Han So Hee Reveals in Post Drama Interview that the PD of Netflix Thriller My Name Added a Sex Scene with Ahn Bo Hyun Midway Through Filming and Was Not Agreed in Advance Since it was Not in the Original Script She Reviewed

This is so unprofessional and such a reminder of the abuse of power by those high up in the entertainment industry disguised as “art”. Rising K-actress Han So Hee got a big career boost this month with the release of the Netflix drama My Name which is doing well on the viewing charts and she also got good reviews from the domestic critics and audience and you know how difficult to please those K-netz are. In the post drama interviews that came out this week, Han So Hee revealed in one interview that the PD of the drama added a bed/sex scene with male lead Ahn Bo Hyun after she started filming. Basically midway through production was when she learned there was a sex scene and the PD said that it was needed because he had Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun as the leads and it would be good to have it. Like, the F*&K you say douchebag? Has he not learned from so many horrible entertainment reveals in the recent decade that directors are not supposed to add uncomfortable and explicit scenes unless with prior approval and consent of all involved, and I mean in this case both Han So Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun needed to know about it before they were given the offer and the script. I can see if the scene wasn’t fully fleshed out in details, or the PD changed some angles and specifics during filming, but also got consent beforehand. But to not be told there was even a bed scene when she accepted the offer is OH HELLS NO levels of wrong. The prick deserves to be hit with an industry complaint.


Han So Hee Reveals in Post Drama Interview that the PD of Netflix Thriller My Name Added a Sex Scene with Ahn Bo Hyun Midway Through Filming and Was Not Agreed in Advance Since it was Not in the Original Script She Reviewed — 31 Comments

  1. Eww… How unprofessional.

    Also, that sex scene did nilch for the storyline. I’m somehow not surprised to read that it was shoehorned in.

  2. can someone tell me if the nude scene is real or just a substitute by another subs or toys perhaps? coz no matter how i see it, the figures didn’t look like both of them

  3. Didn’t even make sense to have a sex scene tbh. She is being typecasted… her agency should have fought against it, or at least bargain that it wasn’t a full on bed scene because if HSH herself refused on set she could have been tagged as someone who’s difficult to work with

      • I agree her agency should protect her better. Even if the drama still insisted on the sex scene the agency should have bargained for something like a kiss and fade to black rather than that kind of gratuitous nudity and sex scene

  4. That’s really unfortunate and unprofessional. I’m only on episode 3 so I haven’t seen the scene yet, but its really not that kind of story so it’s pretty unnecessary and cleary just gratuitous. I’m surprised HSH mentioned this since it could reflect badly on the director (although he deserves it!)

  5. Surprised she mentioned it publicly though she did sort of try to play it off like she understood why it was necessary to the storyline.

    It wasnt. The sex scene was so gratuitous and made absolutely no sense in the show. Their characters didn’t have much of a romantic connection prior to that.

    I notice she’s been getting bed scenes since world of the married n wonder whether she’s being typecasted n if she’s actually aye okay with all of it.

  6. The scene was useless and weird. It didn’t bring anything to the story. I didn’t specially like this drama or HSH’s acting but I feel sorry for her.

  7. To be honest, eventhough I against it despite he is my fav director, The bed scene is necessary IMO. because it makes sense It’s one of the reason Ji Woo Killed MJ with that kind of rage. I don’t think she will be able to do it with only motivation killing his father’s killer since she is still hesititate multiple times.

    But it’s different when that same person killed the person you love again. Like when you finally find your own purpose in life other than find her father killer, Than they take away her only person she can finally be happy with. The ending kind more bitter sweet since when she killed MJ, What’s more she can achieve in her life? She is like a dead sould in a living body. .

  8. Hsh is expanding her range when she could sign big budget flowerpot roles. This girl is going places. Cf queen too. A self made actress from nothing

    She could sue them if it was not in contract. But it can backfire on her considering netflix means bigger dramas and opportunities. In end, she must do what she feels is right for her. Most pds r making her do love scenes since wom and i hope next time, she makes it clear to them. Its unacceptable. Even till to this day, i never got titanic scene was put into the movie. It wasnt needed. James cameron abused his power there

  9. contrary to so many opinion, I think the bed scene is necesary. and makes sense. it’s one moment when she finally realise there is another person in her life and she is dare to dream to lead a normal life and has another purpose in life. It won’t effective with just a mere kiss since it’s noir genre. It’s also a confirmation about their relationship. So Pildo death make an impact of her revenge with double rage in her whole body and heart makes perfect sense.

    In the end, the ending is kind of more bittersweet and makes sense in such genre. Since after achieving it all her purpose in life, what else ahead of her? It’s like dead soul in a living body.

    But I agree, although I love Kim Jin Min, I kind pissed he did this to Han So Hee… Hope it won’t make their relationship becoming sour.

    I doubt

    • Yeah I’m also wondering what her agency did about this. It could be that she herself might have felt like she didn’t have the power yet to question the director’s decision but something drastic like adding a sex scene that wasn’t in the original script should have gone through her agency unless they themselves green lit it without telling her.

  10. Yup, my instincts were right. She looked distressed in that bedroom scene. That director deserves some complaints and a big slap on the face.

  11. Honestly speaking, having watched the drama, the female lead character is one that needed a focal pt- father to mafia chief then when he betrayed her and became her father’s killer, her partner the male lead. Though the entire show, they were building up the relationship between the two, thus after her entire world crumbled, the male lead became her safe haven.
    Thus, I personally thought the scene was organic to the plot showing why she decided to give up her revenge momentarily due to a different pursuit in life and why she decided to give up on revenge. The director could have also just added that scene after seeing their chemistry during filming.

  12. This show was a very intense show, intense emotions, intense fight scenes etc, plus the scene just before the sex scene was the female lead feeling very distressed because she felt guilty over the captain being hurt badly. Thus, the outpouring of emotions which needed a outlet and a new safe haven in the male lead after her entire world fell apart. Thus, the scene i though very quite important.
    The director may have also belatedly put in it after seeing chemistry during filming between the both of them, thus no need to be too twisted about it and put too much into what Han So hee said

  13. That scene came out of nowhere. Its dissapointing because it was the only unnecessary scene in an overall really good drama.I felt no chemistry between them and it would have been better for them to have a built a professional relationship. Why shoehorn romance in for the sake of it?

  14. When Shin Hae Sun was an extra in Violent Prosecutor, same exact thing happened. They put in a heavy make-out scene between her and kang Dong Won out of the blue for a scene transition. This practice needs to stop.

  15. I read in a french newspaper that Amazon Prime has sexe scene’s choregraphers to prevent discomfort and put more at ease actors when they have to film theses scenes . But since #Metoo , sexe scenes must be notified beforehand . Before, only top stars as Julia Roberts had the power to refuse to shoot them . I saw in an interview how J Lawrence found it hard when she was a rookie and she had to do it in the 1st day of filming .

    • Not sure where you get your info. But a lot of actresses have no nude clause in their contracts. Jessica Alba is one. See there is a thing called special effects and there are clips on YouTube how this is done where the actors are actually wearing clothing. Even the actors for the movie 365 said there was CGI during the romantic scenes. You could tell even in this show the way it was shot you could not see details and it was blurry. This blog has turned into something other then reviewing dramas which I once loved on this site. It has now turned into click bait articles reposted from other sites.

  16. Wow, no wonder the scene seemed weird to me. It was a super awkward scene. Both actors seen uncomfortable and I remember thinking that the director should have just hinted that they had sex instead of doing a scene if he doesn’t know how to film it properly.

  17. I’ve watched all episode, this is my opinion, the bed scene is make sense for me. This noir action series is about a revenge. But from the female lead point of view (HSH), the bed scene is needed because after all of her suffer, she just realise that she need someone to lean on and comfort. Altough, she is in her age to do that thing, and actually it was totally fine.it lead the story to the final duel between mujin and jiwoo. The fact that , the bed scene finally release , i’m pretty sure it’s well discussed by the actors, director and the whole production crew. park he soon (choi mujin) said “Jus’t enjoy the show”

  18. Stories like this are very disturbing because we all know with how the industry is and the hierarchy in Korea that a young actress like HSH didn’t actually have a choice when she is halfway through a drama and the writer and director tell her she has to do a sex scene. If she said no she would be labelled as difficult, ruining the drama, not taking direction and they would bad mouth her to others in the industry.

    As other commentators said above she is getting a typecast and now has a reputation for doing explicit (for K-drama) sex scenes which will make it even harder for her to refuse even if she is uncomfortable because a production will likely say you were willing to do explicit sex scenes for X Y and Z drama so why not ours.

    A lot of people have said the sex scene in My Name is uncomfortable and awkward and I suspect that is partly HSH’s real feelings showing even if she is rationalising the unexpected sex scene in interviews. Very sad. This happens to actresses a lot and many come forward years later to admit that they were upset and uncomfortable in these scenes but didn’t dare to say no.

  19. They could be in covered, just like in (nevertheless). They shouldn’t be all naked it really disgusting
    Although she is the one being embarrassed not the PD…

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