Yoo Yeon Seok and Taeyeon Among Many K-stars Speaking Out and Condemning the Cruel Filming Technique Leading to Death of a Horse During Filming of KBS Sageuk Taejong Lee Bang Won

Accidents happen on filming sets, some more negligent then others due to preparation and careful execution, but the death of a retired race horse last week from filming a falling scene in KBS weekend sageuk Taejong Lee Bang Won was absolutely preventable because the injuries sustained by the horse were from intentional acts to get it to fall. The cruelty and callousness of tying a rope the horse and sending it on a gallop so that when the length pulled taut the horse would trip is beyond the pale. If the horse was a person this would be intentional negligent homicide. A horse falling while running is almost certainly a death sentence and this horse filmed the scene multiple times before dying a week later. Many K-celebs are publicly speaking out including Yoo Yeon Seok and Taeyeon, noted animal lovers, condemning the decision to film this way which likely stemmed from saving money or time. I think cancelling the remainder of the drama is the lesser punishment, the PD and people who approved this scene shoot should face judicial penalties and fines for sure. KBS responded on Monday morning stating that it has not filmed since the controversy broke so it has not filmed for 7-days to day and no word on whether/when filming will resume.

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