Romance Between Park Min Young and Song Kang in Forecasting Love and Weather Moves at the Speed of Sound as They Steam Up the Screen in Episode 2

Well this is unexpected! I’m still waiting to binge both episodes of jTBC drama Forecasting Love and Weather, since it’s Superbowl Sunday and all and priorities, m’kay. That’s why I don’t know what led up to what may be the fastest workplace romance development in the history of K-drama rom-coms but it was hard not to be spoiled by viewers buzzing over the lightning speed momentum between leads Park Min Young and Song Kang. And when did Song Kang become the Loverboy that he keeps getting cast as, after Nevertheless this is the second drama he’s absolutely taking charge and not coy at all about his interest in his leading lady. All I can say is this is totally unexpected especially with the minimal chemistry between the leads in the teasers and the preview stills and posters made this seem like it was workplace story first with a side of budding romance.


Romance Between Park Min Young and Song Kang in Forecasting Love and Weather Moves at the Speed of Sound as They Steam Up the Screen in Episode 2 — 26 Comments

  1. HAHAHA so funny envy people keep saying that he’s like her brother lol BITTER people ? ENVY ALL YOU WANT BUT YOU CANNOT HAVE SONG KANG AND YOU CAN NEVER BE PARK MIN YOUNG WAHAHAHA

  2. If my last office romance ended as bad as her, and she seeems she can’t take the heat. I’ll stick to the rule no romance in the office.
    She doesn’t learn eh. none of the wiser ?
    Don’t like when drama makes the reason for break up is cheating spouse (too easy way out). Never heard ‘different in personality’ like celebs often do when annouce their break up? ? it makes the stroy more interesting

  3. For some reason, thought this was airing Monday and not this weekend! I’m already behind! Not sure how I feel about guys who romantically pursue coworkers that they barely know so aggressively.

    This is a romance between an older woman and a younger man. It’s written into the story. There is a 7 year difference between the characters in the drama….it’s not like the drama is saying they’re the same age? So people still viewing the visible age difference as if they’re shocked…it’s weird.

  4. Do Kdramas understand the concept of slow-burn anymore? People meet and sleep together within two episodes, where’s the build-up, where’s the romance? No wonder most romance dramas are unwatchable these days.

    • Its realistic. Watch winter sonata over again and again and kdramas made in that era if you wanna avoid this sex early in thingy but avoid Japanese dramas. Alot of their iconic romance dramas started on a one night stand since that era also.

  5. Probably will be better if SK’s character was made scruffier, e.g. had longer unkempt hair, dresses less like a schoolboy, and throw in a tattoo as well lol.

  6. I know things progressed fast but it didn’t feel forced at least. I liked that it amped up their chemistry, wasn’t too sure about them in first episode but saw more chemistry between them in second episode when they had more interactions with each other and even bonded for a bit until well it exploded like fireworks LOL. It was surprising because I still feel that majority of Korean romance drama is more of the slow burn kind. I liked the aftermath, how she tried to play it cool and ended up having it backfire on her a bit lol. Looking forward to the next episode!

  7. Ratings for both dramas went up. Not bad for jtbc forecasting love and weather at 5.5%. Way better than hyped Sbowdrop at same episode. Twenty five twenty one did even better at 8% higher than Bulgasal second episode.

  8. Hope you can post about the yearly KOFICE hallyu survey. Interesting that none of the trendy 90s actors like Song Kang are present despite netflix pushing him hard.

    • I saw top 3 actors. And it’s the same as before i.e Lee Minho, Hyun bin and Gong Yoo.

      As for drama, Squid Game topped, followed by CLOY and Vincenzo.

      On a side note, CLOY last year was no.1 as expected but this year it clinched 2nd spot, i am really surprised.

      • Was surprised by cloy as well, but there wasn’t a huge hallyu hit of it’s level for the past 2 years. Squid Game of course is in it’s own league. Looking at the Top 5 actors make me think that 80s actors will just keep on dominating with the lack of impactful 90s actors. At least in the actress side, new face like Jung Hoyeon was ranked, but it remains to be seen if she can maintain this popularity.

      • One more thing that intrigued me. Lee Minho and Hyun Bin’s last projects were from 2020. And Gong Yoo actually went viral with Squid Games. So i expected him to top it.

    • LMH is always topping the list even when doesn’t release any dramas. The hallyu list has nothing to do with who Netflix is pushing. There hasn’t been a new hallyu star in years. Only a few Netflix due to the reach of the OTT platform kids become popular for a short time then disappear.

  9. (+) writing and directing is good so far even the ONS is feasible (they were drunk and commiserating, so…), depth to the weather forecast portrayal, no extreme outlier with acting, PMY sold the character
    (-) SK is serviceable but his acting is still obviously green, MC chemistry is weak

  10. REBOUND effect! PMY nails it. 2 episodes in, so far so good. The one-night stand sounds crazy but they hit it off quite convincingly… Will see how the story will evolve. I don’t expect a genuine love story, I’d rather want to see SK using PMY to move up the office ladder. SK never comes across to me as loyal, he looks wicked and better stays bad.

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