Lee Sang Yoon Puts Foot in Mouth in One the Woman Post Drama Interview When He Says the Cast was So Happy Competitor The Veil Ratings Dropped

I recall this is not the first time highly educated Seoul University graduate actor Lee Sang Yoon committed a verbal faux pas, and at this point his agency needs to double check his interviews before blessing it for print. This isn’t terrible btw, just something an established and wise star would never say. During the post drama interviews for SBS hit drama One the Woman, male lead Lee Sang Yoon mentioned time slot competitor drama The Veil (Black Sun) and how the production was nervous to go up against it and was hopeful their own ratings wouldn’t drop. But then when One the Woman did well in ratings which went up and The Veil dropped, he said the cast was so happy about that. K-netizens are tsk-tsk-ing his low EQ in mentioning The Veil ratings going down, there was no need for that. He could have just said he was so happy their ratings went up. I agree, it’s like he won the race and said he was happy his competitor ran really slow that day rather than saying he ran really fast. Even worse is that Lee Sang Yoon got criticism for his acting in One the Woman and Honey Lee hard carried the entire drama, so for him to be saying this feels even more tone deaf. K-netizens basically told him to come back and have meaningful commentary when his acting can rival Namgoong Min‘s first.


Lee Sang Yoon Puts Foot in Mouth in One the Woman Post Drama Interview When He Says the Cast was So Happy Competitor The Veil Ratings Dropped — 51 Comments

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  2. That’s freakin ignorant lol. I dunno how someone who’s been in the industry for that long, can say something this… stupid?

    Lol NGM’s acting is unrivalled so this is one of those embarrassing quotes he prob already regrets.

  3. Okay, I agree this comment was not the most refined but his acting was fine in One The Woman. Honey Lee hammed her way through the entire drama which I guess Koreans loved but was very annoying at times personally for me. I feel like Lee Sang Yoon balanced it out well by being a restrained counterpart to her. The comments about The Veil, it is rude but harmless comment and I feel like is being blown out of proportions.

    • Agreed. I also notice that Koreans have a tendency to overreact. Especially so when matters concern sensitive issues made more so by needless conjecturing.

      • I am also a Honey Lee fan an never fail to admire her acting ability and those cute dimples!

  4. Given how K-netizens are, he probably 100% regrets saying that. I don’t think he meant it in a malicious way, but this was probably better off said in private. That being said, LSY is usually a straight man who bolsters his FL’s. I thought he did fine, giving a nice contrast between him and Lee Honey.

    @Ockoala You should post this article the Chosun article, that talked about how Jun Ji Hyun, Go Hyun Jung, and Lee Young Ae’s come back works faltered. Yet One the Woman, which the industry didn’t expect to be a hit managed to uphold expectations. I was surprised a bit, because Lee Honey recently has made a name for herself, yet she’s not highly regarded. Plus, Kim Ah Joong was suppose to be the FL in the show too.

  5. People these days are being over-sensitive.

    He was just being spontaneous without malicious intent. Most ppl would react the same, feeling grateful when you know you are leading esp when you are the underdog, going against a top competitor. In the case of LSY, he wasn’t crafting anything, thus the slip that triggered the over sensitive bunch unnecessarily.

    It seems people these days just prefer fakeness and sugar coating instead of being human. One wrong choice of word, and you get criticized as if they themselves are so perfect.

    • I agree Alexa. I get it if he denounced NGM’s talents and the show’s quality, but he didn’t do that. I don’t even care for LSY, but dude was thrilled that One the Woman which the industry looked down on, compared to The Veil did amazing.

      I hope he doesn’t apologize, and that this issue can die down. The focus should be on Lee Honey for pulling through, even more so because she was the second choice. I much prefer these type of comments then the fake ones, lets be real, its a competition there, you want the show that your in to succeed especially when many don’t think you would succeed.

    • Isn’t MBC which has consistently been at the bottom of the ratings barrel the underdog here, though? SBS is the top competitor among the Big Three [plus ‘OTW’ is makjang which always sells] so they had a stronger chance of winning the ratings game than MBC which has been flopping hard for what feels like forever.

  6. Honestly that’s a pretty mean thing to say. I really don’t think most actors necessarily feel good about their competition’s ratings worsening. I always thought that comes in tandem with their show’s ratings climbing and the latter is really why they are happy. So I don’t get why he had to add that he was happy that the ratings dropped for the Veil. Most actors will be equally satisfied if their show is a hit and their competitor performs well too. Most of them have duds now and then and I assume they will have more sympathy for shows which aren’t performing well.

    • “I really don’t think most actors necessarily feel good about their competition’s ratings worsening” You better believe they do. It is a brutal business. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of those things you might say behind the scenes on the drama set but not in front of the press. But, yeah, they were no doubt thrilled.

      • Not true. There’s no joy if your competitor’s rating worsen and yours is languishing as well. There is no less joy if your work is a hit and your competitor is improving too. As I said, the direct reason is the success of your own work, so however other projects perform, it’s not relevant. It’s just the cause or effect. In any case, what he said is definitely mean and it speaks volumes of a person’s personality for feeling this way.

      • I’m not saying that it is not mean, I’m saying it is very innocent or naive to think they aren’t in a ratings battle. A hit show ends up meaning more offers for more money per episode and getting big bucks for CFs which is where the big money really is.

        I know The King of Dramas is an older show and a dark satire, but I highly recommend it. Basically this actors mistake is he said the quiet part out loud.

  7. Poor choice of words by Lee Sang Yoon. He could have just said he was happy about his dramas ratings without being gleeful about the other drama coming in behind them.

    He needs to have some humility because he had all the presence of wet tissue paper in One The Woman and his romantic chemistry with Honey Lee was limper a wilted lettuce leaf. LSY might be tall, good-looking and educated but he is lacking in the charisma and talent department. He was beyond bland in VIP too. Feels like just because he is always praised for his looks and background he barely makes an effort onscreen anymore.

    I admit I dropped the drama at episode 12 because the writing got progressively idiotic every week and the buffoonery got so nonsensical I stopped caring but all credit to Honey Lee hard carried this second-rate comedy drama.

  8. This guy has been blander than cardboard in every drama I’ve watched him in. I agree with K-netz. He should come back when his acting can rival NGM’s. Honey Lee hard-carried OTW and his role could have been played by anyone. Even if he said it with no ill intentions, it was still a thoughtless remark, especially since The Veil was the struggling MBC’s Hail Mary to save them from mass destruction. But it’s not a career-ending faux pas. An apology could smooth things over. Now on to next!

  9. If what he’s saying is true that the cast and production was happy about Veil’s ratings going down then he’s basically spilling tea that this is most likely the norm for dramas airing around the same time. Based on koala’s post, it’s not like he said HE was personally happy about it, it was alot of people working on the drama. Shows how competitive the industry is.

    He’s in trouble for saying too much that people would prefer not to know or hear from him in particular.

  10. Major foot in mouth, though it should not be a cancellable offense. Still, I can see why this comment is in bad taste, cheering like that when Korean shows could barely break 5% these days. They should try pulling each other up given the state of the industry. If anything, “The Veil” actually was the best-performing MBC miniseries since “My Secret Terrius,” and a more magnanimous actor would point that out.

    • Yeah LSY who koala mentioned had another mini controversy with what he said, umm does anyone know what mini controversy was that? He seems rather quiet/shy in real life, but also a bit curt it seems given his response here. The Veil ratings were higher in the first week, and it had a bigger star and budget. But if he said the staff/crew were also pleased than it says that the industry adds on to that animosity.

      The more magnanimous actors I remember were So Ji Sub, Kim Sun Ah (Uhm Ki Joon had Ghost), and Kim Nam Gil (Ju Ji Hoon had Item), both of whom in public said they were rooting for their competition, and saying that its all in good fun. LSY never really has led a drama on his own as the titular character. Whereas, NGM has and won big awards for it so talent wise not comparable at all. Perhaps some jealously there too?

  11. Totally agree with @Sunny and @J/S. He was insipid in VIP, On The Way To The Airport and now One: The Woman which I’m currently watching. Even the second lead has more charisma (and chemistry with HL) than this dude who is outshone by everyone. The drama has lost its initial spark but I’ll finish it for Honey Lee who is hard-carrying it all the way. K-viewers sure do love their makjang.

    About what he said, shows like King of Dramas and others peeled back the curtain on the cutthroat competition for ratings in the industry so I’m not surprised. He should just be more careful in the future.

  12. The day he hard carries a drama on his own for once instead of coasting along on the backs and star power of his more talented co-stars, then he can talk.

  13. People like hypocrisy.

    “I am super happy for you” even when my own show is failing? CRAP!

    Come on, the man is simply being genuine, its the typical case of the mouth moved faster than the brain that he blurted out his earnest feeling. He said earlier that they were nervous going up againsnt The Veil and so when they emerged as winner, ofc they felt delighted. The competition is tough. The rating went up because perhaps the viewers moved from The Veil to watching One The Woman, thus why the rating of The Veil dropped. Rightfully and in standpoint of a public figure, he should not have said that but since it was already said, I cant understand why the need to be so critical over an accidental slip like that.

    So,some here actually believe those actors saying that they are rooting for their competitions? So, these are the thoughful actors, with extremely big hearts while LSY is considered as thoughtless for saying something he genuinely felt.

    • There is such a thing as politeness and decency. The cast and crew of “The Veil” worked just as hard the cast and crew of OTW and to say out loud he is happy about their ratings falling is ungracious to the extreme.

      Nobody is asking him to be fake. He didn’t have to say anything at all about The Veil’s ratings if he couldn’t say anything nice. Just say he is so happy for himself and his colleagues that their drama was a big success as they were nervous about the ratings and keep it moving. It’s not hard ?

      • I don’t view what he said as impolite or indecent. The way he said it by no means disrespectful towards the show or the effort put up by that team. He was just happy for his own team.

        He should have been more careful but most ppl just overreacted and oversensitive.

    • People are hypocrite to be mindful of words that would offend fellow colleagues in the industry? We all have unsavory thoughts in our head but that doesn’t mean we should say them out loud in public beyond our trusted social circle. If this is your attitude, you must have zero social intelligence and clueless of just how many friends you have offended in real life.

  14. Koala, you are the pot calling the kettle black. A highly educated person that need to check your writing before posting it. You know what I am referring to ! Double standards !

    • it was fact that KSH agreed with his ex to abort the fetus so his career will not effected also his “goodboy” image to public.
      So if a lot of people also disappointed with that choice, you as his fans should accepted that even KSH recognized that by wrote apology letter.
      After this storm passed away just hope for His carreer as actor will bounce back at least in movie or theather.

      • Can you shut up about KSH already? This post is not related nor even mentioned the actor but you had to drag him in. I like him but it’s toxic fans like you that is such a turn-off.

    • Since this is her blog and we are just some mere readers and commentators, i think she has less care about these readers/commentators.
      And, yes, she has this double standards.

  15. Mistakes were made! I have nothing against LSY but he felt miscast in this one—a friend and I imagined Lee Soo Hyuk doing this ‘wronged and replaced Chaebol heir’ role and agreed we would have loved to see that energy up against Honey Lee. She was fantastic and I hope the drama’s success opens more doors for her now people see the Fiery Priest was no fluke.

    • Nah, Lee Soo hyuk is another handsome and good looking actor with lackluster acting. His charisma made him shine but he only has one expression all the time – that’s why boy still getting second lead roles. Born Again was a pain to watch with a combination of 3 pretty faces with dull acting, yet only the female lead was blamed.

      If there are other actors suitable for this role maybe Kim Young kwang, Kwak Si Yang and Kim Ji suk. Even the actor acted as Kang Mina’s husband could have done better job.

  16. People are just so sensitive nowadays. Though I admit he really didn’t have to mention The Veil.

    I was watching both shows and actually liked that they have something different to offer. To be honest I was so blown away by NGM there but the story later made me lose interest. I guess both had corruption as a theme but personally feels that having Baek Moo Sa as the main villain didn’t do it for me.

  17. There’s a lot of positive points in One the Woman that can be write as an article. It was underestimated yet turned out fine and had high ratings. And they had awesome ending credits! And the cast cosplayed as promised if th drama reached 17%.
    But as usual she chose negative post, lol.

    • Exactly. I’m just so tired of the negativity on this site. The biased articles and selective comment selections are just tacky and manipulative. OTW ended on an amazing note and this was LSY’s first hit in a while, let the man be happy! Following a drama like Penthouse was crazy and OTW hit beyond anyone’s expectations.

      • If you’re ‘so tired of the negativity on this site’, why do y’all keep coming back to this site and whining about it like little b*tches???? Can’t stay away, huh? The man can be happy all he wants. No one begrudges him that but he didn’t need to mock another drama to celebrate. And now I hear Honey Lee’s agency also mocked the underperforming dramas of JJH, LYA and GHJ while boasting about OTW’s success. So brace yourself for more negativity on them.

  18. KOALA!!! Now We’re Breaking Up press con photos + teaser dropped! Looks so good! And I understand why the first episode is rated 19. Hehehe. I wasn’t psyched for the drama before but I sure as hell am now!

  19. This actor has no charisma on screen and I really wonder how he gets lead roles… He always overshadows by his costars. VIP was hard to watch because of him.

  20. Honestly everyone expected for The Veil to get the highest rating since it’s supposed to be blockbuster drama with super big budget – which also have caused MBC to have lesser drama this year – but it turned out as disappointment.

    Remember that One The Woman’s team must had been pressured with The Veil which was hyped more and its predecessor Penthouse.
    So to feel over the joy and accomplished over some huge success when no one expected, it’s a given. He could have been careful with his words but still he was honest and he entitled to have such feeling.

    I agree though that Lee Sang yun isn’t really a great actor, it’s just he is tall and good looking which made him stand out. He usually is watcheable in romcom and full romance drama but not really in the rests.
    One The Woman had Lee Honey hard carried the whole drama, as she should since this drama is mainly about her. Lee Sang yun might not have the greatest acting but he picks his drama well and often achieved good rating – he made use his smartest brain well lol.

  21. Not the smartest thing to say but honest lol. I’m sure he regrets it now.

    Lee Sang-yoon isn’t the worst actor I’ve seen but is definitely one of the most boring and bland. He’s had several hit projects hard carried by talented actresses like Lee Bo-young, Jang Nara and now Honey Lee. I couldn’t get into One The Woman though. Honey Lee’s too OTT for my tastes, and I thought the chaebol stuff was boring. Glad it did well though.

  22. People are not perfect. They make mistake and I believe he said it out of excitement without any intention to hurt others.It happens in our daily life. It becomes a big hoo ha because he is a famous actor. Think in a positive way in all situation. Spread love❤

  23. He is booksmart, as in SNU smart, but he is awkward in social situations based on what I’ve seen in his variety shows appearance and interviews. Pretty sure there was no malice to what he said, but he probably lacks some tact, he is probably a data or numbers guy.

    • His variety show personality being unspectacular definitely helped him still get cast in dramas on SBS, by comparison the actors turned variety stars on Running Man like Lee Kwang Soo, Jeon So Min and Song Ji Hyo, who gained more acclaim with stronger variety images aren’t cast in SBS dramas, even though their acting chops are probably better than Lee Sang Yoon, except for Song Ji Hyo who lets face it is still in both acting and variety because of her face.

    • Honey Lee had better chemistry with the 2nd ML guy. That actor is cute and charming, and probably would’ve made a better match than LSY.

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