Lee Se Young in Talks to be Lee Seung Gi’s Leading Lady in 2022 Summer Legal Rom-com Drama Love by Law

Oh hells yeah! I’m off to say a couple of Hail Marys to the drama gods after this but I have to share the news ASAP. K-ent is reporting that Lee Se Young will be the leading lady opposite Lee Seung Gi in the K-drama adaptation of romantic webtoon Love by Law. Lee Se Young was still in teen actress territory when Lee Seung Gi was starting off his acting career but he was in his late teens and she was in her early teens was all as they only have a 6-year age difference. Whew on that and also major major relief on their pairing because it’s on par with acting ability, charisma, visuals, whatever is needed for a great romantic OTP they have on paper. We’ll have to see if it translates onscreen but they showed it already in Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) as Oh Gong and Bu Ja the most adorable zombie ever, so I CANNOT WAIT. *Koala screams of happiness!” The story is about a prosecutor turned landlord who opens Law Coffee in his building with a former Miss Korea who is now a lawyer. Bring on the expected bickering and falling in love in the guise of fighting for justice.


Lee Se Young in Talks to be Lee Seung Gi’s Leading Lady in 2022 Summer Legal Rom-com Drama Love by Law — 37 Comments

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  2. I know you are excited Koala because you like both leads, but I never found Lee Seung Gi charming (sorry really not hating, I just never found him handsome or charismatic ?). Eventually if this is confirmed I will definitely watch it for Lee Se Young and hope to see something from his side that I couldn’t see before.
    But how will former miss Korea work with LSY’ height?! She has a gorgeous face but I don’t think she’s tall.

  3. I am happpy for such self made actressss who earn their way up to top. There were complains that how 90s gen actresses didn’t have fast rise like early 80s gen, but people forgot they were overlooked bcoz they didn’t have big 3 idol compnay to buy them roles. They had to do supporting roles year after year to get noticed. So it makes more organic and currently so many 90s gen actressws has emerged which is good!

  4. My first choice was han Hyo Joo(which obviously was not possible). But i couldn’t be more happier now that Seyoung is given the offer.
    Although the height is an issue but she is pretty enough to play the role of ex miss korea. And Seung gi returning to rom com after more than a decade will be nice to watch.
    They were actually so good in hwayugi.
    Lee Se Young stole that show for me with her portrayal as an idol trainee, zombie and a villain who was controlled by an evil spirit.
    Kbs this year indeed has got some solid casting

  5. Hum… wasn’t it the FL who was Miss Korea? How a 1m62 woman can be Miss Korea?

    I love Lee Se-Young, she’s really a good actress. But she doesn’t correspond to her character description…

  6. Bwahaha, I just realized LSY is the persistent zombie girl who resides unwelcome/crashing at LSG awesome penthouse in Hwayugi (dropped the drama halfway).

  7. Ohhhhhh I am excited with this pairing too.
    Love Lee Seyoung! I like LSG in variety but he’s a decent actor.
    Hopefully both will say yes.

  8. Ah ah. Koala is so excited and who wouldn’t be, what a pairing this would be and with a good storyline this could be seriously amazing. I am a big fan of of Lee Se Yeong and Lee Seung Gi is just amazing to watch, fingers crossed they both accept so we can get the clock ticking.

  9. The main couple can act and that is a way harder thing to achieve than one thinks.

    They are not a noona- dongsaeng romance.

    There hopefully won’t be an unequal social status amongst them.

    That’s already a win- win for me.

  10. hmm she is beautiful but not like miss korea beautiful? Like most people stated she is not tall and her body proportion is not at Miss level too? I was thinking Seo Ye Ji level pretty, but her real life personality controversary is still not forgotten

    • Seo yeaji is not miss korea level pretty please . She has height and proportions but in IOTNBO , it was mostly because of her outfits that she became trendy.
      And she did play the role of a lawyer in the drama with Lee joon ki where I found nothing special abt her visual

  11. I have been burned so many times before by great casting completely ruined by putrid script. Please drama gods, let the script be awesome. That’s all I gonna say.

    • exactly. I haven’t recovered from park bo young seo in guk otp that was destroyed by im meari insipid writing. kbs did great casting same age oh yeon seo with in guk this year in minamdamg.

      • wow, you just mentioned koala’s most hated actress and her most hated drama of 2021 ml. there’ll be plenty of digs coming towards oys while singing heavenly praises for lsg-lsy otp as her ultimate otp.

  12. I love both actors , i’m happy to see a solid cast . Lee Seung Gi Was good in Mouse and he is good in comedies too . I think that Lee Se Young Can do it as well . Now about the Miss Korea thing . In an another post, we were naming only tall and beautiful actresses .At that time, i wrote that it will be difficult as the considered beauties in the field are too old, the youngers ones were taken, and the others too short as Park Eun Bi , Lee Se Young,… and not listed as beauties .They finally choose an actress who just finish a hit, knows how to act over an idol who can’t act .

  13. keke i rmbr asanyeo and oh gong did had a chemistry in hwayugi and of curs i’d love to see them as an otp but lsy as an ex miss korea character? i don’t think its believable tho i’d be willing to ignore my logic if it means lsg getting (finally) a compatible fl!

  14. Disagree with those who said so & so is not pretty enough to be Miss Korea. Not all Miss Korea is pretty imho. Most has PS. At least both LSY and JSM are all natural, they are both pretty in my eyes. The most qualified is probably Honey Lee but she is unavailable due to pregnancy. LSG is charming, talented, good in most areas except dancing, the Koreans like him. I am hopeful about this drama and look forward to watching for these two leads.

    • Surprised at the comments here saying she’s not suitable for the role because she’s “not pretty enough”. I respectfully disagree.
      I think most people are confusing simple/classic beauty to being plain lol I see it all the time with international fans who drag most korean actresses for being “plain” just because they don’t fit the western beauty standards of stronger features (ie. Kardashians/jenners) despite those actresses having clearly beautiful features.
      LSY is very pretty, I think even prettier than most miss koreas I’ve seen, who were even criticized for looking so similar to each other lmao.
      For me, LSY is pretty enough and definitely not plain, she has big eyes, sharp and straight nose, and nice lips. She has a good face shape too. Just not sure about the height thing, but with the right styling, she can look even more stunning

  15. Seunggi may not be as handsome compared to other actors, but he is truly multi-talented and there’s just something special about him that draws one to him forever. Hope he accepts the role. As for FL, he usually has chemistry with almost anyone. Seunggi fighting!!!

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