal life into his professional life and causing problems like the Seo Ye Ji-Kim Jung Hyun case. She didn’t have to ruin his whole career that he worked hard for. Yes, a big part of his success was based off of his supposed image but he’s also not a bad actor and that played a part too.

    And I don’t buy that she was intending on keeping this anonymous. She didn’t give a name but she did give enough details that would identify him. She should have just dealt with this in person and not let the whole world know.

    And no, I’m not a KSH stan. I do think he’s a good actor but as a person, he is trash. I’m not defending him. The ex-gf is the victim here and shouldn’t have been treated the way that she was. No excuses. But I don’t think she had to bring him down as well. Pretty much everyone in the industry has something to hide. They are all acting to some extent.

    • Just wanted to add: just because someone hurts you, that doesn’t mean that you should bring them down. I think that’s only reasonable when that person is also hurting a lot of other people as well. But as far we know, he wasn’t. I could be wrong and there could be more to this, but we don’t know that. Also, he didn’t exactly break the law or anything. It was purely a personal issue that didn’t need to be made public. Something that could have been dealt with in private and was probably posted in a moment of anger cost someone else their career that they worked to build. Their career had nothing to do with you. Yes, KSH might be able to return in a few years but it will never return to what it once was.

      And again, I’m not defending KSH. He did wrong here. I’m just saying why we can’t we watch someone on tv/in a movie without involving their personal life too? I’m watching them purely for their acting skills and the character they are portraying. I’m not expecting them to be perfect or just like the image they are trying to sell. They are all acting anyway.

  19. if ksh was a female celebrity and an anonymous male wrote all this and said ksh aborted their child for her career but manipulated him by promising marriage in 2-3 yrs everyone would be like ‘her body her choice’ and no one would care about a guy losing his child over manipulation…
    i want to see how many would come up with internalised misogyny comments…

    • If kim seon ho was a female celebrity, her career would have been over. Women getting cancelled for shouting at a stylist, or doing plagiarism (YEH), sleeping with an already separated man. These are just few examples. Many people are still shielding ksh, so he would be fine

      • last time i checked irene still has a career, seo ye jin is making a comeback

        also I am not talking about knetz… they cancel anyone and everyone… i am talking about those who are questioning the morality of women who take ksh’s side by saying they have internalised misogyny simply because they refuse to blindly believe everything wrote by an anonymous person and chose to believe a personality that they know at least a bit more than the anonymous person…

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