Kim Jung Hyun to Make Acting Return in 2022 with Indie Movie Secret

If Seo Ye Ji can make an acting return no reason for Kim Jung Hyun not to try. They both can still stumble if the K-netizens aren’t ready for it but might as well bull head your way through if an acting career remains the end goal. Kim Jung Hyun has changed agencies finally after last year when he tried to and the agency leaked all sorts of background deets related to his bad behavior scandal in the drama Time to try and keep him from leaving. With this new agency comes his first project, an indie police thriller movie called Secret about a cop investigating a suspected murderer and learning a big secret about his past. The movie is slated to film in the spring and I think it’s a super smart move to go with a movie as his first project post the scandal and also to take it slowly. I think his talent remains of value in K-ent but all his stumbles have been on conduct and real life missteps so best hope there will be none of that going forward.


Kim Jung Hyun to Make Acting Return in 2022 with Indie Movie Secret — 4 Comments

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  2. I understand what he did in set of Time was awful but its not a deal breaker for me. His conduct during CLOY and MQ shows he is actually hardworking and decent person and I wish him all the best.

  3. Personaly, I’m not a fan of his acting. But he needs to work, otherwise it will end like it ended with his last agency…

  4. I understand that depression doesn’t excuse his attitudes during ‘Time’, Seohyun suffered so much along with the rest of the crews but he really seemed unwell during that drama. He also suffered eating disorder at that time….

    I’m a super big fan of ‘Mr.Queen’ (still think it’s the best drama of all time… Shin Hye Sun and him are perfect in that drama. All I want is to see both of them coming back with projects this year.
    Hope Shin Hye Sun confirms her drama soon.

    I know Seo Ye Ji will get come back offer easier as she has strong back up (aka her CEO bf) but that’s okay Kim Jung hyun can climb back up slowly again .
    My bias actress was like that too, she lost everything due to unreasonable scandal but she managed to come back successfully.

    I believe Kim jung hyun can do the same. I heard the Time PD still wants to work with him again.

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