Tom Ford Showcases All the Exceptionally Tailored Suits Worn by Hyun Bin at his Wedding to Son Ye Jin

For weddings the majority of the attention is always on the bride but for celebrity weddings with star groom the attention is equally on his presence. K-actor Hyun Bin shared a few pre-wedding pictorial pictures with now wife Son Ye Jin with the public and in each he’s sporting a different suited look. There is a casual white suite, a white and black tux, and a jacquard patterned tux undone in a casual way. For his wedding he wore what appears to be a blue tux with black lapels and honestly super dark blue on men’s suit is my kryptonite. I’m always staring closing to make sure if it’s blue or black because a super dark blue honestly looks black too. Anyhoo, all his suits are courtesy of Tom Ford so must cost a pretty penny for the average gent but rest assured it will definitely look very very good on as evidenced by Hyun Bin.


Tom Ford Showcases All the Exceptionally Tailored Suits Worn by Hyun Bin at his Wedding to Son Ye Jin — 10 Comments

  1. tom ford must really like him since they sponsored his suits and the wedding gifts lol but either way he looks so fine it’s almost criminal. he used to be much slimmer some years ago and it gave him a slightly gaunt look but now he’s buff as hell and looks damn good. yejin is one lucky woman.

  2. Aside from Gong Yoo, this man is my other favorite eye candy. Look at him, looking drop dead gorgeous in those suits! I like his physique the best now, after he buffed up for CLOY. I’m glad he’s maintaining it. I also like his Confidential Assignment look, lean but muscular. Congrats on your marriage, Hyun Bin!

    • Yay…. We’re twinsies on this your comment because the only other guy I love first and foremost is Gong Yoo Oppa??.. Congratulations to them I wish them all the happiness in the world

  3. I 100% agree! Give me late 30s Hyun Bin over MNIKSS/Secret Garden Hyun Bin ANY DAY. He has aged like fine wine. He fills out each suit really well and his dimpled smile gives him a much more youthful appearance. He looks like a content groom and I’m so happy he finally found someone to spend his life with and they seem perfectly matched in all ways.

  4. I have nothing to contribute except to say ” OMG he is so cute. Ok he is devastatingly handsome with those dimples. I wish him and SYJ every happiness in their lives. ”

    He looks way better now than he ever did when he was slimmer and younger. Did he get better looking? He did didn’t he?

  5. Living in New Zealand ?? what a gentleman beautifully, suited with exquisite tailored wedding ? outfits for each occasion.
    Supernova, touch of Son Ye Jins hand cradled in her husbands hand.

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