Streaming Platform TVing Subscribers Triple in One Week After Most Recent Episodes of Well-received Drama Work Later, Drink Now

The streaming viewers have spoken and there is an unexpected K-drama hit that should be great fun to watch during a holiday marathon. TVing exclusive drama Work Later, Drink Now (Drinker City Women) is adapted from a webtoon and stars Lee Sun Bin, Han Sun Hwa and Jung Eun Ji as three libation loving single working lady best friends in Seoul. I heard about it but didn’t pique my interest until now, when K-ent is reporting that the streaming platform TVing subscribers increased 3x in one week after the most recent episodes 7-8 of the drama, which is slated for a 12-episode run. That’s unprecedented for TVing and the reviews for this drama are glowing with praise heaped on all three leading ladies for being so vibrant, charming, and comedic in their roles. I’m totally going to check this out and one wonders if Coupang Play streaming only drama One Ordinary Day (That Night) premiering next week will also bring in the same type of subscriber increase.

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First Drama Poster and New Stills for tvN Rom-com Revolutionary Love with Choi Si Won and Kang Sora

With how hard Manhole (Wonderland’s Feels or Feels So Good) flopped recently on KBS Mon-Tues, there is a reasonable concern that similarly quirky rom-com feel upcoming tvN drama Revolutionary Love may be coming at a time without the audience for this type of … Continue reading

C-drama Billion Dollar Heirs Releases Hilarious and Self-deprecating Slappy First Teaser

China might have a new drama industry to mine – copying popular K-dramas and making a ridiculous parody out of it. There was the absurd but fun Heirs From Another Star, but even before that project got off the ground there … Continue reading

King of Dramas Finalizes Cast with Kim Myung Min, Jung Ryeo Won, Choi Si Won and Oh Ji Eun

I’m seeing conflicting reports on which SBS drama will follow Faith on Mon-Tues. Some sites list The Great Seer, others list King of Dramas, and some sites list both as SBS Mon-Tues dramas. Clearly something has to give, and despite … Continue reading

The Curious Case of the Amazing Class of 87ers

I’ve had this post percolating since forever, but there was one hold out on it that made me iffy. Finally, at long last and really I shouldn’t be surprised, I have fallen madly for the charm of a certain Prince-turned-reluctant-King. … Continue reading