First Look at Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee in Stills From Romantic K-movie Soundtrack #1

With streaming platforms getting into the production/funding business, it hasn’t only been for K-dramas. It’s also produced streaming only K-movies and that may add to the bread and depth of less big budget movies geared towards romance but in a tighter 2-plus hour format than a full drama length story. Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee will be paired up in 2022 for what was first described as a 4-episode drama Why Did You Come to My House which has now gotten a new name Soundtrack #1 and is being billed as a K-movie. They play long time friends who end up living together for two weeks one winter and their relationship changes into a romantic one during. Sounds like those two just needed a nudge together and what better way than the cohabitation trope. I’m looking forward to this one and seeing the first stills showcase such compatible visuals is a nice preview. Another reason to hope it will be good is that the movie will be directed by the female PD of Vincenzo.


First Look at Park Hyung Sik and Han So Hee in Stills From Romantic K-movie Soundtrack #1 — 7 Comments

  1. I loved this PD! She really had great project.

    I’m not a fan of HSH but I don’t dislike her neither. She looks pretty on these pictures. I’m happy to see Park Hyun-Sik in a less bloody drama :p

    • Me 2. Maybe dislike her a little bit in world of marriage cause of her character .? but overall she’s doing okay. I excited for phy, super talented handsome guy

  2. Me encanta park hyun sik,en cualquier dorama, romántico, épico,Triller.
    Es un gran actor y lo sigo desde ya hace unos años,se lo extraño mucho durante su enlistamiento así que ahora todos los doramas los espero con muchas ansias!!!!!!

  3. Everytime i looks at Park Hyuk Sik, he reminded me of late Haruma Miura ?. (Rip to him). Dont know y maybe those similar shape of face, skin colour n the vibe?
    Btw looking forward to this drama, two beautiful ppl together

  4. Park Hyung-sik is my favorite Korean actor. I have lots of his dvd’s and just finished watching him in “Happiness”. His face looked bloated so I’m hoping he’s back to normal in this new romantic movie. He is a romanticist kind of guy and look forward to him alongside Han So Hee.

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