Thinking of Breaking Up with Now, We are Breaking Up Midway Through the Drama Which Continues to See Ratings Decline and Lack of Buzz

So I’ve been stuck on episode 9 of Now, We are Breaking Up from three weeks ago, and the fact that I haven’t the inclination to keep watching speaks volumes. Last week there was only one episode aired so this week it’s up to episode 12. Ratings continue to drop from 9-13 it’s gone from 6.9%, 6.8%, 6.5%, yesterday was 5.7% and today went down further to 4.9%. And this drama is airing on SBS, it’s not a cable drama so those ratings are so so bad for the big name cast. For mediocre dramas like this, and it’s definitely not a terribly written or acted drama just lacking in oomph and energy and everyone kinda sleepwalks through it, the reason to watch has to be either to know how it’s going to end or interest in the journey. The leads will definitely be together in the end, there is no pressing reason why not other than controlling mother and clingy mentally deranged former fiancee of the dead older brother trying to split them up. So if the ending is set, the journey is what slowly lost me. I was invested early on and had passable interest to keep watching but around the midway point it just petered out. Those who are still watching, share if it’s worth continuing on for me.


Thinking of Breaking Up with Now, We are Breaking Up Midway Through the Drama Which Continues to See Ratings Decline and Lack of Buzz — 43 Comments

  1. Meanwhile:

    The Red Sleeve rose from 13.0% to 14.3%. Its highest yet.

    Bad & Crazy dropped from 3.7% to 3.1%. Premiere ratings (4.4%) still the highest.

    Snowdrop dropped from 1.8% to 1.6%.

    Uncle rose from 4.4% to 5.5%.

    Bulgasal dropped from 5.8% to 4.7%. Premiere ratings (6.3%) still the highest.

    Yi Bang Won – TBD. But its ratings so far are promising.

    BTW, Channel A Mon-Tues drama Show Window has been killing it in ratings. Started off at 2.0% and is now at 6.4%.

    • Knetz were actually surprised that Red Sleeve achieved its personal best despite it being Christmas and the episodes airing until 1: 00 am.
      Tbh, this drama even had the potential to cross 20 pc. Epi 12 already had 13+pc rating and with the momentum picking up in the last 5 episodes viewership numbers would have reached a new height.
      Only if mbc were smart and didn’t rush it?. 3 episodes aired during Christmas holidays and the next 2 during new year’s day that too until 1: am. And let’s not even talk abt the stiff competition from the jam packed slot. Still it did well.
      Anyways , i am positive they will cross 15pc in the last 2 episodes. The whole team deserves that reward vacation.

  2. Crikey. You endured this trainwreck longer than I did, Koala. Hard-dropped it after 4 episodes. I so badly wanted to stick around for the fashion backdrop but I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  3. Congratulations for reaching episode nine Ms. Koala. After checking out the pilot episode I didn’t stick around.

    To be honest I am more interested who styled her hair. Because it looked so lifeless and limp, perhaps hair extensions?

    This is a wake up call for SHK. Jirisan at least did 7% in TVN just like SHK’s Encounter. For a public channel the locals definitely showed no interest for this kind of story anymore.

    I know ratings are no longer how it used to be, which is why shows with several leads as costars definitely bring in more viewers. Ratings winner like Hospital Play list and Penthouse as more recent examples.

  4. Jeez. Song HyeKyo has the same expression on all the screenshots you posted (except the 2 smiling ones). It looks like reviews are true that she’s even more bland here than ever.

  5. How can you say this show is not badly written? It’s very badly written. The lines were so unrealistic, those that were supposed to move me only make me cringe.

  6. This is a huge underperformer for SBS. I don’t think you are the only one who feels that way. Main complaint I see everywhere is that it’s just so boring and draggy. It’s telling that the ratings have been decreasing steadily week on week. People criticise Jirisan but at least its ratings remained steady in the mid-7% to 8% after the initial drop.

    I don’t get why Song Hye Kyo and her agency thought this drama was the right one for a comeback. The plot sounded painfully boring and flop Jang ki Young is like Typhoid Mary when it coms to leading projects. As soon as he was cast opposite SHK as male lead I knew this wasn’t going to be hit.

    I wonder if this was some old rejected script the writer had lying around and polished up quickly. It does not compute that the same writer of Misty wrote this dull and outdated script.

    • JKY isn’t the biggest problem here. NWABU was supposed to be a “female centric” drama and SHK was expected to carry much of the show. Stronger actors have been able to drag along a weaker partner (like Honey Lee did), although to be fair the script needs to be halfway decent.

      • True SHK is the top star but this is supposed to be a romance and a romance drama depends on it’s main couple. Previously, SHK has had very charismatic, talented leads to balance out her mediocre skills but JKY is charisma hole and a lacking actor himself so they ended up with whatever this is.

    • I’m proud of Jirisan, it’s my personal favorite this year. I know it has a lot of flaws, but it’s like it had found it’s place and had steady ratings, and if we look at viewership it wasn’t bad…

    • Jang Ki Yong doesn’t have that ability to pull ratings that’s why it is a surprised why SHK picked this project that is really bound to fail from the start. Sigh.

  7. Tbf, it’s because of Christmas and the intense competition that the ratings went down for most of the dramas.
    For example Red sleeve with the current momentum in its story, it should have already achieved 15pc by now if not for the holidays. Also, back to back airing on the same day added another burden.

    But I agree with Koala . 4.9 is a bit too low for a song hye kyo drama. Wonder if it will beat world’s within’s lowest record of 4.8.

      • She did say she will stop writing on the ratings battle cause clearly TRS is the winner.
        And this is not really a news site it is her personal blog. So she can write anything.

        I personally would wish she would write on TRS and gush about it cause I do think it is brilliant and awesome. But reading her posts on TRS, I always felt that she has not yet watched it, but she has admittedly said she watch NWABU.
        And even if she did watch TRS and not write about it, I just dont get why we should be policing her over it…

      • @Ren

        I agree with you. I also think it would be great if Koala occasionally did a ratings report of ALL dramas airing in a particular time slot (like the first commenter did) even if she’s not watching those dramas. She could just let the viewers of those dramas discuss in the comments section. It would also be a good way to keep track of everything airing.

      • @el arco iris, People can go to other sites like Dramabeans if they want to see and keep track of all the show ratings and discuss them. This site functions more as a gossip site and has its niche.

      • @Yzma

        Yes, I’m aware of this site’s niche, thank you very much. That is why I wrote “occasionally” which means “sometimes” or “once in a while”. And it was a very harmless suggestion to the blog owner which she is NOT obliged in anyway to heed. HER blog, HER show. She can run it however she wants and I support her.

  8. lmao, i’m ahead with 1 ep, dropped it after ep 10. First 4 ep was fun though. The rest is not bad bad, just bland with no unexpected twist or anything to keep the viewers interested. I turned to watched bulgasal with zero knowledge what it was about and it turned out more than fine. I’ve always liked lee jin wook and i don’t know why he hasnt hit that stardom yet.

  9. With the intense competition for the attention of new kdrama fans, shk came out with a flop and became exposed for the incompetent actress that she is. Proof that it was the male leads carrying her dramas before. Paired with a less popular male lead, she clearly cannot carry the drama. Not with her bad acting nor with her fading influence and fame.

    • @***M***

      Exactly! Hahaha!!! This proved the theory that the ML are the one carried her dramas to success. Now being paired with JKY who didn’t have any successful drama hence this drama becomes a laughing stock. ???

      I am sorry Hye Kyo pairing with Ki Yong isnt really a good move for you.He is a star that is still wandering in the vast universe and has not found its brightness yet.

      • @sorry

        I seconded that… He needs a drama that really pit his name in the map of achievements in SKorea showbiz. Unfortunately, he has not found it yet and Ms. Song tries h already. Poor Ms. Song.

  10. So NWBU is really that bad? After reading the reviews earlier on,I didn’t bother to watch it anymore. “Bland acting and poor storyline” keep on popping up everytime there’s a write up about the drama. At least, it’s consistent that way.

  11. Yikes. I am not surprised if this drama will get 3% rating next week.Jan ki young did better with MRIG but this drama was awful,bland,boring as hell.

  12. Bravo Koala , you are the one who deserves to win a Daesang , you achieved to see it until ep 9 .Unless if you are suffering from insomnia !

  13. Agreed. I stopped at ep 8 or 9. Its so boring. If not bcos of jky l wont bother watching at all. Will start with red sleeves n figure out is it deserve its high ratings

  14. Though NWABU is always criticized, I still find it a good drama. So what if its rating is low? Excited for episodes 13 and 14. SHK’s acting is bland? Storyline is bad? Reason is you don’t like SHK.

  15. I think low rating of nwabu is not going to affect anyone – writer, director,ACTORS, supporting actors no-one because 1) it’s SBS drama- whether they are good or bad sbs presents them as world level kdrama. 2) it’s again sbs drama of 2021 they don’t have many shows to present them for nominations in their own yearly awards, so its going to have many nominations and no suprise if shk wins any award or even desang. 3) it’s a drama with actors having sooooo mmmmmaaany products to sell products and they are selling at good rate, today’s world is if u are making money, doesn’t matter u worked good or not. 4) and last but not the least it’s shk drama, her next drama is with dots writer and on Netflix, so it has high chances of getting hit whether she works good or not and she is beautiful and have expensive endorsement so she is making and it’s good if she is making, and Jang ki Yong is in millitary , and supporting are on in movies … So…. So everyone will not move-in smoothly with this drama like this never happened.
    I think many people might not agree with me, but it’s just my opinion.

  16. Agree and if I were to suggest a special six episodes drama, with a different male lead for each episode. Would it have been more interesting if it was all about the men in her life?

  17. The writing is horrible and the acting ain’t great so I’m gonna disagree about that. I mean, c’mon. I stalled around episode 9 – 10 and I’ve officially dropped. It just doesn’t work.

  18. This drama is a snoozefest, they’re repeating the same love troupe, forbidden love because she’s dating her dead ex brother and their moms against it…the fashion part of the drama is not interesting too

  19. there’s nothing especially bad about this drama – but there’s nothing especially good about this drama either. it’s like plain vanilla/ chocolate ice cream – you’d have something more interesting if you can, but don’t mind having it if there’s nothing else on the menu.

    if anyone from this drama won anything in the SBS awards after the great performances in Penthouse, One the Woman and Taxi Driver…. we’ll know the award has nothing to do with either artistry OR ratings. and don’t get me started on SHK’s acting ability. there’s a reason she got nowhere near any Baeksangs other than popularity awards.

  20. It´s like rewatching the same episode every time, the same dragging plot, the same family instrusion. It seems the writers wanted to make a 2 hour movie, and were some how obliged to make a 16 episode series. Boring to hell

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