K-ent Critic Discuss the Two Positives and Two Negatives with Song Hye Kyo Performance in Latest Drama Now, We are Breaking Up

This was a very interesting and meaty article last week from a K-ent drama critics and you can take from it what you agree/disagree but at least someone did a deep dive into Song Hye Kyo and her latest drama Now, We are Breaking Up. The articles discusses two positives and two negatives with her choice, performance, and outcome with this drama so I’ll summarize. The first positive is that she maintained her dignity with romance drama performances, the critic felt she showcased her ability to be subtle, nuanced, and believable in essaying romantic interest and conflicted emotions. The second positive is that she managed to bridge the 11-year age gap with Jang Ki Yong by her youthful beauty, at times looking younger than him, and with that she managed to maintain her grip with fans and her CF power. All her outfits and makeup looks trended and the brands sales increased. The first negative is that she sticks with the same old, same old, unlike her same level actresses Son Ye Jin, Han Ji Min, and Han Hyo Joo. Those three take on different roles and drama/movie genres in ways that Song Hye Kyo hasn’t done in many years. The second negative is that she does so many romance dramas that the anticipation and excitement has faded because it’s so familiar. This is an interesting article and definitely does prove that K-ent remains willing to deep dive into the success and failures of its A-list stars, and for Song Hye Kyo she may already have taken the next step in overcoming the two negatives by doing revenge thriller The Glory as her next project.


K-ent Critic Discuss the Two Positives and Two Negatives with Song Hye Kyo Performance in Latest Drama Now, We are Breaking Up — 49 Comments

  1. Idk what the positives about because I find her bland and could hardly emote woth single expression entire time and she does look older than JKY that it was a far stretch to say she at times looked younger than him.

  2. Lol, was this a puff piece planted by her agency? The positives don’t hold since the majority of viewer complaints were directly contradicting the two positives.

    • So, another doctor is born. Spin doctor.

      Nuanced acting my a**. It’s robotic, mechanical, bland and boring. No texture to her acting, it’s one note. An off key note at that.
      SHK is a beautiful 40 yr old woman and she looks it in the drama. Her hair and makeup styling did not help. Though her clothes were stylish and always sold out, those were not head-designer worthy fits. The clothing also aged her.

      The amount of twisting these critics do to make SHK acting good is giving pretzels a run for it’s money.

  3. Um, the first point already contradicts the majority opinion… Imo for this show, the negatives outweighed the positives to the point that it would have been better for SHK if she just didn’t do it at all. Same for JJH with Jirisan.

  4. Dunno what that critic was smoking. But at no point in the drama did she ever look younger than him. She look every bit of her 40 years while he looked in his 20s. And the first positive? Sure, Jan. Keep deluding thyself.

    BTW, is it true that Honey Lee is preggers?

  5. To think people were criticizing HSH for her puff piece, at least the girl can act. SHK putting out this puff peace is just embarassing. No amount of makeup and airbrushing can make her look like she’s in her 20s. The woman is in her 40s and looked her age in every scene. People just have a warped view of women in their 40s look like. Her age gap with JKY was clearly visible and while they had some chemistry it had more to do with 2 beautiful people being written to be in love than actual acting. Even JJH and LMH looked like they had chemistry because of their visuals and not because they actually had a lot of chemistry. The point about nuanced romantic acting was actually the most hilarious. SHK was just repeating every single bit of romantic acting she’s done since AIMH. Even her expressions weren’t original. If do the same thing over and over again for 20 years you should show some improvement but SHK showed even less acting growth than Suzy has. The “nuance” wasn’t even at the bare minimum level. She’s pretty I won’t deny it and she has immense selling power but to call her an actress with nuance is insulting to actresses like SYJ, KSY, HJM etc who have actually honed their craft for decades instead of coasting on good looks. Improvement is what KTH showed in HBM and props to her for picking a role that bought out a new side of her. Even JJH in Ashin at least tried to do something different.

  6. And the post-mortem continues as nwabu was found dead on arrival…it was that bad huh. Moving on, I hope she will be able to surprise us in the next work.

  7. Who is the critic, are we watching different show lol? There nothing positive about SHK from this drama. She definitely look older than JKY in every scene.

  8. Younger than him??? That made me laugh. Huh. I don’t think that one holds up.

    It would be good that she chose a revenge drama next, but I can already see her playing it steely and cold, which is not showing any range.

    • playing a cold character is not as easy as people thought it is. Like k-netizen downplaying UI amazing performances in My Ajusshi by just putting gloomy face.? pufff emoting cold persona with sincerity is not easy. When done wrong you will appear bland with nothing emotion inside. So if Song Hye Kyo can played cold character with nuance, she id definitely deserved credit.

      • No one was downplaying IU’s performance in my mister. Infact it is her most critically acclaimed performance till date which even earned her a baeksang nomination.
        One can still be cold and an independent woman yet not appear bland. Son Yejin in cloy ,Seo yeji in pbio etc, there are plenty of examples.

      • Anon : Some knetizen downplaying IU performances on Naver. When Hotel Del Lune come out and article talk about her improvement since My Ajusshi. I can’t believe there is some netizen downplayng her performances, maybe they still can’t erase that singer turn actor image.

      • Haters will be always there and whatever u saw were probably a minor section of people. As for me i have never seene people criticise her acting in my mister .
        And how could u even compare that performance reception with song hye kyo’s HYE character which received massive negative reaction.
        You always use illogical reasons and comparison with others to give a pass to song hye kyo’s bad acting. Last time it was kim soo Hyun , Hyun bin and now IU

      • Anon, thank you! There’s no negative reception to IU’s performance in My Mister anywhere. It’s always praise.

        That Kyo stan is always grasping at straws by shifting the focus to unrelated actors to defend her bias. Her favorite targets of hate are Soo Hyun, Hyun Bin, Joongki and now IU? Just pathetic.

      • why shk stan always bring in unrelated actresses just to praise their bias. their favorite target is son ye jin, seo yeji, and now iu. even on this site i;ve seen them downgrade kim go eun as well. focus on your fave!

    • Her bias are SHK and Ji Soo (Blackpink). No matter how bad others talk about them, she will defend them like crazy.But, when it comes will attack other actors/actresses who are MUCH better than them like Hyun Bin, Soo Hyun, Joong Ki dan IU, she will have plenty of hortible things to say.

      • @missjb is actually a hugeee SJK fan, so it’s funny to see ppl say she’s a SJK anti.

        She goes a bit overboard and off tangent in defending her favorites, and while I side eye a bunch of her opinions, her mistake is just being overly persistent on stating her opinions. She doesn’t have malicious intent to attack certain actors like some other posters do (aka that pterodactyl @Joanne/Jennifer).

      • She’s a Song Jong Ki fan though. The one she consistently hates on is Kim Soo Hyun. I see her bashing him everywhere, not just this site.

      • Really even when she says his acting is not deep enough. No harm? She basically attacks those so-called famous A-listers

      • @L, @missjb repeatedly (and randomly) complains a lot about certain ppl’s acting but I don’t find her comments to be malicious like other posters are, and she doesn’t involve actors’ personal lives into her complaints.

        She’s just very persistent about pushing her opinions to the point where it’s annoying.

      • @L : Well I’m A Huge Song Joong Ki fan, But always has soft spot for SOng Hye Kyo, not because she is his ex. But i fond her since TWTWB. But I agree with some user here SHK Acting in NWABU is lackluster. She is better even in Encounter.

        @Regarding Kim Soo Hyun and Hyun Bin, well it need to be told they basically has lost passion in acting. I was a fan of them in my earlier when watching k-drama. I know them through MNIKSS for HYUN BIN and WISFC/Giant for Kim Soo Hyun. It’s just sadden me they are no longer passionate as they were in the past.

        Ji SOO need to be credit due to her sincere acting in snowdrop and I applaud her emotion in sync with the character. if she is doing a bad JOB delivery emotion, I would bash her too.

  9. I’m calling it now The Glory will be a stylized revenge romance where the emphasis will be on romance, SHK and her many luxury outfits, make up and hairstyle ( all on an elementary school teacher’s salary! ), LJY being gorgeously evil maybe even pulling a SYJ, LDH being swoony and SHK getting out out acted by everyone including the child actors. That’s the whole plot for 6 episodes. Then we’ll have another puff piece about how SHK successfully challenged herself to a new genre. Hurrah.

  10. Lmao who wrote this article . Definitely a pr strategy by her agency after the drama bombed. The only positive thing abt this drama is that shk stayed true to her CF star status. All the accessories/dresses she wore were selling out widely.

    As for jky let’s see if post military proves to be miraculous in his case. Although he was good in come and hug me, my mister ,he hasn’t done anything remarkable.

  11. is the author using prohibited drugs? is she blind? younger than the ML? she/he must be watching Hyeri and not this botoxed face actress.

  12. I had a feeling that ‘glory’ will be similar to her movie ‘fetish’. The story might be quite be different but script style might be same. And ofcourse i think most of the people will agree with me her character will be same as in fetish.
    And talking ABT this critics thing, all can saw the amt of articles after nwabu ended and praising her & drama it was so disappointing. Ofcourse it was media play by her agency her people.

  13. I have a soft spot for SHK so I watched it. At times I liked her at times she was boring, I agree with many. But there were times when I found myself thinkning, hmmm she is showing some nuanced acting here. what i noticed though, in my 20s-30s I would expected 2people’s love affair to be of certain type and when I am in my 40s, I actually thought that she was behaving/prioritising like many 38-42 year olds would behave when it comes to career/stability/romance.

    But her outfits were on point, there is absolutely no doubt and arguing here! And part of me watched it for this exactly.

  14. Err, don’t think people are taking this clearly whitewashing article by the so called ‘critics’ seriously as majority of audiences disagree with the first positive and even second is to far fetched.

    I just see it as a white-washing article for SHK and same goes with entry of Koala’s 🙂

    • Yeah, Koala is just doing her part to prop up one of her faves. Contrast the night-and-day difference in tone to when she dragggged Han Sohee’s agency for publishing the same sort of white-washing article after Nevertheless flunked.

      • true. getting worse in bias and censorship. deleted my comment about not choosing to watch tw dramas in winter sonata post just because I mentioned too much crying from everyone in old tw dramas. since she’s from tw I guess I hit a raw nerve. I didn’t use any bad language or dragged anyone.

      • maybe the other reason is I mentioned I watched HK dramas from 70s-80s in comparison to tw dramas and she didn’t like it. there’s nothing political in terms of tone or nuances in my comment. it could be just a technical glitch that my comment disappeared or exiled into neverland. lol.

  15. I don’t have a problem with actors who take the same genre of dramas . There are great names who kept doing the same kind of roles all their life as Charlie Chaplin, Louis De Funès, because they were great . But saying that SHK looks young to the point that we can’t tell the age gap, sorry but the ones who said that must have smoke or drink some drugs . Yes she is a beautiful woman but she looks her age . If it was Jang Nara it would have been more credible . And the nuanced acting, as we said in France “sérieux = seriounsly! ” , her facial expression was like a wax doll, even her gaze didn’t emulate anything . I know she is a top star but there are limits . How can she improve if they put her on a piedestal .

    • I agree with you, yes! There was a time when audience want to see there favs in same character again because they were so good containing a unique flavour and ofcourse with new style, diff story, new concept which never make audience bored in contrast to being excited ABT the character. But I don’t feel like shk is working on herself. I don’t see her interest in acting thing. I feel like she was interested in her work before but something make her lost interest, so she is still now doesn’t give a shit ABT bad things happening with her. She knows whether she is good or not she has support, money, media, status.. so life goes on on on on ?.

  16. Er.. nope she doesn’t look that young. She just looks her age but her acting is so boring that she gave a vibe of someone even older. Basically she s pretty for her age but with old vibes. I think her best performance was probably Full House which is sad cause that was over a decade ago. In Full House, she s still amaturish but at least she tried on different expressions. Seon yejin, hhj, hjm etc are hoobaes. Shk was already playing lead character when they were just in supporting roles. She should at least do on par with them, if not better.

    • Han Hyo Joo and Han Ji Min rose to fame much later but Son Ye Jin was already famous before Full House aired. FH happened in 2004 when Son Ye Jin was widely revered as the nation’s first love after she led The Classic (2003).

      • Song Hye Kyo shot to fame and stardom when Autumn in my Heart aired in Korea in 2000, it spread in Asia which makes the leads SHK, Won Bin first generation Hallyu stars. So i have soft spots for these 2 actors. autumn is my first kdrama.

        I’m not a fan of NWBU, SHK should have went with her guts and declined this project a second time. Its the same old romance story but this time lacks depth. Reading the synopsis before this was aired, I know its not gonna do good. I hope her project the Glory will be better since this is a new genre.

      • Shk was already in Autumn in My Heart year 2000. One of the first k drama that achieve popularity outside South Korea. That was the first k drama that popped up in my country’s national Tv station.

  17. Han Hyo Joo and Han Ji Min rose to fame much later but Son Ye Jin was already famous before Full House aired. FH happened in 2004 when Son Ye Jin was already widely revered as the nation’s first love after she led The Classic (2003).

  18. Qué horror este sitio. Nunca había visto comentarios tan obviamente haters. Lo único que sirve es la opinión “profesional” que expone el artículo, si puede decirse así y no que está hecha justo para dar pie a estas lamentables y maliciosas opiniones, sin ofender, muy mediocremente expresadas. Ah, y más importante, contrarias a directores, escritores, reporteros y una gran audiencia que también piensa diferente y admira a esta actriz y su buen trabajo. Y que por casualidad” no vemos ninguna. Respeto que opinar, bueno, es derecho de todos. No odien por gusto por favor

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