Netizens Disappointed that IU Turned Down The Queen of Tears as it Would be a Reunion with Kim Soo Hyun and the First Time as Drama OTP

So the casting around The Queen of Tears has definitely moved from rumors to front page news. Both IU and Kim Soo Hyun were already rumored to be attached to the project until this week when IU formally declined the role. The male lead remains Kim Soo Hyun in all likelihood, a third time reunion with screenwriter Park Ji Hyun who wrote both You From Another Star and Producer. If IU had accepted and the male lead is Kim Soo Hyun, it would actually mark their fourth time working together and the much anticipated first time as OTP. They were in Dream High, then Producer, and finally he did a cameo in her Hotel Del Luna. Alas it was not meant to be and hopefully the right leading lady gets cast and accepts that will make me as happy as if IU was in it.


Netizens Disappointed that IU Turned Down The Queen of Tears as it Would be a Reunion with Kim Soo Hyun and the First Time as Drama OTP — 26 Comments

  1. I think seollnAh since she joined gold medalist currently like what happened to iotnbo…she’s a good actress and so gorgeous too

  2. They are long time friends in real life and have so much of a brother and sister vibe. Can’t see them as a romantic pairing or doing a passionate kiss scene.

    • Have you seen Producer lol

      They absolutely are capable of having that kind of chemistry, they may be real-life bffs irl but they’re both good enough actors to be able to put it aside and play a romantic OTP if needed. I mean, Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet were basically bro and sis too but you can’t deny their chemistry in Titanic.

    • yeah I agree and moreover Kim soo hyun says one of the actresses she wants to work with is IU IU because she’s very simple so a lot of people really like her and she’s very true to herself in everything

  3. Honestly, the Kim Soo Hyun reunion I’ve always wanted was with him and Suzy. Loved the two of them in Dream High and also loved their era of being paired up as brand ambassadors for Bean Pole. Dramaland could seriously use more reunions. Business Proposal just ended, and I’m already looking forward to a drama reunion with Sul In Ah and Kim Min Kyu.

    • they give so much of a sibling vibe. i think kim soohyun’s best chemistry is still with jun ji hyun. honestly, i don’t feel romantic chemistry with suzy and any of her onscreen partners.

  4. I don’t like when a writer uses the actor for many dramas, I get the feelings to always see the same character like Park Hye-Ryun with Suzy or Lee Jong-Suk.

    • I agree ,perhaps because writers create the same kind of one dimensional characters but when it’s well done ,it works : Scorsese / Di Caprio, Almodovar/ Penelope Cruz, Hitchcock / Cary Grant, Capra / James Stewart,

    • In general I fully agree. Except with this writer, KSH did Producers and YFAS. 2 characters that cannot literally be more different than one another in every way possible.

      It’s a completely different situation from Park Hye Ryun who basically writes the same characters for specifically LJS that they all just blend together with different names and no distinct personality.

      • ^this exactly. Do Min Joon and Baek Seung Chan could not be more different as characters lol and that’s even after taking out the ‘400 year old alien’ part.

        Anyway it’s not happening this time, let’s move on and hope the offer goes to two other good actors.

      • @Royal We – It could totally happen that KSH isn’t taking it. But… we don’t know that yet. He hasn’t declined the offer; just said he hasn’t received the script, only scheduling was discussed. Hyun Bin agency’s script for the same writer after which he accepted CLOY.

        Not sure why you’re saying “it’s not happening” with such confidence unless there’s some info I’m missing. He could decline it and you’ll be correct. But it just won’t be right now as nothing official has been said from his end.

      • @Aimee- “It’s not happening” was meant to refer to Kim Soo Hyun and IU pairing up/not pairing up which is the subject of the post and I referred to two actors. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

        In any event, I hope whoever takes the lead roles in this drama is good at it. Both male and female lead, whether it’s Kim Soo Hyun or anyone else.

  5. I know there’s already so much speculation for this drama but after so many options everyone pointed out, I realized I missed Kim Dami! She was fantastic in My Beloved summer. I’d love to see her in another rom com!

    As for IU, it’s sad but we should prob move on. There are other actresses out there who can be just as good.

  6. I must admit I liked their chemistry in Producers. But since she already turned down the role then I hope they get to cast someone else.

  7. I liked them in The Producers but too bad the writer ended spending so much time on the love triangle. The concept of that drama seemed interesting at first but the writer botched it and spend too much time on the romance of GHJ’s character which was the least interesting aspect of the drama.

      • IU stole that show, I’ve never seen another drama where the second female lead becomes the fan favourite and as widely praised as she was for Producer.

        Apparently her irl manager had to issue clarifications that real-life IU didn’t have a personality like Cindy lol.

  8. Maybe we’ll just have to wait for next year. By that time it’ll be 4yrs after HDL (Dream High 2011, Producers 2015,HDL2019) 😅😂🤣

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