Streaming Platform TVing Subscribers Triple in One Week After Most Recent Episodes of Well-received Drama Work Later, Drink Now

The streaming viewers have spoken and there is an unexpected K-drama hit that should be great fun to watch during a holiday marathon. TVing exclusive drama Work Later, Drink Now (Drinker City Women) is adapted from a webtoon and stars Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa and Jung Eun Ji as three libation loving single working lady best friends in Seoul. I heard about it but didn’t pique my interest until now, when K-ent is reporting that the streaming platform TVing subscribers increased 3x in one week after the most recent episodes 7-8 of the drama, which is slated for a 12-episode run. That’s unprecedented for TVing and the reviews for this drama are glowing with praise heaped on all three leading ladies for being so vibrant, charming, and comedic in their roles. I’m totally going to check this out and one wonders if Coupang Play streaming only drama One Ordinary Day (That Night) premiering next week will also bring in the same type of subscriber increase.


Streaming Platform TVing Subscribers Triple in One Week After Most Recent Episodes of Well-received Drama Work Later, Drink Now — 21 Comments

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  2. Will check this one out. Love Eunji since Answer Me 97 & Sunbin in S38. Tving been doing well lately with low-key 12 episode dramas. Witch’s Diner was well received although it attracted no buzz. Song Ji Hyo’s fans though remembered her. Not surprised to see her winning the top spot in AA Award.

  3. Well acted drama with good chemistry. Resonating emotionally with viewers will bring success. No need big names, mega budget, hype, media-play or tons of articles to boost popularity. Rooting for low-key good dramas! Siwon looks so weird with the beard. Just can’t. Lol.

  4. It’s freaking crack! The friends are hilarious, individually and as a group. I’m just sad It’s half an hour per epi, but I like how tight and well paced each episode.

  5. Hoesik is part of the Korean DNA. With easing restrictions in SK, hoesik is back with a vengeance too. Not surprised it struck a chord with local audience.

  6. It’s a drinking drama. And we all know how much Koreans loooooooove their liquor. Lol.

    BTW, Hellbound drops today! With all the INSANE promos and marketing I’ve seen for this show, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it became another SG for Netflix.

    • Dropped all my kdramas and cleared the slate for binge watching Hellbound. Initial reviews looks really good so crossing fingers.

  7. I don’t watch Kdramas to see their leads being drunk during the whole episode… It’s pretty scary that they think it’s normal…

  8. Set aside the drinking culture. The ladies are very vibrant in each individual role, each has striking personalities trying to survive & finding true passion. 1st episode already got me hooked because the story line are so different. I love chic flit & women empowerment.

  9. Looks good! I’ve liked all three actresses in their previous dramas (Jung Eunji especially, loved her in OG Reply and Sassy, Go Go), good to see it’s resonating with viewers!

    Sometimes these relatively less promoted/dark horse dramas are real gems. (Also I don’t watch kdramas to use them as some clean living lifestyle guide, so I don’t get what’s with the moralising about how much Koreans drink. I used to live in the UK where going to the pub is like a religion to our neighbourhood, so this concern is funny to me)

  10. Just started this because of this post and now I cannot stop! This is sooooo much fun! And I love that Choi Si Won is in it too because he is always comedy gold!

    • Seriously it’s SO GOOD! The three leads really are so good at acting that you believe they’re these drunk bffs haha I love them

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