Production Company of Arthdal Chronicles Licenses IP to Produce Video Game and Manhwa and Still Considering Filming Season 2 of Drama

Wow, I haven’t heard this drama mentioned in quite some time and honestly I feel like every single actor and actress involved has moved on completely by now. K-ent is reporting that the production company behind fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles has licensed the IP to produce a video game and also a manhwa story. It belies the question on who (audience-wise) remains interested in this story? The report also says the production remains interested in production a season 2 of the drama which to-date remains the most expensive K-drama ever produced. The original was always intended as season 1, though the airing split it into two parts in the summer of 2019 on tvN. The ending of the second part was definitely a cliffhanger and forget season 2 there might have been enough story out there for even a season 3 which was how little of the entire story was told in season 1. But it just wasn’t very interesting is my issue with it so even if I hate being left hanging with an unfinished story here I think it’s just too much money to keep pouring down the drain to produce the next season.


Production Company of Arthdal Chronicles Licenses IP to Produce Video Game and Manhwa and Still Considering Filming Season 2 of Drama — 38 Comments

  1. Surprisingly, a subset of viewers reallllllly like Arthdal and consider it SJK’s best performance. I keep seeing people asking/begging for season 2. Feel like this show has formed a dedicated cult following.

    Personally, I checked out laughing as soon as I saw those tribal chic outfits, but to each their own.

    • his best performances remain innocent man for me, might be it’s just my bias talking. because his character and the way he potrayed is such masterclass,to the point if it’s another actor, I don’t think I will understand Maru at all…. But I agree he is great here in arthdal.

    • It was an interesting story once you get past the styling lol. And the acting really was great, the problem was the pacing and the fact that they aired only half a drama while pretending it’s a full drama.

      (I blame Netflix for this, kdramas are not meant for an American-style multi season format and telling a story with such a weird pace in an effort to leave enough material for a later ‘season’ that they haven’t yet filmed, was guaranteed to puss off viewers. Now all the actors have moved on and I don’t blame them! I personally liked the drama and found the story very unusual for a kkdrama but being realistic here, I don’t see season 2 actually getting made.)

      What surprises me is that the production company was considering a future season with the actors at all, after everyone calling Arthdal Chronicles a flop etc. I guess it must have made some money for them to sink more cash in.

      • @Royal We – I just cannot get past the costumes. It looks like they’re cosplaying in a high school production of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

        It’s interesting that out of all the big budget flops, Arthdal is the one I keep seeing people begging for S2. Usually fans like to pretend flops never existed.

    • Agree.
      SJK best acting is Arthdal Chronicles PERIOD. Not Innocent Man, not Vincenzo, and not DOTS.
      What I really loved about this drama is the unique concept, plus the fact that there are no insane shippers for Song Joong Ki.
      A lot of people are unaware, but this is the second drama of him with the writers. The first one is his cameo in Tree with Deep Roots (which was honestly his best for me prior to this drama).

    • I luv this series – and hope the 2nd season is soon made – my sister in England has got me hooked on this plus others too – I’m really excited about season too – the characters are brilliant – storyline too –

  2. Season 2 would have likely been filming by now if it weren’t for the pandemic. Wonder if the actors were secretly relieved. They should just finish telling the story in the manhwa and forget about another season.

  3. I’m happy that atleast we are getting season 2, but plzzzzzzzzzzz make drama also ?. Arthdal chronicles is one of the best Korean show i have ever watched. It was not low rated even on Netflix it was in top ten of 2019. I think some Koreans were not able to connect with this show because of new concept. Koreans are very ‘living in shell’ type people thats why some people find it difficult to digest. But actually it’s vey good show. Nowadays fantasy world is liked by audience alot so who don’t like it will able to understand it. And season 1 was just making base. I feel Next seasons will be ??? because now story starts actually. Plz Plz plz give us drama ???.
    Plz don’t waste sjk’s best performance.

    • As Much As I love Soong Joong Ki performances here, I don’t want him in this project, especially after Kin Won Suk won’t take a season 2. Won’t be the same with different director. eventhough I would rather he take this drama rather than take another fluff though. I just want to watch him in another form of good character. His character here is underdevelop and Tagon CHaracter take the stage too much.

      • It won’t be same with new director but it can improve, you know?! Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.
        From my personal point of view, the director lack the charisma here with season 1. He is one of my favourite director, but this isn’t his best. I know, cgi isn’t his fault, it’s also admirable how he managed this big production with huge crowd, but the lighting and some scene transition were horrible.

        Hope for the best(both the old and new director).

    • Concordo com você, amei muito está série. Os atores são fantásticos, e SJK foi fenomenal com os dois papéis.
      Por favor, que venha a segunda temporada.

  4. The writing of season 1 was so bad… SJK’s character spent his time to be captured by every tribes…

    My only interest was Tanya and Wangcha.

    The Momo tribe was pretty good with Karika, but with the scandal of the actress…

    They did wrong when they didn’t say that the story won’t end in the second part. You don’t watch a show the same, if you are expecting the story’ end or if you know it’s just a chapter.

    • Although i enjoyed Arthdal, i agree with ur points. Tanya and her bodyguard had the best chemistry imo. I was low-key shipping them.
      And karika was charismatic. As for her scandal, well jang Dong gun is a bigger trash. If he gets a chance she should too

      • I shipped Tanya and Saya lol I questioned my own sanity so much cause that character is a psycho but so well played by Song Joong Ki, their chemistry was insane.

    • @Sayaris I agree they were really wrong to not indicate that the episodes we would get to see in 2019 would not be a completed story arc. As a viewer I felt so cheated.

  5. I really enjoyed Arthdal.. It’s one of my favorites. I have watched several times over again.. I loved SJK’s performances as both characters he was phenomenal..All of the actors were great.. I really hope there is another season in the works.. I can’t wait to see what happens..

    • Without mentioning any bias for any actor in this production, I found this drama very interesting so is one of the very few that I recommended even to people that are new to Korean dramas and they’ve also liked it and keep asking me when is the season 2 going to be released? I’m also waiting for that to happen

  6. I personally would love to see a season two. Season one left too many open questions, and the last two episodes created even more. I have watched the first season multiple times, and even read som interesting history in order to gain a better feel for what the writers/producers were aiming for.

  7. I really liked this show and waiting patiently for season 2. Why it takes so looong??? I mean, some tvn dramas with only 2 or 3% rating can get season2, why not this one????

    Hopefully all the actors agree for the 2nd season.

    • Season 2 will not be as expensive, I guess. They already have a ready theme park which they said a good part of the production money was spent. SJK did a great job in both his two characters so with Jiwon and perhaps no need to show all the other tribes. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SEASON 2 for 2 years now.

  8. Season 2 will not be as expensive, I guess. They already have a ready theme park which they said a good part of the production money was spent. SJK did a great job in both his two characters so with Jiwon and perhaps no need to show all the other tribes. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SEASON 2 for 2 years now.

  9. Nah, the drama is bad. Just scrap it all, Having watch xianxia drama and tolerated the worst CGI still make me think that this drama is that bad. It’s not about the costume, the story may look promising but the execution is bad. All xianxia and fantasy drama can have great idea for a drama but what matter it also the execution. The cult following just want to hip and had never venture show with the similar genre.

  10. Really want season 2
    Loved the story, want some closure to it.
    Be good to have the same casting… soooo hurry bc I understand its not even on the actors’ radars.

  11. Any one that says arthdal chronicles is boring. Is boring naturally. The best series I have ever watched can’t wait for season 2.
    Let’s go for it.
    I can’t wait anymore. Kudos to the team

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