jTBC Drama Snowdrop Ends This Weekend and So Does My Regular Date with Jung Hae In’s Biceps and Emotive Eyes

It’s kinda ironic that after all that hullabaloo around jTBC Sat-Sun drama Snowdrop it will likely end with a whimper and a sigh. No one protesting and not much people watching left. It’s okay though, the ardent fans can still cheer on their Jisoo and the casual fans hopefully get a satisfying ending for those who like the story. I’ve only ever enjoyed the parts with Jung Hae In and moreso his scenes with Jisoo. It’s unfortunate that he’s such a himbo in real life because he remains a really really good young actor, all that potential in Pretty Noona Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain) was realized in One Spring Night and now has evolved and expanded in different types of roles in both D.P. and Snowdrop. The gentle young man lover has become the tortured soulful warrior type and he’s able to hit the same emotional soft beats even as he’s delivering the physicality needed for these characters. Of course, him and his black t-shirt accentuating those newly acquired biceps is eye candy I’m not going to say no to lol. Ultimately he’s the best thing in this mediocre story which ended up being a hostage one-scene staged in a women’s dorm that thinks it’s delivering more when it’s just wandering in circles.


jTBC Drama Snowdrop Ends This Weekend and So Does My Regular Date with Jung Hae In’s Biceps and Emotive Eyes — 16 Comments

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  2. I really love Jung Hae In performances too, and did’nt expecting he can take a character that so conflict switch between his coinciences or ignoring it all. Hope he can swocase another conflict character!

    and most suprising is Jisoo take on Young Roo. Her facial expression and emotion is so good that I was wondering is she ever take an acting class? can’t believe she is an idol. e
    not every actor can emote with sincerity.

  3. Sigh… It would do better if there weren’t any controversies and another female lead. Jisoo couldn’t express Young ro’s emotions well. Idk why she was casted as a female lead if she couldn’t act deeper.PDs now select main leads without based on popularity or visual. Yeah, Jisoo has huge fanbase but she should begin with supporting roles. She can’t have potential female lead material yet. They should have changed another actress who has decent acting skills. Jisoo is so stiff in this role. For me, Yoo in na shines in the drama insead of Jisoo.

  4. this drama is draggy as hell. that whole hostage situation was way too long that i lost interest. yet another case of popular writers having poor results this year. jisoo’s line delivery is really distracting. jung herein did well but i can’t forget his airhead image. jang seung jo and yoo inna were the standouts for me.

  5. Most of the male actors did well. Yoo In Na is pretty good. Finally, not a romcom. She can act!

    Jisoo.. boring. I like her as a member of BP but not so much as an actress it’s ok, she still has time to learn more. At least, she’s better than some other idols turn actresses.

    • I agree with u in some parts, but I don’t think Jisoo is doing better than some idol turned actresses. Sure she has potential, but not female lead material yet. She should learn moreeeee to be the lead. Most people criticize Nana, Kwon Nara or Sooyoung for not expressing emotions well. However, they can act somehow and showing progress. Because they began their career by supporting roles. And finally they are getting lead roles because of hard work several years. They weren’t greedy lead roles in early years of career. That’s why I respect them so much.I still remember Kwon Nara’s Itaewon class where she showed her capability to be main female lead material by showing fierce chemistry with Park Seo Jun. At that time I didn’t knòw she was a former idol. I thought she was a new actress.

      • pretty sure that’s why she/he said “some.” i do think jisoo is better than the likes of seolhyun, hyeri, joy, etc. even if i don’t find her performance in snowdrop good. it’s after all a matter of opinion because for instance, i’m not a fan of kwon nara’s acting. in bulgasal, she is extremely bland and overshadowed by second lead gong seung yeon. she is better in supporting roles.

      • I love Kwon Na Ra in Itaewon class and she is surprisingly can hold a scene. it’s suprised me to find someone find Kwon Na Ra bland in Bulgasal. her char must be extra confusing for her I think

  6. Koala just admit that you like snowdrop and stop disguising and twisting yourself .. No one will beat you and the same goes for the other pawns here that can’t think for themselves.

    • Lol exactly adding all these backhanded statements to hide the fact that she and so many of the commenter here have watched and enjoyed the show weekly hhhhh
      Learn to admit ur screw ups. Trying to act like this makes y’all seem even more pathetic

  7. Well, we all know Jisoo should take acting lessons before being greedy for female lead roles. Regarding Kwon Nara, Idk why people try to downgrade her acting just because her fav couldn’t get lead role. Kwon Nara almost overshadowed Kim Dami in IC. I still remember that she was getting viral and being talk of the town because of her chemistry, acting ability despite being an idol and beauty. In Bulgasal, I can say that her character was poorly written.I saw the drama but her acting was decent not to bad. If Gong Seung Yeon played that sh*t role, I bet she would be also bashed hardly.

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