KBS Releases Two More Awkwardly Posed Posters for Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri

You’re killing me Smalls! But then again, it could be that KBS just makes craptastic drama posters but great end product. Recent case in point being Dali and the Cocky Prince, though that drama did create lovely painting homage character posters so not all bad. We’re now 0-3 with the drama posters for Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom. Conceptually it’s the opposite of the first poster with Yoo Seung Ho trying to stop illegal liquor brewing Hyeri, and now she’s trying to silence him first with a drink ladle and later just with her hand. Poor Yoo Seung Ho looks hunched over in the top poster and in general hiding his beautiful lips is both a travesty and also really awkward for a drama poster. I wish I was in the room where the creative trust came up with these concepts and then yell “Nope! Next!” at them before running away.


KBS Releases Two More Awkwardly Posed Posters for Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri — 6 Comments

  1. We already have slapstick humor with Secret Royal Inspector Joy and now this one… Not sure I can watch 2 humoristic sageuks. I don’t specially like Hyeri as an actress…

  2. People should be more worried about YSH than Hyeri. His acting in the trailers is already bad. If Hyeri plays Deoksun in Joseon at least she’ll nail it but he can only do melo and even then he gets outacted every time.

  3. If only it’s an individual poster with Hyeri. I find Hyeri’s smile quite cheeky.

    I find the posters theme at odds with the drama title. With the title Thinking of the Moon when the flowers bloom makes me imagine something else for the poster.

    If this was intentional to get the people interested then good luck.

    • This is so true. There is a big disconnect between the slapstick, bawdy posters seem completely at odds with the poetic and romantic title. If this just had a plain title like the other recent comedic sageuks “Secret Royal Inspector” or “Secret Royal Inspector and Joy” the posters would seem more fitting.

  4. I don’t like Hyeri’s acting, as for Yoo Seung Ho , i like him but since his return from MS he didn’t choose any good project , i fear for this one . Inspector Joy is not my cup of tea but it’s watchable and Kim Hye Yoon is pretty good .

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