Retired Former Top Taiwanese Actress and Renowned Top Looks Brigette Lin Shares New Year’s Greetings with Fans and Stuns with Graceful Older Beauty

The fact that retired former top actress Brigette Lin is 67-years old had me floored, both in how beautiful she still looks at that age and how much time has passed. She’s been retired from acting since 1994 with Ashes of Time as her last project so that is nearly 30 years, she’s been married and living a seemingly low key content life in Canada. She’s been a bit more public again in recent years, probably finding a nice balance between purely personal life and a step back into the public domain in limited ways. She shared a new picture above as a Lunar New Year greeting this week and once again the Chinese-speaking viewers and public remain awed by this woman’s looks. She’s aged so gracefully and still has all the same striking features that made her arguably THE TOP beauty of her generation across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland Chinese entertainment. It goes to remind that top beauties back then had to be born with it (height, physique, and of course facial features) so it really was like finding a needle in a haystack, much like Brigette was discovered while walking down the street in her high school uniform already.


Retired Former Top Taiwanese Actress and Renowned Top Looks Brigette Lin Shares New Year’s Greetings with Fans and Stuns with Graceful Older Beauty — 32 Comments

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  2. I remember my older sisters had their bedroom walls plastered with Brigitte Lin posters along with Chin Han, Chin Hsiang Lin and Lin Feng Jiao. She’s truly one of the most naturally beautiful actresses of all time alongside Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Catherine Deneuve. Her features never change which is truly remarkable. I also admire Ming-Na Wen at 58 she’s still kicking ass in Bobba Fett and Michelle Yeoh at 59 also kicking ass in Witcher Blood Origin.

    • In my book, the ultimate beauty of golden age Hollywood is Vivien Leigh though sadly, she didn’t aged well. She was so beautiful in her 20’s and till today, her beauty as Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind remains unrivaled.

      • True but sad. Too many legendary Hollywood beauties were ruined by drugs, alcohol, bad diet, plastic surgery and goodness knows what other abuse they had been through. Just look at Kathleen Turner and Kelly McGillis. Even the men don’t fare any better. Leo DiCaprio has morphed into a dad bod.

      • @old timer: Add French cinema screen sirens to that list. Never understood why Isabelle Adjani and Anna Karina messed around with their faces.

  3. Lin Ching Hsia is my ultimate fave HK actress till this day. I basically watched all her HK movies with Swordsman 2 being my favourite. She single handedly made the Dong Fang Bu Bai a super hot androgyneous with that tragic love line with Jet Li (though that diverted way off from Louis Cha’s original story. Lol). I still find her as the best actress ever to portray gender bending roles as evidenced in Swordsman 2 and 3 Swordsmen.

    Happy to see for once an actress looking her age and ageing gracefully without the needs for nip and tuck and she is truly a classic beauty.

  4. 林青霞 is way before my time, but to me she’s the most beautiful Chinese (perhaps Asian) actress. She aged as gracefully as Audrey Hepburn did.

  5. She was absolutely gorgeous when she was young. And no plastic surgery too wow. I alwaya get told off when I comment that I can spot PS.

    See? Natural beauty is so blatantly obvious.

    She is an absolutely regal and dignified beautiful lady now. 67!!! Let me go check my wrinkles

  6. Seeing how well lin ching hsia is aging makes me wonder why song hye kyo as some commenters said she took botox. that froze her face in nwabu. I wonder how many korean actresses can last as long as ching hsia in terms of naturally untouched beauty.

  7. Some HK veteran actresses like Lisa Wang Ming Chun never seems to age too. She’s 74! Others like Dodo/Carol Cheng Yue Ling (64 yo) has her face ruined by plastic surgery. “Big sister” Lisa looks younger than Dodo now.

  8. Has anyone noticed any k-actors and actresses’ face ruined by botox/plastic surgery? I only heard of SHK so far since her new drama came out.

    • i wouldn’t called it ruined. maybe distracting? it does alter one’s facial recognition. knowing that he/she looks different compared to their high school years. the most obvious one is park min young. as for the males, seo in guk has something done to his nose pre and post 2016 and post 2019 too. he just looks different as moo young and doom. I’m not a hater. I follow his works so I can tell the difference. Maybe not I’m not sure.

      • my gut feeling tells me his face has changed. i couldn’t recognise him as the same person in master’s sun & reply 97 compared to shopaholic louis & squad 36. his appearance changed again in days. either the make-up is too good to be true or weight loss change one’s appearance.

  9. She’s my ultimate fav actress from that era. Her jawline is to die for. My favourite movie of hers is The Bride with White Hair with the late legendary Leslie Cheung (may he Rest In Peace ?). I cried so much watching that movie as a per-teen. It was beautiful ?

  10. Brigette Lin is so beautiful and is the best Asian actress of all times. No one can be like her. She age beautifully too. All the Hong Kong actresses in the Golden age were so naturally beautiful without and P.S. alone with some Chinese and Taiwanese actresses. They’re all so mesmerizing stunning. Nowadays is hard to fine rear beauties like these actresses.

  11. It’s great to see Brigette Lin still so beautiful and living a good live. It make me miss my childhood memories of all these beautiful Hong Kong actresses I grew up watching and loving. They were the best entertainment memories alone with all the handsome and talented actors. All natural beauties. Sadly nowadays actors are actresses are not like them anymore. I also miss Vicki Zhao Wei too, all my old memories. Times really flies.

    • They were my childhood memories as well, because during those times I don’t know about Korean and Japanese Entertainment. I only known of Chinese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Indian, and Thailand Entertainments. Not until 2006 when I was introduced to Korean and Japanese dramas and films that got me so invested and I stop watching Hong Kong and Chinese films. I thought I will never go back to them again, but I did because Korean Entertainment were so repetitive now. I have lost interest and really miss my childhood showbiz. Brigette Lin to Jet Li and so many more talented and beautiful actors. I love Zhao Wei so much and was very inspired by her. Now I’m buying all the collections of TVB and Chinese old dramas and films. Those handsome actors Takeshi, Nicky Wu, Nicholas Tse, Jet Li, Louis Koo, Arron Kwan, Andy Lua, and Ekin Chen to many more that I can’t name all. The Golden Ages times. I was impress to see that they’re all still so good looking after so many years. True natural beauties.

  12. I find her type of beauty in her younger days more attractive than the likes of current top beauties Yang Mi and Zhao Li Ying to be honest.

  13. She still imbues the same charm as in her younger days.My mum and I used to watch her films starring Lin Ching Hsia, Chen Chen and Chin Han.

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