Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho in Talks for 2022 Space Rom-com Drama Ask the Stars

Okay, just picked myself off the floor, nothing to see here. I thought I had the potential K-drama OTP pairings all figured out but somehow this one never once crossed my mind. K-ent is reporting the Lee Min Ho and Gong Hyo Jin are in talks to star in the first ever K-drama rom-com set in space called Ask the Stars. It’s the love story between a space tourist and an astronaut, not sure which gender is which, and is by the writer of Pasta and Incarnation of Jealousy who has been working on the script for the past three years. It’s slated to be one of the biggest budget K-dramas ever produced though I’ve seen the budget float between 50 to 40 billion won which is $42 million USD to $33 million. Either way that’s a huge budget and a legit new setting for a classic K-drama rom-com. Please let both leads play against type, I love if Gong Hye Jin is the rich bitch space tourist and Lee Min Ho the piss poor born hard scrabble astronaut who has no time for her bullshit lol.


Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Min Ho in Talks for 2022 Space Rom-com Drama Ask the Stars — 50 Comments

  1. If this goes through its going to create quite the craze! This gives me CLOY vibes so please let there be lots of cute! I know it’ll be a generic romcom with a fancy setting but if it has the right amount of humor, heart and chemistry it’ll bring back the classic romcom feels again!

  2. I loved Jealousy Incarnate because there was Jo Jung-Suk and he could make a jerk becoming lovely.

    I can’t with Lee Min-Ho, he’s not bad but neither good…

  3. Off lately I have been fed up with noona-dongsang romance. But since Lee Minho looks quite mature than his age, I guess this pairing won’t be bad.

  4. This pairing never crossed my mind really. I am not even sure if I look forward to seeing them romantically onscreen. But Ms Koala suggested GHJ be the bitchy tourist then it might work.

  5. LMH has 100 billion won apple drama which will have more seasons and now a mega project as domestic comeback. He gets such offers because of huge overseas profit he brings. His salary reports wont be mediaplayed despite getting millions from his profit sharing which is smart. I remember marie n her co losers saying he is over lmaooo. Now u need a tissue bcoz ur fave is such showpiece that she wont even get flowerpot in 2 big projects . Lmaoo they said he is finished. Now he has 2 biggest dramas coming uppp. Only king. Investors know he is money bcoz ur local faves dont bring such profit which his name and status bring. Tkem soared studio dragon stockss. Now haters here gonna bash him but this is the level of his projects which none of ur oppas n unnies will get on regular basis. Cry about it loserş
    Marie now u can bash him but ur unnie will never even get her showpiece roles in such projects. She is a showpiece decoration, whose career is slowing down. She is finished product and her vanilla visuals dont work overseas. A local has been is ur fave!

    • You’re such an obsessed freak, it’s embarrassing lmao. Suzy is doing a thriller revolving around her character whereas the eternal chaebol is doing his 482973 romance drama because he’s afraid to lose his thirsty fangirls. Well, not like he has the acting chops to branch out anyways since he’s been around for nearly 20 years doing the same old shit lmao. Worry about how literally every hallyu actor out there is more respected and more popular than him starting from Park Seo Joon, Kim Soo Hyun, Gong Yoo, Hyun Bin, Song Joong Ki, the list is never-ending! Hell, even Kim Seon Ho has already surpassed the eternal chaebol. Once again, his co-star is going to out-act and out-class him. Gong Hyo Jin and the hallyu actors coming back will likely get another Baeksang Best Acting nomination while the chaebol stays at ZERO like the potted plant he is. What an embarrassment for a man whose job is acting from the very beginning kkk.

    • ady, repeat after me
      my bias success has nothing to do with me
      my bias success has nothing to do with me
      my bias success has nothing to do with me


  6. I am full sure Lee min Ho not bad boy he is very good looking and clean of heart and he is very caring boy and Very very cute and innocent. My favourite and crush only for Lee min Ho.

  7. I am full sure Lee min Ho not bad boy he is very good looking and clean of heart and he is very caring boy and Very very cute and innocent and he is all drama in very actions and romantic and very funny. I like all drama to Lee min Ho. My favourite and crush only for Lee min Ho

  8. Damn lmh has worked eith every s tier senior. Son ye jin, jim hee sun jun ji hyun, now gong. He really works with seenior actresses beating the stereotype of male actors working only with younger girls. But he always said his ideal type is song hye kyo. Maybe that pairing will come true too one day hopefully

  9. Lee Min Ho in a rom-com? Groundbreaking
    Not feeling this pairing at all and that budget is outrageous. I loathed Jealousy #incarnate. One of the most pathetic female leads and toxic male leads I have ever come across.

    • Toxic bad men always work onscreen imo. People love watching toxic men on tv with sad past lool. Just dont get with such guys in real bcoz they r trouble in real world. Budget is outrageous bcoz it will bring huge profit with worldwide sales

  10. @Curious Pachinko is in Apple TV+’s list of dramas slated for 2022, but no release date yet. The whole project has been shrouded in secrecy and no one is allowed to talk. Seems like it’s Apple TV’s policy.

    • @Jasmine – Nah, the secrecy thing is Apple Inc.’s policy. That entire company operates in stealth mode, even internally where teams are blocked off from knowing what other teams are working on.

      Haven’t been impressed by Apple TV or Disney+’s efforts so far in the streaming space. Curious to see what they do with Pachinko.

    • Feminazis like her n her minions r so selective. They were preaching us all n calling us oppalogist. But in fact they supported an abusive women in name of feminism.

    • Why does she need to update about seonho? This is her blog. You can create your own blog and cry over there. Hate to break it to you but seonho attracted some toxic fan girls.

  11. I find Lee Minho pretty meh and I’m dubious of the writer after Wok of Love. Nothing here to excite me much though I’m sure it’ll be flashy and hyped to the heavens.

    • OMG. Whoever thought of this paring has been living outside of kdrama universe. First off, GHJ. I absolutely mean no disrespect, but can she please remove that chip off of her shoulder first before she faces the camera? Talk about blatant traces of acting in every single scene. It’s basically like me watching her act in front of the mirror then patting her back coz she’s amazing at it. No. LMH — I would like to see him please, pretty please, in something that will make him a true actor. I’m tired of his repeat roles.

  12. An LMH drama I will actually watch! This is an odd pairing that I think will only work if GHJ is the astronaut and LMH is the tourist. I love the idea of LMH just being a bumbling tourist and GHJ being the take charge super smart astronaut. I’d watch the heck out of that. If they do it the other way, the power dynamics will be too cringey with the female lead being at the disadvantage. Big difference between these two concepts.

  13. Imagine going from one of the best actors of his generation (Kang HaNeul) to Lee MinHo…

    GHJ deserves better. All of her co-stars have been talented, charismatic actors from Lee SunKyun, Jo JungSuk, Cha SeungWon, etcetera…she will have to hard carry the acting in this 🙁

    • Ghj will finally get a overseas hallyu hit bcoz she is too local lmao. Lmh is the one who will carry the show on his shoulders. Keep crying but he is getting biggest offers n ur flop faves can cry

  14. I know Hyo Jin’s film projects are more diverse, but I wish she would try out other genres for her dramas. Kind of tired of the rom-coms tbh. As for Minho, I haven’t watched anything with him other than BoF years ago, so no comment.

  15. Neither LMH and PSJ have officially confirmed for this space drama and K-project respectively. At this point, it’s just pure speculation to drive up comments, buzz, hype and attracting potential sponsors. Being burnt before by big budget big name projects like Vagabond, Sisyphus, MOA, Jirisan etc, I will treading very cautiously until GHJ & LMH’s agencies confirmed. After that, let the madness of PR hype & fan war comments begin in earnest.

  16. Not expecting this pairing at all. For once I love LMH to act against type to break out of the rich man stereotype. Being dishevelled, desperately needing a shower and having a three day stubble. I simply cannot imagine how a Korean rom-com set in a space station works. It boggles my mind unless Netflix provided the expertise needed in terms of CGI, special effects, competent director, etc. If the focus is on the OTP love story then the setting wouldn’t matter so much. It’s a delicate balancing act to weld the sci fi & OTP storyline effectively. Flashbacks to Rocketeer, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers old school sci-fi. Big budget projects scares me honestly like others have commented. If it fails, the condemnation, ridicule & mocking will be forever imprinted in the pantheon of bad dramas. If it’s a success, it will spark a rush of space romances.

  17. Just imagining the love in space dates spawned a gazillion scenarios. First date, jump into an x-wing fighter cruise past the death star (I’m Not A Robot looking at the stars date). Second date, drink shaken but not stirred cocktails in mois eisley cantina. Third date, swing by hoth planet for snow fights (winter sonata feels). Fourth date, meet cute ewoks for a rumble in the jungle picnic. Count me in. Cast not important.

      • Looks like the nasty twit Agent Orange emoji ?/?/whatever/LMFAO ran scared and came back to troll by changing to purple emoji ?/?/YEP

        ? This font fronts like she’s a Cardi when she is really a Nicki.

  18. Your last few sentences – that’s the drama I will watch!
    LMH does best when he is a little dorky, clueless and helpless. That’s the only set up right – imagine him being another chaebol or prince charming! Gawd save us. I hope he gets something he can have fun with – he always dials in for some reason – i hope with her, he “works” harder. Before the fan girls drown me with their indignance- I like him – he just needs to pick better projects – this sounds fabulous.

  19. Love everything about the drama but I don’t like the female lead… They should change her… The king needs a befitting gorgeous female lead by his side

    • I am not a fan of LMH but out of the dramas I watched of them,to me he is a far better actor than her. Her acting and visual on When Camilla Blooms were annoying. IMO, the suspense, the child actor and KHN saved that drama.

  20. LMH is easy on the eyes but GHJ is overrated. Ditch the noona angle. I pick Han So Hee, Jung Eun Ji, Lee Sunbin or even Kim Ji Won. KJW can play bitchy perfectly. I love to see her smack a dorky LMH or poke him with a pointy lightsaber.

  21. Lee min ho face getting more ugly .Too much botox and plastic surgery huh?His acting also mediocre just like song hye kyo both of them was hallyu star.But their acting feel same since debut.

  22. You called me? I know how to push your buttons. Nam Ji Hyun is not gonna choose your Wookie oppa. It’s clear who she likes in oct 23 ig post. Another oppa in her mind. Her cat name sounds so much closer to his name. Come on out jiji shipper.

  23. Moi j’ adore cette actrice dans le sens qu elle est particulière originale elle différé des autres actrices physiquement très mature responsable et très sincère dans tous ses dramas elle a joué a la perfection maître de ses choix et bravo. Dans cette nouvelle aventure télévisée elle peut mettre Lee min ho en valeur et un peu plus mature il a besoin d un rôle plus prestigieux astronaute c est very grandissimo mettre 2 acteurs totalement différents cela peut apporte du piment et curiosité dans la série et pour les fans. J’ attends avec impatience et c est une bonne connections a bientôt allez go gong Yon jin faits nous rêver

  24. I’m still waiting for a LMH and SHK drama. He always said he wants to be in a drama with her. I think visually they’ll look good together.

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