Nam Joo Hyuk Explodes with Color and Charisma in Esquire Korea April 2022 Edition

The rise of Nam Joo Hyuk as a male lead took one of the oddest routes I recall. From his leading man turn early on in his career in School 2015, it was basically one step forward then one step back. That drama his character wasn’t as compelling as the second male lead and the same thing happened 5 years later in Start-up, and in between he was always the male lead but just never got the broad affection of the audiences. So it’s a well deserving moment to see the full spotlight on him now in Twenty Five, Twenty One, and to come after getting questioned for his casting in this drama is even more reassuring. The boy next door has finally become a man onscreen and he definitely straddles that balance in next month’s April 2022 edition of Esquire Korea. The outfits are trendy but he exudes quiet confidence.


Nam Joo Hyuk Explodes with Color and Charisma in Esquire Korea April 2022 Edition — 25 Comments

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  2. some of these outfits are weird but this boy can pull anything off. gotta admire his perseverance and grit. he kept his head down and focused on what’s important, and it’s finally brought him the widespread acclaim he deserves. his popularity was always explosive but now his career has been elevated to a new level.

    • After being discharged from the military, definitely. Since all the actors who returned and made a comeback aren’t doing that great with their comebacks.

      Lee Min Ho’s The King was not highly rated locally, JCW had Melting Me Softly, KSH stream drama hardly had any buzz despite the good reviews but at least his It’s Okay To Be Not OK did 7% in cable. LSG’s Hwayugi started well but was hit by controversy and delays affecting the ratings.

      Only SJK had a hit comeback thanks to DOTS. Can’t remember who else got lucky ratings wise with their comebacks.

      So yes PBG and all the others like L will face the challenges of now being thirty something and restarting their career.

      But I think PBG will do well since he can do dark but he shines in family oriented dramas.

      • Also interested in Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk’s comeback drama.

        There might be more interest in the former since he had been away for so long due to his health.

      • park bogum is on vacation until his service end date, so he’s basically done. maybe we’ll hear something about a new project soon.

    • But Nam Joohyuk have to enlist next year.

      The most successful comeback is probably Lee Junho & with no high profile leading lady. Though I don’t know if it’s comparable because he’s been popular and trending as an Idol in Korea even while he was still serving in the military.

      • is it next year? i thought it was this. if it’s next year, he can probably do one more drama but it’d be pretty tight.

      • I am not sure when is NJH enlisting but looking at his birthdate being early of 1994, he has until the end of next year.

      • Nam Joohyuk did his fair share of good dramas, but he and all other 90s boys can only dream of Bogum’s success. Bogum will do just fine since he is already a top star and doesn’t need to prove anything.

      • Sadly popularity comes and go. Even Jun Jihyun and Song Hyekyo can no longer demand the same pay and terms as they used on their heydays. These days, it’s about talent and good materials. Actors are as good as their last performance.

      • I mean, Park Bogum was doing great right up to his enlistment? His last two dramas were boring but got decent ratings which is quite the achievement, an actor who can make even a boring drama successful is always going to be in demand.

    • girl, park bo gum can bring in high ratings on his own, he doesn’t rely on big female leads lol. njh needs to carry a couple dramas on his own before they can even be comparable.

  3. I think NJH looks really great onscreen but his still photos don’t wow me.

    After Weightlifting Fairy I knew he is going to be big with the right role. Apparently Bride of the Water God didn’t but 2521 did.

    • Bride of water God was good and he did great as a deity who hate human because got brokenheart. The problem at that time was his fans (I don’t know if they are real fans or just shipper) didn’t want to watch that drama with so many excuses. But the real reason was because his costar is pretty lol.They think she’s the reason he broke up with his ex. They even harrasing bully spamming her on her social media.

  4. He always come up with a drama that has strong female character and make his endearing character felt in that drama I like the way his dramas portray female characters

  5. I think it’s time to forget start-up. It’s either you were a namzy shipper or had a trauma by the drama if you’re still talking about it. He’s doing fine, why bring that drama everytime there’s a post of him?

    • bc it’s part of his filmography? his last project prior to this one? she was making a commentary on his career, and start-up is very much part of it.

  6. I am amaze with his acting skill now. The good thing being pair with a great partner will increase many great idea in act. That’s how he and TaeRi work on his on going drama. As he mention it in an interview. From all his drama project TaeRi is the best partner he work on in drama. I really hope they can work together again for a fourth time. x)
    He is a model so he looks good in anything.
    NamJooHyuk also shippable lol The only thing I don’t like is his crazy shippers. and they are all delusionally freaks.

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