Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae are Opposites Bicker and Fall in Love in First Teaser for tvN Entertainment Industry Drama Shooting Star

Wow, this drama actually looks good! Or maybe just the teaser looks good, but it looks enough that I’m suddenly sitting up and fully taking note of upcoming tvN Sat-Sun drama Shooting Star. It’s set in the entertainment industry but takes the caper approach rather than the more drab and minutiae take of Record of Youth. There is hijinks galore as PR specialist Lee Sung Kyung tries to wrangle hot tempered top star Kim Young Dae, and both looks fantastic in their roles. He’s channeling the meta from Extraordinary You this time as the famous one rather than the rich one, and she’s got top actress visuals in real life but throwing it all aside for full blown comedic timing as the behind the scenes professional. The drama premieres this April and has a huge cast so hopefully plenty of juicy K-ent shenanigans to showcase in the myriad storylines.

Teaser for Shooting Star:


Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae are Opposites Bicker and Fall in Love in First Teaser for tvN Entertainment Industry Drama Shooting Star — 16 Comments

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  2. Lee sung kyung is always fun to watch and knows how to deliver. She is one of the actual rom-com queens of 90-liners. If we compare it with Business proposal, it also can be a cult hit like BP. Ppl love rom-com genres. Kim young dae is charismatic but acting wise LSK deserves better partner

  3. I don’t know… We just heard screaming during the whole teaaser and Lee Sung-Kyung is still not a good actress for me.

    Kim Young-Dae didn’t get very expressive characters until now, but I think he can do the mean celebrity.

  4. Why is Lee Sungkyung acting always like that?
    From the crazy CITT to Kim Book Joo.
    I was hoping for more of a mature professional lady role

  5. Come on, guys Lee Sung kyung is better at rom-com than other overhyped actresses. Her WFK is cult hit across the Asia. Don’t underesrimate the performance by watching the teaser. I remember before Business Proposal was being released, viewers doubt Kim Se jung and thought she would overact. But it is getting crazy and KSJ is being praised. Who knows maybe it is also like that

  6. So Kim Young Dae is a decent looking guy and I have nothing against him. But I haven’t seem him shown any exemplary acting yet. How has he’s managed to become a first lead already, meanwhile some other actors like Kwak Dong Yeon continuously get relegated to second lead? Sigh.

    • it’s bc he is tall. there is a certain mold that male leads need to fit. kwak dong yeon is phenomenal but he does not have the height, even though he has talent and the face. same thing with nam dareum. i hope this changes though bc they really are such talented young men.

  7. Having watched the trailer, the screaming is nothing compared to Eunji screaming in AM97. I do have a weakness for LSK as Bokjoo. Keeping a close watch on this one after enjoying BP to the hilt. I suspect rom-coms are making a huge comeback in 2022. Ppl generally need a lift me up after two years of covid. Hugely looking forward to dramas with comedy tied in. Can’t wait for the official trailer of Minamdang Case Note too.

  8. I don’t understand these people saying negative things about this drama when they haven’t even watched a single episode yet. It’s just a teaser. Give them a freaking chance first. I mean, why would they even bother commenting here if they don’t find it interesting. GET OUT OF HERE, LOL.

  9. The comments I see here really irked the shit out of me. Why is everyone here so quick to judge when the 1st eps haven’t even started airing yet for gods sake. Also, Lee Sung kyung bad at acting/overacting ??? She ‘s one of those actress that can pull of comedic acting in kdrama land well. Who knows maybe this will turn out to be an unexpected hit like the current airing Biz proposal

  10. why are there so many bad comments, when actually the drama hasn’t even premiered, lee sung kyung is so good at acting and creating great chemistry with her acting partner, i just can’t get enough of seeing her act, i love the energy she has overflows in his dramas.

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