Song Hye Kyo Combines Fendi with Fierce in New Bazaar Korea March 2022 Pictorial

I found Song Hye Kyo‘s last drama Now, We are Breaking Up a real waste of the fashion industry. I don’t know if I was simply not feeling the fashions and plot lines but I felt the drama could have been set in any other industry and the same issues could apply. I also didn’t deliver the edgy trendy “high fashion” looks that it could have aimed for, at least be like Icarus rather than play it safe. Song Hye Kyo was lovely as ever and none of her outfits were bad but I finished the drama with nothing memorable. At least in Encounter (Boyfriend) her Laneige lipstick sold out and she reminded me never to go for the severe bob but always to go for the thick scarves especially if draped by a boyfriend. She’s in the pages of Bazaar Korea in its March 2022 edition, a weird timing since it’s after Breaking Up and still a ways to go until her next drama The Glory airs. But it does keep her relevant and in the limelight which she’s shown herself to be teflon as all criticism seems to just slide off. I think criticism is good for improvement but she says in the interview here that she chose The Glory because she wants to challenge herself and the role is unlike anything she has played before.


Song Hye Kyo Combines Fendi with Fierce in New Bazaar Korea March 2022 Pictorial — 23 Comments

    • Comments like this seals for me why koalasplayground comment section has been extremely filthy and unnecessarily Ruthless all the time

      • @loyalist’s comment is pretty mild and fair compared to other fonts’ diatribes. Nothing filthy or ruthless about it.

      • If you think this comment is filthy and unnecessarily ruthless, you obviously haven’t read the comments about her recent drama on twitter and reddit.

      • What’s wrong with my comment? I said she looked good but but I prefer focus on better acting and projects which is totally fair and what 90% of others have said who watched her last drama.

    • True she ages like fine wine and her visuals in her 40s are even better than her 20s but her acting is a different story. Experimenting with characters isn’t the problem its the fact that she plays them all in the same vein. She has standard expressions that she repeats over and over again.

  1. I hope this new genre will be good for her. At least she is getting out of her comfort zone now and trying something new, instead of the same old romance/melodrama that has been told a hundred times.

    I wish breaking up would have had this edgier fashion look above instead of the prissy, preppy and safe designs they went for which is too boring for a fashion environment.

    I like the yellow/multi color bodycon dress above, so suited for spring

  2. She’s always been gorgeous. Her acting is a different story. It’s been more than a decade since Full House and Worlds Within and her acting hasn’t improved much since then. Looking forward to what she can do in The Glory. It’s different genre that she hasn’t done before so hopefully that pushes her to better acting-wise.

  3. In the interview she made it obvious that it’s a revenge drama. I hope that the writer justify her character’s action because revenge should not be on the kids just because of the parent. The parent’s issue are not the kid’s fault.

    • I wonder if it would be a more psychological torture for the parents. Like she’ll use the kids to mess with their heads, but not actively harm the kids.

      Those kdrama high school bullying scenes are always brutal and nauseating. I want to see the drama, but I don’t want to see flashbacks to how the heroine was violently bullied. I think if I had to endure the kind of bullying like what’s depicted in kdramas, I would go nuts.

      I wouldn’t mind if she goes completely dark, like Lee Seung gi in Mouse where his character really did do all those terrible things.

      • She look her age in the drama although I didn’t finish it. If the male lead was her age then there wouldn’t be any problems, but because he was younger, so off course her age will show. She look gorgeous no matter what. This is a magazine so her wrinkles will all be photoshopped out. You probably believe that your favorite is truly flawless because you’re too biased. In the showbiz world no one is pure flawless. Photoshop is the way to go. If you can name me a Korean celebrity that is truly flawless without any touch-up then you can get back at me. Otherwise stop putting people down. Try to be a more positive person and be wiser.

  4. I absolutely love her photo shoots. I think she’s one of the few k-actresses that can wear heavy makeup well.

    I hope she did take the criticisms in mind and will work harder on the glory because she was really just sleep walking through her last drama

  5. Girlie is extremely beautiful but the drama still doesn’t show that. Give her fierce make up and stand out clothes.

    Felt like people underestimate PBG cause in encounter, he does seems to love her regardless if they match or not.

  6. I think she is Korean version of Sonam Kapoor ( Bollywood actress). She is beautiful, fashionista, has a good way of presenting herself which can account her as celebrity but not a actress. I think she is celebrity not an actor and that works in film industries. When u r rich, power ( fashion endrosers are money makers) and have media play so talent doesn’t count there. She looks good and that’s it she was always like that and god’s grace will be in future. I just hate when media exaggerate the activities of these celebrities, i mean for example this pictorial – more than 10 articles which says nothing ?, so many articles on her posts having dog , walking, etc etc etc .. they r so annoying. Nobody wants to know that she is looking beautiful at home, with dog , walking sleep , sitting , smiling, in different clothes we have eyes we can see ???????? oh god it’s so funny .

  7. The magazines need to take it easy on the photoshopping. Ms Hye Kyo is beautiful and they didn’t need to make her skin looked so airbrushed. Her skin is looks much much better than 40 yr olds, but does not look as stretched like that.

    Hope her robotic and monotonous acting is thrown out the window with her new drama. All the best

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