K-media Article Highlights Jung Hae In May Face a Second Drama Cancelled Early with Snowdrop and How it’s His Own Choices that Keep Hampering His Rise to Fame

Wow that is one harsh and clearly stated article, and honestly one foot in mouth moment is enough to hamper success but more than one and it’s a legit problem. K-actor Jung Hae In is having a whiplash 2021 year as he’s in both one of the highest critical acclaim dramas of the year with D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) and also one of the most controversial dramas with Snowdrop. He’s been slowly building back up to his breakthrough year’s success after Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain), his center standing controversy at the Baeksang Arts Awards, and the low rated and cancelled early A Piece of Your Mind. A K-ent media reporter points out that Jung Hae In keeps getting himself into trouble and in this case it’s not just starring in Snowdrop but his statement at the press conference when asked about the events of the drama setting and when weather he researched and studied up on it, said that he was born 1 year after the 1987 student crackdown and massacre so he could not experience it himself but he read the script and could then imagine that era in his mind and act it out. *Headdesking so hard here*. I wonder if Jung Hae In really is a himbo and we can’t expect thoughtful, critical answers from him lol.


K-media Article Highlights Jung Hae In May Face a Second Drama Cancelled Early with Snowdrop and How it’s His Own Choices that Keep Hampering His Rise to Fame — 35 Comments

  1. Sigh. Shouldn’t his manager have taught him how to answer such a sensitive question?

    After the immediate scrutiny on Snowdrop during production, shouldn’t the cast have prepared on briefing them on how to reply questions like these?

    Why is the PD so intent on not changing male character’s role? And why is it that they are venting on JHI only? Shouldn’t this be both PD and writer’s responsibility?

    Is it because of the problematic role or is it the actor himself? Or both.

  2. the reason might be he isn’t a smart person. a smart person will do his own research (google, ask someone, etc) to imagine the 1987 era

    • What an ignorant airheaded fool. Shame on him so his basically ignoring every horrible tragedy cause he wasn’t born. I’m so glad I was never a fan. I still find it baffling that established leads like yoona in na and hye soon would agree to play second fiddle to an idol.

  3. well he might didn’t expecting to have this strong opposite reaction. Many historical drama has some innaccuracy interpration of the real event, and this writers is one of those writers. And many of them get away with it. Public reaction is unpredictable. But this drama seems has initial objection from the start.

  4. Ok but now that Jisoo officially debuted as an actress will the blog cover her magazine covers because shes looks stunning on the Dazed cover! Next chaebol diva role for her or she can play an idol! Lots of idol dramas with actual idols these days!

      • Exactly. Her fans should urge her to fix her horrible pronunciation and line delivery stat instead of worrying about magazine covers.

      • @Butterfly are you watching obs? Have you heard kdm talk? Even yeh has a strong nasally accent. Being nasally with bad enunciation is not a big challenge it becomes a quirk. Suzy and hyeri had the worst enunciation when they started and it took them forever to improve. More jisoo acts the better her enunciation will get and the more endearing her tone.

      • @Polis

        It’s not just her god-awful enunciation. Her whole acting stinks something rotten. Never thought there’d be a worse idol-actor than Cha Eun Woo, Son Na Eun and the others you mentioned but we have a winner!

        Also, a lead role in a high profile drama is NOT where you learn to act. It’s only in K-ent that you see these dumb defenses of people who have no business appearing on the screens of viewers as actors.

        You start with minor roles and supporting roles to build your way up and improve before taking on a lead role. She deserves all the roasting she’s getting.

    • @butterfly jisoo is being praised for her acting, liar. only dumb PANN teens are criticizing her. hate to break it to you, but she’s already this good at her debut, she’ll become even better in her next roles. worry about your oppa’s flop comeback drama that made zero noise instead of speaking on actress jisoo.

      • ?

        LOL, you suspiciously like one of ‘em “dumb PANN teens” you so loathe. The irony I’m sure, is lost to you tho.

      • It’s just her Fans praising Jisoo lol. They are bad, not just her but other actors as well. She is pretty, yes. But still, her acting is nothing to be praised upon. Snowdrop’s story isn’t even good. If I have to praise it, just the directing and cinematography is passable.

      • Well the article abt her bad acting was trending on naver at no.1 . So it was not just some “pann teen girls”.

  5. I personally think he doesn’t read the room well in general (center controversy), but I think his mis-steps are largely due to this team/agency as well. What on earth are they doing by okay-ing his response to this qn?

    Lots of interviews/press con qns are not 100% spontaneous. The cast has been somewhat prepped ahead of time as to what qns they can expect, and it gives them some time to think of the responses. Some of them will come already having memorised their answers.

    So I’m legit shocked he/his team will still go ahead with this sorta response, which can be SO easily refuted (ie. do your darn research dude). They can’t be oblivious to all the controversy swirling ard the drama either. So daft and tone-deaf.

    • @Anna – seriously. His acting is good but he keeps shooting himself in the foot by having zero ability to read the room.

      The centre controversy wasn’t a career-ending kind of big deal, but that combined with this just looks like he’s actually just tone -deaf.

    • He’s a grown man in his 30s and been in the industry for what a decade now? His agency shouldn’t have to remind him not to act like an idiot and plant himself at the centre stage at an award show where he just wins a small award, nor should they have to tell him to pick up a history book and prep for interviews.

  6. He’s honestly come across as an extremely ignorant fool in the past few years. That comment tho, takes the cake. Firstly, the premise of SD is set during such an important part of South Korea’s history and one of the big components of democracy and the life he lives today. The fact that he thinks it’s okay to act in a drama that is accused of distorting that history, and that his excuse of not knowing it is because he wasn’t born yet? ?What an absolute fill-in-the-blanks.

    It’s like not knowing what the Nazi did because, hey, I wasn’t alive. But I read a distorted drama script and imagined what it was like based on that script. Wow. There are foolish people and then there’s that. He and his PR team really need to take a step back and… think.

    • Exactly how can you not know anything about your own country. Barely knowing about another countries history could be fine but even so when reading a script, is it too hard to do some basic research.
      But I think he knows and is just playing dumb, it was all about greed.

      • well to be honest, I barely know the detail of my country history lol.. so many event change after so many years discovered with new evidence so history keep changing I’m losing track right now. I learned it in school and firget what I learned as soon as i graduated.

      • @missjb – that’s a you problem lmao. Not a general problem. No ones asking him to recite the history in chronological order. But to not know it at all because he was born after it? And then to base all his knowledge on a distorted script to act out a HISTORICAL role. Okay yea, again – that’s a you and him problem. Not general.

  7. He’s an airhead. And he’s never carried a drama to success, it’s always been his more talented and more popular veteran female leads. Even in D.P., he was outshined by Koo Gyo Hwan.

  8. I don’t thing snowdrop is going to cancelled despite it being a lot more controversial than JE because it has one thing going for it that JE didn’t and that’s YG’s backing and money but yeah this is definitely not a good look for him

    • JE was a co-production between YG and Lotte Cultureworks. SBS decided to cancel it once sponsors and advertisers started backing out. Public channels need advertiser money more than cable networks. It’s Disney money and JTBC that is keeping Snowdrop on-air.

  9. And jisoo saying her favourite subject is history couldn’t be funnier. She too is an airhead or maybe she’s a right winger.

    • Doesn’t change the that her acting is not good.

      It seriously isn’t good. I feel sorry for her cause her fans baby her too much, one day she’ll face the reality that she wasn’t good enough at acting and at the same time the weakest performer in her group.

  10. a himbo. he’s pretty but ignorant and not very bright. and in need of a better team to manage his public persona stat. he/they should already anticipate such a question, especially since the backlash started months ago. but no, he relies too much on his face. lol.

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