Three K-dramas Make the Top 10 Netflix Worldwide List to Kick off March 2022 with All of Us are Dead, Twenty, Five, Twenty One, and Juvenile Justice

There has been so many new K-dramas recently but the big Netflix hit has been school yard zombie drama All of Us are Dead. It premiered a month ago and according to Flixpatrol data as of the end of February 28, 2022 it’s still in the worldwide top 10 at number 4. A surprise is seeing tvN drama Twenty Five, Twenty One make the big list at number 8. quite an achievement for a drama not promoted heavily by Netflix. Another surprise was newly premiered Netflix legal drama Juvenile Justice also making the worldwide top 10 coming in at the 9th spot. It’s a more serious and less action-packed drama so I thought it would garner more of a cult hit but it’s clearly riding the wave of K-drama expansion at just the right time.


Three K-dramas Make the Top 10 Netflix Worldwide List to Kick off March 2022 with All of Us are Dead, Twenty, Five, Twenty One, and Juvenile Justice — 21 Comments

  1. Best way to determine hallyu hits now per week . But year end chart is best way know which are biggest hits globally actually. The star concept is dying in asia too . Like it is dead in hollywood for new gen and streaming killed star concept in music too. New actors dont have monopoly anymore

  2. 2/3 are Netflix’s dramas, it’s not surprising.

    I watched 5 episodes of Junvenil Justice, I like it for now. But I don’t really care about the characters honestly.

  3. Yh 2521 is surprising considering its being paid dust in terms of promotions compared the forecasting love and weather.
    Also surprised but pleased for juvenile justice. I binged watched it and found it to be an excellent watch. Ofcourse Kim hye soo was good but damn the child actors were also unbelievable.

    • 2521 doesn’t lack promotions, there are video-interviews-games on TVN, Korea Netflix or TVN. Their BTS scenes are accessible for everyone too.

    • It’s not that difficult nowadays. Even thirty nine a drama catered towards older demographics entered top 10 . All one needs is twitter hype which 2521 has plenty.

    • 39 also entered the top 10 last week and there were barely any promotions. But yes typically it is dramas geared towards younger demographic.

      • Barely any promotion? They have more news articles about it than any normal drama and Twitter land is promoting it like crazy. BinJin warriors made sure of that. Plus there was SYJ interview and most importantly the wedding announcement is big enough.

      • @Anon
        Agree. I won’t say there are no promotions. Maybe that person was referring to swoon Netflix channel. but over all jtbc providing everything just like their other kdramas. Only problem are the subs.

        At the end of the day people still watching a boring drama like thirty nine so i guess the hype didn’t go in vain?. Anyways i am seeing lots of complaints abt son yejin and her lead actor’s onscreen love line . Probably that’s the downside of announcing marriage when u have a drama impending. People still stuck with cloy.

      • @anon, what promotions like crazy? Just typical network promotions like for all dramas. Netflix didn’t promote it as its not a Netflix original. No Swoon content either. Very little promotion for international audiences unless you are a fan of the actors and are looking out for it. Or unless you are a hater and pay attention to people you don’t like which seems to be what you are doing LOL. People aren’t going to watch a drama they don’t like because HB and SYJ are getting married ??? The ratings have continued to go up meaning people are sticking around because they like it.

  4. I wonder how long this Netflix boom will last for Korean content. The kpop boom started in 2017 when BTS went on their world tour and later won best social artist at Billboards. Back then nobody took any of it seriously but from 2017-19 the Korean boom globally was purely about Kpop. When the pandemic started in 2020 CLOY set off the Kdrama boom even though it can be argued that Parasite and Minari had made in roads for Korean content but let’s be honest most of that was limited to critical acclaim not for general masses consumption. It was CLOY that made it mainstream in the true sense and then SG finally broke the glass ceiling for Kdramas winning critical acclaim, mainstream popularity and awards but it was Netflix waking up to the relevance of K content early on that allowed the stage to be set in the first place. Now Disney, Apple and every other OTT provider is jumping onto the K content train but none of them has the permeability of Netflix in terms of Korean dramas. However one thing Netflix has proven that not just in ratings an local consumption but overall TVN and JTBC dramas are better than terrestrial dramas in every way. 90% of the simulcast dramas that become popular come on Netflix come from these 2 channels. Apple and Disney+ need to put in more efforts into their K content production and especially for Disney+ they need to figure out their distribution model immediately. The limited release structure isn’t working. I have a feeling Pachinko will open the floodgates for Apple and I’m curious to see if Baeksang will nominate it but 100% the Golden Globes will jump on this drama. This is just their type of genre and the diversity factor will be a huge plus. Every single OTT platform is currently being saved by Korean dramas and hopefully this means the staff and crew can be paid better. One thing is for sure American content is no longer King.

    • Interesting you brought up this. Korean wave started back in 2000 and swept through many parts of Asia. But it didn’t get that much global attention till now. I like Korean shows but I doubt Hollywood will let them take over.

    • Well that’s within a fandom. You need to follow it to see the promos. Otherwise its not reaching a wider audience. Fans of the actors promoting the drama on Twitter is not the reason Koreans are giving it high viewership on JTBC.

      • You’re not in korea. You have no idea the amount of promo it’s gotten. SYJ has been on magazines and tv shows promoting it. Her marriage announcement also upped the initial interest for this because every article mentions her upcoming project.

  5. I seriously hope these shows stop cracking the Netflix top 10. If they are popular enough, then the inevitable hollywood-ification will ruin everything, same way they always do. I found Korean TV because I hate the garbage Hollywood puts out.

  6. Wish for more Kdramas like Itaewon class..really like 2521 just think Netflix does not offer enough alternative until next eposidode viewing.So u like 2521 but need to wait till next week to watch again..Other dramas that are available does not always have enough substance or stories to fill up space

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