Jung Hae In Signs on as Second Male Lead to Join Kang Ha Neul and Son Ye Jin in K-drama Tree Dies on Their Feet

Holy hot cakes this is absolutely the wildest casting of 2022, and maybe of the last few years. When have I ever seen a male lead reunite with his female lead but then as the second male lead. Like, whut? K-ent is reporting that Jung Hae In will be joining the cast of K-drama Tree Dies on Their Feet, but not as the swoony male lead archetype but as the second male lead. The male lead has been cast with Kang Ha Neul and the female lead has an offer out to Son Ye Jin, who was the noona to Jung Hae In in his breakout drama Pretty Noona Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). Tree Dies on Their Feet is about a theater actor played by Kang Ha Neul hired to act as the long lost North Korean grandson to a dying rich elderly woman played by Youn Yuh Jung and Son Ye Jin is the woman’s real granddaughter with the family she had in South Korea. Jung Hae In’s character is a chaebol heir who is handsome and refined with strong principles and beliefs. So far the only confirmed cast is Kang Ha Neul, Youn Yuh Jung, and now Jung Hae In, so perhaps the female lead will change. But if it doesn’t goodness all that NOOOOOONA love gets a weird alterna-universe treatment but I’m game for it because Jung Hae In absolutely shines when he’s challenged and steps up to the plate.


Jung Hae In Signs on as Second Male Lead to Join Kang Ha Neul and Son Ye Jin in K-drama Tree Dies on Their Feet — 22 Comments

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  2. He hasn’t confirmed lol but I hope he does. He’d be reuniting with most of the cast after quite a while
    Also the drama sounds more like a slice of life ensembles piece than romance so dunno if second male lead type predictions are true

    • If he confirms, he aint got time to breathe between projects. This’ll be the first time he will be acting as chaebol heir methinks so I’m very interested with his portrayal.

  3. He hasn’t confirmed lol but I hope he does. He’d be reuniting with most of the cast after quite a while
    Also the drama sounds more like a slice of life ensemble piece than romance so dunno if second male lead type predictions are true

  4. He’s pretty busy. There is Connect, then D.P. season 2 and now this one? It would be very different from the other roles, so it could be interesting.

    • I didn’t hear those rumors or is that the assumption now anytime anyone announces marriage these days? Lol I would love for this casting to work out as it’s a power line up but sometimes production companies just drop names to generate interest. But both SYJ and YYJ have had their names attached to this for a while and could have denied by now right?

  5. If SYJ does not accept, KSH is probably the best candidate like what happened in River Where The Moon Rises. At the end of the day, the girl proved her acting skills and the drama is a success by bagging major awards and nominations.

    • KSH is way too young lol especially considering that the OG actress they want is SYJ, who’s like double her age. She’s talented, sure, but she’s mostly done youth dramas and she’d stick out like a sore thumb amongst the other members of the cast who’ve done much more adult and renowned works. And let’s not be ignorant of the fact that most of the awards for RWTMR were likely given in pity for having to deal with Jisoogate and not actually because that drama actually deserved it. We’re big kids here, we should be able to acknowledge that. And an older actress in her 30s or late 20s (at the most) would be much more fitting for the role considering what they’ve told us about the plot. KSH looks more like a great-granddaughter than a granddaughter for YYJ anyways.

      • I was really with you when you said ksh would look really young in this role as syj is 17 older than her. But what is it with saying she and the whole cast got the award only because of the pity. Do you actually think that the jury of baeksang award shows are relatives of ksh that they would give her award just because of some controvesy. I am sure that there have many other dramas with such controversy but I don’t think any drama got awards just out of pity. That is very ignorance of you to say that. With such statements you are making it sound like ksh did not deserve the awards she got for the drama.

      • WE ARE A BIG KID HERE. sure does @vee. u sound like an immature jealous teenager when you brought up the pity award ?

    • fu*k you myranna. i know your intentions to drag ksh name here. it’s to bring her haters camping under your post. there’re nothing good whenever you brought her name here. so cunning person. congratulation. u did it. they are here now. fu*k u

      • Right? myrrana is obsessed with KSH, I swear ?
        Not even us fans bring up KSH’s name when the topic isn’t about about her, but this tr*ll myrrana is always SO. DAMN. DEDICATED in bringing up KSH every single time she comments, and then pretending to be neutral or whatever. See? She even praised KSH so that her ill intent wouldn’t be obvious, but she’s not fooling anyone here ?

      • lol i’m a KYJ fan and I also hate myrana lol I can still remember her drag*ing ksh and rwtmr in the post about red sky high ratings. Instead of being a celebratory post, that article turned into a fanw*r because of her and I still hate her for that. So yeah f*** myrana lol

        (had to censor some words for my comment to be posted, so weird)

  6. Theres rumours SYJ is pregnant. I think its because of the dress she wore to the presscon for 39. No one will know for sure till their wedding end of this month. However I find this company/director is quite annoying. They always mediaplay and created a huge news frenzy for KHN and SYJ casting previously during the casting period for Moon rises from the river drama. Now they are dropping names again for this one. Problem is usually productions only drop names when companies are “reviewing the offer positively” phase but for them they are throwing the names out at the “one of many offers we have received but we have not decided” phase. Its good that they managed to convince Kang Ha Neul to sign on as he is a big name but they should really be more careful about namedropping the rest like this. Its a little disturbing. Maybe it’s for attracting investments but its not good at all to disappoint fans when it does not pan out

    • KHN and YYJ are both confirmed and KBS clearly put SYJ in the promo video so very likely she is confirmed too. If SYJ was pregnant she would not risk being on set during a peak covid wave because it would endanger both her and the child. This drama is going for an Our Blues kind of casting and that sounds amazing. Ensemble multi starers should be the new trend and its always exciting to cast full of talented actors everyone loves. I’m also looking forward to Little Women for the same reason.

    • I agree about the name dropping, especially since SYJ and her company have said jack all about this role but the production continues to mention her like she’s already confirmed. I don’t think she’s pregnant though – she’s a serious professional and being pregnant when she has potential works to film for ahead just seems like something she wouldn’t do. And HB and her seem like the types to be traditional about this sort of stuff, and they likely wouldn’t risk having kids without at least being married first. Plus they probably know that the wave of celebs getting hitched with a bun in the oven is irritating to the public and considering how strict they are about their reputations, being a part of that group would be on the no-no list for them. Of course, they’ve mentioned several times that they’ve wanted kids for a long time now, so let’s hope they get started on that soon lol.

  7. Why are they not giving Kang Hanuel to headline a drama? He is a good actor and have been recognised for it but has never headline anything yet.

    Now he is giving an impression who’s a good actor with no appeal.

      • It was more of a GYJ drama but yup he finally got the recognition with this drama (2020)after a long time in the industry. But still his name is under the radar and lacking buzz. He hasn’t led a drama yet after WTCB. It is still a wait and see if can carry a drama on his own without a more established and popular actress.

    • KHN is a great actor and has been in the industry for a long time and it is only in 2020 that he got the recognition with When Camilla blooms. His Pirates movie on Netflix is also doing good but still his name is lacking the Buzz maybe he doesn’t have that mass appeal.

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