Dispatch Article Claims Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend’s Behavior During the Relationship Contradicts Her Statement, K-netizens Don’t Buy it and Thinks its a Paid Hit Job

Well the second wave is here and this is turning into the Kim Hyun Joong scandal all over again, in the sense that it’s a reveal, then a statement, following up tabloid expose and so on and so forth. I will not be surprised if there is another K-ent news article next from the ex-girlfriend’s side contradicting and refuting this one. Dispatch just released a long article with screenshots, pictures, and containing 12 different points that it claims refute or modify what Kim Sun Ho‘s ex-girlfriend said in her first statement exposing him as not the good guy his public image has been.

The article says: (1) they met at the end of 2019, started dating in March 2020 and only after dating did she reveal she was a divorcee, (2) Kim Sun Ho was conflicted initially but ultimately decided to continue dating her, (3) there were times when he caught her in a lie about where she was (going to the club, seeing another guy), and she apologized afterwards but he did wonder if he should keep dating her as it may keep happening, (4) in July 2020 she got pregnant and when she tearfully told Kim Sun Ho he was happy, but after they discussed it at length it was decided to terminate the pregnancy, (5) he sent his younger brother theater hoobae close friend to accompany her to the abortion, but he was there too he just went to buy seaweed soup for her and also cooked it for her for two weeks, (7) he introduced her to his parents after and she was close to his mom, (8) they decided to adopt a dog and named him Ho Ah to keep her company so she wasn’t lonely, (9) they did date in public, went to overnight trips as also day trips in Seoul, (10) he seemed to mostly paid for everything as stated by two of her friends, also adding that she liked luxury goods and expensive things that was hard on him because he’s frugal, (11) Kim Sun Ho felt things got tough for a time related to people and things around her, such as gangsters, her ex-husband and threats, and (12) he broke up with her not because of the abortion but because of her lies to him in the past. Dispatch claims Kim Sun Ho’s apology statement was because he didn’t want his private life further exposed and he loved her, they were like an ordinary couple.

So that was a lot to take in, but whether you believe everything Dispatch wrote (and same with whether you believe what the ex-girlfriend wrote), a glance at the comments from K-netizens is overwhelming not buying this article from Dispatch. The vast majority of comments believe it is a paid hit job by the tabloid to rehabilitate Kim Sun Ho, made even worse that they identified her real name in the article. For K-netizens, even if this article is all true then it just means the victim is not blameless or lily pure, but the bottom line is the abortion happened and there is no explanation or excuse to counteract that would redeem his image from pure Good Boy to shitty boyfriend who didn’t want his own unborn child.

International fans will find this article likely validating their star and can openly support him again. I think his Korean fans will feel the same way. He really is a very talented actor and has strong and positive onscreen presence, he projects a very easy to like image onscreen. But whether he can comeback (and to what degree successfully), the issue is with the broader public accepting him. No actor or actress succeeds solely on their diehard fans, real success is when the general public also likes that person. With Kim Sun Ho, viewers and audience over time through his many good performances and charming personality on variety show 1D2N grew to like him. It’s unclear at this time whether he can garner the broader support since the problem remains that he became popular for BOTH his acting ability and the projection of a really humble, likeable, good guy image.

t’s re-writing history to say he should be judged solely for his acting because he didn’t get popular solely for his acting. So if you take away the other 50%, the image, then yes he can come back solely on the acting, but he will likely never regain that toehold on the A-list because that level is reserved for stars that have both acting and good personality. Very few A-list stars can perch up there without the latter, it has been done but is very rare (case in point Lee Byung Hun). I think if Kim Sun Ho can comeback it will be through acting and try not to trigger K-netizens by trying to sell a good boy image again, and if he can one day regain that image then it will be through a long period of public revival.

As for this Dispatch article, K-netizens are so damn funny with their cutting skepticism and straight up “bullshit” radar. Even C-netizens are entertained by their counterparts commentary. Here are some:

  1. Dispatch sure has a lot of words to waste on this.
  2. The truth remains = Kim Sun Ho encouraged an abortion.
  3. So they are both shitty people, and shitty people are bound to be gather together.
  4. Kim Sun Ho is trash, so is the girl.
  5. But this doesn’t change the abortion fact.
  6. Dispatch is trash for exposing the woman’s real name.
  7. Paid to whitewash him.
  8. Kim Sun Ho paid too big a price for the abortion, he’s not the Good Boy his image projected but his fall was still too much.
  9. This is no explanation, they still didn’t use protection and then got an abortion together.
  10. Why would anyone feel sorry for Kim Sun Ho now, are you all crazy?
  11. I feel bad for Kim Sun Ho.
  12. Dispatch is still such trash, the first sentence exposes her identity.
  13. Even though Kim Sun Ho did wrong, but the woman isn’t a good person either.
  14. Why did Kim Sun Ho date this bad woman, its because his own personality and taste is problematic to begin with.
  15. How does this article change anything, both are bad.
  16. First time I’ve seen a victim’s name publicly used, Dispatch is the worst!
  17. Wow, he’s working so hard to try and claw his way back to K-ent.
  18. This is such a dirty whitewashing method, first time I’ve seen the media directly use a woman’s name in such a situation, I don’t ever want to see Kim Sun Ho onscreen again.
  19. I’m speechless, it makes me angrier to read this crap and to think they think it’s so easy to hoodwink us.
  20. What the F*&k is with the buying seaweed soup?!? Anyone can buy it at the convenience store. He sent his friend and he went to buy soup? How does that make him a good person.
  21. Kim Seaweed.
  22. Why doesn’t he swim into the ocean to get the seaweed, at least it would involve more effort.
  23. Is Kim Sun Ho a Hanyeo? (Hanyeo is a sea woman from Jeju who gives to get seaweed and other sea items)
  24. This article gets funnier and funnier as I read it.
  25. He had to send his friend to go with her because he needed to travel all the way to the ocean to buy the seaweed.
  26. His girlfriend went for a painful abortion procedure and he WENT TO THE CONVENIENCE STORE?!?
  27. He is such a “Good Boy” – buying seaweed soup and introducing her to his parents after. LOLOLOL.
  28. First time I’ve seen cooking seaweed soup to be such an arduous process.
  29. Couldn’t he have gone with her to the hospital for the abortion and ordered seaweed soup delivery?
  30. So it’s true he sent his friend with her to get an abortion at the hospital. What trash.
  31. He personally bought seaweed soup. I’m so touched I’m crying.
  32. So the bottom line is he didn’t go to the hospital with her for the procedure.
  33. So he went to Jeju, that’s quite a trip you guys.


  1. The seaweed soup thing makes Kim Sun Ho look even worse when the hoobae friend tried to use it to make Kim Sun Ho look good by saying “Hyung went to buy seaweed soup and cooked it for her, he doesn’t even know how to cook!” So the friend believes in the Patriarchy huh, that a man who cooked for a woman is already so amazing. Vomit.
  2. “Is Kim Sun Ho a Hanyeo” LOLOLOLOL.
  3. This is such overkill on Dispatch to write an article that makes Kim Sun Ho look flawless and perfect in every way. At least try harder with nuance to make a hit job believable.
  4. C-fans of Kim Sun Ho are still strongly support him, thank god K-netizens have a clear mind. If cooking seaweed soup makes him a good man, why didn’t he wear a condom in the first place?
  5. Just like the ex-girlfriend said, the friend went with her to the hospital. What more needs to be said.
  6. The trending search term in Korea right now is “the same as what the ex-girlfriend (woman) said”
  7. Did Kim Sun Ho give all his remaining money to Dispatch.
  8. So this is a reversal, it reversed 360 degrees yes!
  9. Once again, shaming the woman and rehabilitating the man. Nothing ever changes.
  10. She didn’t get pregnant on her own! He had to have not used a condom, why do his fans keep believing he’s this blameless saint.
  11. He has new nicknames from this: Kim Seaweed or Seaweed Boy!

Edit: Seaweed soup is now trending in South Korea. Seeing comments below from K-netizens, straight one after another not happy with the seaweed soup. It’s so weird to me what detail(s) K-netizens really focus on lol.

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Dispatch Article Claims Kim Sun Ho’s Ex-girlfriend’s Behavior During the Relationship Contradicts Her Statement, K-netizens Don’t Buy it and Thinks its a Paid Hit Job — 117 Comments

  1. So basically now that he re-signed with salt they decided to do their job and whitewash his image. Since when is Dispatch the most reliable source of information? This saga is going to be a long one.

    • Since when was dispatch not a reliable source? They might have been sneaky and unethical at times but they give out real news with proves majority of the time… There is a reason why they get so much importance and the celebs hide from them…
      Most of the dating news they have outed were real and in this case they came out with more than enough proves… There is even testimonies from miss A’s friends as well…

      • regarding the relationship from dispatch to other agency, isn’t the truth is still the truth regardless of the connection?
        if they reported the truth, as in dating couple, the methods in unethical but it’s the truth,
        I agree that dispatch is reliable and I don’t get why people will discredit truth because the tabloid is sketchy

      • Dispatch is not always a reliable source, though. During Kim Yewon vs Lee Taeim fight, Dispatch sided with Yewon and released “transcript” of what allegedly happened. But then someone leaked the video of the confrontation and turns out Dispatch lied and they ended up apologizing to the public lol.

    • It’s bad to South Koreans is all. It’s highly frowned upon there. So as an entertainer Kim Sun Ho is judged according to the standards held by that societal group.

      It may seem unfair or overly judgmental, but he earned a living from getting the public to like him. He’s not an accountant doing taxes where his clientele wouldn’t care about his personal life, unfortunately you live by the sword, die by the sword.

      That’s why I think it’s CRAZY for anyone to want to be a star in many conservative countries because one wrong misstep and you’re kinda done. Everyone should go be accountants. 🙂

      • It’s not considered bad in South Korea by younger generation… Sk is facing a vast decrease in marriages and child population since the adult population don’t give importance to raising a family but that doesn’t mean they aren’t having sex… So obviously there will be unwanted pregnancy and abortions happening as well… Also abortion is legal in sk…
        Sk is going the japanese way when it comes to their population…

      • You just dont know what youre talking about koala, you dont know sk. i am not a fan of ksh but u just seemed a ajudge of characters eh, so disappointing reading your story.

    • I was thinking the same thing and considering that she alcoholic from the articles I read don’t think it was a great idea. I got the feeling that both were NOT ready and both agree for the abortion

    • It’s weird part for me cause it’s frown upon but also her body, it’s not ksh that undergo the procedure.

      If she insisted or she is agreeing, isn’t his opinion worth less regarding this?

  2. I feel that the statement that he is happy with the baby and mutually agreed on abortion is the key. He is not such an inhuman bastard as she was telling people and she sets him up to destroyed her image.

    Not his fan as disclaimer but this she said he said fiesta. The truth is they did the abortion and whether you agreed on the topic or not, they personally choose that and had discussed while being there.
    The other truth is that miss A doesn’t seem as trustworthy cause in her original post, he was a character with no redeemable aspect yet she has send him letter apologize about how she cheats on him. She didn’t say that part.

  3. I am glad the majority of K-netz can see through this. He and his agency are so dirty to use her name in the article. It’s obviously a planted article by his agency. It’s a lot of deflecting, distraction, vagueness and trying to paint him as an angel whilst demonising the woman for unrelated things (omg she’s a divorcee! Omg she liked luxury items like most Korean women?)

    Anyway, so according to this transparent hit piece he was the best boyfriend ever and she was just a hussy who got lucky but did he or did he not lie to coerce her into having an abortion she didn’t want? Did he or did he not insist on having unprotected sex? Did he or did he not even have the balls to go with her and hold her hand when she aborted their baby? But he bought seaweed soup so I guess she should just be grateful lmao!

    Pity for the ex-girlfriend that she can’t refute this narrative now as I suspect her statement accepting his apology was bought for $$$ in exchange for silence and no further revelations or evidence.

    Anyway, we know his desperate fans will buy this crap. He is a man so he won’t be cancelled and I expect we will see him and his terrible rhinoplasty back on screens next year.

    • the article shows that she in as untrustworthy as any other, she lied and cheating on him, asked for his forgiveness. Who even knows what goes in bedroom talk?
      She did pay and care for her, different with her claim that he just abandoned her after the abortion,
      if you don’t believe this article because it sounds like dirt play, what do you think about her dirt play of tanking his image and then said “it was a misunderstanding”

      I remember one comment here said that she wants to marry him but they broke up so this is her revenge and last attempt to get him but the dude just give up on her.

      She said, he said, she said she has proof of the coax, gaslight and abuse, now she needs to show that cause what she did is talk and talk,

      before you call me his fan, this show reminds of Ahn Jae Hyun where he was vilified for stuff that he didn’t even said.

      • @melon: She never said he abandoned her after the abortion. Just that he changed gradually. If she just wanted to get revenge she could have released this when his drama was airing to really screw him over. I already said in my previous post her statement after his apology was paid for by the agency. The agency will have given her a settlement for the statement and to keep quiet so she cannot defend herself now and we won’t hear anything more from her.

        Anyway, I don’t believe him a 100% or her 100% as relationships can be complex and messy but cheating is not the issue. The only things that matter are: did he lie to her to make her get the abortion? It seems he did lie as he has yet to address this. Did he insist on having unprotected sex? Again he does not address this. Did he leave her alone to get the abortion. Yes, he did (and, no, sending his friend is never an acceptable substitution. If he was man enough to get a woman pregnant and insist on an abortion then he had better be man enough to go with her for the procedure)

      • @sunny, the drama will sure sue her for damaging the drama too, doesn’t want to risk that possibility , especially when you also put many lied inside it
        her timing was perfect to destroy him and protect herself

    • Bingo!! People are now treating dispatch as gospel of truth but those same ones didn’t trust them when they exposed seo yeaji. The double standards lol!..
      Anyways it was very clever of dispatch when they highlighted some points related to the woman. They wanted to give viewers an unfavourable impression of hers.
      Dispatch gets paid by the companies, sometimes their proofs are true and sometimes aren’t like it happened with bully park hye su. So i will wait to hear from the girl’s side. I can already see oppalogists seething but thank god knetz aren’t buying this bs yet

    • According to her post she was the best girlfriend ever and he was the worst human being to ever walk on earth… His side atleast came with proves that says he atleast wasn’t as bad as she portrayed him to be…
      What about her? She just simply made some claims through an annonymous post and put a pixel photo of one of his famous photos that anyone can recognise…
      Even if this is planted by him and his agency he has every right to do so…

      • The ones who exposed KSH identity were actually the reporters by using his photos in their articles. A post in Pann was actually a blind item she didn’t name KSH, Dispatch did dirty by exposing her identity

      • @kiko she already put a pixel pic of ksh’s famous picture and enough information to guess who he is… Dispatch is the only media that deleted their post on the 2nd day itself and everyone found it fishy and now everyone knows why…
        The youtuber who revealed ksh’s name also said whatever the ex said was not the complete truth and she herself is a shaddy person and he was right with everything he said…

      • @anon and you seem like those retarded woman who blindly belives miss A simply because you love to hate ksh or just men in general…

  4. I read the Dispatch article from koreaboo earlier and just now read koala’s version. And wow. I noticed how something can be twisted to the writer’s favor and in this case by adding all the negative comments make it really bad for KSH. If I haven’t read the whole article by dispatch earlier and just read this…i will have a completely different perspective.

    • omg i agree.. i am shocked at how bad koala wrote it here for ksh n puts all the negative comments.. what about all the good supportive comments ppl wrote? Why only the bad

      • It’s because Knetz comments are generally not siding KSH there hardly comments siding with him after the Dispatch post. So Koala is not wrong in sharing the comments, the gen public sentiment they don’t buy Dispatch reveal

    • Agree.. just don’t read this Dispatch news from here. Read it in Koreaboo or Soompi. They translate much better than here. This is her blog anyway, she can write what she wants.

      • LOL just look at the Twitter replies to the article.

        The international fans reaction: omg, this clears him. He is still a good boy! (No joke this is what is being written)

        Actual kfans: unimpressed and don’t buy the hatchet job by Dispatch which was cleary paid to present this ‘other’ side making KSH look like the angel boyfriend who make his girlfriend soup which apparently negates any wrongdoing on his part. Im inclined to agree with Kfans on this.

      • Are you…joking? Koala is anti KSH? I remember her loving his character in Start Up. And she’s writing an article on how the KOREAN and CHINESE public is reacting. We all know how the international fans feel. To I-fans, the Dispatch article absolves KSH. And Koala even mentions this in her article. Do many of you not know how to read??

        I feel like Koala wrote this article in response to all the International fans reacting that KSH is not guilty. To the many Korean eyes, he’s still scum. Just because i-fans forgive him doesn’t mean that Koreans do. I can’t believe I had to write a whole damn post about what the purpose of this article was about because people lack comprehension skills!

    • Yeah exactly if possible check from netizen buzz, they also translate news and you can see 1000+ votes for comments like what if kim seon ho was being treated by his agency this way since his star power was rising and he wanted to change his agency? Like for sure Salt published a report pretty early on refuting this news that they are trying to damage his image.
      If this is really the case then it 8s quite scary indeed. But in any case she isn’t as innocent as she claimed first I think.

    • @Riri Koala is obviously not a partial commentator from the way she has been reporting on this news. Latest being this blatant attempt at hiding the ex-gf’s identity when her name is already all over the media and of course filtering of k- and c-nets comments to discredit the Dispatch article.
      Sounds like Koala bought into KSHs good boy image and feels extremely slighted just like the vindictive ex.

  5. Korean male actors always have the upper hand, so i will wait for further details. Kim seonho ‘s side is so clever. Unlike other companies they didn’t threaten to sue the victim but instead paid dispatch to release their side after his lame ass apology.
    Do u all remember jung joon young? He literally won the case against his ex who first exposed him. His fans cursed at the woman and embraced him with open arms. Lol look at who’s in the jail now.
    Not saying ksh is as bad as jjy but it’s clear how much male celebs hold power over their non- celeb partners. Take lee byung hun and his german ex gf for example whom he assaulted, forced to get an abortion and then abandoned.

    Also, don’t compare kim seon ho with ahn jae hyun . gu hye sun is a famous actress, she held more power than him in the industry.

  6. So many talented and handsome korean actors and plastic monster abortion ajushi’s stans are fixated on this trash and buying into his agency’s hit piece. Men will get away with anything in that society.

  7. Miss A’s self-styled feminist supporters are going to be so triggered. After all the whitewashing that she was a naive little girl who was gaslighted. Strange how a 35yr old woman with weak uterus was having unprotected sex with her bf of 4 mths, what were the chances of them getting married when that would probably ruin his rising career? She was reportedly drinking during the pregnancy, not exactly model mum material. Her hasty retreat once her identity was exposed also didnt add to her credibility.
    Not that this excused KSHs part in the abortion, he should not have unprotected sex if he wasnt ready to settle down. He paid the price when his toxic ex-gf sought revenge.

    • The amount of man hating here is astronishing… Even if this one is paid, he and his team came up with solid proves to back up his claims unlike miss A who wrote anything and everything like a crazy woman’s rant… There is solid proves that she constantly lied in their relationship and her own friends took ksh’s side…
      Dispatch’s article seems to be a well researched one rather than shooting in the dark… But some people like to believe what’s written by miss A and portray her as a damsel in distress solely because they hate ksh… It’s either because they hated his sudden rise to stardom or they just simply hate men…

      • @rjpv some of the Miss A supporters are probably the same pitchfork mob who backed Amber Heard but ended up with eggs on their faces.
        Just because the accuser is a fellow female doesnt mean that we should take her words as the gospel truth and start lynching before any solid evidence is on the table. There were holes in her story right from the start but Miss A’s stans were too busy flashing their feminist credentials, you can’t see what you refuse to see. No doubt if Miss A fails to defend herself after Dispatch’s report, they will start conspiracy theories that she was coerced into silence.

    • Well KSH apologized and didn’t deny all the allegations at the time, the most sane thing to do was believe the victim?? And what does her age has to do with her not being manipulated and less of a victim before all of these revelations by Dispatch? By that logic escort girls cannot be a rape victim then? You’re weird for using this as a gotcha moment on the people who chose to side with the alleged victim first. Don’t lump it under misandry or faulty use of feminism. And opinions can change when presented with new info, which Dispatch did just today

      • My bad, should be “not an impartial commentator”.
        I suppose if this were some anonymous person claiming to be say Suzy’s bf, accusing her of having an abortion behind his back despite knowing that he won’t be able to father any children due to his medical issues, then Suzy should be cancelled instantly if she doesn’t respond immediately to his allegations or refute his points one by one? No waiting for evidence to surface before drawing a conclusion as one would have missed the prime period to virtue signal, oops should be support the victim. After all we know that everything posted online must be true, Suzy falsely positioned herself as an organic product when she was merely a regular one, so she deserved to be dragged.
        No wonder the suicide rate amongst Korean celebs is so high as the public is so toxic.

  8. Probably better for KSH’s mental health in the long run to not be labelled “the good boy” anymore. It can be suffocating to always try to be perfect and nice. Now he can concentrate on being an actor and take on whatever roles he’d like to take. Sure, lost opportunity for ads (except maybe for contraception lol), but as long as he can still make movies and dramas, act in theater, I think he’ll be fine.

    • Absolutely. I don’t even know who started that, his fans or his agency? I think it was after Start-up because Granny kept calling Ji Pyeong a “good boy”. But to take a character trait and associate it to the actor playing the character was both nonsensical and also a very slippery slope.

      I also worry about many actors dubbed “Nation’s son-in-law”, “Nation’s grandson”, “Humble”, “Respectful”, as if each isn’t a normal man with a distinct personality that will like have positive AND negative traits.

      That’s why in South Korea, it’s very exhausting to be a television (Yeouido) (drama/variety) star because they need a good image.

      Movie stars (Chungmuro) have much greater leeway to just “I don’t give two f*&ks” and be themselves. Case in point Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Min Hee, Yoo Ah In (he doesn’t do many CFs hence he’s not selling an image), Kang Dong Won, etc. Movie stars tend to be judged solely on their ability to act. I sense it’s because television stars are beamed into the household everyday whereas going to see a movie feels like it’s stepping out of reality somewhat.

      • This! Some people wonder why some stars don’t have more cfs and its soley because they don’t want to be tied down to an image and forced to retract when they don’t fit that image. This obsession with celeb based advertising in SK is more excessive than most countries to begin with. Most serious actors and actresses don’t care about endorsements because while it pays more it doesn’t help their career grow. JJH for example is heavily criticized for the sheer amount of endorsements she has which why her image as an actual actor is non existent same with SHK and KTH. While SYJ only has a handful of cfs but dominates as a top actress and her skills are without question. Even Suzy has reduced her endorsements to only 2-3 luxury endorsements in order to be taken more seriously as an actress. Actors first priority should be to focus on their acting and not image making for the sake of gaining more cfs. KSH was pulling almost 13-14 cfs based off the good boy image so of course the damage is huge. Its only sad because he is a solidly good actor and if had just coasted on his acting instead of his image he would have been fine. Him being a not so great or pure human being would have come as no surprise to people if he wasn’t so hellbent on selling that image over his acting.

      • Jeon Jeong Seo walking away with every single best actress award for Call despite being the villain and second billed actress while Park Shin Hye isn’t even acknowledged just goes to show that its better to have your acting speak for you than your image. Admittedly Park Shin Hye could never be as good as Jeon Jeong Seo and her agency SALT knows that and sells her girl next door image instead which gains her more endorsements but no challenging roles or real acknowledgment as an actress which is why her acting ability never grows. They made the mistake of doing that with Kim Sun Ho by focusing on selling his image and not his acting when he didn’t have the personality to back up that image in the long run. His acting would have gotten him critical acclaim unlike Park Shin Hye but they messed up by using the same tactics they used on her for him. Even now they’re focusing on forcefully rehabilitating that ‘Good Boy’ image instead of letting him rebuild his career as an actor.

      • the agency I think. salt clean up his image the moment they signed him in 2018/2019. His style before salt/theatre days were so different. Then start up and 2D1N happened. He seems like a polite person in 2D1N and that seal it. now that I lose that rose tinted glasses (lol) it feel like they marketed him like an idol instead of an actor. maybe they try to market him as a hallyu star like psh? idk

      • I agree with the comments on this thread and this is why actors and actresses who focus too much on endorsements and cfs are hard to take seriously. I don’t even know why fans always brag about so and so star having many endorsements. What’s the big deal about being a cf celebrity? They’ll never make it as actual actors because they’ll be too busy maintaining their image. Let the idols have all the cfs since their music career is short lived anyways. Actors should be known for the number of prestigious awards they win or their critical acclaim not how many endorsements they have on bank. His Stan’s were hyping his long list cfs more than his acting and this is the consequence. Popularity awards are meaningless and don’t prove anything except a rabid fandom. Actors don’t nees rabid fandoms only Hallyu stars need that to stay relevant.

      • Well K-ent isn’t like Hollywood where the actors earn so much on box office revenues and are just generally paid well. Korean actors’ earnings are from CF contracts though acting is their main job. Even the Chungmuro top stars have CFs except maybe Song Kangho and Choi Minsik. We don’t even know how much is the pay per episode of non-A listers, they’re probably paid peanuts

      • All of this comment thread.

        When it comes to actors, the most relevant thing to discuss should be their acting. This is why I am always bemused when I see fans touting things like number of CF deals, food trucks, popularity awards, magazine editorials, god/goddess-like visuals, show ratings, etc. All those things are irrelevant and secondary to acting ability. I feel like people trot those stats out when the person’s acting is nothing to write home about.

        KSH’s case is perfect example of relying too much on “celebrity” rather than acting ability to build fame. You live by public opinion, you die by public opinion, and public opinion is a fickle beast.

      • @Q First of all the West is not a standard for anything. In most countries actors and actresses don’t rely heavily on endorsements to “supplement” their earnings nor do they get paid “well” by Hollywood standard like you’re suggesting. Any real actor will say their craft comes before pay and an artist doesn’t act for the pay cheque but the recognition. South Korea hasn’t cultivated this culture of CF reliance it’s the agencies who want a bigger pay cut who cultivated this culture and hence forced celebs to live with fake images and then made them apologize everytime the image collapsed without taking any responsibility for their part in this brand marketing. Top level movie stars barely have any endorsements and those brands evolved to fit their image and not vice versa. Celebs that need to mould their image to fit the brand don’t have anything other than their image to sell. KSH did not need 14 endorsements nor is it something to brag about. 1-2 endorsements is enough to supplement their income and even then it’s unnecessary to have their face planted everywhere. They can do 1 photo campaign a year and 1 video campaign every 2 years. It’s enough because their acting will drive their careers. This is the most sane thread on this topic and people finally need to realize endorsements, popularity awards, coffee trucks etc don’t mean anything unless you want your fave to only be a shallow celebrity.

      • I agree with the whole sentiment and it’s pathetic to brag about them as a fan, I’m just saying why these actors take multiple CFs, they earn way more from them than the actual work lol it’s pretty naive to think they are there solely for the passion of acting, only a few actually feel that way, for example the two actors I mentioned

      • Having 14 endorsements really was excessive but someone rising up like KSH does what their agency says, I imagine, and then gets caught up in the celebrity. It’s a shame because he is a good actor and could have made the jump to Chungmuro. I’m glad my faves are older and past the endorsement stage.

  9. Yea, I read the translation at different source and now reading this I also feel different vibes. The source also states two of her friends also stood up for KSH and also said it was KSH who paid almost everything.. She, koala, overall is just a person adding her own story version and sentiment.
    After reading her apologize statement, I can tell she is not that innocent, calculating every move and truly knows how to manipulate the media into her favors.
    Having reading and following some dispatch news up to today, I can tell their source always released at the most critical moment but is not entirely nonsensical.
    Look at Seo Yeo Ji scandal and also Tara bullying scandal, and the most recent crazy Nasty divorce between AHK and GHS, was it the truth revealed by Dispatch??

  10. I LOL over the “buying her seawood soup”. That was really trying too hard to sell that good boy image they still wish to tag on him.

    If in fact this article is about rehabilitating his “good boy image”, that is so very wrong on the part of him or his agency. The image is stained, tainted already. Just move on from there and roll with it.

    I have never believed the ex-gf is a complete victim because it has been unfair to just wholly accept her story. But that does not negate the fact that he is far from the good boy he portrayed himself to be. But it’s also a distorted view of feminism to just consider that women can do no wrong, fully consumed what were said because she is a “she”.

    I have nothing againts abortion. To me, personally, abortion is better than bringing an unwanted baby into this world and let the innocent child suffer due to lack of love and neglect.

  11. The commentariat will always be made up of fringe elements but the center medium is the best place to gain a neutral perspective.

    From the “I hate all men, she must be believed” side to the opposite “Oppar was framed and did no wrong side”, the general bell of the bell curve lands on one sole reason to move on from Kim Sun Ho. Whether you call that cancelling or not, it’s more akin to not buying his bill of goods anymore.

    Perhaps an analogy helps frame it clearer – Kim Sun Ho is an organic and cruelty free product that touts those beneficial manufacturing methods in its advertising (free from pesticides, no animals were tested on). The product advertises being organic and cruelty free first, before advertising that it tastes good. There is a premium paid and the consumers who willing chose to buy it when asked said they bought it primarily because it was organic and cruelty free, and also because it doesn’t taste bad. No one will buy goody two shoes products solely to be a do-gooder, it has to still taste good. But between that and a normal product, those who buy the organic, cruelty free, also tastes good product do so because they liked the additional aspects of the product being manufactured in good ways. Otherwise they can just buy any product that tastes good. It’s the Whole Foods versus shopping at Kroger, Whole Foods sells it’s “good for the environment AND good for you” mantra.

    Kim Sun Ho sold a “Good Boy” image, being a kind, considerate, polite man was his central selling point. He is also a very good actor. But the popularity came because of his “Good Boy” image bolstering his good acting ability. Now the general public is turned off by this scandal because it revealed he was not in fact a “Good Boy”. So it’s like you went to Whole Foods, paid a premium for organic milk because it was made by free range cows, only to find out it was the same milk carried at Kroger and made by caged cows, simply packaged in a premium, organic carton. You acknowledge that the milk tasted food (i.e. Kim Sun Ho was a good actor). Now you may be pissed, or more likely you may simply feel a bit foolish and vow not to be fooled by this brand again and move on. WBut one day you may still want to buy the same milk packaged in the Kroger carton because it did taste good and now you know what you’re getting.

    Kim Sun Ho has a chance to return to K-ent solely as a good actor, just as long as he’s not trying to force rehabilitate his image right now. In the long run, he may regain a positive impression with the general K-netz, I think its doable. He didn’t commit a crime, after all.

  12. There are only two facts here:
    1. Abortion issue is true.
    2. They mutually decided to do it.

    I have friends who did it and felt awful afterwards. They say that it would continuously haunt them for the rest of their lives. Are they bad people? It would really depend on how you view abortion. For me, they are just people who made a very poor choice at the time.

    Maybe, KSH believes that this downfall or attack is the price he had to pay for aborting his kid. Hence, he tries to endure everything because at the end of the day, the fact does not change. He chose his career over his child.

  13. It’s why private life should stay private…

    I’m sad to see these comments about abortion when women are fighting in many coutries to have access to it without ending in prison… It’s a right and it shouldn’t be demonized. Everybody is free to choose what is the best for them. In this case, they almost broke up 2 weeks before, they made a choice to not add a baby into their unstable relationship.

  14. People will believe whatever they choose to believe lol, haters gonna side with the woman even without proof, fans indubitably with the actor. But I find it laughable that people think this is a hit piece when SALT is prolly barely keeping afloat rn what with all the penalties they need to pay, like how can they even afford to bribe neighbours, friends (of either side), and frickin Dispatch at this point? Please make it make sense ?

    Anyway, I choose to look at evidence and rn it is overwhelmingly on KSH’s side not being a total douche and just a regular guy who made normal mistakes in a relationship. Knetz are such a weird breed for expecting their stars to be perfect and virginal ?

    As to KSH’s so called “good boy” image, let’s be real: just because he had a messy private life and an abortion (srsly at this day & age the pro-lifers out there please educate yourself), does not mean he’s bad. Haters are grasping at straws trying to make this otherwise ordinary dude look evil, when most of the people and coworkers who have known him personally and worked with him only sing him praises. I for one believe this more than koala’s skewed (bell curve? Really? Hahaha) puff pieces and the freak haters’ baseless comments.

  15. This doesn’t really change the facts: they dated, they decide to abort their child because they choose their careers, they broke up. Now they have mudslinging for who knows how long this will be. Perhaps his agency trying to do damage control. Maybe they don’t to settle his penalties/fines for losing contracts. One thing’s for sure, this back and forth will not be good for either of them.

    I’ll stand by my initial observations, Kim Seon Ho may make a comeback but his status is already downgraded because no A list celebrity will want to be linked to him and his scandal. Most importantly, an agency or any production company will not risk investment on someone with no guarantee of success when they can invest on someone else with no scandal and more talent. It’s a cutthroat business out there.

    • Kjh made a comeback with a project like cloy after being called unprofessional and walking out of a production midway, then he went on to do mr.queen and even after a 2nd scandal he ended up with a pretty decent agency again… All because he is that good of an actor and most industry people understood what he went through for real…
      Seo ye ji will be making a comeback with a tvn drama…
      All the staff and crew of homecha is indirectly supporting ksh by putting up his pic on their insta and writing captions like fighting and all… No one came forward and wrote anything bad about him or his professionalism on set… None of his female co-stars unfollowed him on insta… He didn’t even loose any followers… Then why would anyone have any problem working with him? Actors that ar famous for acting don’t really care about scandals of their fellow co-stars… Only the A listers that became A listers due to their pretty faces care about their image more than anything ..

      • LOL wasn’t it a role reversal — KJH was the victim of SYJ. So KJH got comeback with A list stars and his lead role got high ratings. All is forgiven by the public.

        Meanwhile SYJ got a downgrade costar. Not exactly same level as Kim Soo Hyun.

        Be careful how you define A list stars. You don’t want Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin and their fans coming after you.

        “All the staff and crew of homecha…support him…”
        Hmm, are you sure about that? I don’t see Shin Mina saying anything about her leading man after this scandal news came out.

      • @sarah if syj’s drama is female oriented then obviously they wont be casting someone as big as kim soo hyun… when strong woman do bong soon released hyunsik wasn’t an A lister even though bo young is a top actress… does that mean bo young is incapable of being cast opposite A list actors? she is doing movies with top actors but in most of her dramas she is the central character and her male leads will be less famous than her… a cloy like situation happens very rarely where 2 equally big stars are cast together… Seo yeji wasn’t a big name when she did iotnbo opposite kim soo hyun and jeon yeo been wasn’t a big name before vincenzo… does that mean kim soo hyun and song joong gi had to downgrade their costars? they just simply went for newer faces…

      • @sarah shin mina is still following ksh and has his photos on her ig… also I specifically said staff and crew not cast and crew… anyone with common sense knows Korean celebs don’t directly speak in support of their coworkers if there is any scandal unless the celeb is yoo ah in… still some of the supporting actors and child actor’s parents put pics of ksh and showed their support to him…

      • @rjpv we are talking about those who are involved in scandal. Your list of dramas doesnt even make sense. They were not involved in scandal in those dramas. I’m talking about Kim Seon Ho being involved in scandal. Stick to the topic.

      • @rjpv anyone with common sense knows staff and crew don’t count. you want support from the big stars to make it count. A list stars names are the one with most influence. You want support from those at the top. Who cares about those people you mention that the public don’t even recognize?

      • @ if staff and crew don’t count then why would anyone care about a staff outing Irene’s diva behaviour?
        Staff and crew saying good things about him was trending on korean sites… Usually when scandals break out some staffs come forward and say how bad those actors were onset like in case of jisoo… But in ksh’s case it was the opposite… Staff came out and only said good things about him…
        Even the director of homecha showed his support… Now don’t say the director don’t count… You simply want to hate on the dude even when his side came with solid proves that the girl lied… The only truth is they were in a relationship, they had an abortion and they broke up months after the abortion… When the abortion happened on mutual ground why is he being singled out and scrutinized for it? It’s a personal choice to have or not to have an abortion… Even good people have abortions…

      • @rjpv
        I have no more words for you except this, I am very shocked at the last line that you wrote.

        “… Even good people have abortions”

        The way you are defending him asking his gf for an abortion like abortion is a simple thing as cutting one’s hair. Saying this without obviously even realizing the physical, emotional and psychological ramifications of this procedure on a person. I tell you it is a horrible thing to go through, I wouldn’t wish this to happen even on my enemies. You better wish very, very hard that you and your partner never ever have to experience this procedure in your life, ever—whether you want a child or not.

      • @sarah abortion is definitely a better option than an unwanted pregnancy… It’s made clear that neither of them were ready to have a child… Also after reading everything about the ex, ksh literally saved his life by not getting married to her for the sole purpose of having a child… She herself didn’t care for the child as much as she cared to ruin ksh’s career… She literally used that abortion to emotionally manipulate the public and ruin someone’s career…

    • I agree. In confused how this changes anything? The abortion is kind of glossed over into his piece. Instead its a hit peace against the ex. And why does Dispatch care about attacking the ex who is a nobody? This reads entirely like a paid hit piece. They were able to get KSH’s close friend to reveal everything he knows including screenshots of private conversations. You think he did this without KSH’s blessing?

      And her friends? I somehow doubt those girls were her friends if they were willing to dish to Dispatch.

      The whole writeup is nauseating on how much it tries to flip the switch that he was this caring boyfriend. He didn’t go in with her for the abortion in order to buy ingredients for soup? For real? His fans are eating this up too.

      I almost hope the ex now releases her texts and proof which she claimed to have all along so we see what KSH actually wrote to her. I bet it paints an entirely different picture than what is here.

      • That’s right. Something fishy with this article. It’s meant to minimize damage for possibly the agency and the actor. They are already held liable for the huge fines with contract cancelation. The agency will need Kim Seon Ho to still do his part while he is still under contract with agency. Which means he still has to go to work and earn his keep.

        Personally, I wouldn’t take his friends as credible witness. Of course they will be biased. I’d rather hear all praises from someone like Shin Mina or Bae Suzy. They are people who will have their names, career and reputation on the line.

      • @loyalist I would love to see “Miss A”‘s response, it was really disappointing to see her backpedal earlier, claiming it was just a misunderstanding when her identity was first exposed.
        She started the scandal, now that she is called out as a liar, she should defend herself. So far Dispatch has pictures and screenshots to back up their narrative, all we have from “Miss A” is an emotionally charged post that we are supposed to take as 100% true out of good will.
        She is a former broadcaster and currently an influencer, not exactly a nobody. In any case, given the impact of her actions, thats a poor excuse to hide behind.

    • “Most importantly, an agency or any production company will not risk investment in someone with no guarantee of success…”

      Seo Yeji already got offered a lead role in a TVN drama and it hasn’t even been a year since her scandal broke, so evidence to the contrary.

      • All right. I stand corrected. I don’t follow her so I don’t know. But her leading man, is it Park Byung Eun? He is not exactly top A material, is he? And by that, I mean not on same level as Kim Soo Hyun. So this offer is probably done to test the waters and see how public will react to her. A lead role doesn’t mean anything when your costars are a downgrade. Imagine how Kim Seon Ho would feel with this kind of downgrade being done to him.

  16. Your blog is biased garbage!!!!
    And me, one person less who reads the stupid things you say.
    Get a life. Stupid conservative.

  17. If Dispatch posted this the moment the rumor spread there might be a slight difference with the public opinion. But now it’s just unnecessary really.

    From the moment the ex-gf’s identity was divulged, it was apparent that she wasn’t a young woman who was innocently taken advantage of and used.

    Still the abortion happened because KSH didn’t want the child to be born. That is the main reason why all the CF sponsors left. He was supposed to sell his good boy image, now with his reputation in shreds so does all the movie offers and other opportunities.

    Dispatch no matter how much money was offered shouldn’t have bothered to write this.

    I thought it was supposed to be a friend or friends of KSH who are going to make statements about the couple. There was actually nothing new that was revealed.

    Fact is KSH moved on and has a new younger woman. Would the girl’s family now approve of their relationship? Only time would tell.

    • How is dispatch suppose to post it right after her post? They had to collect evidence and do ivs of friends of both of them… It takes time to do so… They weren’t simply sitting in front of a computer and writing whatever came into their mind like miss A did…

  18. The good boy image was the worst thing that ever happened to him. I don’t think this would have been as big of deal otherwise. There have been scandals where celebs have been accused of crimes that haven’t blown up like this.

    The Dispatch article was a hit piece. Her post was a hit piece. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, as it usually does.

    It’s weird to me Knetz focused on the seaweed soup lol. Yeah, it proves he didn’t go with her to get the abortion (which sucks, don’t get me wrong) but I doubt any celeb would have for fear of being recognized?

  19. What’s the use of the expose,if dispatch article come right after miss gf revelation,then its relevant,now not so much,coz he
    Already lost everything.

  20. First of all, how do we know that the child was KSH’s since we know that the ex dated other men behind his back. Even when she stll married she still has other men?

    • I didn’t read it as she cheated. I think she would go to clubs where a certain guy was and she lied about it to not upset him. Im not sure it says she cheated though?

  21. I wish people stopped labeling or thinking these people are somehow perfect. We like celebs solely based on the characters they play, don’t dwell too much into their private lives or think they are any better then someone who isn’t famous. In situations like this, everyone gets hurt and the hate gets too extreme.

  22. The problem is not about what dispatch wrote , etc… South korea is a conservative country , so actors should be by now aware of the fact that with celebrity comes “a book of rules” so having a baby without being married or abortion are a big No . As a french i ‘m for the right of women to do what they want . Better abortion than an unwanted baby that would suffer later because of 2 dudes . And lately i’m afraid , as even some less conservative countries are trying to abolish this right . So as far as i’m concerned, i don’t mind about KSH private life but i mind about double standards . If he gets away with this “scandal” why not others . And didn’t some i fans begin to watch kdramas because they thought that k entertainment was wonderland ? That actors,…were “clean”, now they are discovering that’s not the case . What Hollywood do in the daylight, K ent do it in the darkness .

  23. Honestly, calling this lady a victim, is kinda cringeworthy. A victim of what? She wasn’t physically, verbaly or emotionally/psychologically abused. Was he being manipulative, trying to get out of the situation? Hell yeah. But if dangling marriage in front of her was sufficient for her to get an abortion, it pretty much speaks to her motives. Her child was, at least partially a way for her to tie herself to him. If her baby was so important to her, she would have broken up with him and had the baby. She chose holding on to him/pleasing him/marriage over her baby. And the key word here is CHOICE. So, no victim.

  24. I read the full Dispatch report and the comments and it really flipped the story. KSH comes across looking like a considerate boyfriend, the netizen comments are largely supportive of him and decrying the girl.

    Um…that was quite a flip on the narrative.

    • @fawkes, after seeing the story break on Netizenbuzz, I read the Dispatch report, Soompi’s translation and comments on both articles. Coming here, because I’m long-time reader, I was shocked to see the disparity in coverage. Ockoala’s perspective seems to really diverge from what I’m largely seeing. So much so, that I’m concerned about her overall coverage of the situation. I recall she greatly enjoyed Start-Up and really championed Kim Seon-Ho’s character. I’m not really sure what influenced her take on this situation. I wished she’d address it but this is her blog and she’s under no obligation to do so.

    • Agree, I went to Soompi and it was much less biased. Koala’s blog so, it’s koala’s take and bias on these news I guess?

      Abortion isn’t not bad. If mutually agreed. Bringing an innocent child into a world when it isn’t wanted will cause more harm than good. Both ain’t great people from what it seems but she seems a bit more shitty imo. Seems like she didn’t want to breakup and is smearing him, but because he isn’t squeaky clean it’s why she can do it.

      Not a fan of him as I haven’t watched anything but just a bystander point of view, they both suck but she seems like a handful.

  25. Let them breathe….please don’t be too toxic….you all being judgemental after knowing about their private lives, i want to ask you questions…Are you gods?? Are you supreme court judges??? Why are you all ranting so much negativity about someone’s private life??Your tongue and negative words affect another person’s mental health.please grow up and get a life….dumbos.

    • Yeah, people are quick to paint someone as “good” or “bad”. These are just two flawed humans making choices they later regret, like everybody else. Nobody’s perfect. It’s just that most people don’t invite public scrutiny into their private/sex lives in an effort to vent their anger (and pain). The fact that this is even news, is bizarre.

  26. Well, well, well. Dispatch adding more fire to the fuel is making things worse for KSH. Total PR disaster. The best thing to do is to let the scandal die down. It’s already achieving this effect after one week. Then Dispatch blew the whole thing up again. Totally someone paid them to do it but WRONG TIMING. The woman apologizing for hurting KSH should be good enough for team KSH & Salt to move on. Public opinion was already swinging back to KSH’s favor after her apology. Should have left it at that. Dispatch revealing new info now swings public favor back to the woman. Friends coming out to make statements is very bad move too. It’s now a private matter between the two why make things worse by friends & Dispatch stirring the pot further publicly. No good things ever come out by stirring things further. Just look at Charles & Diana scandal, dragged on & on for years till divorce. He said, she said, both went on tv to complain, friends took sides. Will people be happy until of one them ended up dead?

    • Yup. Because now I wouldn’t be surprised if the ex speaks up again to defend herself. KSH talked to her and apparently smoothed things over enough that she apologized for the fallout. And now this?

    • @enough on the contrary, Dispatch and the Youtuber’s exposĂ© helped to turn public opinion in KSH’s favour by giving his side of the story. It’s disingenuous to now claim that it is solely a private matter after her to date unsubstantiated claims ruined her ex-bf’s career and made him public enemy number one. He was facing millions in compensation while she could just say “oops, it was just a misunderstanding” and walk away unscathed? Nobody worried about KSH’s mental health when the self-styled feminists ran their very successful cancel campaign.
      “Miss A” chickened out by pretending that it was a misunderstanding when netizens first exposed her identity. Hope she emerges to defend herself this time, she started this, it is only fitting that it ends with her.

  27. Comments here are getting too serious. Time for light relief. I nominate Dispatch to be the third wheel lover of the year. Coz every time a new couple is outed, dispatch is always there. faithfully following in their shadows. Like a proud papa walking his daughter down the aisle handing her over to the groom. from beginning of courtship to the end of the r/ship, dispatch is always there snapping photos of the lovers like crazy not wanting to let go. lol.

    • Right, their sources are always “friends” of the persons involved. If I’m a celeb and my friends narked to the press about my private life, they’re dead to me.

  28. The soap opera getting juicier by the week. Seaweed Saga, episode 2. Makjang writers got plenty of materials now. What’s next? Foot or shoulder massage to ease the pain?

  29. I agree with comments above. Why drag all the details out further? Turn this into a clown show for people to ridicule, judge, mock & take sides. Really sad to see this whole thing dragging further. For the sake of their mental health, please just stop.

  30. Because this is carrying out justice for the one who had been wronged. This is not his agency’s works.In fact his agency ghosted everybody and caused KSH to be called unprofessional because of it. KSH had not done anything criminal and does not deserve to be ostracised for it. And all of you people defending the woman, stop playing victim. There is no such thing as being forced to abort a baby. You did it because you did not want the baby enough. Dont blame the other party; you are an adult. Everybody knows the risks of having sex.

  31. Those seaweed soup comments are hilarious. Instead of garnering sympathy using the seaweed story, it backfired. They thought seaweed soup magically solve everything. Serves them right, so lame.

  32. After Dispatch’s exposĂ©, Youtuber Lee Jin Ho just dished out more dirt on “Miss A”. She sure is turning into the Korean Amber Heard, her apologists may want to lie low to avoid further embarrassment.
    Being a feminist should not mean automatically assuming all men are bad and blindly supporting any woman’s allegations without ascertaining the facts. Do put on your thinking cap next time before rushing to virtue signal.

  33. Koala…..you are so biased in your write up !!!!!! Unkind and garbage throwing at Kim Seon Ho. His ex is a cheater and Kim Seon Ho is a victim. The baby may not be his. Watch YouTuber Lee. Choi Young Ah is a cheater ! Don’t cast any stones until you know more. What you have done is no different from harming someone through social media.

    • @Glimmer his friends’ comments about seaweed soup was intended to counter Miss A’s allegation that he was cold towards her once he “manipulated” her into having an abortion. No doubt that was jarring to folks who bought Miss A’s tale lock stock and barrel.

    • @Debbie maybe Koala was desperate for clicks or maybe she felt betrayed after buying into KSH’s good boy image, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Even as the tide is turning, she is still trying to defend Miss A by deliberately omitting netz comments that are against her to paint a false picture that the Korean public doesn’t believe Dispatch’s report. However she forgot that this is not the only outlet covering the news, the top Korean comment on Naver apparently even questioned if the baby was even KSH’s.

  34. Not sure why Koala doesn’t appear supportive of KSH who is clearly not the person the ex gf painted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISvYtq4FHEk

    Abortion is ultimately the woman’s decision. It’s her body afterall. And the ex gf’s story was sketchy at the beginning anyway, who would risk not having a baby forever and go for abortion knowing she herself is very difficult to get pregnant? Just doesn’t make any sense.

    KSH is one very special actor who manages to appeal to a wide spectrum of audience / fans. I think his good looks and underlying good nature shines through. We can still be wrong about his real personality but actually, do we really care as he’s an actor and not everyone is perfect.

    People should stop judging others. None of us is perfect. And Catholic or not makes no difference, everyone is subject to temptation. Being Catholic means one acknowledges he’s being loved by God and God is his refuge; it doesn’t mean the person is a saint or is perfect in anyway.

    I hope KSH overcomes this crisis in his life and comes out stronger and wiser.

  35. I just felt like I had to come back to this post and leave this comment for you.

    I don’t always follow celebrity scandals thoroughly since to me most of these are still just rumours and we will never fully know the truth. But in this situation everyone just jumped to assume and report that everything an anonymous post said about someone was the absolute truth that I almost believed in it. But of course there’s always 2 sides to a story. Then, when doubt was cast on the accusations, everyone in the media (and social media) just glossed over the fact that maybe there was a possibility that you reported something false as the truth. Instead justifying your assumptions by saying these third party reports don’t mean anything as they don’t come from the people involved. Even grasping onto straws to make the situation fit what you believe. And then you just moved on and ignored the situation instead of taking responsibility for spreading these false rumours. Maybe you didn’t do all of this but you were definitely part of the problem.

    All of your posts and the hateful and hurtful comments from others (towards both parties) on this situation, and other celebrity rumours for that matter, should be deleted. Saying this is your blog and you can post whatever you want does not justify using this platform to spread hate in what is essentially another form of cyber bullying. That is not ok.

    • @An, well said !!! Koala needs to be called out. The funny thing is there are no more write ups after this post when many more news came out. I would think Koaka will regard this as “juicy” news. It really show how bias she is. I guess it was like a “foot” in Koala’s own mouth after new information came out. What can Koala say anyway…that Koala is wrong ?

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