A Business Proposal Episode 7 Ramps Up the Comedy and Romance to Perfection so Both OTPs Execute Flawless Breakthroughs

Man, if I could bottle this episode 7 of A Business Proposal I would because it’s just a perfect morsel, a petit four if you will of the exacting science of rom-com sweets. The ratings came in at 9.9% just a tiny bit decrease from episode 6 but it gave me the pun needed to call this episode a perfect 10 regardless of ratings. From Tae Mul’s doting boyfriend routine to Ha Ri’s nuanced awkwardness and growing awareness of Tae Mul’s effect on her, the main OTP playacted their pretend couple routine to annoy the jealous girl friends, ruffle Min Woo’s feathers the wrong way, and most importantly actually move their relationship forward because Tae Mul’s not pretending in the least in how much he likes Ha Ri and girl’s not made out of marble so how can she not be moved. The second OTP went backwards but landed in the right end spot, a spontaneous drunken one-night stand that only confirmed Seong Hoon also fell in love at first sight with Young Seo at the same moment she did with him, and then its back to bed for these two lovebirds to just spend the rest of the drama being happily together. I love this drama so much, it’s silly without being stupid and everything just clicks at the right cadence and sincerity.


A Business Proposal Episode 7 Ramps Up the Comedy and Romance to Perfection so Both OTPs Execute Flawless Breakthroughs — 24 Comments

  1. Man, the way this drama reeled me in. @_@ I stopped live-watching dramas years ago and just prefer to marathon something that catches my fancy. I read the manhwa thinking it would tide me over till the broadcast end in April. Nope. Finished it in a few days and had to jump on the drama, to heII with it. (>.<) To say I'm excited for Ep.8 tonight is an understatement.

  2. I watch the livestreaming in real time. Wait 30 minutes to watch the subtitled version on netflix. Why is my obsession sooo bad. Its caused me to feel bored watching 2521 last weekend and also completely dropped FLAW and rather cruise my weekends rewatching past episodes and interviews with cast and sejeongs past variety shows. I am officially half in love with Ahn Hyo Seop. Haiz… why did these all happen? This show must have black magic surrounding it… to explain why I’m completely spellbound by it despite having difficulty pinpointing exact reasons why… lol

    • I start to love Ahn Hyo Seob too here. DOn’t get the complain about him being stiff. I find him very charismatic here and fit with The CEO aura. I start to like his acting and now I become Excite with his upcoming drama someday and one day. He might turn a good Lizi wei… WING

  3. I love this drama too… Social Status gap is very common trope in kdrama, but somehow in show lightheart like this often doesn’t make it compelling. In here, there is compelling narrative about the crowd view social status someone. We find it tasteless, but in fact a reality we face.

    I will looking forward to GRanpa view on people like Shin Ha Ri. EIther he is mad Tae Moo is cheating on Tae Moo and doesn’t agree with TM behaviour of cheating, or he is really look down on people who is below their level. After All, All the arrangement blind dates filled with woman with high class status, despite grandpa claim he is open mind.

  4. It’s really fun and well done , but i recommend to watch too Military prosecutor Do Be Man . Ahn Bo Hyun is really great in it . I never found Jo Bo Ah special but i’m liking her as a badass MP . Enjoy both dramas as i am !

  5. no doubt, this is a fun watch! so simple and yet so nicely done, hence, a good watch the comedic timing of the 2 FL is fantastic, they deserve more girl-centric dramas together!

  6. A really fun drama to watch.
    Both female leads are amazing!
    And the chemistry of Kim Min Kyu and Seol In Ah are off the chart!
    One of the best second couple in k-dramas!

  7. A cliche drama with an uncomplicated plot. We already know how this kind of story goes and ends but it just proves that this is how we like our love stories- Simple and heartwarming.

  8. My love for you is like my credit card, it has no limit. ?

    Omg some of these lines are soooo cheesy I don’t know whether to cringe or laugh.

  9. It’s been a long time since a drama like Business Proposal has made my heart flutter with joy. I must have watched that kiss scene at the end of episode 7. like 5x times! The music, the kiss, the scene- everything was executed perfectly!! Waiting impatiently on netflix to put up ep. 8.

  10. It’s a fun, chill drama to watch. I did think the first half was a bit much and didn’t really move the story along but I am definitely hooked.

  11. Ok. I give Ahn Hyoseob props for saying half his lines in Ep 7 with a straight face lol. There were so many cringe lines that I couldn’t help feel second hand embarrassment for Hari, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

    • This! I can’t tell if his acting itself is bad, or the lines he has to say are so cheesy no actor can come out of it looking good.

      My face was Hari the entire time during the friends dinner.

    • Yeah the first half of the episode had me going between laughing till I cried and full-body cringing. Props to AHS for going fully cheesy for that bit even if I also had Ha-ri’s expression lol. Also I thought the friends/bitchy gf and jealous friend were boring characters so I enjoyed it more once they got away from that crowd.

  12. This drama is so cute in its campiness! It’s brainless, heart-fluttering fun and my kind of entertainment after a long and stressful day. The story is nicely written, the pacing is just right, and the chemistry between the 2 couples is top-notch. I’ve not watched a fun and light drama that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed in a while and this is a breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to see the last few episodes!

  13. Did not grab me at first but now has me hooked. A light, fun, easy and enjoyable rom com love story. It was the 2nd lead couple that had me wanting to watch more. Great pairing, sexual chemistry and acting with these two.

  14. I’m so addicted to it. Completely campy and cringey but doesn’t take itself seriously. So much heart and cuteness. Taemu-Minwoo’s silly fishing competition reminds me of Kang Ji Sung chopstick fighting with Director Cha over the food that Bok Shil cooked and their competitiveness in Goldline team building activities. So much petty jealousy but the boys could end up being good friends. This is the almost perfect rom-com for me coz the second OTP just killed it nearly every week. For me personally, it still lacks the instantaneous recognisable ost and array of classic English songs inserted in pivotal moments. Otherwise it would have been PERRRRFECT.

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