Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun Confirmed for Next Kim Eun Sook Revenge Drama The Glory

These two leads are currently in less that stellar reviewed dramas but I still love them very much so have hopes their next drama together will reverse this slump. Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun are now confirmed for the upcoming Kim Eun Sook penned revenge drama The Glory. It’s an 8-episode per season multi-season drama, think Penthouse, and deals with the female lead who gave up her architect dreams after being severely bullied until she dropped out of high school and she bides her time to enact her revenge on the children of her bullies years later as the kids teacher. Conceptually I love me a good long plotted slow burn revenge but taking it out on innocent kids through being born of thoroughly terrible parents is hard not to just hate everyone by the end. The drama does not yet have an airing network but it will be 100% pre-produced and directed by the PD of Secret Forest and Record of Youth.


Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun Confirmed for Next Kim Eun Sook Revenge Drama The Glory — 31 Comments

    • Because it happens where entire families are targeted because of an adult or ancestor. It’s how the drama portrays the FL that is important. Hopefully expecting to see some character growth where the the FL realizes its actually wrong.

      • if the kids are also bullies and as irritating as the ones in penthouse then it will be fun to watch… also its fiction…

  1. SHKyo who cannot stray from her blank heavily made up face in a revenge thriller. What do directors writers and audiences see in her as an actress that she keeps getting acting offers…
    Would prefer an able actress of similar age for such roles, no dearth in K drama and K movie of them.

      • But NWBU has proven that’s not true. The drama should be in double digits now on public SBS, instead it has the same rating as Jirisan on TVN, a cable channel. Gone are the days when an Alist actor alone will guarantee good ratings. It may be enough for viewers to tune in first few episodes but only good writing, acting and directing will keep them. No matter how big the star is.

      • NWABU is doing poorly in ratings. Acting ability matters more than popularity now, given how some recent dramas with big name stars have performed.

    • Because of SHK star power, even before her dramas can air, it already gined its Return of Investment (ROI) with the distribution rights and oreorder of everythings she wear which are seen in early released photos. Other dramas have to rely on viewer ratings to get the advertisers and overseas distributors attention. kdrama is a big business and Song Hye Kyo is still a reliable product that sells. Reality.

  2. Lee Do Hyun is collecting noonas! Kim Ha-Neul, Lim Soo-Jung and now SHK. I wonder what role he will have?

    I’m not really interested by the plot and SHK is not making my interest stronger…

  3. I feel like it won’t be that simple. The kids will probably be portrayed to be similar to their parents and SHK might not take direct revenge and instead manipulate the kids to take out one another and instigate conflicts between their families that will ruin their families’ businesses and reputations.

  4. Another dumb plot in kdramaland. So she dreams of being an architect but drops out due to bullying. Then I presume she goes back to become a teacher. And instead of focusing on this honorable job she is just using it as a means to have access to her former bully’s kids? Am I supposed to be rooting for this woman? They are going to have to do a really good job to show why someone would do something like this.

    My Name was also a revenge plot where HSH’s character joins the police force to get revenge on her father’s killer but the stakes were actually high and you understood her motivation. She was not trying to hurt anyone innocent. Bullying as a motivation is much weaker because SHK then just becomes a bully herself right?

    • you are judging a drama based on 2 lines… penthouse was a huge hit and every character was ruthless or immoral at least once… nowadays revenge dramas doesn’t necessarily means good v/s evil… it can be bad vs evil or evil vs evil as well…

    • it’s not that easy to forgive and forget. the mind said forget it, but if the heart can’t, you can’t force it. revenge drama tend to exploited this one human nature. particularly if you are given a big trauma.

      moreover, a good revenge drama tend to have great tension which used to hooked viewers.

      I hope KES has good cowriters, or else I just doubt her ability to make something substance.

      And it will be actually on netflix.

    • Revenge as a plot can be interesting when done right, like the example of My Name I used above. All depends on the writing.

  5. These two…I just don’t get the hype and appeal, however hard I try. Then there’s the writer. And that silly synopsis. He turned down a Netflix show for this? Ok. Anyway, hard pass.

  6. that plot sounds.. strange, but a potentially juicy lead role. I just hope shk is less stilted. maybe all the criticism from nwabu will serve as a catalyst for her to let loose and stop focusing on looking pretty for the camera. I’ve watched most of her drama and she’s only gotten kind of wooden after Descendants. When she was younger, she was very emotive. I think she’s just been trying to hide her physical aging by limiting her expressions.

  7. Same comment as I had with Melancholia: who thought this plot is a good idea (besides Kim Eun-sook)? Do they not conduct audience surveys? I love revenge stories, but taking revenge on children is cowardly and wrong. Pick on people your own size.

  8. I hate to say this but this is the first time I wasn’t enthralled by her onscreen presence in a drama.

    She was luminous in That Winter and was glowing in DOTS. Even in Encounter she looked amazing.

    So if she is not going to take a different approach in The Glory then it will be NWABU 2.0

    • I think twtwb was a drama about a wodden female lead that’s why shk need to do much experiment with her acting and regarding dots I think that was not a difficult role any actress in this industry can play cute, attitude, kind of self centred girl except learning medical terms.

  9. Another drama of SHK where some people will fall in love with her “ageless” beauty and fashion.
    She is definitely a star….. Unfortunately not an actress.
    Same old expression, melo, crying, love,PPL,Buzz….just different name or shield (revenge plot) Nothing more or less.

    Good for her. At the end of the day, she is a “professional” and making huge money…. So that’s ok for her.She pays the bill and I as an audience can skip her drama if it’s not good (if It’s good than that’s fantastic even for me who is never get her acting other than TWTWB).
    Best wishes.

  10. Shk is 1 of the prettiest n most fashionable SK actress.. but her acting is really monotone.. i hope she just sticks to her high fashion magazine photos n brand endorsement thats where she shines the most.. and can she acts w someone her age or older i mean there are alot of older actors why have to pair her w young men..

  11. I’m not concerned about the revenge, because you’re clearly not supposed to root for it. It’s a drama for god’s sake. My issue is I don’t see any place for Lee Do-hyun in the synopsis. It seems like the focal of the show will be on the teacher, the bully and the child. If anything I feel LDH’s character will likely be sidelined and if not he’ll not contribute anything to the plot at all.

  12. I don’t think shk can act anything else other than wooden. All that botox has permanently frozen her face. Plus her unhealthy obsession with always looking picture perfect and we have another disaster of the nwbu kind in the making.

  13. I do love Kyo but I don’t understand why she keeps on doing dramas opposite much younger actors. It just doesn’t fit at all. Why not with same age as hers? Or older than she is?

  14. since it’s a revenge and probably makjang(?) kind of drama, song hye kyo really needs to improve her acting this time. you can not act in a revenge genre with a deadpan and expressionless face.

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