Namgoong Min’s Likely Daesang at the MBC 2021 Year End Drama Awards Now in Question After Junho’s Performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff Gains Momentum

I think this will be interesting to see who ends up winning, but then again MBC is also known for sharing the Daesang in the past. The discussion for the 2021 Year End Drama awards for MBC was always Namgoong Min in The Veil (Black Sun). He’s a phenomenal actor, he gained 20 lbs of pure muscle for the method acting role, and of course he did bring in decent ratings for the flagging network. The network drama awards are always about thanking and acknowledging the stars who have delivered in ratings and performance plus there is a seniority/veteran flow of awarding. So this is genuinely a surprise to see K-ent discussing how Junho could now get the Daesang for his unexpectedly awesome sageuk performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff. I don’t know who deserves it more on “pure acting” but I do know the decision is less on that and will probably be made in a way that doesn’t upset anyone while also thanking the right people.


Namgoong Min’s Likely Daesang at the MBC 2021 Year End Drama Awards Now in Question After Junho’s Performance in The Red Sleeve Cuff Gains Momentum — 53 Comments

  1. If Lee Jong Seok can win Daesang at MBC, why can’t Junho. He deserves it. Not only for TRS being highly rated but based on his amazing performance.

    Over at SBS, Honey Lee will likely win Daesanf. As for KBS, it could be one of the veterab actors from weekend dramas.

  2. Earlier articles said it was between NGM and LSY. But now Jun Ho is being thrown into the mix. I’ve personally been rooting for Lee Deok Hwa because he was just phenomenal in TRS. They’re all worthy. This one is hard. But if I was forced to choose only one, I’d give it to NGM. The man hard-carried The Veil on those bulky shoulders and made it worth watching to the end, despite how mediocre the drama was overall.

    • I watched it first for Lee Se-young but nah her performance is lacking in many ways. But for sure she can win a Best Actress award no doubt.

  3. Someone kindly enlighten me. I know Daesang is the highest acting honor. But is it something you win after * one * brilliant performance or something you win after consistently delivering great performances. Not trying to shade anyone, I swear. I’m genuinely curious and looking for a thoughtful discussion.

  4. Personally, my favourite MBC drama was On the Verge of Insanity and I would have chosen Jung Jae-Young and Moon So-Ri.

    I didn’t specially like The Veil, in the same style, Awaken was better for me. And I prefered his acting in Awaken.

    Junho is great in Red Sleeves, even if I think the story is disapointing. His scenes with his grandfather were the best, better than the romance.

  5. Nam Goong Min deserves it more because of his excellent acting. He’s worthy to be praised. And the fact that RS has not finished yet its run in MBC.

  6. I would’ve said NGM, if I haven’t watch Red Sleeve. But having watched and loved it to bits, I can see why Junho deserves the Daesang too, even if he is less experienced compared to NGM. His diction, minute expressions, everything is perfect and more. The irony that these two were once ‘Best Couple’, over at KBS. One thing for sure, whoever wins Daesang, be it NGM, Junho or LSY, they definitely deserve it.. this is a very close competition with deserving contestants..

  7. It will be NGM or LJH n LSY sharing daesang. But I guess NGM will get it. LJH and LSY will win best actor/actress and best couple. Both of them are really so good in Red sleeve.. but NGM carried the first fri-sat drama on MBC well and his performance was also superb.

  8. Early ywars in kdrama watching experience, I always had some gripe over drama awards. It always feels like a participations/appreciation thing than the talent and acting per se.
    But over the years, I have come to terms with it.

    For performance alone, the daesang should probably go to Namgoong Min. Not only for the dedication to build his body up for the role but for the sheer performance he displayed for The Viel. He was just phenomenal.
    2nd choice would be the whole TRS team. I know this cant be done, but the reason why the drama is highly rates is not just one entity. Its that collective high performing cohesiveness of acting, directing, narrative, supporting cast, chemistry, cinematography. Everything is like a well oiled machine in TRS nation.

    Lee Seyoung taking home the trophy would also be such an amazing thing. I’d probably cry once she takes it and makes a speech. She is I think the most senior (compared to NGM and LJH) with 25 years of acting experience since she was a child. She grown up acting and is learned and mature through experience over the years. and she has shown that in her performance as DI. She makes DI such an enigma yet a compelling and complicated FL. Watching her just makes for such great masterclass in emoting with the use of eyes and facial expression.
    Personally I would really love to have Lee Junho get that daesang in his hands. And the fact that he is getting acknowledge as makinh his San/jeongjo his own and not paling in comparisons to other who came before him who played the King Jeongjo speaks a lot. Frankly I am loving his version the best.
    And to be the first ever idol to get that win would be am accomplishment and fruition of all the hardwork and effort he has put in his craft.

    It seems like I can’t make up my mind. And yeah that is probably right. Either one getting it would make me happy all the same…

    The most important part would probably what project will come next for them. And would likely be most anticipated part.

  9. Lee Junho’s performance is phenomenonal. I know Namgoong min is a great actor but I was just amazed by Lee Junho’s performance. I believe Daesang should be the equivalent to the Oscars. It should be given purely based on that one performance that blew everyone’s minds regardless of seniority or acting experience. but based on Korean standards, then you should take 1) performance 2) ratings & popularity 3) seniority/experience. Lee Junho wins in terms of the first 2 and so does Lee Se Young. To be honest the right thing to do is to given them Co-Daesang.

  10. Btw I honestly did not know Lee Junho neither as an actor/idol but now I will be sincerely and eagerly waiting his next performance. His approach to acting is very impressive looking back at his old dramas. Not only is he great at acting but he also picks meaningful and memorable roles. He is not an actor seeking popularity but esteem and he got there. I’m sure his future roles will all be critically acclaimed.

  11. Read some comments from knetz and it was kind of unfair that they were trying to look down on junho because of his idol background. They were also saying that you should have experience to win a Daesang. Sorry but what does ur past works got to do with it . U are being judged for u current performance. And it’s not that young actors didn’t win a Daesang before.
    Lee Se Young did well too but tbh, i found her lacking in some scenes. That’s why imo she shouldn’t be a top contender. And i am not even being biased cause I knew lee se young longer than junho and this is his first work that I watched.
    As for Nam Goong Min, maybe he is actually phenomenal and deserves it. i haven’t seen the veil yet. But i hope people stop bringing in the seniority and idol-actor prejudice as an excuse.

  12. Namgoong ALWAYS delivers perfection in performance even when the drama is underwhelming. That is a bonafide actor. Red Sleeve has everything going for it: acting, directing, cinematography, music/score/OST, writing (degraded, tho). The FL has been blindsided in her own story to make the ML shine in flashy hanboks, impractical action scenes that make him look badass, swoony lines and moony eyes that make the fan girls squeal and emotional scenes because according to dramaland crying makes a great actor. All that plus his decent acting makes him seem greater than he is and his stans are already discrediting everyone else to put him on a pedestal. Let him churn out more incredible performances like Min and then he can have the daesang one day. His stans here can fume all they want. I wrote what I wrote. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Trying to discredit Junho’s acting and his fans shows how much you are the one who seethe since you probably saw the comments and had to put in your two cents. Junho had great performances previously but was overlooked because he was not popular enough until this year, like many other actors who lose out on awards to actors winning based on buzz and popularity. Also IDK about newer fans but fans who have followed Junho’s acting career were blown away by NGM and Junho’s acting, chemistry, and friendship in Chief Kim and they respect NGM. Giving mundane reasons why Junho’s acting is loved in TRS is your disrespect to Junho who has put so much into his acting. You’re no different from the “stans” you cry about discrediting other actors in the race for daesang. Lol acting all superior with the “I wrote what I wrote” emoticon but actually you’re fuming as well.

  13. I have watched both The Veil and The Red Sleeve.
    In my humble opinion NGM and LJH should share the Daesang.
    They are both excellent in their respective dramas.

  14. I think MBC are bunch of fools. Kim Soo-Hyun got the Daesang on his very first main lead role in Moon Embracing the Sun.

    I hope MBC will not robbed Lee Jun-ho for the credit he deserves. He is already considered a veteran in the field of acting having debuted in 2013.

    Films on main lead roles
    Memories of the Sword
    Rose and Tulip
    Homme Fatale

    Drama on main lead roles
    Good Manager
    Rain or Shine
    Wok of Love
    The Red Sleeve

    Nam Goong-min on main lead roles:
    Dirty Carnival
    Beautiful Sunday

    Beautiful Gong-shim
    Good Manager (I believe this drama is his breakthrough drama as a leading man after being a second fiddle for many years)
    Undateables ( I think his talent was wasted in this drama- the worst chemisty he had)
    Doctor Prisoner
    Stove League
    The Viel

      • Not for Lee Jun-ho. He’s not regarded as an idol to begin with. I personally am surprised to found out he is one. What is more surprising, he is not just an idol but a gifted musician. He has more than 100 of songs copyrighted under his belt. He has held hundreds of concerts as a solo artist as well as his group 2pm. Because of how good he is as a singer/performer/musician, his persona as a musician is a whole different and separate from his persona as an idol.

        I read an interview of a director that Lee Jun-ho is regarded as an actor not an idol-actor since Cold Eyes era. Because of his outstanding performance in Cold Eyes, he was personally recommended by Jeon Do-yeon to appear in Memories of the Sword. Another veteran actor was interviewed and said that he never think Lee Jun-ho as an idol from the start as he has the face of an actor. My point is, Lee Jun-ho has built that kind of reputation as an actor not idol-actor in the inner circle of the industry.

      • *** correction ”Because of how good he is as a singer/performer/musician, his persona as a musician is a whole different and separate from his persona as an Actor.”

      • I forgive you as I made a typo in my post. That should have been written ‘MBC are not bunch of Fools’.

    • Kim Soo Hyun did not get the MBC Year End Drama Awards Daesang in 2012 for The Moon Embraces the Sun.

      He won Best Actor that year at the MBC Drama Awards. Jo Seung Woo took home the Daesang that year for Horse Doctor (The King’s Doctor). The Moon Embraces the Sun won MBC Drama of the Year though.

      He did win Best Actor at the Baeksang Arts Award that year for MoonSun which was a big win beating out a lot of veterans.

      For network Daesangs, he’s only won the Daesang at the KBS Drama Awards in 2015 for The Producers, but by then he was a top star and not a relatively rookie.

  15. Namgoong min is a great actor and he deserves it BUT junho’s performance is really great . He moves my heart in every scene so he deserves it . I’d like to see a Co Daesang between a veteran actor who worked hard to be where he is now and an idol who , in every drama he did until now, proves that he is working hard and becoming a great actor too . The coronation of these 2 trajectories would be great .

    • Sorry to disappoint you but It’s more like the other way around. Lee Jun-ho can totally aced the NGM role in the Viel and but I doubt if NGM can show the depth and genuity of Yisan and King Jeongjo the way Lee Jun-ho portrayed in The Red Sleeve. I also doubt if Nam Goong-min can deliver the actions scene on his own.

      Both are phenomenal actors but Lee Jun-ho can fully immersed more into a character than Nam Goong-min. That is the reason why it took so long for NGM land a lead role. That could probably due to their basic education and training. NGMs background was in Mechanical Engineering unlike Lee Jun-ho was trained in acting since high school and continued his education with a Bachelors degree major in Acting plus a Masters degree in Film and Cinematography.

      • I think why an actor or actress take longer to get lead roles is not always because they are lacking in acting skills. Like career in any industry, there are factors such as timing and opportunity with some luck thrown in. Those who hit it big early could be very talented but it doesn’t mean those who didn’t are less talented!

    • I beg to disagree, Namgoong min’s visuals cannot carry the dignity of a king the way LJH does. Actually I have never seen anyone as charismatic in saeguks but I should be honest to say I have not seen the old ones. Meanwhile LJH has been bulky his whole life and only recently lost the weight. His action scenes in TRS are enough to tell that he can do a fantastic job in any action film.

      • Some of you act so entitled. just because an actor is more experienced he can’t do anything wrong??
        I am not even junho’s fan and its my first time watching a drama of him. But he is just killing the role of Jeongjo. Even Hyun Bin got criticised for the same role. So it’s not that easy

        Because of his idol background I actually think it’s pretty easy for him to do acrobatics and other action related stuffs. So why won’t he be able to do The Veil.
        Can you get off ur high horse and stop belittling people by calling them as fangirls even when they are not

      • Cassy & Nano: *made actual valid arguments*

        Foodie: “HaHa sIlLy FaNgIrLs ?”

        I swear, some commenters here aren’t the brightest lmao

        Anyway, I’m a guy and not a fan of either, but they’re both objectively great actors so whoever wins I’ll be happy either way. But it would be nice to see junho’s acting be recognized as it should. And great actor as NGM is, I can’t see him playing the role of the king in a regal yet fierce way that junho did. Just my opinion though, and I hope no one dismiss me as a “such a fanboy” because of this lol

      • Why can each person has their own opinion? NGM visual and acting skill can definitely play any role and he has proven that already.

  16. I think NGM was probably all but promised it to get him to take the role, but I’m rooting for either Junho or Lee Se-young. If seniority is an issue, give it to Lee Deok-hwa. I’m biased though because I thought The Veil was lackluster, and I’ve never understood the NGM love.

    • Have to admit I think the same about NGM. MBC had to offer him a lot to get him to sign on for their channel.

      If Lee Deok-Hwa had been in more of the drama he could have deservedly won the Daesang and solved this conundrum

    • Why does it have to be a zero sum game? Everyone has their own preference. I happen to think NKM is the best actor ever. But that doesn’t it is wrong for others to feel differently. This is the same for LJH and any other actor. Let’s respect each person opinion and be happy for all the winners’

  17. Personnaly, I think the best MBC 2021 drama was On the Verge of Insanity thanks Jung Jae-Young and Moon So-Ri’s great acting.

    The Veil and Red Sleeve are disapointing.

    NGM did carry The Veil but I preferd him in Awaken. He didn’t need to become so broad for this role.

    LJH is good in Red Sleeve and so why not, but Lee Deok-Hwa stole the show for me.

    But it’s the weakest role of LSY, she was way better in the Crowned Clown.

    • I think Honey Lee probably has it locked up at SBS.

      Park Eun-bin for KBS? The King’s Affection had good ratings and she’s been in the industry forever. If not her, someone from a weekend drama, maybe, though Revolutionary Sisters wasn’t that well received and there’s no standout for Young Lady and Gentlemen.

  18. I agree with you actually, On the Verge of Insanity was by far the best drama on MBC this year, and I would much prefer Jung Jae-young and Moon So-ri to be in the discussion. Alas..

    The more I think about it, I think giving it to Lee Deok-hwa is the best solution.

  19. I don’t know why everyone getbwork up over MBC daesang. the credibility is not that high, I’m okay who wins. but i think there will be daesang split so everyone can be happy lol

  20. I’m actually hoping for Lee Seyoung to bag this daesang, I mean this was the first drama that I’ve watched with her in it but wow I was floored. Many people are saying how they felt her performance was lackluster but what more would you expect from a court lady?? This drama isn’t like one of those sageuks where she can just glare at the king, act cute, and get away with it. She portrayed her role perfectly, which you can visibly see in her micro-expressions. Anyway I hope she gets this ’cause she really deserves it.

    • I’m rooting for her too, and I think her character is the one I relate the most sinxe common girl in situation like her more relatable than a King or a crown prince. her body language, facial expression looks so sincere and detail. I don’t know what more you can ask ?

      But I’m okay who will win who comes from The red sleeve.

  21. Results are out, congrats NamGoong Min, Lee Junho , Lee Se Young, Lee Deok hwa , Jang hye Jin,Kang Hoon,… The red sleeve was the big winner , for once i agree with the list of winners and i want to rewatch Chief Kim ! CONGRATS ???

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