Twenty Five, Twenty One Breaks the 10% Ratings Mark in Episode 8 as Forecasting Love and Weather Does its Usual Swing Up from Saturday Ratings

The return of the on Olympic hiatus weekend K-dramas slowed the ratings increase for the two new arrivals Forecasting Love and Weather and Twenty Five, Twenty One but now two weekends in it’s clear these two will be set as hit and bigger hit under its belt. Twenty Five, Twenty One broke the 10% ratings mark this Sunday with episode 8, a huge accomplishment at 10.900% with a genre (youth growth and romance) that doesn’t typically bring in high ratings. This is what Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo could have been if properly promoted, and both dramas having Nam Joo Hyuk as the male lead is just *chef’s kiss*. I adore him so much and seeing such praise and validation with this drama washes away all that miasma from the second lead shipping antics of his last drama Start-up. I’m still only watching Forecasting Love for now and this Sunday’s episode 8 hit all my happy nodes – Ha Kyung continuing to put Ki Joon in his place, the continued emotional verbalization and discussion between Si Woo and Ha Kyung, and the viewers watching the two couples work through their issues and understanding why Ha Kyung and Si Woo could work and why Ki Joon and Yoo Jin are just bandaid-ing their own insecurities and needs with each other.


Twenty Five, Twenty One Breaks the 10% Ratings Mark in Episode 8 as Forecasting Love and Weather Does its Usual Swing Up from Saturday Ratings — 31 Comments

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  2. Its great to finally have 2 amazing dramas to watch on the weekend. I think FLAW can crossover to 8% very soon and 2521 is chefs’ kiss. If they take away the present day timeline its a perfect drama. NJH is killing it as BYJ and the online forums are madly in love with him. KTR is still getting flak for her acting but what was annoying was seeing Bona get hate for her character which is dumb because KYR is a great character and doesn’t deserve to be hated on. All the characters including the mom, coach and reporter sunbae are amazing.

      • Most of the praise is for Joohyuk while Taeri and her older counterpart are not getting much praise especially the adult version sticks out like a sore thumb. I think Joohyuk found his best character yet in Baek Yijin and he is nailing the first love vibe. He has been trending nonstop since episode 1 and lets hope it gets him that best actor nomination for Baeksang.

      • Interesting. I think this is NJH’s best role and he’s doing a good job but KTR is just amazing IMO.

      • Kim Tae Ri is getting a lot of praise too. It’s my first time watching her and her acting is way above my expectation, even though I know she is known to be good at acting. Looks like she’s secured herself a spot in this year’s baeksang nomination. Nam Joo Hyun is nice to look at but his acting is nothing extraordinary here.

      • I think the KTR complaints have mostly died off? I agree that KTR went way overboard in the beginning, but I had faith she would settle in and she did. Sometimes it takes actors a few episodes to settle into character. This isn’t the first time people have complained about someone overacting, only for opinion to turn around quickly.

        The older Na Heedo is so miscast I feel like I’m watching two different dramas.

      • Yeah KTR overdid it the first 2 episodes, but now she is just perfect as Na Hee-do. I agree with those who say that older Na Hee-do feels miscast and like a different person. I get that people can change a lot in 20 years, but since the drama seems like it will only cover a 4 years period…how would we see Hee-do grow into this mom Hee-do?

        Nam Joo-hyuk is also perfect for this role and makes my heart flutter every episode and makes me hurt with how he had to grow up immediately. I’m glad he’s finally being recognized after being sidelined by viewers in Startup, which was a follow-up to his great job in Light in Your Eyes, which was his recovery drama from that Bride of Habaek turd.

    • Yurim is a very complex character and Bona is doing a great job with it. Hope it translates to more lead roles for her. I love her love line with the pretty boy they make a great couple.

    • I knew KTR got flak during the first two episodes, but I didn’t know it was still happening. I’ve only seen praise for her.

    • surprising to hear that taeri is still getting flak. she has settled into a nice rhythm of being youthful without the histrionics, so i would’ve thought people would be coming around to appreciating her. international fans, at least, are absolutely loving her. this drama is going to get her that international popularity that she lacked bc of the nature of her previous projects. interestingly, nam joo hyuk who always had the global popularity is now getting acclaim in south korea and being taken seriously as a talent to watch. it’s a win-win situation for both actors.

      • Perfeita a colocação! O núcleo jovem, além de muito talentoso, faz a gente vibrar e se emocionar. Sou fã do NJH, ele consegue demonstrar a essência dos personagens q atua.

  3. Just to add to happy news in general Yoon Chan Young is the first ever Korean Global Ambassador for Coach! At 20! WOW!!!

  4. NJH is perfect for Baek Yijin. I take back what I said about his casting because now I’m just marveling at how well he fits the character. It’s such a pleasure to watch him.

    KTR is doing much better now that she’s toned down her acting and isn’t screaming and thrashing so much (first two episodes were a worrisome turnoff). Na Heedo is delightful and I think KTR might score a Baeksang nom.

  5. ❤️ 25,21. Kim Tae Ri, IMO, is amazing since she’s a different person every time I see her – from a rebel upper class woman in Mr. Sunshine & a know-it-all boss in Space Sweepers. Nam Joo Hyuk, I’ve only discovered recently & he blew me away in Start-Up. And above it all, the story of families & friends overcoming the slings & arrows of life – things we need to see given the times we are living right now.

  6. it just warms my heart immensely to see nam joo hyuk get all this love, because it’s been a long time in making. he was very green when he started out with school 2015, but he went out of his way to pick projects that helped him improve rather than make his star rise higher. i honestly believe he should’ve received this acclaim with start up and nam dosan. he delivered a very moving performance, totally humanizing a “genius” character in a way we don’t often see in kdramaland. he is similarly doing a fantastic job as baek yijin in twenty five, twenty one, and i hope he (as well as the show) is able to continue building on this momentum and go even farther.

  7. This is not a surprise for me since Nam Joo Hyuk already caught my eye in Scarlet heart, and I’ve loved him in everything he has done after that…except for a couple of things where the script was rather bad. He can’t do no wrong in my eyes, LOL! So happy to see that he’s getting the love he deserves 😀

  8. I think I need the time jump for 2521, because Hee-Do will suffer a lot otherwise. I’m surprised they spent the half of the story in highschool with such a title.

    There are so many unprofessional people in FLAW, the 4 leads being the worse…

  9. Yh slice of life/romance barely do well. On another note this makes me marvel at how successful fight for my way was despite no promotions, or an A lister.
    Im soo behind on 2521, I’m thinking to binge it. I say that but I’ve also started business proposal that’s hooked me.

  10. As much as I love njh’s acting and as much as I didn’t like ktr’s acting in the first episodes I have to say that the drama is popularity is in majority thanks to ktr. She’s viral everywhere and in the latest 4 episodes she’s been amazing. Which doesn’t mean njh is not popular right now, he is, but people who kept watching are crazy in love with ktr right now

    • we also need to give credit to the writing and directing. if these foundational factors were not rock solid, no amount of star power would have made the drama popular. i’m really happy for the writer, bc www fared poorly in ratings.

  11. I haven’t seen Kim Tae Ri in anything prior to this so I didn’t understand her popularity but I have to say I have been very impressed with her these past episodes, she’s been very amazing in this drama and I must say much of the drama’s success is down to her.

  12. E visto todos los dramas de Nam Joo Hyuk en diferentes papeles y si es cierto no todos le fueron bien en RADIANTE,JOSSÉ, STAR UP, LEVANTAMIENTO DE Pesas, LA NOVIA DEL DIOS DEL AGUA, ESCUELA 2015 lo hizo muy bien pero creo que en esta esta super bien Kim Ta Ri solo lo vi en MR. SUNSHINE allí si cambia total su papel bueno la serie tiene un trama diferente con tanta sorpresa y es con esa emoción que la esperas me encanta me encanta.

  13. Is someone watching also Military prosecutor Doberman , because it’s an enjoyable watch too . With this one + Through the darkness+ A business proposal+ 2521 + FLW = my weeks are booked !

  14. Finally koala admits she had always been bitter over NJH getting sidelined in StartUp by the second lead ?

    I’ve always liked NJH so thank god the writing did not do him dirty this time around and he’s getting well-deserved recognition.

    • I think the reason also is the 2nd ML aint that great compare to Kim Seon Ho so NJH is taking all the credits at this time but admittedly he is a really good actor, it is jist that he was oitshined by KSH in Start-up. Peace!!!

      • NJH has beautiful ang meaningful look his eyes can tell you his emotions …KTR has the most infectious smile and laughter can brighten my day love this 2

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