Kim Hye Soo and Han So Hee Pay Homage to Thelma and Louise in Strong and Stylish CF Campaign

Daaaaaang, this is too powerful to be girl power, it more aptly qualifies as queen power. The new year has a new ad campaign featuring veteran A-list actress Kim Hye Soo and likely soon to be A-list actress Han So Hee in a pairing across generations but sharing the same so cool, so badass vibe. It’s just a CF and not a full length drama or movie but I can totally see them rocking a collaboration in the future that is substantive and fun. Han So Hee is one of the few young actresses in her generation that can match Kim Hye Soo’s aura, that self-confident sexy smart package which remains timeless. What a great idea to pair these two up and it would be even more fun to license Thelma and Louise for a modern K-movie remake featuring these two on the run but kicking loser male ass along the way.

Kim Hye Soo and Han So Hee in Hey Dealer CF:


Kim Hye Soo and Han So Hee Pay Homage to Thelma and Louise in Strong and Stylish CF Campaign — 8 Comments

  1. Whoever casted these two together for the CF is brilliant.

    It’s been interesting seeing HSH take ovee the reins on her career. The punk/rocker/bad girl direction is much more her natural vibe than the sweet Mary Sue thing she was getting forced into before.

    • Kim Hye-soo actually had acted as the Big Kahoonas in gangster movies before. She was fantastic in Coin Locker Girl and A Special Lady.

  2. HSH not just an It Girl but THE GIRL! No young actress would be able to match KHS like that! HSH is A list by all means the industry LOVES her! Veteran actors, directors and writers everyone is going crazy to work with her! I’ve never seen this kind of obsession from the industry about one person!

      • I would dare to say that hype around IT kpop girls like IU , Yoona ,Suzy, Irene ,Jennie etc was much more prominent and ‘into your face’ than what Sohee is getting. I would compare HSH status to the type of attention Park Shin Hye was getting back in the day. Shes definitely It girl in acting world but not on the level of hype kpop idols are getting, unfortunately.

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