Seoul Court Legally Bars Park Yoochun From Any Entertainment Industry Activities as Korean Police Charge Park Yoo Hwan for Smoking Marijuana in Thailand in December 2020

These two are unrelated legal woes but it’s the same set of siblings and also happening in the same week span. Former high flying idol-actor Park Yoochun, who has been residing in scandal plagued exile for sexually assaulting a woman in the bathroom in 2016 and subsequently a bunch more legal misconduct emerged or happened thereafter, has now been legally banned from engaging in any entertainment industry activity including appearing on television, promoting, or even appearing in advertisements. It was granted by a Seoul court on petition from his former agency which sued him for breach of contract and defamation after Yoochun switched agencies earlier this year. He released an album last week so this will make it neigh impossible to even stage any promotion in South Korea, not that he has any public appeal left there other than his diehard fans. It’s always the diehard fans lol that stick with oppa. As for Yoochun’s younger brother Park Yoo Hwan, who had his own scandal also in 2016 with a lawsuit from a woman who alleged a common law marriage with him and sued him for breaking up with her in an annulment, last week the Seoul police announced that it had charged Park Yoo Hwan for breaking drug laws for an incident where he smoked marijuana in Thailand with two friends back in December 2020 and was arrested there. In South Korea, the government can punish citizens for breaking its own laws even if it happened overseas, cue all the celebrities who get in trouble for gambling overseas for example. The Park brothers are like the unkillable insect species of the K-celeb bottom tier at this point so I won’t be surprised if they continue to make random news in the future.


Seoul Court Legally Bars Park Yoochun From Any Entertainment Industry Activities as Korean Police Charge Park Yoo Hwan for Smoking Marijuana in Thailand in December 2020 — 15 Comments

  1. Does that affect his oversea promotions? I dont think Yoochun will promote in SK anyway. Didnt he signed up with a japanese agency? probably see that he cant make money with local fans and branch out

  2. Is this even news? He used to be really popular and he threw it all away…

    I honestly feel a lot of celebrities and idols have so many scandals and it’s their agency who settles it quietly. And those who leave their former agency gets their dirt out in the open leaving them without work.

    • I am ashamed of the individuals that think they can cast the first stone. Stupid mistakes but hasn’t there been enough haters causing celebs to suicide. They are still a precious life.

  3. Firstly, you are posting incorrect information; Yoochun was acquitted of all charges related to any sexual assault. Furthermore, one of the girls who accused him went to jail for false allegations and attempted blackmail; a second female fled the country when she realized she would be questioned. Please consider your wording more carefully when you post these articles; you are bordering on Libel.

    Secondly, it is truly sad to see how far these two brothers have fallen. Quite honestly, SK’s stance on marijuana is a bit much. To expand on that, any drug use is a sign of deep mental trouble or depression. Obviously these guys have some inner struggles to deal with. Being active in the entertainment industry will not do anything to help with that.

    Thirdly, I am shocked at how much of a 180 Yoochun has turned. He used to be the silly, funny, prankster trolling his members. He was a great actor, a great singer, and an entertaining performer. His life has completely flipped. I truly hope he deals with his issues and moves on with his life in a safe, healthy way.

  4. The judge who grants the restraining in favor of the agency have no common sense.

    And Park Yoo-hwan, why did you do it in Thailand? Think of Amsterdam for next time. ?

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