Yoo Seung Ho is the Beleaguered Straight Man to Goofy Hyeri in New Poster and Stills for KBS Youth Sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom

I take solace in knowing that if a story is good I can usually overlook bad acting, especially if I’m fond enough of said actor or actress. The new poster and character stills are out for KBS Mon-Tues sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom, which will take over the time slot from The King’s Affection (Yeonmo) in the end of December. I totally concur with K-netz who think it’s just Hyeri being Deokseon in Joseon era because from all the stills it she nails that for sure. Yoo Seung Ho is clearly playing the straight man in the drama, his magistrate there to enforce prohibition laws and her hooch brewer thwarting him openly. I hate half of the poster above, Hyeri looks fine but Yoo Seung Ho’s stance is so awkward though I know what the concept is, that’s his trying to stop her brazen liquor sales, but his posture makes him look like Quasimodo lol. Hyeri does well for me when she’s playing a easy to like character personality and has chemistry with her male lead, namely Answer Me 1988 and My Roommate is a Gumiho. I love Yoo Seung Ho in anything and everything performance wise but I always bail on his dramas midway because I just don’t like the story or script. So here’s to hoping this is a charming story.


Yoo Seung Ho is the Beleaguered Straight Man to Goofy Hyeri in New Poster and Stills for KBS Youth Sageuk Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom — 10 Comments

  1. Hyeri only can act this kind of role : loud and comic…

    It’s the less interesting sageuk for me but there is Yoo Seung-Ho at least!

  2. Hope this doesn’t become a flaming pile of mess. I have never finished a YSH drama. Poor him if this one goes down the rabbit hole. Someone said second lead Kang Mina rushed to accept next drama offer before this one finished filming coz she knows it’s bad.

  3. Someone said YSH looks constipated and I can’t unsee it. Never been a fan of his acting but he looks particularly bad in all the posters I’ve seen for this drama. He also looks shorter than his usual height but Hyeri is on the taller side. Lets see how it goes but not feeling any chemistry from the posters.

  4. If Hyeri was alone in that poster I quite liked it. Like I was expecting for her to grow a tail or something.

    If they are going for comedy, I’d say good luck to the cast.

    Not all actors can do comedy.

    • I’ll give Hyeri this, she can do slapstick physical comedy and doesn’t seem too hung up on trying to stay looking ‘pretty’ onscreen.

      At least she can do that much, so if this is a ‘Deoksun in Joseon-era’ kind of goofy role and she and YSH have some chemistry, it could work (I have no faith in her diction or in her ability to emote anything other than goofball though)

      • And she seems easy-going bts, hence might be easier with YSH and her to build onscreen chemistry. If there is one thing with YSH is his onscreen chemistry seems a bit lacking. He seems to be a bit more reserve.

      • I have a soft spot for actresses who can do slapstick. I think she can emote though in a limited fashion, but her diction…it’s jarring when someone’s diction is off in a sageuk. Then again, this seems to be one of those wacky fusion sageuks, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Or maybe it can usher in a big change in sageuks where people go “people in Joseon times can have poor diction too”.

        I’m bummed at how the poster screwed up YSH’s look. He looks almost photoshopped into the pic.

        I do like the pastel color palette they’re going with for Hyeri’s clothes.

  5. YSH is such an amazing actor but my god he sometimes picks the worst dramas lol. But he’s one of those actors I’d toil through trash for because he’s just that captivating. I hope this is good tho. Hyeri can sometimes be good depending on her role. And if Taec can do it (somewhat lmao), so can she I suppose.

  6. Hyeri’s acting was wonderful in My Roommate Is A Gumiho. She wasn’t like her character in Reply 1988 at all. So I think she has a bright future ahead as an actress improving her craft.

  7. hyeri is extremely limited and has bad diction but she does comedy well. ysh on the other hand is better in melo and lacks chemistry with almost all his past female leads. i wonder how this will turn out haha.

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