K-netizens Ponder: If You Can Be an Iconic Female K-drama Character for One Month, Whose Life Would You Want to Live?

Oh this is a good one, and I totally know who would be just a blast to live as for one month! K-netizens have circulated a post that shares ten famous/popular/well-known K-drama female lead characters and asked “which female lead’s life would you want to life if its just for one month?” I love the one month qualified because it’s basically the best part of the character’s life before all the conflict, challenges, and tears/fears come into play. We get the good only, yay! In that case it’s totally Cheon Song Yi from You From Another Star. Top Hallyu actress life, swank apartment, lives across from cold, smexy Professor Do Min Joon, and of course the one month perfect life cuts off before she has to survive murder and live the rest of her life with an alien boyfriend who pops back to Earth unpredictably. Another I will consider is a month as Geum Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers, because hello rich high school, F4! and having a devoted tsundere boyfriend in Gu Jun Pyo to liven up a hardworking student life. Being Deok Sun in Answer Me 1988 is too ordinary even if she has both Jung Hwan and Taek around. Crash Landing on You as Yoon Se Ri is only fun if its the Seoul portion and not the North Korea time. Check out some options below and of course share any additional fun female lead life for one month character you would love to inhabit with no strings attached.


K-netizens Ponder: If You Can Be an Iconic Female K-drama Character for One Month, Whose Life Would You Want to Live? — 39 Comments

  1. Now We Are Breaking Up premiered to 6.4% ratings, only 0.7% difference with The Red Sleeve. Yikes. Song Hye Kyo must be losing her touch with GP….

      • I think the name suits her/him perfectly – “Bleh”, sound like something you would regurgitate!

    • Thought that was a good ratings for TVN but then realized it’s airing on SBS ? Maybe that’s why Koala hasn’t posted about it yet.

      • That is the lowest drama rating for a drama starring SHK. Though wasn’t surprised since JKY is no where near SJK, PBG, JIS when it comes to popularity.

        Anyway none of the iconic lead roles appeal to me since all women suffered quite a lot. So I’m choosing none of the above.

  2. What you expect from her?Encounter get good rating because ahjumma love watching park bo gum.Shk looking old now just look the wrinkle on her neck and cheek.Shk even hard move her face because botox and filler.That drama just another second season encounter,no story,mystery or suspense just another boring drama.Also i don’t now why writer and director always cast jan ki young he doesn’t have charisma,0 present on screen.All of his protagonist drama was flop. Jky just mediocre actor like Song kang.

    • Sad to say, she really doesn’t look good here. And the character she is playing doesn’t appeal to me. I mean she had a one night stand with a guy and she didn’t even blink when she bumped into him again? I thought she had facial blindness like the male lead in Beauty Inside.

  3. there’s also high risk of bullying and abuse if you become jan di though. i don’t think that’s worth the tsundere boyfriend, even if it that boyfriend is lee min ho at his prime lol cheon song yi was cool but she also lived a lonely life. living in that swanky apartment by yourself would get old fast.

    this is making me realize that most kdrama heroines don’t have it easy. it’s a wonder more of them don’t have ptsd from all the nonsense they have to deal with.

    i’d go for dukseon. it would be simple but rewarding. she was surrounded by so much love.

  4. Whoever of them is the richest so I can transfer all their money to my real bank account, that includes all their offshore accounts to my name. I don’t want any of their relationship drama!! Fun to watch, exhausting to experience lmao.

    • Richest would be Yoon Seri because she is a Chaebol’s daughter and CEO of her own company.
      Tbh I would love to have a boyfriend like Ri Jeong Hyuk. One of the rare times when a male lead is not toxic in kdramaland.
      However I won’t be able to handle the drama because of his nationality. Your opinion is the best ig. Take the money and run away ?

  5. Anyone who doesn’t lose her parents or sibling, who has a supportive family, no rich guy messing around with her, doesn’t get cheated on, doesn’t get harassed by her ex, co workers, boss, mother in law, or husband or other men around her, lives a quiet life in a small town. I want to be her or else y’all can keep it.

  6. I love to be Chae Kyeong in Goong! I would choose the one month that two handsome princes are in love with me fighting for my attention while I get to enjoy life as a princess. Next up, as Go Bok Shil to be adored devotedly, gifted a whole building, showered with presents everyday and live in a French castle for one month.

  7. For me none of these ladies are as iconic as those ladies from historical dramas. Hwang Ji Ni, Dong Yi, Lee Seryung in The Princess’s Man, Queen Seon Deok, Soseono and Ye Soya in Jumong, Jang Geum. Same thing with the actresses, I prefer the historical ones pver the romcom girls.
    I just wish most of these older historical dramas will be watched by more people. I’m tired that only dramas 2016 and after or only romcoms from 2015 and before are the ones only hyped hy international fans.

    • I love older and longer saeguk, when they build everything grandiose and they build up the character for the long term.

      I think they don’t have the budget for that anymore which is a shame. I felt like a lot more saeguk protagonist is way stronger than supposedly “strong” modern character.

      But saeguk life is hard, imagine the sanitation and lack of medicine, gonna pass on that experience.

  8. I would love to receive love from Lee Ik-joon or Ahn Jung-won from hospital playlist, some might think it is boring but I would love it, instead of suffering bully from some schoolmates , or having tragic life like others characters, having all the fame and money but still feeling lonely and no love?

    A simple month life would be enough LOL being a doctor would also be exciting to me, being able to save lifes!

    Oh, I would also love Trash oppa from answer 1994, to be in my life and taking care of me!

  9. You from another star? The hero can’t even kiss the girl without fainting. I choose city Hall. Mayor, handsome husband who would be president.

  10. There are a lot of dramas where the FL is not really safe… I don’t want to end up in North Korea, in a sageuk where women have no right, to see ghost, to change body everytime…

    Hye-Jin in Hometown Cha Cha Cha has a pretty good job and live in a beautiful town with a handsome boyfriend who can do everything. She’s rich too :p

    Her Private Life, she has great job in a museum and handsome boyfriend.

    Personal Taste for her job and house.

    I want a nice and quiet life :p

  11. Of all the choices, well Cheon Song Yi is the best , she can actually not working for a month and do whatever the hell she wants.

    Can’t be in hospital playlist because of day job. I am not a doctor.

    Crash landing is weird cause it just not appealing, the fun portion was just at the end and she can’t even meet her boyfriend.

    Saeguk is a no no, you can die there. The protagonist survive because they are The Protagonist.

    The girl in WWW is also nice choices.

  12. Go Eun Chan because she was a strong young woman , hardworking , not a cinderella in distress and she was loved by Gong Yoo . Kim Sam Soon , Cha Ji Won ( Flower of evil ) Mo Seok Hee ( Graceful family ) Ma Yi Deum ( witch’s court ) …Why older dramas are not named ?

  13. 1. Do bong soon… Can kick asses and will have min min as bf/husband.
    2. Yoon hyejin… Have a good career, owns her own dental clinic and has an amazing boyfriend like dushik.

  14. None from the list. But i will consider Jung Eunji’s character in Reply 1997. Her parents were fun, i have many good friends and a guy who stayed true to me for years. And i get to fan girling again at 17!

    Or Hong Da In who would have Royal Secret Agent proposed to her.

  15. Hmm… probably kim dada from 1% of anything… or i wish to be Ikjun’s woman or Trash oppa’s woman, or Capt Yoo’s woman, or be the woman Park Hyunshik loves in Happiness but but but the women in WWW seems good.

    Aaaaahh, i want to be Chaerim in All About Eve.

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