Netflix in Final Talks to Remake Crash Landing on You as a US Series

I knew this was coming just because it was so popular but unless the final result just magically works this will not be the best idea to spend time and money on. Netflix aired hit tvN drama Crashing Landing on You when it aired last year and also got amazing streaming views on the platform. The drama definitely played a big role in the modern Hallyu drama spread last year during the COVID-19 stay-at-home life across many countries. This week the production company behind Crash Landing Studio Dragon announced that it was in final stages of talks with Netflix to remake the drama as a US show. I felt like the drama was a quintessential K-drama in every way, the reason viewers fell in love with K-dramas in the first place because it’s different than what a US show offers. Not better just something different. So to remake Crash Landing as a US show just feels like squeezing a square into a round hole. K-netizens are more curious where the crash landing where happen, which LOL totally is a valid point. I’m sure this is happening no matter what but the good news is there will always be the original if the remake turns into a different beast.


Netflix in Final Talks to Remake Crash Landing on You as a US Series — 52 Comments

    • Nothing. The whole point of CLOY was that you could literally be two of the most powerful people in your country (a general’s son and a chaebol’s daughter) but NK’s oppressive government is that unique in the sense that one truly cannot leave. No other country, not even Israel/Palestine or India/Pakistan and ESPECIALLY the US can duplicate that. That’s what makes CLOY one of a kind. The US producers and CJEM are truly idiots for even attempting this.

  1. Honestly, that sounds like a train wreck in the making. Exactly right about what attracts people to K dramas. And really, with Netflix, almost everyone watches whatever language a show/movie is in as long as it’s good. So, what is the point of a remake for a Netflix series that literally just aired last year. It’s a terrible idea; from both a quality and success perspective.

  2. That’s interested except the U.S like to have multiple seasons and that puts an awful taste in my mouth. But also does she somehow fly into Cuba? Bc that the only way that’s gonna make sense.

    I do have a hard time believing that Cubans are not allowed to watch American tv though or use American products. Seems a little ambitious if you ask me.

    I would prefer if they left it alone.

  3. Ps: what makes Korean dramas attractive is the conservative nature of relationships. That’s why we get excited with hand holding, and kiss scenes.

    I don’t see that translating in a U.S production, nor the struggle between siblings taking over Dad’s business bc American cooperate structure runs different. For one you can date as many people as you want without affecting the company’s image or being considered scandalous.

    The more I think about the more of a terrible idea this is

    • You’re right. Almost everything about the storyline doesn’t translate well in America – the conservative nature of the show, the familial relationships, the dating ‘scandals’, and of course the political aspect.

  4. Nope it’s not going to work. Us remakes have a terrible track record. New ghostbusters is a mess and major plop. Tv side, new dynasty I can’t even. Cloy may work if it’s in hallmark channel with good girl image erin krakow playing yoon seri.

  5. I’m also curious as to where the crash landing will be. Maybe the FL crash lands into Mexico and needs to get back through the Southern border wall and avoid getting shot at. Meanwhile her (Republican) family is in cahoots with the Texas government to make her stay in Mexico.

    • She would have to be Undocumented no? I see why she couldn’t got to an embassy, which I think works on a federal lever not state level and request a passport then fly to the U.S.

      Mexico is also not really stuck in the 1950’s and their technology is up to date. Atleast the parts I’ve visited.

      I would love it if the FL was an immigrant though because that would be badass. Like Queen of the South vibes

      • @Lolol – Well, she probably wouldn’t have her passport on her, so she would be seen as an undocumented immigrant. Perhaps her family is pulling strings with the Mexican government and blocking embassy access. If she has no identification papers on her, I can see how this would be tricky.

        Agree on Mexico being up-to-date, especially their major cities. So maybe it’ll be Cuba, because their technology is definitely not up-to-date and wifi access is restricted.

    • I’m re-imagining cloy as fun with dick and jane. A democrat dick/yoonseri played by mcdreamy patrick dempsey crash landed in mexico after paragliding in califronia border. tried sneaking back to us as an illegal after he lost his papers. latino jane/capt ri played by jennifer lopez found/saved him in the mexico desert, nurse him back to health. mcdreamy/capt ri then tried to sneak her back to posh beverly hills to face his snooty rich family. lol.

    • This is actually insane. How does this even work when the whole conflict driving the story is the divide between NK and SK? There is no equivalent in America.

      The original is literally right there on Netflix for the US audience to enjoy.

      There is a CLOY musical hitting the stage next year. They had a bunch of exhibits all over Japan in the last year. There are so many ways for Studio Dragon to keep profiting off this show. This remake ain’t it.

  6. I’m re-imagining cloy as fun with richard and jane. A rich democrat richard/yoonseri played by mcdreamy patrick dempsey crash landed in mexico after paragliding in cali/mexi border. he tried sneaking back to us as an illegal after he lost his papers. a latina jane/capt ri played by jennifer lopez found/saved him in the mexico desert, nurse him back to health. mcdreamy/capt ri then tried to sneak her back to posh beverly hills to face his snooty rich family. lol.

    • This is believable if it’s turn into a parody of Prince Harry parachuting near Baja coz he misses his army days. He crashed landed in Mexico, lost his memory & his passport. No one in Mexico gave a toss about poor old Haz. Meghan Markle then played herself flew to Mexico in Oprah’s private jet to rescue poor Haz. Thomas Markle who lives in Mexico got to Harry first and held him hostage to demand money from ungrateful Meg. Harry not remembering Meg fell in love with hot Mexican girl.

  7. Don’t do it. US productions seem cursed lately. Amazon upped sticks to UK abandoning NZ after spate of stuntmen injuries. Alec Baldwin shooting sabotage. Now Indiana Jones sequel in Morocco, a crew member died on-set.

  8. This remake would actually be more believable if it centered around Israel and Palestine. Or India and Pakistan. Why hasn’t Bollywood done a remake yet?

    • @Ophelia, may I suggest Capt. Ri turned into a hotshot US Marine serving in Afghanistan? He somehow got left behind during the mad scramble of August US embassy rooftop rescue. To evade the Taliban spies, he got rid of his army uniform, id & papers, somehow lost his memory & got rescued by a stunning Afghan girl (Yoonseri) hiding him in the Bamyan desert. Now he has to find mercenaries to fly him out of Afghanistan while running away from Taliban soldiers. He may just have to parachute over to Pakistan from Afghanistan.

      • All the plot suggestions in this post are better than what Netflix will inevitably come up with lol

      • @2 cents – Let’s be real. The American audience will hard pass if the FL is an Afghan girl.

        I’m going to add Germany to the list of countries that make more sense. Remake set in Cold War era when the Berlin Wall stood between East and West Germany. I can see the separation scene between German Seri and Captain Ri taking place at the Berlin Wall. This is the closest equivalent to North and South Korea.

      • @Ophelia, they can make 2 versions. Blue states will like it as it’s all about diversity. Red states audience, I go with your East/West Berlin wall plotline which is brilliant. West German Seri and East German Capt Ri. Tragic Romeo & Juliet. Who do you suggest play the leads?

      • @2 cents – Volker Bruch and Liv Lisa Fries, who are the leads of Babylon Berlin (one of the best TV shows). I’m not well-versed on other German actors.

      • @Ophelia – okay that Berlin Wall and time era sounds waaaaay more interesting than what Netflix is likely thinking. Or maybe like a Medieval version or a different century is better in general. It can be set almost anywhere because passports and embassies and other realistic options instead of sneaking around between counties wouldn’t be options. In today’s time US? They need to set it in an alternate universe or it just won’t make logical sense.

      • @Ophelia, thanks for these actors suggestion. Now for the overall tone, should they go for a Jason Bourne/Hunt For Red October or Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible type?

    • More believable if the ml is an undercover special forces soldier like sjk in dots. No facial recognition or fingerprints to id him. Yeah that could work.

    • ooou I love the Berlin Wall version.

      I actually forgot that not only can’t the FL get home, once she does get back the ML had to sneak out of the country. So it has to be two countries that don’t allow free travel from to the other mutually, which automatically eliminates the U.S.

      Either way the story is going to have to look very different for me to even give it a chance bc wtf is the point?

      Maybe if the FL was a middle eastern princess

    • There’s no need for bollywood to do remake because one of their biggest movies was already released on this theme back in 2004. Search “Veer Zara”. Shah rukh khan was the male lead.
      In that movie female lead is the only daughter of an influential pakistani politician meanwhile the male lead plays the role of an Indian Airforce officer who rescues her and then sends her back home .

    • you are actually right the plot will perfectly fit the india pakistan conflict and also the tone and humor of kdramas is a lot similar to the overtone of bollywood

  9. Can only imagine this as an historical drama during the US Civil War. FL uses a hot air balloon and ends up on the other side. No honestly the whole idea sucks, BIGLY.

  10. I wish Netflix will remake old Hongkong dramas like My Date With A Vampire instead (in Cantonese/Chinese though), since it’s impossible to get a remake of this from China. I rewatched it a couple of weeks ago and got all the nostalgia feels.

  11. It’s probably just the outline of the story, not every event and circumstance surrounding the FL and ML. I’m thinking the FL will be from upper east side New York, runs a fashion brand, who travelled to Florida for a vacation, was on a yacht in Key West that somehow ended up in Cuba due to a storm. There she meets Capt Ri, his crew and the village people. Lol. Unless it’s well-written, has good subplots and have other nuances in the story and well-acted, pretty sure it will be a challenge to live up to the original.

  12. First of all the 1 main thing that makes CLOY amazing is the chemistry between hb and syj.. so i dunno abt other actors playing

  13. This remake would make no sense. CLOY was uniquely Korean. Even as a non-Korean, watching it made me sad for the two countries and hope for unity one day. That’s what made it special. Seriously can’t think of anything equivalent of that in the US. A rich girl from Mexico crossing illegally into the US and the guy is a Boarder Control Agent from a conservative family? Lol.

  14. Instead of making useless remakes why don’t they just release the blue ray dvd which many people were asking for.
    Anyways, i am actually curious abt the cast for the musical. It will be interesting.

  15. An American version of the drama loses all credibility from the jump if one of the leads is not a POC from a smaller, possibly developing, nation. But knowing American casting agents one of the leads will be from Russia and the other America.

  16. My only reaction to this news is WHY? Many shows and movies can be remade but remaking CLOY in an American setting makes no sense whatsoever.

  17. Hmmm…this might work if they use Cuba and the US. Cuba is similar to NK (socialist, behind in technology, etc.). Maybe her yacht accidently lands in Cuba. But, the original was so great that it would be really difficult to even come close to it.

  18. If I was rewriting the script, I could possibly have her land in Mexico from USA. Lady landing in Mexico in a Narco area… Main lead a double agent of the DEA.
    Or have the landing in Cuba, American foreigner, visiting the Bahamas.
    Or American foreigner visiting Colombia and lands in Venezuela.
    Just be creative.

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