K-actress Seo Ye Ji Issues Formal Statement and Apology for Her Past Scandal, Blames it on Her Immaturity, Promises to Be Better Going Forward

On the heel of a production team member on upcoming K-drama Eve speaking to reporters about how leading lady Seo Ye Ji‘s still silence on her scandal from last year would be problematic for the drama when it came time to promote, a day later Seo Ye Ji issued her first statement on the scandal. It was an apology but very vague, it never actually discusses the scandal in any facts or details or even mention of what the scandal was about, but simply apologizes being so late in responding. She said she was reflecting after hearing so much reproach towards her, and apologizes for making people uncomfortable due to her shortcomings and disappointing her fans. She chalked it all up to immaturity and will work hard going forward to be careful and show her more mature self. Wow, if this is what she has to say then it might’ve been better to just stay silent because this is just a total nothingburger vague word salad. But then again, those who don’t think she did anything wrong will continue to support her and those who find her distasteful to watch onscreen will just not consume her acting projects still.


K-actress Seo Ye Ji Issues Formal Statement and Apology for Her Past Scandal, Blames it on Her Immaturity, Promises to Be Better Going Forward — 53 Comments

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    • Publicity stunt? She trends all the time – 20 + articles were posted on her when the script reading was announced. Mind you not all song and praise but mention her name Korean reporters are over it like a rash. The girl suffered the worse witch hunt ever but hey that’s what we would expect from Korea. Fortunately those at TvN, Studio Dragon and CJES must have a lot more insight into the situation to take a huge risk to cast her then finger tip tapping trolls. There are a dozen hugely talented Korean actresses that could take the role but it was SYJ that was offered it first. That says a lot.

      • that says alot that she thought she needed to release apology for her drama sake lol
        witch hunt what? she barely explained or gave a proofs. such easy getaway for accused of education forgery, bullying and abuser.
        other actors are struggling to clear their name while she only released vague apology.

      • Show me the proof of names and their claims not some shoddy “he said she said” then we’ll talk. Drama is like 3 months away. No one knows when that apology was written or the date of the script reading photos and when they were taken? Education forgery? Articles written highlighted what happened in Spain and her agency gave an explanation but no not good enough. Yes I get it – why is she allowed to return so easily? I guess there are those who don’t believe everything they read on line enough to form a opinion and fall hook line and sinker.

      • then what about the boycott of another way movie because of her false interview about briquette? endangering other actor because she wanted to immersing her role by sipping alcohol? there are alot things that left vague? dont think everything is just because she is witch hunted lol

      • OMG are you serious? Firstly stick with your claim of bullying and being abusive and answer straight did you read any names and actual confirmed statements if not okay you’re going off unfounded allegations. Those who posted refused to divulge their names so it didn’t go anywhere. Unless you can give actual facts I will wait. The filming of the 2015 movie ‘Another way’ the other actor was Kim Jae Wook and I guess he wasn’t fazed by the scene I mean if he was severely traumatised then why would he go out of his way to gift her a coffee truck when she was in 2017 Save me? 170617 IG UPDATE from King Entertainment: “In a hot weather today, ?Our dear actress #SeoYeji ‘s movie co-star in #AnotherWay #KimJaeWook .Please stop throwing assumptions out because you want to make a point. Korean reporters do it for a living they need her name to drive revenue and viewership kinda like this blog here too.

      • @mumma bear 015/pearline

        No need to pathetically post under different accounts pretending to be different people to back yourself up defending your scandalous plastic ugly flop nugu queen. Just as pathetic as the fraud you worship.

        And what are you even doing here? Go join your fellow brainwashed morons and puppets on Twitter. Go worship her there, ain’t no one here bowing to that b!tch. So scram, peasant!

      • I am not pearline and if you bothered to read the posts you would be able to recognise that. Can you not tell the two streams of thought that are running? I didn’t know that you were psychic? Get a grip and stay triggered. I am not pearline okay? Lastly it would be a huge waste of time posting under different aliases Thank you very much.

      • Go jack off to syj’s dead eyed stare on twitter with the rest of her brain rotting followers weirdo
        Watching u defend her so pathetically is hilarious

      • Me defend her? No more like outing you lot over your insane comments. Nothing concrete is given just trivial pettiness full of malice and bitterness.Ewww now you’re going the perverse way because you can’t fathom the idea all you’ve got is really nothing. You’ve exhausted yourself.

    • I will try to watch as I said she is a talented actress and I like her since ?⭐. I just hope she will be in better behavior after this scandal and apology. Peace.

  2. it’s just so funny to me that the pics of her drama’s script reading was released and here comes the half-assed apology nearly a year later LOL. girl, it’s better if you just stayed silent instead of pretending to have a conscience.

    • jhdbksf yeah tbh the funny part about this is the timing, why not release the statement earlier? All apology statements in k-ent are dry and written by publicists but she waited until the last possible minute hahaha

  3. No apology would have been better than this. Its just in response to yesterday’s criticism that she didn’t apologize lol Embarrassing.

  4. Ugh! Too arrogant. With this “apology”, It is obvious that she don’t see anything wrong with what she had done. She apologized because she have to.

    I always thought that her role in IOTBO was acted so naturally. It turns out I was so right because that is how she is in real life, cold and selfish.

    • Shes so beautiful and talented. So everyone must stand up for the queen. Men go weak in her presence and women prostrate to her. Anyone who dares speak of a different opinion or experience will risk being hunted and cancelled. She has the power guns backing her. Even big networks cannot escape her charm and famous directors dream about casting her. No one touches the queen. SO BOW PEASANTS BOW. @mummabear

      • If this was the case that she is so beautiful(which I don’t see) and talented(never heard of her before IOTBO) she should have been a Big Star ages ago! But she was not and she still is not!

        The reality is , she only got the recognition and popularity because of her drama with KSH. So, SYJ fans stop dreaming. One hit wonder is what she is.

      • I guess I have been put on the naughty list because my posts are not being added. However the posts here show how much vitirol is aimed at her and that is okay. And seriously @Pearline that is so dry really ‘No one touches the queen. SO BOW PEASANTS BOW.’ Can always count on this blog to be the outlet for a let’s have a digging party. Nothing surprises me at all. It is to be expected.

  5. What a joke of an apology. Anyone with even ONE braincell intact can tell that she doesn’t even mean it, she only made it worse if anything by being so insincere about it. At least for me this makes me dislike her even more and I will definitely not watch that drama when there’s plenty of other dramas to watch and support. People can make mistakes and I totally believe in second chances if they truly repent, but the window for that passed 10 months ago when the scandal happened and she stayed silent and didn’t apologize for her part in it.

    • Kmedia also using that photo in several articles about her apology lmao someone must be really pissed at the timing of her statement

      • Yea. She must be super well liked. They must have dug dig to find the most beautiful ones to use. I.e double chin + face and neck tone different. Beautiful indeed ?

  6. She should just keep quiet and acted like nothing happened. I don’t blame her for her ex’s behavior, dude is an adult tho. But this apology seems like a ‘sorry not sorry’ attitude. Probably some sponsors need her to do that.

  7. Should have apologized right away. Doing this now means she was pressured to do so because she needs to promote and that scandal would always be the question that would top each reporters mind.

    If the ratings do well or bad it would always point back to her anyway.

  8. Yeah…she should have never said anything…most people already forgot…but now I remember what she did and probably won’t watch her new show…

  9. Gosh it must be hard to be a woman in SK, let alone someone in the spotlight. She was criticized for not apologizing now she’s being ridiculed for apologizing. At this rate I don’t think it matters what she does she’ll still receive backlash. If I were her I would stay silent and only meet the audience through my work. Whether it’s talent or character, time will reveal.

  10. I don’t really know what you guys want, here you are criticizing her for not saying a word when the scandal broke out, now that she has finally said a word, you are all saying that she shouldn’t have said anything. Please let us learn how to forgive each other’s transgressions. Some people online thinks that once you have erred, you don’t deserve a second chance like we are any better than her. We all have skeletons in our cardboard difference is her’s is layed bare for us to see

    • Because she only apologized after knetizens againd criticized tvn for her casting after the script reading picture came out. The timing made them doubt the sincerity of her apology. Why only now when she has something to promote? Like in the previous post, network staffers were concerned about the reaction to the script reading photo tvn released. They thought keeping quiet was the right way to go and it seemed like it worked for them for a while. But when you go on promotions, you can’t ignore people’s reactions to a huge scandal involving your star. Hopefully with her public apology tvn can start promotions for her drama with minimal backlash.

  11. So whats d big deal if she was little controlling? We all have our phases where we controlled our men wen there is insecurity. Both of them havent committed some crime jeez

    • Her only mistake was dating a nugu like Junghyun. At least she later dated Kim Soo Hyun. Next up is Lee Min Ho. She can get any man and have them grovel at her feet. queen.

    • The problem is that both of their behaviour affected a whole drama team. Seohyun went into depression which stemmed from their so called personal love fight.

  12. Queen of fake is back!

    fake face, fake boobs, and fake education. She only good with her fans becoz she know that they are her power. She has narcissistic personality disorder.

    • Whatever floats your boat! Eve TvN June 2022! Geez the hate on this site is the norm guess it’s your stomping ground that the majority of you have in common. Stating opinions is fine but when you turn malicious and spiteful it’s kinda getting boring to read over and over again.

      • Crawl back to your twitter cult. No one’s going to drool over your creepy unnie and her emotionally abusive ways here

      • Oh W above now Q here what a mission it must be to change your user name. Wouldn’t want to be aligned to this cult like so called playground-more like cesspit where all the anti’s congregate to increase the posts. Keep going you really have nothing to add. Harp on because EVE TvN June 2022!

    • The problem is the majority read up on the allegations believed them as being true and stuck to that. However you didn’t want to see the articles that followed that cleared her oh no the rumours were enough to hold on to because as far as you were all concerned random anonymous posters knew better. Who cares that they didn’t put their names forward and take their concerns legally.They all dropped off the radar when challenged by actual commentators to present themselves. Yes Korean actors have done far worse yet they have a pass to freely go about their way but I guess SYJ has to suffer tirelessly because she gave an apology that wasn’t good enough. It’s highly publicised in news articles what cast and crew think about her and if she was such a horrible person that you paint her out to be then it goes to show you believe rumours over actual fact.

      • This is in response to @TMorales

        “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I’ll rise!”
        ― Maya Angelou

  13. It’s your choices to support her still, but remember the scandal she was involved in was potentially gaslighting which had affected not just ex boyfriend but the whole team of drama Time. It’s a serious issue, just half ass apology and immaturity excuse can never be enough.
    A proper explanation followed by apology should be made but neither of Seo Ye Ji nor Kim Jung hyun had the gut.

    At the end of the day, it’s the Time’s team are the ones who were wronged the most. It’s safe to assume that Seo Ye ji has no guilty conscience at all, that’s why she made a drama comeback this soon. Must have sponsors, going to the same label of one of top rated actor really helping her. Well she won’t be happy anyway, even her fans keep on being her suckers, she will reap what she sow. It will all comeback to her someday.

    • Obviously you missed KHJ press release last year that said SYJ was not responsible for his actions. So if she is everything you say she is why on earth would studio dragon, CJES and TvN head hunt her for a lead role? We got copious news articles berating her so if it was all true then she would have been cancelled without hesitation. But she wasn’t. The other 3 actors accepted their roles and filming started in November 2021. So it must mean the 3 production companies did their own investigation didn’t find any truth to all these claims and still proceeded with casting her. Like me they wanted to see actual names, dates and statements of all her wrong doings but yep nothing. Thank you.

      • Good lord. Why would they head hunt her? Some of the worst behaving people have been tolerated in the entertainment industry across the world as long as they’re seen as potential moneymakers or have a history of producing revenue. IONTBOK showed more than a decent profit. Plus she has been able to gaslight enough people to still have a sizable fan base. Look at the number of athletes that screw up time and again but are tolerated if they can fill up seats in a stadium or sell enough jerseys. As far as a genuine apology, I don’t think people should hold their breath. Like Maya Angelou said “When people show you who they are, believe them). The problem here is how some people have no issue with what they saw. They don’t see her as the horrible person she is. And she knows it.

  14. Netizens are paragons of virtue and perfection. No apology or excuse is enough. Nobody deserves a second chance. Nobody is capable of change. Either she fades into obscurity or she falls into depression or both.

  15. Some advice to her fans. Just.. shut up. You guys over defending her is NOT helping her at all. It’s the opposite. To the non fans (general readers) who read your replies, it just look like stereotyped ‘stupid fangirls’ image and a cult.

    Maybe just shut up for once will do bettee for your girl as there is no need to add more antipathy and bad impressions to other casual readers about your fandom. It certainly doesn’t help at.all.

    • Sorry but when there are comments like ‘ go jerk of’, fake boobs etc..thrown around aimlessly here along with a ton of lies and unfounded allegations made up then it’s best that you take your own advice too. It works both ways as it may appear brainless but that’s how her casual fans increased two fold because they followed up on the rumours themselves and formed their own opinions to the controversy. Not defending just clarifying so take the riff and stop trying to block our side from saying our piece. If it’s good enough to disparage then it’s good enough to dispel.Thank you

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