Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon Take Home TV Best Actor and Best Actress Awards for Squid Game at the 2022 Screen Actor Guild Awards

The Squid Game conquering isn’t at an end yet, on the heels of veteran Oh Young Soo from the cast winning Best Supporting Actor TV at the 2022 Golden Globe Awards last month, this month it’s time for the leads to bring home some hardware. At last night’s 2022 Screen Actor Guild Awards, Lee Jung Jae won Best Actor TV and right after a super shocked Jung Ho Yeon followed suit by winning Best Actress TV. For Lee Jung Jae this is a culmination of two decades as a mostly movie actor in South Korea with the occasional drama but this is model-turned-actress Jung Ho Yeon’s first acting gig so the win is beyond impressive. The third member of the final trio Park Hae Soo was also in attendance so it was great to see these three reunited for some Squidy nostalgia feels.


Lee Jung Jae and Jung Ho Yeon Take Home TV Best Actor and Best Actress Awards for Squid Game at the 2022 Screen Actor Guild Awards — 40 Comments

  1. Congratulations and this is certainly a very well deserved win. But I have to point out, what is happening with Jung Ho Yeon, she looks like she is not well and is skin and bones. When I last saw her during Fallon she looked so good and healthy.

  2. so these 2, along with the grandpa.. should enter baeksang right? coz it kind of absurd if they don’t get any nomination from their country. but I’m thinking, jhy should enter which category? new best actress or best actress? hurmm this is hard

  3. Lee Jung jae definitely winning best actor in Baeksang. As for jung hoyeon i think they will give her best new actress. Kim hye soo most probably going to win best actress. And Squid game will win Daesang over all.lol Baeksang is so predictable.

    • SG will get multiple nominations, but not sure if it’d bag many awards. Parasite was much more acclaimed and also loved by the international and domestic audience but it only won two awards at the Baeksang.

      • But squid game was a bigger phenomena than parasite if we are talking abt virality. Baeksang loves pleasing people . And i listed only 3 awards one of which is best new actress. So i don’t think it’s a reach

      • Baeksang is not just about popularity otherwise it wouldn’t be the award that is most creditable and coveted. If popularity is the only factor, you’d have dramas like CLoY reaping many awards but it didn’t win any other than a supporting role award.

      • @Ume Baeksang is a combination of international clout and domestic popularity. CLOY no doubt the most popular drama over all but 2020 had immense competition. And when camellia blooms was a fan favourite back home, hence it took many awards.

        Also, Koreans love western validation a lot. Squid game brought so much recognition . I doubt they will leave it unrewarded especially when prestigious award giving bodies like SAG gave them major awards.

        Anyways only time will tell but imo these 3 awards are most likely that squid games will win.

      • @hhh, you’re contradicting yourself. You claim Baeksang is a combination of international clout and domestic popularity, which CLoY has both, but it lost out to a local favourite.

        Then you said Koreans love western validation a lot and claim SQ is a bigger phenomena than Parasite because of it virality when Parasite has a long ass list of accolades including the Palme d’Or and 4 major Oscar awards.

        All award show have their biasness, but if you look at the list of past Baeksang winners, more often than not, ones that win the award are not the most popular or successful contender that year.

      • Isn’t Pachinko an American production, why would it be included in a Korean award show?

      • @Ume Pachinko is a purely Korean production based off a Korean authored book with almost all Korean actors and 90% of the dialogue is in Korean. America didn’t even want to accept Minari as their own highly doubt they’ll accept Pachinko.

  4. That’s awesome, congrats to them!! This actually just reminded me that I still need to finish Squid Game, my list of dramas and shows to finish never stops growing ?

  5. Jung Hoyeon’s win does not make sense to me, even Lee Jungjae’s… over the Succession actors? But whatever lol at this rate it’s likely she will be nominated for Baeksang Best Actress too

    • Same here.

      I always like Lee Jung Jae but I don’t find his acting that great in SG to warrant the trophy. Especially in the first 2 episodes of SG, his acting was cringey. He has always been charismatic in tough roles (esp in Face Reader) but he was not that impressive playing that loser. Similarly to JHY. She did good but not enough to win the award IMO.

      Somehow after Parasite and in this woke culture, the awards given no longer about who deserve to win but to please this society esp to appear “inclusive”.

    • I super agree! Watched both series and Succession actors hands down should have succeeded as the outstanding performers. Their acting are just way waaaaay intense that really, why didn’t any of them win? THEY WERE ROBBED. Most esp Strong and Snook.

    • Same. Scratching my head as to how Lee Jungjae won over Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, and Kiernan Culkin. Only explanation I can think of is votes were spread among the Succession trio, so none of them ended up getting majority.

      Netflix has been campaigning really hard for SQ.

      • I am more surprised at Jung Hoyeon’s win when she was more like a supportive character who went viral on social media.

    • I totally agree. At this rate, its more of a popularity award rather than a award for really good acting. Jung Hoyeon is good but her acting is just not Oscar worthy enough for her to be nominated.

  6. When I felt sad that my talented actor Benedict Cumberbatch did not win for his phenomenon and outstanding performance in Power of the Dog, I heard a group of Asian guys sitting next to my table talking about actress JHY “I wonder if SG will be the only and last movie that this actress plays? With her debut work but such a huge success, the pressure for the next project will be surely intense terrible.”
    Someone: “I think her face can only act in movies, not for acting in dramas. Her face will be picky because it’s more suitable for horror, revenge, action script than love stoty, meloromance. She shouldn’t smile either, a cool face would suit her better. Hope she gains more weight….”
    …….they continued to discuss the results of the awards ceremony.
    I suddenly remembered a quote on pinterest: When you climb from the foot of the mountain to the top, although it will take a lot of time and patience, you will be there for a long time, but when you stand on the top of the mountain in seconds the first minute, what higher mountain for you to conquer?

    • I feel you. I am a big big fan of Benedict Cumberbatch and seriously, I always find him to be so underrated. He gave so many brilliant performances that went overlooked. I was hoping he would win Oscar this year but it’s already locked for Will Smith. But I believe, Benedict will win at BAFTA.

      • Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t underrated by critics , he did and still do an impressive filmography , but as casi all british actors , he is very private , so less under spotlights unlike the ones as Will Smith . Colin Firth, Sally Hawkins, Keira Knightley, Judi Dench, David Tennant, Martin Freeman, Simon Pegg, Eddie Redmayne, Emma Thompson ( her acceptance speech a la Jane Austin when she won for the best script years ago) ,all the british actors are great …

  7. All idol actress bitter fans here. Not her fault she has become too global. She was already a supermodel and ha great future ahead. T is biggest award than any of ur idol company can buy. The critics here knows more than jury lmao. Congrats to.lee jung jae too

  8. Squid game is valued more than billion dollars for just one season. It is biggest hallyu hit ever. And it doesnt include merchandise
    The contract renewals will be worth millions for these actors. Lee jung jae is alreafy super rich but happy for this girl who gonna become super wealthy. Already landed actual global endorsements. Netflix money is different game altogether. Signed with biggest American agency too. Should sign better projects!

  9. Even racist sites like dailymail users are saying well deserved. Hollywood is doomed with too much preaching about race in every show, climate change lecture from yacht travelling celebs ( climate is changing for billions of years ) . Kdramas dont have preaching. Which peope want to watch. Entertainment has been ruined with moral lecturing. Jeez let me watch a toxic hot male hero like 365 days yummy daddy without getting lectured on kidnapping. Squid game deserved.

      • Whatever she’s smoking or snorting, it must be real powerful. She’s been vomiting the same terrible grammar rubbish for years now. Never a logical comment from her. Pretty sure no one sensible on this site takes her seriously. You see her name in her comment box and just skip her comment entirely. It’ll save you braincells. ?

      • Lmaoo still it is enpugh to burn ur hairy ass. And i comment for myself. Not to please u donkey. Go n eat my vomit. May it help u get some sense

  10. I’m happy for them and Korean productions.

    I don’t think Jung Ho-Yeon’s acting was so great, she was pretty lucky to be in this show. I’m curious to see her in her next role.

    Lee Yoo-Mi showed better acting in Squid Game, All of Us Are Dead or 345 : Repeat the Year.

  11. All I can say is Jung Ho Yeon is one Lucky girl. I don’t think any award giving bodies would give her a second look for her acting if SG wasn’t a global hit.

    The thing is, she doesn’t have the visual and charisma for her to sustain interest in her home country. I think it is either hollywood or local indie films.

    I’ve seen so many who hit it big right away, they always lose the public interest just as fast as they gained it.

    • Lmaoo bitter fan of has been actresses or most probably idol actress fam spotted. She has been signed bytop most agency an has global deal ur local faves will never have. U can keep ur local projects when she is next Bae donna with international projects and millions. She was alreay a known supermodel and now a huge stat. Glad she isnt ur vanilla visual u stan

      • @lmhhallyuking. I see you keep barking without making any sense. Read carefully and understand first before making any senseless rebuttal.

      • Aww i read ur bitter comment and ur burning jealousy tht ur loser fave isnt on her level. She is just starting and is going no where. She doesnt need to fit korean standards to have global success and koreans are liking her too. Cry n i made perfect sense calling out ur 2 faced bitter comment

  12. She doesnt need ur local dramas when she can earn millions from new age streaming era and her global endorsements ( not local cf queen ). She is courted by biggest international managements anyways. She just dot fit ur vanilla visual. She has hype in korea too btw!
    You guys r just wishing her to flop bcoz none of ur fave hit big like her globally.

  13. I’m not familiar with western dramas so I don’t know if there were other better performances, but I’m surprised these two got the awards at all. Lee Jung Jae was decent, but not award-worthy at all. In fact, he tended to overact there that I thought his performance wouldn’t be liked by westerners lol. As for Jung Ho Yeon, she was good especially for a rookie. But she was helped a lot by the writing as she got the cool, west-appealing female character. Squid Game generally had strong acting, but in my opinion, the only award-worthy ones were Park Hae Soo and most especially Oh Young Soo.

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